Cost forming factors of building a music streaming app Like Spotify

By Shivani

Life is fairly similar to a film. Don't we all have music playing behind the scenes when something exceptional occurs? Individuals will in general connect certain people or occasions with specific tunes. Music has become everybody's global partner that follows any place we go.

A few years ago, having an iPod with a few song choices was sufficient. However, today, with the invention of the internet, Music App Creator, and smartphone mobiles, consumer demand and interest have changed. People consume music through applications. This change has brought rising fame to Music Streaming App processes along with video streaming app builder.

Having more than 75 million customers, Spotify is the most well-known music app creator. What is the purpose for its existence and how to make a music application like Spotify? These are the subjects of our article.

What is a Spotify streaming application?

To put it plainly, Spotify is a video and music live streaming application that permits customers to peruse every song of choice. The user can search for his favorite song, artist, album, or more. customers can share their most loved tracks, add them to playlists or even work together with their companions to make aggregations.

The Spotify application was introduced to the market back in October 2008. The thought behind it has a place with two minds, Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon, who though of this idea in a vacant condo in Stockholm, Sweden. It gives admittance to every music on the planet, from anyplace and at any time of the day.

The advantages of Music Streaming App Development:

  • Speedy access
  • Reasonable
  • Limitless Sorage
  • Social engagement

Spotify offered a cheap option in contrast to piracy. A month-to-month subscription doesn't cost a lot, so customers can make the most of their music streaming experience and offer credit to artists simultaneously.

Cost shaping components of building music streaming application Like Spotify

Application development is a time consuming process, be it Music Streaming App Development or Video conferencing app development There is a long cycle engaged with making music streaming application. In short, if you wish to build music app online it, the process would appear like the following:

  • Planning and forecasting
  • Finding a perfect tech team
  • Planning a design
  • Deciding on the features
  • Choose the right Platform
  • Getting all teh licences and permissions
  • Actual development

Music Streaming Application Industry Status

This sector is at the gist of the U.S music market. Its prominence is flooding significantly step by step and the insights coming from the market are simply amazing.


A solitary application for all non-mainstream music streaming services across the globe, this is an extremely acclaimed Android based music streaming app. The assistance can possibly boast abound 150 million track: second biggest to that of its rivals. BY offering selective to independent music, it stays conventional with fatractive eatures.


Introduced on October 24, 2014, Tidal is the lone music streaming application that offers lossless sound streaming. The app binds together artists and fans. It streams the perfect reproduction of unique songs. This process or service is applicable if you are a premium memebr. It comprises an assortment of 60 million songs with a specific spotlight on metropolitan music. Notwithstanding Spotify and Youtube music driving the market, Tidal is a solid player.

Apple Music

Introduced in 2015, this app is an iPhone application with millions of tunes. It has been so mainstream since, that it has situated itself as a possible market rival to large names like Spotify, and Amazon music. Notwithstanding having many curated playlists, a few songs carefully picked by performers, it yet does not have the basic music sharing alternatives like that offered by Spotify.


In the past, Pandora had a restricted library; yet as of late, it has reinforced its music choices. Being in a tight rivalry with Spotify, Pandora still stays the most famous radio online in the United States.


Spotify resembles a much-needed stress-burner with regards to discussing music streaming applications. A gigantic library, Customized playlists, Music disclosure, Smart algorythms; Spotify has everything.

Kinds of Music App Services

  1. On-Demand

Applications like Apple Music, Spotify, are the perfect illustration of on-request music streaming. On the off chance that you are hoping to develop one, you just need to make a server-based library that allows you to transfer, upload and stream multiple tracks and cut off its availability to customers according to your T&C. You can offer both Paid subscription, and freemium model.

  1. Radio broadcasts

Not at all like on-request streaming applications, Radio Stations don't permit customers to play songs as and when they want. Generally, the songs are in line with your own preferences. The ideal examples of radio applications are Shoutcast, Pandora and iHeartRadio.

Furthermore, radio broadcast applications can't play tunes on request The explanation being their licencing arrangements. Further, these applications are moderately low-estimated in comparison to their adversaries like on-request real-time features.

  1. Cloud storage

In such applications, you can offer your customers sound record facilitating capacities. Means, your customers can utilize the application to transfer their number one music, stream sound and share it with others.

Above, we talked about a few steps that every video streaming app Builder team has to take

#1. Planning

Before you start developing in music application , make sure you are ready with the project concept. Do market research, find facts about the market competitors, know why they are popular, know what they are lacking, understand customer needs and decide what need you want to cater to.

Though the music streaming sector is blooming, it does not mean that it has been leveraged completely. You must know your target customers, their age, their lifestyle, their expectations from the market, etc.

#2. Finding A Tech Team

Once you are clear how your product is going to be the next task is to find a perfect team that can build the product. there are lots of factors that need to be considered while finding a perfect development and designing team. Factors such as charges location, language, geographical distance, time zones, perspectives excetra do matter. Incase you are wondering about a rough estimation of how much it is going to cost you to build a music streaming application like Spotify, then you will need to consider the above factors.

