Features that Could Make Your Fitness App Popular Like Fitbit

By Matt Perry

From gaming to shopping, fun to some serious learning & education, ordering food to fitness training, and more, the world of mobile apps is expanding at a phenomenal pace. There has been an amazing growth in the demand and popularity of fitness apps owing to the fact that people want to get slim, shed unwanted weight, and live a happy and healthy life while being able to flaunt a fit and shapely body.

At the same time, people are not willing to spend a lot of money on paying gym fees that require them to make adjustments to their routines. Furthermore, in the current scenario when the COVID-19 pandemic is still a cause of concern, people now prefer a mobile app that can help them stay fit in the safety of their homes without having to expose themselves to the virus or the fear of the virus. As a result, the demand for fitness and healthcare application development has also increased proportionally.

Health & fitness apps have gained more popularity in the last few years and is expected to continue increasing further in the years to come. If you are from the fitness industry and wish to create a fitness app like Fitbit to be able to provide your fitness training services to your clients remotely, then you will need the help of a reliable and trusted fitness app builder. By investing in an app for fitness training, you can reap huge rewards and generate great revenues.

Are you looking for a fitness app development company to give your fitness app vision a real shape? Before you do that, let me help you understand the many features you should expect and ask for in your fitness app. This will surely help you in getting an app that meets your expectations and helps you achieve your desired business goals.

What are the must-have features of a fitness app like Fitbit?

There are many types of fitness apps. For example, there are apps for weight loss, diet and nutrition management, workout & exercising apps, on-demand personal fitness trainer apps, and more. To be able to decide the features you need in your app, first of all, you must ascertain the type of fitness app you wish to create. However, below is a summary of the basic features that are a must-have for any app that falls in the fitness app category. These include:

Create an account: As the goal of such apps is to help individual users achieve their fitness goals, it is very important to begin with creating a personal account on the app. The user must have this account to be able to keep their personal data, track their fitness journey, and choose fitness facilities and elements needed for individual fitness goals – all with immense ease and convenience.

When you ask a fitness app builder to create a fitness app for you, make sure you have your specifications clear. It is highly recommended that the process of profile creation is seamless and simple. The process shouldn’t be complex or time-consuming. Otherwise, users may abandon the app during the profile creation itself. Most fitness apps allow users to sign up only by their social media or email credentials or even phone numbers. This makes the process easy and quick for users. Furthermore, if you are adding the “subscribe” option to your app, make sure your users can add their billing information and make effortless payments through the payment gateway integrated with the app.

Ability to share on social media: Most of us like to tell the world about our achievements on social media. That is why; it is important to include the feature of social media sharing in your app so that the users can share their goals, achievements, fitness videos, etc. on social media as well. People like this because it gives them the ultimate satisfaction that others are liking their amazing fitness. This feature is also quite helpful for users to increase their brand awareness without much effort.

App design: When you hire a fitness app development company for your project, make sure they keep the app user-friendly, interactive, engaging, and simple. The app design should not be confusing or dull & boring. The developers and designers must choose minimalistic and clickable icons for adding to the app’s home screen so the users can easily access different sections. The screen should be visible in the form of an unambiguous sheet so that the users can easily find their achievements, performance, and areas of improvement towards achieving their fitness goals. Apps that are gesture-focused, interactive, and attractive win more users compared to apps that are complex and boring. 

Ability to personalize targets: Since everyone has different fitness expectations, goals, and needs, one fitness course may not fit all. Hence, it is important to allow users to personalize their targets and fitness plans according to their requirements and expectations. Allow your app users to set their timeline & targets, supplements they will require, activities/exercise they need to practice & when to practice, and so on. You can also benefit by integrating VR to your app thereby allowing users to create their VR fitness rooms and enjoy working out in groups.

Notifications and alerts: Missing one workout may sabotage a user’s fitness goals by suppressing his/her enthusiasm for the entire program. So, when you ask your developer to create a fitness app like Fitbit for your fitness business, make sure you tell them to keep the notification system in the app. By sending alerts and notifications to the users via the app, you can help them achieve their fitness goals and stick to the fitness plan. Other than this, notifications can offer you extensive knowledge for understanding the behavior of every individual user, which is pivotal to delivering a great user experience. But make sure you don’t bombard your users with too many alerts and notifications unnecessarily as that may turn out to be quite annoying for them and they may even abandon your app.

