Explore On-demand Grocery Delivery Mobile App Development Guide

By Ruchir C.

In the present time, almost every daily chore can be performed using mobile phones with a few clicks. Regardless of whether you need to hire a taxi, shop for clothes and grocery request restaurant food, everything can be done with a few clicks on your mobile device.

People are buying electronics apparels, insurance, loans and even groceries through a mobile application. This is the reason why Grocery Delivery Software is a trending topic in the delivery market. Food Ordering App Development is being undertaken by many businesses with a home to leverage the groin delivery market. They are sure about this development looking at the rate at which smartphones are being sold across the world and how actively people are ready to participate and engage with various mobile applications for different purposes, like entertainment, shopping, education, social media and connections, etc.

To tell the fact, if we consider the US market, about 25% buyers order their food supplies on the web. The interest is consistently expanding and will prod the delivery application sector to more heights.

By 2022, the online food item market is expected to arrive at the valuation of $133.8 billion. This estimation has expanded the interest for basic food item delivery organizations just as Food Ordering App Development and offers an extraordinary opportunity for new businesses, customary supermarkets, and tech organizations to put resources to buid a food delivery app of their own brand.

As individuals are getting progressed, utilizing applications for buying items online is turning into a new normal. Online customers are expanding at a fast rate, and in contrast with the earlier times, we have noticed a huge expansion in shopping for food through on-request Grocery Delivery Software and delivery platforms. Individuals are enjoying requesting food items of requirement whenever they want and get those items delivered at the doorstep. And this occurs without having to visit the brick and mortar store, holding up in the line while, etc. This certainly could be the most likely reason behind exceptional growth in online customers. No wonder, even the tech organizations are checking out the possibilities of investing in Grocery Delivery App Builder.

Explain How Grocery Delivery Software works?

The working of an essential food delivery mobile application is very straightforward. It offers essentially a wide range of food items and allows users to use certain filters to find the required item without much ado. This makes the app look simpler. Subsequent to looking through the items available on the app, the users can add these items to their online cart and afterward do the checkout. Some applications even allow users to decide the delivery time slot to help users place order way in advance of their required time. Hence, it is recommended for businesses to use the best Grocery Delivery App Builder, so that they can build and offer advanced features to the application and users. Let us explore the step by steps process of ordering grocery:

  • Customer join the app by entering essential details
  • Once that is done, sign in with Email id or Password or contact number
  • Search the item that the customer needs to buy.
  • Select the item and insert them to the cart.
  • Add Address where the order has to be delivered.
  • Request affirmation by the customer through online payment.
  • The administrator gets the order placed.
  • The order gets sent to the supermarket.
  • Supermarkets react to the order by either accepting or declining it.
  • The administrator returns to the customer by sending notice.
  • Update Admin that the delivery partner has collected the order for delivery
  • Order effectively conveys to the customer.
  • Delivery Service updates the Admin just as Customer.

Kinds of Grocery Delivery Software

The online grocery delivery software market is profoundly fierce. The market is filled with a lot of players and giants already, and hence it is fundamental that you choose from the start which sort of grocery delivery software you ought to create. Your complete resources, alongside your activities and capital speculation, relies upon the sort of application you will build. In the event that you are hoping to build a Grocery Delivery App for your grocery item business, at that point you can consider these choices. In a summed up way, the applications are of two kinds:

Aggregator Grocery Delivery Software

In the event that you are intending to build an essential food delivery application on this model, at that point you have to work together with nearby shops or superstores. Aggregator model is by and large liked by the individuals who own supermarkets, own chain of shops, or open to collaborate with the supermarkets without any problem. In the aggregator model, customers would get a list of the supermarkets to choose from.

The whole process of delivering the order, including order acceptance to delivery lies on the shoulders of the store you select, and the application is only a facilitator filling in as an arbiter between the customer and the storekeeper.

Dedicated Grocery Delivery Software

This essential food delivery application has every one of the highlights of the above mentioned delivery model, yet in this model, the app needs to deal with the total ordering cycle. In simple words, diverse supermarkets would join on this platform, and begin selling items. The application will have to maintain its own team of delivery professionals to perform the task. Your core task is to take care of the orders placed by the customers, process the order and convey those items to the customers. In a dedicated delivery model, greater duty is on the grocery delivery software as it must maintain a devoted team of delivery partners.

Basic Features to Incorporate During Food Ordering App Development

Each application requires a fundamental system of features and functionalities to serve its target customers. In a grocery item delivery mobile software, there are three fundamental elements: Customers, Store Owner, Admin.We will talk about the features each one of these elements must enjoy in your application. Wait for it.

Online essential food delivery is a perfect alternative for those individuals who don't have the opportunity to visit physical stores and stand in long lines for purchasing goods. Additionally, in this Coronavirus pandemic, essential food delivery is exceptionally reasonable for those who would prefer to stay indoors. Prior to building this application, you ought to have some essential data on the leading market players in this fragment and how they operate their business. Hereafter, we have mentioned a few leaders of this market for your better understanding. One thing these all market players have in common is the use of a Software Builder.

Market Leaders of Online Grocery Delivery:

Walmart Grocery:

It is certainly one of the greatest grocery item delivery services in the market at the moment. It offers assistance in excess of 1,600 urban cities across the globe. The app was first launched in a couple of urban communities in 2015, and soon it extended its activities.

