Find out the Best way to Create a Music Streaming App like Spotify

By Ruchir C.

Spotify has turned free music into a $10 billion profit. Around 120 million individuals have used Spotify, with more than 50 million of them being paid users. Isn't it impressive?

Do you want to follow the lead? We'd be delighted to assist! We'll provide you with step-by-step guidance on how you can build a Spotify-like app. Let’s understand first why audio streaming apps are important and how they can benefit you.

Why you should invest in Audio Streaming Apps?

Music-streaming apps are becoming increasingly popular. The amount of profit they generate for their owners has already overtaken the quantity of physical music track sales. Analysts are unlikely to be surprised by this announcement, as Warner Music Group stated a year ago that revenue from streaming services had surpassed earnings from traditional musical composition downloads.

  • By 2025, global revenue from music streaming is estimated to reach $21,315 million, with a CAGR of 5.4 percent.

  • Spotify has 320 million active users as of October 2020, with 144 million paid subscriptions.

  • Streaming revenues cover about 45% of all digital sales

What is the Spotify App?

Spotify is a video streaming service with over 35 million songs in the playlist. Spotify is the first one that provided us with the opportunity to listen to music in the most convenient way possible, the best part is that we do not need to download the songs to our devices.

According to Spotify's Q1 2018 report, the service has 170 million monthly active users; 75 million of them are paying subscribers. It made €1,139 million in total revenue for the quarter, including €1,037 million in premium revenue, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Spotify is available in the United States, most European countries, and a few Asian ones. In Australia and New Zealand, it's quite popular. Spotify has explicitly stated the objective of conquering the entire world, which it is on the verge of accomplishing.

How Does Spotify Work?

Spotify app is compatible with many modern devices and runs on different operating systems including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. Users may take advantage of the search bar to find their favourite artists, albums, playlists, and labels. Among other things, the service allows users to create, edit and share their playlists with each other.

You can visit the application store (iTunes or Play Store) and download the streaming music application following the instructions. The user does not need to have the downloaded application on the mobile device if there is a Wi-Fi connection. He can listen to music right from the website.

Important features of an audio streaming app:

  • User profiles and permissions. You probably can use an email address or a social media account to sign up and log in.

  • Streaming audio Cloud storage allows for consistent online access to music files.

  • Look for information and organise it. Listen to songs or albums by a particular artist.

  • Replay the song. The app allows you to listen to your favourite songs over and over again.

  • Playlists. Both online and offline, you can save, edit, listen, and share.

  • Emojis are used to describe artists. The most popular emoji among the 5000 most emoji-ed artists.

Spotify Music App Features:

Search for music. You may find practically any artist's songs by using the search bar.

Radio. Begin by deciding on your favourite musical genre. Spotify will recommend an appropriate radio station, and you can listen to its music in whatever mode suits you best: scrolling through tracks, pausing playback, and so on. If you want to make an app like Spotify popular among consumers, keep in mind this great functionality.

Facebook can be used to share music. Additionally, the user can "follow" the tastes of the musicians he enjoys in order to select the music they listen to on Spotify.

Search for music. When you listen to particular artists or radio stations on Spotify, you'll notice that similar music is suggested to you as ones you might enjoy.

How is Spotify Making Money?

If you're thinking about how to make a music streaming app, you'll undoubtedly want to look at several ways to make money with it. Spotify solved the problem by using the Freemium model, which is a common business approach for making money.

When we talk about the aforementioned technique, we mean that customers have a choice: they can use a free service with limited capabilities or pay to use the app to its full potential. And it's a welcome change from the past when individuals were required to pay for a single track or an album (specifically, a CD), but they could also utilise pirated versions of the product. It's a lot simpler now: just pay once and listen to your favourite songs.

How to Build a Music Streaming App like Spotify?

Here we have listed down some specific instructions on how to make a music app.

App's Basic Functions

Let's start with what features music streaming services, such as Spotify, should have in order to meet users' expectations.

  • Authentication and registration

Consider the Registration and Authorization choices carefully. In this case, the important criterion is to keep things as simple as possible. There are no extra taps or clicks!

Most apps of all types now allow users to sign up via social media, and we believe this is a fantastic option.

  • User Account No.

Following registration, the user is given access to his personal profile, which contains all of the pertinent information about him (or her), including name, sex, age, location, interests and hobbies, and, of course, musical preferences. Given the target audience for the Spotify app (and its multiple clones), the final point is critical.

  • Personalization

Artificial intelligence and machine learning must be used in apps such as Spotify. These methods are required to analyse user behaviour and provide something that everyone might enjoy.

Essentially, you train your app to anticipate your audience's musical interests and recommend new tracks to them (those they're likely to appreciate and add to their playlist).

  • Diverse Music collections

It should come as no surprise that one of Spotify's key benefits is a wide range of audio selections and collections. You should, too, including a similar capability choice in your service (you do want to learn how to create a music streaming app, right?).

  • Search Engine

You can't live without a search engine, of course. Users will use it if they need to locate a specific piece of music. So don't forget to provide a filtering system to your feature (by genre, singer, and other relevant parameters).

  • Notifications through Push

Furthermore, having a notification feature in an app like Spotify would be really beneficial. You'll be able to notify your users about new tracks (that may be of interest to them), discounts on certain albums and songs, and much more as an app owner.

  • Immediate messaging

The option for communication isn't bad either. Mobile chat will increase the appeal of your software to your consumers.

  • Incorporation of social media

If you want to make a music app and follow in your competitor's footsteps, do so as much as feasible. Integrate with prominent social media sites, among other things (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.).

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Final Thoughts:

According to Statista, music streaming has a good possibility of accounting for 86 percent of the European Digital Music Market by 2022. Moreover, streaming income has already increased by 98 percent. You should carefully consider it! Perhaps now is the moment to act and join the ranks of leaders while the opportunity still exists.

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