Gamification: Whether you join a gym or a fitness station to stay fit, there is one thing common you will find there. It the music in the background. Yes, music can help burning calories, and performing rigorous exercises a fun. Don’t you agree? What if your fitness app also delivers a similar experience to your users as they work out in their homes or offices? Gamification is an excellent way to add fun and effervescence to the app, thereby making it highly engaging. You may choose to incorporate rewards, badges, progress bar, and leaderboards into the app to increase your app’s user acquisition & retention. 

 Integrate geolocation: If you are building an outdoor fitness mobile app for Android or iPhone, integrating geolocation technology is highly important into the app. This functionality will allow the users to know the traffic, minimal time, and path required to go through the fitness track. With the help of geolocation functionality, users can track their steps taken, swimming, cycling, and other fitness activities. And, as you gather data through the GPS, you may calculate & share the expert insight gained. This will motivate your app users to continue using it and appreciate it.

Integration of wearable devices: Integrating wearables such as bracelets, smartwatches, etc. with your app will help you monitor users’ pulse rate, heartbeat rate, steps taken in real-time and offer expert advice using insights.

Ability to chat: A chat feature in your app will enable the users to interact with fitness experts and trainers and get the customized fitness solutions best for their fitness and health concerns. Other than this, the app users can interact with other users and create challenges based on their fitness needs and potential. As a result, users will find the app highly engaging.

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AV guide: You can amplify the workout experience of your app users with the help of an AV (audio-visual) guide. This will work as an instructor and help users in understanding the best and recommended way to do the workout and exercise. Also, this will motivate your app users to perform exercise on a daily basis without missing.

Activity log: When a person is on a fitness regimen, it becomes highly important to keep a close watch on daily activities in this regard. With the feature of the activity log, you will allow your users to stay always updated about the calories they’ve successfully reduced and the time needed to achieve their goal. This will supercharge them and encourage them to be more active and exercise religiously.

Security of user data: If your app has security loopholes and users come to know that installing and using your app on their smartphones can be potentially risky for their data, then trust me you will end up losing them and eventually your app business as well. So, it is important to optimize the performance of your app and make sure that it is not vulnerable to data leakages. Fully secure apps win users’ trust and encourage them to continue using your app.

Water and food tracker: Achieving desired fitness levels is impossible if you are not measuring your food and water intake. By including water and food tracker features in the app, you can ensure that your app users keep a close watch on their calorie intake and get the required nutrients for their bodies. Water intake is very important for staying hydrated and this feature is going to help them throughout different stages of fitness during the day.

Synchronization on multiple devices: You can embed multiple device synchronization features in your app. Users who do not have the synchronized fitness-tracker and want to exercise will love it for sure. This feature will help them to synchronize other devices and practice religiously without missing workouts even a single day. This will help them get great results and boost the loyalty of customers towards your app.

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User reviews: This section is very important for app users as well as developers. Users’ feedback will help the developers understand the challenges faced by the users while using the app and learn about the glitches in the app. As a result, they will be able to address the challenges and work towards ensuring an improved customer experience.

Whether you want to build a fitness app or you want to build a medicine delivery app, most of these features will help you get an app that meets your customers’ expectations. Have you made up your mind for fitness app development but are still unsure about the cost, trends, and other aspects of app development? Here is a quick look at how you can create a fitness app like Fitbit.

Your fitness app can help you earn millions of dollars in revenues every month provided that the app is liked by the users. Let us discuss how you can build a fitness app that delivers amazing results for you as well as the app users. Having discussed the trendy features that are highly important for creating such an app, it is important to get an idea of the cost. So, how much does it cost to build a fitness app?

There are five types of fitness apps as such and they include:

  1. Workout fitness app
  2. Activity tracking app
  3. Nutrition & diet app
  4. Meditation app
  5. Yoga app

While you decide to create any of these apps, maybe you can consider building a website also to showcase your fitness services and equipment (if you offer). You will need to hire the best website builder for fitness to ensure your website is as great as your app.

Remember, even if you are new to the app business, there are still chances that you will grow and succeed in your chosen fitness business. To ensure that your fitness app becomes an instant hit among your targeted audiences, you will require expert help and guidance and that doesn’t just mean hiring the best fitness app builder in your reach. Instead, it also means hiring the best team of app marketers who help you showcase your app before the right audiences and in the most convincing manner.

