Features of Most Fitness Apps - Some of Which Are Often Blend In One App

By Ruchir C.

Perhaps, you are looking to get fit but not sure where to start, is it? Well, a fitness app can help you get you on your way. As per the report of Flurry statistics, fitness apps are getting pretty famous and used widely in the past few years. The adoption rate has been increased by 330% in the last three years.

Apart from it, if we talk about user access frequency, it has been observed that these apps are being used by users at least twice a week and at most ten times a week. The demand for fitness apps is getting increased because of a wearable fitness band.

Fitness is certainly an important aspect of the human lifestyle. Today, most people prefer using fitness apps to stay fit and healthy. With numerous fitness apps and trackers’, staying fit is becoming even easier. Fitness app development needs an understanding of what your users actually want and developing an app that can solve their problems.

As per the Pew Research Center, 21% of individuals in the USA own a smartwatch or fitness tracker. Nowadays, health and fitness apps are becoming a hit; it is mainly because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Most demanded features of a fitness tracking app

If you are an entrepreneur, you may have a variety of roadblocks in your path; however, you have an opportunity to make your journey a little smoother. You need to make it certain to include the following essentials in your mobile app during its development phase which will help you set yourself on the path to success.

  • User experience

Your fitness app must provide a smooth user experience. The most successful apps include immersive design and advanced technology. It is always recommended that you keep your app simple and include the basic features which will help your users to navigate through the app effortlessly. Once users start using it, you can study their behavior and then add additional features accordingly.

  • Personalized experience

A fitness app must deliver a unique and customized experience to its users. It should include personal information such as the user’s age, gender, height, weight, etc. It is essential to include personalized features in your fitness app such as an exercise routine management tool, workout tracker on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, and setting fitness goals.

  • Building trust

Privacy is an important concern; users should feel protected and secure when using your app. Try not to ask for any more information than required for the user’s experience. You make sure to collect the least details, if it can get started with a name and email address, then do not ask for any more information.

  • Provide answers

You can make your app more effective by providing answers to the question of your users. You take care to include the phrases that state answer instead of questions, for example, you can use, “here is what you need to do”, instead of telling the user “what does this do for me”.

  • Monitor nutrition

It is recommended to create a powerful app that can offer your users all the information they require without going to other sources.

  • Monitor exercise

A good fitness app must help your users set their workout plan, manage their routine, and workout information.

  • Involve the community

This feature will help users motivate through friendly competition between friends, colleagues, or even with their own personal goals to win prizes.

  • A reason to go social

During Online Fitness App Development, you can include the option to post your app’s updates onto your users’ social networks. It’s exciting for users to showcase how far they ran or the calories they burned in a day.

  • Geolocation and GPS capabilities

Location tracker helps users track exercise routes and real-time locations of their walking, running, cycling, etc. Since most people tend to share their exercise achievements on social networks, location-based features have become somewhat important.

  • Gamification and Rewards

It is just another way to enhance the engagement of your users. It just not helps you make your exercise regime interesting but also inspires users to gain fitness goals effectively. There are many fitness apps that offer a variety of rewards such as shopping vouchers and coupons. It helps motivate users and increases their engagement.

  • Multi-device sync capability

In today’s advanced technology era, it is an important feature that almost every user wants to have in their fitness app. It is amazing if users can synchronize the app with the other devices they use. For example, if users access the app from their smartwatch, they also would like to run their app on their mobile device. Therefore, it becomes significantly essential to have a multi-device synchronization tool in your app.

  • Sleep monitoring

Sleep is an important concern for your health and wellness. The sleep tracker helps you monitor your total sleep time and routine which is based on various parameters. The sleep tracker provides your health status based on the user's sleep routine. This feature is particularly popular with people using wearable fitness tracking devices.

  • Daily water tracker

Your app should help users to meet everyday water intake goals and monitor the glass of water they drink each time. The tool also tells users how many glasses they need to drink to achieve their daily goals. Moreover, it also provides weekly and monthly reports of water intake information.

  • Reminders

A fitness freak needs reminders for various tasks including workouts, exercise plans, or a new yoga routine. Therefore, it becomes essential that your fitness app include an effective and simple reminder tool.

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Wrapping up

With the advancement in technology and growing uses of Smartphone's the use of a variety of apps have increased including fitness apps. Initially, nobody had an idea that the future of fitness apps will be so bright when the first fitness app was introduced in 2010.

Nowadays, we can have highly advanced features which really make apps effective and powerful. You can have a number of great features such as trackers, a calorie counter, making it easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle even virtually. As we can see the gradual transformation of almost everything around us getting digital, and on the other hand people are quite aware of health and hygiene which actually leads to numerous opportunities in the development of Online Fitness App. If you are someone who is looking to get build an app, you can choose a good fitness app development company to get started with it.

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