How Much Does It Cost to Build a Food-Delivery App like UberEats or GrubHub?

By Tracy Shelton

Food may now easily be ordered online and is frequently delivered to clients' homes by many restaurants. In particular, the demand for home delivery has increased significantly over the past two years since the pandemic's emergence.

A website or meal delivery app can be made to highlight a particular restaurant or chain of restaurants that serve a single brand or establishment. It is possible to create an app that serves as an aggregator for several restaurants.

Food delivery apps are top-rated these days since you can order food from the comfort of your own home and receive delectable food made by skilled chefs. Online ordering allows customers to enjoy the food they have never sampled before.

As a result, you can create a meal delivery app similar to GrubHub or UberEats and guarantee that many mobile users will use it. You may be mistaken if you think there are too many meal delivery services, like Grubhub or UberEats. Even though many applications let you buy food online, there is still a sizable market that your app may tap into.

Nowadays, mobile apps have various uses, including grocery shopping and meal preparation. More food delivery applications are more than welcome. Foodies may place phone orders for various cuisines and flavors thanks to these mobile apps. Because of this, they are particularly well-liked by all age groups.

You'll need the assistance of a company that creates meal-ordering apps to develop your concept. The price to build a food delivery app app must be understood.

Uber Eats: What is It?

Uber Eats, an Android and iOS app that connects users with nearby delivery drivers and restaurants, is available for iOS and Android.

UberEats has three distinct parties:

  • Independent: restaurants list their food on UberEats. Uber Eats is looking for drivers willing to deliver orders from these restaurants.
  • Delivery Drivers: These drivers frequently work independently and are not connected to any restaurant. Before delivering the food to the customer, the driver will stop by the restaurant and pick it up.
  • Customers: customers search for restaurants and place orders.

UberEats connects them all. While some restaurants might choose to have their drivers deliver, most do not. Customers sometimes have the option of picking up their orders.

Are Uber Eats and Uber the Same App?

Yes, but also no. Uber Eats and Uber Uber are two different apps. UberEats allows you to order food delivery, and Uber Rides allows you to order a car. In its main Uber app, Uber now offers UberEats. Customers don't need to download additional apps because of this.

Open the Uber app and select "Food" rather than "Ride."The primary Uber app includes UberEats. The interface has a few minor visual alterations. The UberEats app is a little less thorough. You'll need the Uber Eats App to take advantage of the full UberEats experience. When you order a dish from Uber Eats, you could discover no "Frequently Bought Together" option. Uber Eats has this feature, which makes ordering multiple courses easier.

How Much Does it Cost to Create a Meal Delivery Service like UberEats or Grubhub?

Let's look at the potential market for an app that offers meal delivery services before we go into the price specifics.

Market Share for Food Delivery Apps

Since they enable users to purchase their favorite delicacies and have them delivered right to their doorsteps, food delivery apps are top-rated. Users of these apps can also sample various cuisines. The meal delivery sector is experiencing enormous expansion as a result of these apps. This demonstrates how the distance between offline and online is closing. It's hardly unexpected that online demand will eventually overtake offline demand if the trend keeps going in this direction.

According to reports, the market should increase to $15 million by 2024 from its current forecasted end-of-year value of $10,198 million. Dining in has taken the place of going out to eat since the COVID-19 epidemic.

What Is An App Like Ubereats And Grubhubworks?

UberEats was given the name. Since then, the app's popularity has increased at an astounding rate. More than 200 cities in 20 different nations already offer the app.

Two business models are used by UberEats. One for aggregators and one for delivery agents. A single online meal delivery app, it enables restaurant operators to list their food products online. With the use of its own logistics network, the app also provides delivery services for food to these businesses.

A well-regarded app for meal delivery is an app like uber eats. Numerous helpful features are available, such as delivery information, personalized restaurant recommendations, and simple tracking. UberEats also has four key components which help it stand out from its competitors. These are:

Customers can Place Orders in Real-Time: UberEats allows customers to choose from flexible menus, locations, and time frames.

It operates in a similar manner to other applications that bring food. Numerous Uber users across the nation who use UberEats have expressed their appreciation for the business' high-quality services. This gives UberEats a significant advantage.

Custom Orders are Accepted: giving clients the opportunity to choose which foods, where, and when they want them delivered. Every element of the delivery procedure is up for choice by the customer.

Uber Riders and Delivery Partners: are what make UberEats so unique. UberEats doesn't require them to hire separate delivery men. Instead, Uber Riders are registered and signed up to deliver the products. The orders are given to Uber drivers based on their proximity to the restaurant, the customer, and the driver.