A lot of fitness app development companies offer medicine delivery apps and other app development work as well. So, if you plan to build a medicine delivery app alongside your fitness app, you can hire an app builder that specializes in creating apps for multiple domains including fitness, medicine, eCommerce, etc. Talking about the cost of building a fitness mobile app, then the standard cost may vary between $25,000 and $175,000 and that entirely depends upon the features and functionalities you want in your app. So, you need to discuss your app expectations with your app builder and get a price quote to be able to decide further.

Having talked about the fitness app features and cost, it is important to discuss what should you consider when you decide to hire the best website builder for fitness or the best fitness mobile app builder. As a fitness trainer, fitness coach, or fitness business owner, you might be planning to launch your own fitness app. But do you know that deciding to build an app isn’t all? There are still many things that you must consider before you invest your money on the project. So, here is a summary of what all you must bear in mind when developing a fitness app.

Health & Fitness app: There is no dearth of fitness apps today that promise to help you lose weight, look fit, and build stamina faster. Each app has its own niche market and serves a specific user base. It can be a fitness tracking app that helps fitness freaks monitor various aspects of fitness including what to eat and what not, steps taken, physical activity, distance traveled, and pace maintained, among others. A lot of these apps come equipped with intelligent tools for capturing data and closing down the information gap. There are exercise and workout apps that work more like a personal fitness trainer. Such apps recommend exercises suitable for each user and help them adapt to a fitness plan. Such apps gather users’ health and activity-related data for providing personalized information.

Other than these, you can create a fitness app with the help of a fitness app builder for helping users to keep a close eye on their calories’ consumption and burn as well as check nutrition on a regular basis. Diet and nutrition apps help users in monitoring their eating habits and keeping them motivated to achieve their fitness goals by way of repeated notifications and some gamification elements as well.

Platform: The choice of the right platform for launching your fitness apps matters a lot. Depending on your targeted user base, you will need to have an app developed for iOS, Android, or Windows platforms. Which platform you choose for your app and which platform your targeted users are mostly using are two important considerations in this regard. If you choose the right platform, your app will grow at the expected rate but if the wrong platform is chosen, you cannot be sure of the fate of your app. So, pay attention to this. You may talk to your fitness app development company to help you with this.

Who are your audiences? Even before you hire a development company to build a medicine delivery app or a fitness app or other health apps, one of the most important things you need to do is know your audiences. This is perhaps a very complex and crucial part of fitness and healthcare application development. A lot of research, planning, analysis, and discussions will be required to understand your targeted audiences and what they need.

You may create a fitness app either for fitness freaks who will eventually use the app for achieving their fitness goals or you may create the app for other businesses that manufacture and/or sell fitness products, including wearable devices, smartphones, and sports items.

When talking about the users, you must also identify the age group you intend to target via your fitness app, what is their financial status, their occupations, and overall demographics. Analyzing your fitness app bearing these parameters in mind will help you ascertain the features you want to have in your fitness and health app for Android or iOS.

Features of the app: This is very important and you must discuss the features that you want in your app. We had a detailed discussion about the app features above. So, we will not talk much about the features of a fitness app again here.

Strategy for monetization: When you decide to invest in an app idea, I am sure you are concerned about how will you be able to monetize it? It is, therefore, recommended that you plan your strategy for app monetization right in the beginning of the app development phase so you are able to reap desired profits later on.

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While you will need extensive support of marketing experts to be able to monetize the app, fitness apps owners must create a result-oriented strategy for fitness app monetization right when they decide to create a fitness app. The popular monetization models are discussed below for your reference:

  • Paid: This model is ideal for fitness apps that are already highly popular or that are associated with a recognized and big brand that people love. They will not mind purchasing the subscription of an app from their trusted fitness business. User reviews & ratings matter a lot for such apps.
  • In-app purchases: This model allows you to sell virtual products by advertising within the fitness app. But, users are not charged anything for installing the app and they get the app for free.
  • Freemium model: This model allows users to access an app with limited features for free but to access advanced features, they need to pay.
  • In-app ads: This is a very popular and common monetization model and in this users have to watch ads to continue using the app for free.
  • Paywalls: This is a subscription-based monetization model and works when the payment for a limited time period is made.

Other than these factors, you must consider your app budget, identify the need for another such app in the market, and finally hire a reliable fitness app development company to help you realize your dream of app entrepreneurship through a fitness app like Fitbit.

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