Essential Features to Consider For Restaurant Mobile App Development

By Ruchir C.

A food ordering application is a mobile application developed for restaurant users and is utilized to place an order for preferred food items that a café itself or third party delivery partner conveys to the doorstep. users need to choose an item, enter the amount, and submit the request. Numerous restaurants offer the chance to pay using the mobile application.

Restaurant proprietors are beginning to perceive the worth a committed café mobile application can bring to their business. Café mobile application is an ideal tool to dispatch discounts, educate your users about offers in your restaurant and new things on the menu, and offer the contact of your recently opened branch.

In order to use all the benefits of grocery delivery app builder or Food Delivery App Builder, you need to add a few basic and advanced features to the application that can make the application more user-friendly and engage customers to navigate and search for more. Easy navigation means the users will linger more on the app.

Here are a few fundamental features that you should add to Build Grocery app for your business:

  1. Construct a positive relationship with a loyalty program

users are the center of each business; without them, there would be nobody to utilize your services or purchase your items. Organizations with a user centric perspective should treat faithful users well and make them feel unique, and at last, they will be your best brand diplomats.

We're not talking here about costly rewards, however a thoroughly built loyalty program that can help user engagement and increase transactions. Pick a Loyalty program that fits best with your business needs; utilize Single-Card Loyalty program for a solitary area or a Multi-Card Loyalty program for different areas. Real-time statistics will assist you with understanding user behaviour and improve your application to accomplish better outcomes.

Starbuck Rewards made a Loyalty program for all users. All users need to do is to sign in with their data and join the mobile application to gain access to the variety of Starbucks® Rewards benefits. You can also run loyalty programs without building mobile applications, yet you'll miss numerous benefits by doing so. IAfter every purchase made on your app, the user will receive reward points which he/she can redeem later on new purchase. This way, the users will tend to use your app more with a temptation of earning more rewards and saving money on every order they place through your app.Basic and simple, isn't it?

Starbucks made a tremendous user data set in light of their loyalty mobile application program and now has data about users like – which things are the most mainstream among every segment, what time is the perfect for advertising a few things, what payment technique is the awesome, and so forth.

Another extraordinary illustration of a loyalty program is certainly Hilton Hotels that made a Loyalty program named HHonors and empower users to do everything with their mobile application. With their mobile application users can book a stay with any of the Hilton Hotels, register and look at with a click on the mobile app, open the door utilizing their Digital Key, pick a room as exact as picking a seat on the flight, and more.

Hilton Hotels utilized the benefit of mobile applications and Loyalty projects to improve their general customer services and make a far superior user experience. With that, they acquired a great deal of new fans and a ton of data on their users to assess and make new business strategies.

  1. Digital wallets

Give users a choice to pay safely and directly from their smartphones and let them appreciate the food without having to carry cards or cash! In 2021, the worldwide mobile payment market volume will reach $1,326 billion (instead of $ 1,100 billion in 2020). Its development is because of the comfort, ease and security of mobile payments.

Upserve,one café management software, says that a restaurant can just profit by incorporating a payment system as it takes information from every transaction and enlightens a restaurant concerning its customers, allowing it to transform that information into something a café can follow up on.

We saw that during COVID-19 contactless payments got a great deal of consideration since health and safety turned out to be more significant. One of the platforms that end up being popular is OpenTable – used for a café table reservation and online food ordering.

  1. Geotargeting also known as geography based marketing

Location based promotional activities are a process of planning and executing advertising exercises that are location centric.

Allow your customers to try different items, offers and discounts and give the new food before it hits the menu card. With completely planned marketing activities and with these guidelines on the most proficient way of utilizing push-up messages to promote your app, its content, and items, it is possible to convince users to purchase items from them.

  1. Ordering

Indeed, even before the lockdown, insights said that practically 60% of U.S. buyers prefer delivery or takeout once per week! Comfort is getting more important, particularly for the younger generation. Twenty to thirty year olds prefer to have their favorite food any place they want, and they are happier when they can order and pay online using their mobile phones.

With the end goal of food ordering, it is important to have the whole restaurant menu written in the mobile application so users can perceive what is accessible. Human mind gets attracted to visual content more, which is one reason why it is important to have high resolution and attractive photos of the multitude of dishes. McDonald began with mentioning nutritional value on each sandwich title, so individuals know the number of calories they are taking in!

What else?

Apps must have different categories of food to help users order as per their preferences, such as food type, price, taste, etc.

Mention prices of each food item in the menu.

Add attractive pictures of food items

Allow users to add more than one item to the cart.

Many individuals are allergic to certain ingredients such as lactose, gluten, etc. So add a filter that can help users to choose food items which are free of these values. This will make them feel that you care about their health.