Make sure you know the past projects done by the team, their areas ofexpertise and more before associating with them.

#3. Designing the app Like Spotify

Now that you have found the team that is going to build a music streaming application for your business you can proceed to focus on the design of the app where you will consider factors like wireframes. For this you must understand the purpose of the application and every feature uadd is going to affect the user full stop it is important that you build and design a user friendly interface. The time the team might take to design the application will depend on the clarity of the team and how much they understand the application.

#4. Deciding on a Platform

One of the the key factors that influence the cost of final development is deciding a platform on which you wish to build and run the application. Apart from the Music App Creator you use to build the app, it is important that you choose the right platform for the development of any application, be it video streaming Software or Music Streaming App Development.

You better build a native applications for every platform to facilitate perfect interaction with the existing OS, and so that you can provide the most credible and genuine user experience. In case of Spotify, it caters to both Android and iOS market.

#5. Getting licensed

Before you start music streaming and introduced it to the market make sure you have all the required licences and permissions. an application cannot just start streaming music and allow others to share it. the business has to apply for copyrights and streaming permissions otherwise legal action can be taken against the app. In the USA, the licencing process is handled by three agencies:,, or

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#6. Developing features


Spotify offers the freemium business model that demands the user to sign up before before they user app features, Freemium lets users access the app content for the trial period and ost that they have to buy a suitable premium plan if they wish to continue. Spotify is connected to social media platforms like Facebook and lets users sign in through their social media profiles.

Music streaming

Music streaming means users can enjoy unlimited songs without having to download them. Each song is like a tiny data package that is buffered into the mobile device and can be played immediately.


Spotify users can search their favorite song using different filters and tags. They can choose from the existing playlists too. They can search songs by artist, label, album, genre, etc.

Sharing music

This features allows users to share their favorite playlist , their own playslist and like tracks. Sharing makes the comjunity stronger and users feel more connected tot he app.


In Spotify, a complete and dedicaed team is available to create playlist which allows users to enjoy music as per the situation or mood. If you are on a road or enjoying the party, you cna choose the playlist accordingly.

Offline mode

Offline music experience is about letting users enjoy their favorite music even when they are offline. Here, the application relies on local or device storage.


If your application is offering a premium account to the users when this feature is crucial for the app. here the app will request user personal information such as mobile number name extra and and then use this data to register the user. once the registration is complete the user can have access the unlimited music available on the app depending upon the plan he has subscribed.

User Profile:

 As seen above every user has to provide certain data to the application to sign up to the services this data is given to the admin of the app to create a unique profile for every user. users can update their profile by making changes as and when they need. They can also set their music preferences.

Discovery and Search:

when it comes to the user-friendliness of any application one factor That Matters the most is having a feature that allows users to search their favorite item on the app. In case of a music streaming application for video streaming software, search option allows users to search their favorite song or video. They can search for music based on the song’s name, genre, artist, album, or podcast.


It is one of the most effective ways of engaging with users. Using this feature, an application can recommend songs to the users as per their search. This feature will help guess users’ music preferences and make recommendations accordingly.

Push Notification:

This is a must-have feature in any application, be it a video streaming Software or Music App Creator. This feature lets you keep your customer updated about the new features of the application, discounts, new addition to the app, etc.

In-app messages:

Letting users interact with each other through an in-app messaging system.


This advanced feature is about understanding user choices and offering a personalized suggestion to make users feel more connected


A perfect app will serve every target customer efficiently and as a part of this, it must operate and accept multiple languages.

Radio Station:

It is about connecting to suitable radio stations.


The app should be able to send alerts and notifications to the users informing them about new releases, shows, live events, etc.

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Purchase Subscription:

You can offer different subscription modules to the users based on your plans, strategies, etc. There are daily/weekly/monthly/annually subscriptions.


This feature is not a mandatory. Here, users can use coupons they have earned or purchased during payments for app service subscriptions.

Payment Gateway Integration:

A user-friendly application will be ready to offer every form of possible comfort and convenience to its users and payment is one such area where comfort matters the most. An app must accept payment through multiple methods like wire, net banking, wallet payment, cards, etc.

Rating and Review:

Allow users to leave feedback or rating on your app and its services. This feedback will help you to improve your services and make your app more user-friendly.

Help & Support:

Have a privacy policy and terms and conditions along with FAQs to help users understand how the app works.

The approximate cost of Music Streaming App Development

Usually, developing an MVP is going to take a minimum of 530 hours, and the development may cost you about $16-20 K.

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Why Spotify is a success?

One of the reasons why Spotify is so popular is because it offers users what they expect. It understands users’ preferences and serve them accordignly with the help of data collected by the smart algorithms integrated in the app.

Spotify mainly relies on languages like Python and JavaScript, combined with memory caching system.

To offer a personalized experience, the app offers its users an option to like or dislike songs they stream. The information is stored with the user profile and the name of the artist, genre, etc. The app also helps the admin to know which track is skipped by the user and which is listened to until the end, etc. Such data collected over the time helps in boost music streaming application experience.

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