Creating an online store with idea2app AI builder is easy and fast. No coding required?

By Ruchir C.

Would you like to Create an Online Store? Well, if you take our opinion, it might be an alarming decision for you, especially if you are not a technology expert. All things considered, you're in a positive environment.

In our journey of helping many clients in starting their online store, we at idea2app have chosen to make the most extensive guidance on the most suited way to Build An Software using online store builders like WordPress.

What Should A Business Need To Create an Online Store?

The business world has never seen a superior opportunity to commence an online selling or ecommerce business than today. Anybody with a PC can begin selling products within a few minutes even if he does not have an IT background.

The three things you need to create an online store are:

  • The domain name of the site.
  • A reliable web hosting service provider.
  • And your time, as you are going to develop an app without writing codes.
  • That's right, it is actually that easy.
  • You can set up your own online store with WordPress in a few minutes and we'll walk you through each progression of the cycle.
  • Before starting the actual development, you will need:
  • Instructions to choose or Custailor-made the theme.
  • Instructions to Sign up a Domain Name for Free
  • Instructions to get an SSL certificate free of cost.
  • Instructions to deploy WordPress in the system.
  • Instructions to build a WooCommerce store
  • Instructions to add items in your online Store
  • Instructions to select the best WooCommerce Hosting
  • Instructions to expand the scope of your online store with the help of the right set of plugins.
  • Determining how to Learn WordPress to expand the business.

Are you game? We should begin.

Create Your Online Store Platform

The biggest error most clients perform isn't choosing the correct platform for their online store.

Fortunately, you're here, so you will not commit that error.

In this step by step guide, we will walk you through how to arrange an online selling store in WordPress by using WooCommerce platform.

To arrange your online store, you have to have a suitable domain name for the country you want to serve, the name of the store, attractive and easy-to-use features, and hosting along with SSL support.

A domain name you choose is your site's whereabouts on the web. It is the thing that users type in their search box or URL box to arrive at your site.

Hosting is where your site stays on the web. It's your site's home sweet home when it comes to the World Wide Web. Each site on the web needs web hosting.

SSL declaration adds an extraordinary security layer to your site, so you can acknowledge delicate data, for example, Visa card details and other personal data. This data is required by you to confirm payment on your site.

If you want to undertake online eCommerce development, typically a domain name will charge you around $14.99 for a year, web hosting costs should be about $7.99 per month, and SSL support that costs around $69.99 per year. That is a ton of startup cost.

Sign up and pick your subscription plan

Now, make an account with a hosting services provider. Here, the user will have to go through the simple sign-up measure which probably should not take more than 10 seconds. You'll just have to give an email address and password to proceed. Usually, these platforms offer free services which users can start using immediately.

In any case, the free arrangement doesn't offer you eCommerce abilities. So, if you wish to start developing the site without wasting time, go for a paid membership, and make a point to choose "Business and E-commerce,".

Not every website plan will offer you the required online selling capacities.

The whole of the online business plans accompanies the capacity to acknowledge online payment, a free SSL authentication, expanded capacity, limitless bandwidth speed. Sometimes, you get a free domain along with the hosting. However, in case you don't, you have to buy the domain as said in the step first. Pick a subscription plan dependent on the size of your site and business. In case you're a small organization selling a small bunch of items, you'll approve of the Basic Business or Business Unlimited plans. Greater sites with extra requirements should go with the Business VIP plan or possibly the Enterprise level plan.

Step #4: Decide how you need to make your site

When you join, there are two distinct approaches to begin. You can either develop a site on your own or you can use the Online Store Builder offered by the site. These builders ask you certain questions and depending upon your answers the Online Store Builder develops a site. This process is less time taking.

There's no correct route here. Everything relies upon your own inclination. Regardless of whether you utilize the builder, you'll actually have the option to make changes utilizing the editorial manager later on.

For amateurs, utilizing AI to construct your online business website based on the responses you give will probably be the most ideal alternative. It's quicker, and you'll have a working site to alter rather than simply beginning without any experience with a layout. For those of you who as of now have an online presence, the AI instrument can import content from your current site or Google Places.

However, developing it using editors is simple and clear as well. It will simply be somewhat additional tedious.

Users can go through this whole cycle in under two minutes, and the platform will create an online store for me. At that point it's similarly pretty much as easy as altering the layout with your own content, images/graphics, and whatever else you need to customize the website.