5.Behind the scenes and Social Media

Stay in touch with your customers and be available whenever they need. Show your "human side" and add Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook profiles along with news, updates, or videos from your Youtube channel. As much as you need, find out about your users, attempt to make solid bonds with them and you'll transform them into brand diplomats even without letting them know.

Offer entertaining stories, pictures from the venue, make a video on how a dish is made. Likewise, numerous cafés have a choice to tag them or to mention the location of the restaurant along with the picture they post. Make hashtags and use them to build fun prize games. That will prove to be useful with regards to marketing, as the most effective advertising is the one that users are doing!

  1. Pop-up messages or Push-up notifications

Presently, this may appear to be a conspicuous one. However, message pop-ups are essential to any application. If you need your application to be fruitful, your pop-up messages should be advanced and attractive. Be selective, and creative with your pop-up messages.

The main thing you ought to do to make your notifications more pertinent is to add an element of personalization to them. It goes beyond tending to users by their name. It is about understanding their buying habits and behavior and creating customized offers and discounts and sharing them with users to tempt them to buy more.

Everything boils down to knowing your users completely and giving them what they need. For example, asking them questions that will help fabricate a profile for your user and customize their experience. You can ask them their preferred time and connect with them only during that. However, be available for them 24*7 if possible.

  1. Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Referral rewards is one of the advanced features that you can while using a Food Delivery App Builder.  Typically, referrals are utilized more in B2B organizations, where exchanges will in general happen less as compared to B2C. Yet, due to technological development, it's currently easier to mechanize promotion prizes using Social Rewards platforms.

With shopper trust dropping in brands, distributions, and writers – user support is considerably more significant. Word-of-mouth publicity is one of the fast-paced forms of advertising and marketing. Truth be told, an examination by McKinsey found that marketing centered word of mouth strategies work better than paid promotions. It additionally found that users obtained through verbal exchange have a 37% higher degree of consistency. (Forrester, 2017)

Considering the potential power and reach of social media, word-of-mouth publicity can possibly affect a large number of individuals very quickly.

Advocacy rewards are a form of word-of-mouth marketing which by definition 'different from normally happening verbal communication or recommendation, in that it is effectively impacted or energized by organizations and business motives.

Social Integration

It is as of now a mainstream feature that you must have in your food delivery app when you are using a reliable restaurant app builder. It adds extra advantages to your application. It works with social sign-on, which makes sign-in and sign-up a solitary, advantageous, and straightforward activity with no-nonsense attitude; as friendly and smooth as word-of-mouth. It likewise gathers significant profiling information on socioeconomics, customer interests and so on.

Client Feedback Portal

Client feedback and input ought to be one of the primary sources you go to for thoughts on the most proficient method to streamline your restaurant application in 2021. It's essential to thoroughly examine your application performance and look for different approaches and ideas to improve your app and to stay ahead of contenders. Client feedback is an advantageous and unbiased approach to gather essential data on your application users. It offers them the chance to recommend upgrades or help recognize the shortcomings in your application.

Client Profiling and Segmentation

Client profiling assists you in gaining more insights on your clients. The feature permits you to tailor things like costs, notifications and more to best suit your clients. Which carries us to our next must-have feature.


Customized interaction is something every consumer across the globe is expecting from the seller. Contingent upon how well your application understands and processes customer behavior data, you can figure out what a clients' favorite food item is and offer them customized prizes of that item. Personalization is about building a person to person bond with clients – to create enduring connections.

It's likewise significant that as per Accenture Strategy, 54% of 18-34-year-olds say that offering them the chance to customize items they purchase impacts their general feeling of loyalty toward a brand or organization.

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Influencer Targeting

With the growing importance of influencer marketing, this is an incredible to-have feature. Influencer advertising is an expansion of mouth publicity. It depends on expert suggestions/recommendations.

A few advertisers would argue that influencer marketing has lost its credibility, and in this way its viability. However, what's causing authenticity to fall? Now, many individuals know that influencers are paid to support brands via online platforms because of new standards around data disclosure. Yet, superstars have been paid to underwrite brands for quite a long time.

By all accounts, a mobile application resembles an actual representation of your restaurant menu in an online climate. However, this isn't correct. There are a ton of components that meet up to make a fruitful mobile application. You should be cautious about your online application as it ought to be a fair blend of these components which incorporate plan, content and responsiveness.

A custom mobile application gives a platform to order with ease as it takes a step closer to meeting client expectations. An online application can offer extra benefit to your clients which will help you rank over the other players.