How it Works

Customers can either use Walmart Grocery application or visit the site. You can find and buy a variety of items in the store. The app additionally offers the pickup option too . Once you are done with choosing the things you want to buy, pick the delivery space or pickup schedule and place the order.


This app has enjoyed a vivid development in its market size. Its essential food delivery (and pickup) services presently covers 80% of the U.S market, which was 35% in 2017. Services like Amazon, and Shipt depend upon Instacart when it comes to the delivery of essential items. Instacart has a team of local shoppers that collect the order items from the supermarket and deliver them.

Amazon Prime Now:

This app is among the largest and most influential contenders of Walmart. Both the organizations are world leaders and compete with each other fiercely. Amazon's sale of US food and drink was up to $6.13 billion (2019) and this was 23.7% of total US food and drink online business sales.

How it functions

Membership to this app comes with Amazon Prime membership. Customers can get conveyed more than mere food items in this membership. Everything that a person might need within or for his house can be ordered and will be delivered to you.


This is an online grocery item delivery mobile application based out of Chicago, and works in a few urban communities of the U.S. Peapod is more like a regular supermarket than the different choices on our list.

Business Model For Your Grocery Delivery Software:

Whatever the business is, it is consistently fundamental to distinguish the plan of action that you would be following. With regards to the essential food delivery business section, the plans of action are very basic.

Commission Based

In a commission based business model, you can charge on each order the supermarket gets on your application. You can also make a benefit through the delivery services.

Promotional Features

You can likewise add this feature to your app, in which the supermarkets can promote their stores and items on your application by paying a few charges according to the guidelines.

Own Supply

If you are an exceptionally goal-oriented business person, you can go into business and obtain products directly from source and list them for sale on your platform. In this plan of action, you can implant an income model by charging a delivery cost directly to the customers.

Advanced Features To Keep in Mind While Undertaking A Food Ordering App Development

If you wish to Build a food delivery app , you have to add attractive features to the application to make sure the app is communicative, intuitive, user-friendly, easy, engaging and most of all secure enough for your users to rely on whenever they want to place an online order for grocery needs.

After executing the basic essential food delivery application features, the time has come to understand those highlights that have potential to make your application remain exclusive. Here are a few of the advanced features that will guarantee that your application maintains a leading position in the race.

Pop-up messages

Pop-up messages are alert messages that show up on the screen even when you are not active on the app. Using push notifications, you can share important and customized content with your customers in real-time.

Real-time Tracking

You will be able to perform real-time tracking of the order and get immediate updates to a mobile. You can ensure if the delivery partner will be able to deliver the order within the said time. You can track every order you place right from you placing it to it getting delivered to your doorstep. You no longer have to keep waiting for the order and worry about its status.

GPS Tracking

GPS, that is, the global positioning system in a mobile offers a customized insight to the customer. This feature is important for delivery partners as it helps them understand the exact location of the customer and how much time he will take to reach there.

Behavior Tracking

THis helps in tracking customer reaction which helps in forming a superior grocery delivery experience. The app considered factors and stats like things the customer last ordered, most looked through items, shopping timing, shopping type of the customer, etc. For example, in the event that you are in Italy, the application will suggest choosing Italian food items.


Real time analysis of every information to make sure each data is accessed and processed immediately. It helps you with checking customer activities, identifying the fraudulent actions, saving money, and expanding the conversion rate and revenue.

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Apart from the above features, an application must offer following functions:

Loyalty Programs

This function can assist organizations to stay in touch with their customers, which assists in building brand loyalty and credibility. There are a few ideas like Vouchers, Redeemable Coins, Memberships, reward points and so forth.

In-App Calling

There ought to be an element of calling the delivery person by both customer and storekeeper inside the application, very much like in Uber. This means users do not have to share their personal contact numbers to the delivery person. It adds to the overall security.

In-App Messaging or Texting

In-app chatting or messaging allows shop owners, customers and delivery partners to talk. Here, the delivery partner can speak with both customer and storekeeper.

Number Masking

Telephone number veiling is a technology used to protect the customer's security where store owners or customers can connect to the delivery person through call without uncovering their rela telephone numbers. If you have used a professional restaurant app builder to Build a food delivery app, you can add such features to the app.

  • In-App Navigation
  • Audits and Ratings
  • Re-Ordering
  • CRM Integration
  • ERP Integration
  • Business Intelligence
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Visual Search
  • Voice Assistance

Suggestions, etc are a few more features you can add to the application.

Consider Web application and PWA

Albeit the world is moving towards mobile, numerous individuals actually really like to do shopping on a widescreen i.e., on PC, or laptop. Thus it is important to build an online presence for your business and furthermore a PWA for those customers who don't like to download applications for a one-time frame shopping.

General Features to Include While Using Grocery Delivery App Builder:

Each application requires a few features and functionalities. In a grocery item delivery mobile application, there are three fundamental elements as we had seen in the beginning of the content:

  • Customers,
  • Store Owner,
  • Admin.

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Here are the must have features for each of these parties to the app:

Grocery Delivery Software – Customers Panel

  • Registration
  • Browse Products
  • Advanced Search
  • Payment Gateway
  • Schedule Delivery
  • Order tracking
  • Settings
  • Reviews & Ratings

Grocery Delivery Software – Store Owner Panel

  • Store Locator
  • Store Pickup
  • Overseeing profile
  • Live Tracking

Grocery Delivery Software – Admin

  • Store Management
  • Connect with Store proprietors
  • Product management
  • Request Tracking
  • Customer Management
  • Inputs
  • Notice
  • Payment Management

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