Connect your Domain

This is the time to link your domain before you launch the online business webpage. Here, you can either buy a new domain or use the domain you already have. In the first stage, we understood how to buy a domain. Now is the time to link it to the web hosting service.

Professional tip: If you need a domain, discover a reliable domain registrar. Once bought, you can connect the domain.

Getting a domain from a domain service provider is regularly the best strategy. However, in the event that you need to keep it simple and go directly through your online trading platform, that is fine as well.

Undertake online eCommerce development and develop pages

Once the domain is linked, you need to set up the online business functionalities for your website. These are the segments that will really permit you to sell items on the web.

Add items

Set up the delivery address

Select payment techniques

Let us explore each step in brief:

Add Products

From here, you'll have the option to name the item, add it to a list, set the cost, and compose your item description. You can add item images and videos too. You can also add labels and ribbons to the products if they are on a sale or at a discount or unavailable. You can also add user instructions to the products. You'll likewise have the option to control the item size, colour decisions, and stock monitoring and tracking.


Then, you'll need to deal with your delivery rules. It is an important factor in the ‘idea to app build journey’. Figure out which areas you are ready to cater to and how those rates are determined. Suppose, you just need to serve clients in the US and Canada. Then make decisions that way. You can enjoy lots of flexibility with the transportation rates. For instance, you could offer free transportation to clients that make payment using a specific model.

You can also charge for delivery by weight, a distance of delivery, total order worth or USPS determined rates. You can even oversee rates and give your clients the choice to get orders coming up for specific areas.

Payment Methods

Before you can get paid, you need to set up your payment strategies. This is extremely simple to do with Online Store Builder. This enables you to acknowledge all significant modes of payment like American Express, Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay, JCB, and Maestro, Discover, wallet payment, wire, etc.

Undertake actual online eCommerce development

To do this, you MUST have a linked domain.

along with hosting and other required necessities. If you want to have a custom URL, for your site, you will have to spend some extra money.

Best Practices of using Online Store Builder or to Create an Online Store.

Keep it Simple

Your content, landing page, item pages, and inside pages ought to be basic. Try not to attempt to mess with your landing page with each item that you're selling. Simply feature 3-6 of your most well-known items. You can find out your USP product or all-time best seller and display it on the home page with attractive graphics, content, and a call-to-action button.

The ease and layout guarantee that your site guests are quickly presented to your most popular products, which expands the possibility that the user makes a buy.

Contact Page

Like the other pages of your online store, the contact page ought to be simple, easy to use, and understandable as users or site visitors will be getting in touch with you through this page.

It ought to incorporate your address, telephone number, address, email address, and other contact details so that individuals can connect. Ensure that the contact structure goes to an email account that is effectively verified. Along these lines, you can react to client requests as quickly as could really be expected.

The About Us Page

The About Us page ought not simply to be an exhausting history about when your organization was established and what you're selling. This is your opportunity to recount a convincing story that urges clients to join your main goal. Your About Us page ought to be real, should address your intended interest group, and impact them also.

Item Names

General guideline: Unless you have loads of creativity when it comes to naming items, you should adhere to names that are clear without attempting to get excessively innovative. Such a large number of online business sites get excessively adorable with their item names. This results in disarray and eye moves from the clients. A simple and common name for an amazing item will still create huge sales.

Item Descriptions

Each item on your online business website ought to have an exceptional item depiction. The product description must include the following form of content:

A couple of sentences distinguishing the issue that the item tackles.

A couple of sentences portraying what life will resemble whenever the issue is tackled.

A few sentences depicting how your item tackles those issues and what features of the platform make this possible.

So, a few out of every odd item solves issues. Clothing is an ideal example. In case you're selling a popular shirt, purchasers are getting it to feel confident, neat, and change their look. For this situation, the depiction ought to be less about the actual item and more about how the thing causes the purchaser to feel.

Item Photos

I realize it sounds faltering—however, an image truly is worth 1,000 words. You can't depend on product descriptions alone to sell your items.

You can do a professional photoshoot of each product and upload those images in front of each item, or you can design graphics or use the freely available graphics from the internet. YOu can also add AVs to the product description.

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To wrap up:

It is not hard to Create an Online Store using Online Store Builder. You can also extend your online reach by using an App Maker for Ecommerce App.

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