Different ways by which online applications will assist your café with outclassing your competitors and also give you reasons for why you should choose a reliable Food Delivery App Builder:

It is Consumer Friendly

Online food ordering has empowered numerous cafés to deal with their pinnacle business hours viably. Because of online food ordering, numerous individuals figure out how to forestall the tiring experience of sitting around idly in a long line and waiting for their number to come. With the choice to order their food from an online application, customers can without (much of a stretch) put in a request when they are trapped in rush hour gridlock or while in transit to get the children. Online applications give the opportunity to order from any place, any time, without stopping or disturbing other tasks and settling on a decision to the café. The food experience has progressed significantly and it has become considerably more seamless for the users/diners. Furthermore, if you can vouch for such an encounter, the clients will come to your direction.

Mobile applications propel M-Commerce

Studies show that clients are bound to buy if a business furnishes them with a great payment experience, especially when it is cashless. The lesser you bargain in paper-based money more advantageous the experience becomes. Mobile applications assist you with accomplishing that without any problem. A decent café food ordering application will have alternatives to acknowledge payment from multiple payment gateways. In this manner the client can decide for the most advantageous alternative.

Simpler to pull in new clients

Online applications are modern devices for client engagement and loyalty. In any case, the concern is: What value would you be able to give that causes your client to download your restaurant application and use it dedicatedly? For that, you need to convey the right content in your application. Try adding a lot of content and your application will look jumbled. Reward your clients when they place orders through the application. Online applications have a ton of inbuilt choices to keep up the engagement. Keep your clients tuned to your café by utilizing new offers. Even when you use a Grocery App Builder to develop a grocery delivery app, you need to build efficient strategies to engage and attract customers. It is crucial for every app and traditional stores too.

Start with building an application based loyalty program, you can offer an additional benefit to your clients. At whatever point they buy using the application, you ought to offer some benefit back. This keeps them returning to the app and purchasing more.

Ace Tip: To keep your application less jumbled, you can offer trending and favorite items choice of your menu on the application.

Running an exceptionally explicit advertising effort

Have you considered running a campaign for every individual client?

You may think this is a tedious and arduous errand which is nothing but a waste of money and effort. Well, if you think otherwise, you can now easily do this with the help of mobile applications. You can run tailor-made promotions for your clients. With an online food ordering system, you will enjoy the benefit of data. This data will give critical insights on the food items your client likes to order the most, the time during which the order is usually placed, and a few different statistics that can assist you with continually improving your business and ultimately boost income.

On the off chance that a client hasn't visited you in a long time, you can send an exclusive offer on their favorite item to tempt them to order more. They are either going to visit the store or put in an online request through the application or site and they are certainly going to order different things from the menu.

Expert Tip: You can run offers and discounts on combo items and sell a less popular item by combining it with a well known item from the menu.

Lesser slip-ups and lesser issues

Indeed, even the most experienced worker can commit an error in noticing an order. Be that as it may, this situation can be avoided completely if your staff enjoys superior digital assistance. On the off chance that you need to maintain your business easily, you likewise need to deal with your team. Putting resources into a mobile food ordering application for your food joint will give a breather to you and your team. By fusing online food ordering into their work schedule, your staff can leave the tedious errands to the application and focus on better tasks like developing and improving your online application.

Smoothing out the activity of Ordering-Processing-Delivery

With the extending doorstep delivery market and third-party delivery platform, little food joints have the choice to access an area that was earlier accessible to huge chains only. This is possible due to their doorstep delivery team. A mobile application is more like your face in the online world which empowers clients to submit an order, monitor it while it is being prepared, and track it when it is out for doorstep delivery. This extraordinary element of mobile applications lifts client engagement to more prominent levels.

Online Presence, Reviews, and Ratings

An online application will assist your café with positioning better on different rankings websites. customers like to put in their orders on their cell phones. A consistent and friendly mobile experience will build a positive interest in your customers for the restaurant which can be additionally boosted by utilizing surveys and feedback from the customers. Award your customers for giving positive input and amend the issue when you get negative criticism. A large portion of these negative inputs can be handily settled by a quick reaction.

Advantages of an online food ordering application for your customer

  • No need to hold up in long lines to place an order.
  • Expanded transparency.
  • The comfort of ordering food from any spot at any time.
  • Numerous ways to make payment.
  • Reward points which can mean better savings.

Advantages of a mobile food ordering application for cafés.

  • Customers spend more when they request through an application as they have more opportunity to settle on a choice.
  • Cafés can deal with orders with more precision and increment their efficiency.
  • Loyalty programs assist café with retaining customers and accomplish more recurrent business.
  • It is simpler to check the income in the restaurant without opening the registers and food ordering journals.
  • Improved productivity and lesser expenses

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Mobile food ordering is a beneficial deal. It helps in bringing more orders as well as deals with different things like scheduling events, decreasing errors and food wastage. An online application is an immediate channel to serve your nearby customers through message pop-ups. Whether you wish to build grocery app or build a food delivery app, you must use a reliable Grocery Delivery App Builder.

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