Partner Restaurants: With the increasing demand for food delivery, restaurants must partner with any on-demand delivery app that delivers fast and convenient food. UberEats is an excellent option for them.

What Does Grubhub Do?

 With more than 900 sites serving customers nationwide, it has its corporate headquarters. Restaurants in your neighborhood can be easily found using the Grubhub app and website. The startup Grubhub primarily serves "weary folks" who lack the motivation or time to prepare meals. Additionally, they want delicious cuisine delivered right to their door.

Bachelors can order food through this service, and hosts can throw events. If the concept appeals to you, you can talk about developing an app for your restaurant, food delivery service, or catering company.


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Let's examine its operation. Diners can find nearby restaurants on Grubhub. Customers can place orders and have their food delivered to their homes, offices, or anywhere else they choose. Grub hub's services are available via a mobile app and a website. Let's look at the various components of this business.

Customers: Users can browse the various Grubhub restaurants. Customers can place orders and food delivery services will deliver their food right to their doorstep. They can pay online or in cash through the portal. Customers can order food online with great flexibility.

Restaurants: When an order is placed, the restaurant is immediately notified. The restaurants may confirm the order based on inventory. The restaurant will prepare the order for courier delivery once it has confirmed the order.

Couriers: The restaurant notifies the nearby courier when the order has been accepted and signed by them. The courier must agree to the request for delivery before going to the restaurant. The order can be packed and ready to go or ready for collection. The food will be delivered to the address provided by the customer after the cycle is completed.

How Does Grubhub Website/App Help Consumers?

You can see in this area how the website or app functions for users. It follows a sequential model. The majority of users of the online food delivery service are consumers. In actuality, they form the foundation of this company. To succeed in this market, any firm must provide an excellent user experience.

Let's take a closer look at how Grubhub works. These are the steps:

  • Browse The portal provides a lot of dining options. Users can browse the menus and eateries that suit their preferences and select the best ones. Once they've made up their minds, they can look up the closest restaurant and pick what they'd like to eat.
  • Ordering: The user may place an order when the consumer has chosen the food they want to order. The customer must choose the food items before placing them in his cart. You must provide a delivery address if you want to be sure that your order is delivered to the proper address.
  • Options for Payment The software then directs the user to the checkout page, where he must pay for his order after he confirms. PayPal or credit/debit cards are both acceptable forms of payment.
  • Wait! The courier has received and is prepared to deliver the customer's order. Now all he needs to do is wait for his dinner.

What Is The Process Of Food Delivery To Restaurants?

Restaurants are essential to the process of ordering food on demand. Food is listed and made in restaurants. This is how Grubhub interacts with its affiliated eateries. Order received After receiving the customer's order, the restaurant quickly checks its dashboard to see if the dish is still available.

  • Order Confirmation: Order verification The customer will be informed and a message will be sent to the closest courier to pick up the order after the restaurant verifies the order through its dashboard.
  • Food Preparation and Packing: The restaurant's next move is to cook the food and then pack it after confirming the order. The meal must be cooked and packed before the courier's arrival. A vital aspect of the job is this.
  • Order Delivered: A courier will deliver the food to the restaurant. The courier will pick up the food parcel from the restaurant. It must be easy to transport and not spill or cause a mess.

It's now up to the courier to complete your order.

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How Does this Courier Service Work?

Delivery is an essential part of any food delivery service. Grubhub has an extensive network of couriers who pick up orders from restaurants and deliver them to customers.

This is GrubHub's Courier System

  • An Order has been Placed: The restaurant confirms that the order has been received and notifies the nearby courier. If it can reach it in time, the courier will accept the order.
  • Take the Parcel to the Restaurant: The courier will take the order and update it in the app. This allows users to track their order, including whether it was dispatched, received, or on its way.
  • Delivery and Tips: The courier will deliver the parcel to the location specified in the app. The courier must alert the client if there are any delivery delays or other problems. After the food has been delivered, the courier can accept the tip and change the order's status to "delivered."

How do the UberEats and Grubhub Food-Delivery Services Earn Money?

Most meal delivery services either charge clients for delivery costs or receive commissions from restaurants. These ads do not generate revenue for UberEats. UberEats promotes its restaurant partners as being the most popular and often searched.

This is their revenue generation model:

  • Restaurants receive commission
  • Customers pay delivery charges
  • Advertisement fees for partner restaurants

What is the Process of Ordering Food Online?

If you are a person or a business involved in the on-demand food delivery system, you must work with bakeries, restaurants, and other food service providers. They will be able to give customers more options. It's a good idea to have some experience dealing with food service firms, even if your ultimate goal is to launch a meal delivery business.

You may make a meal delivery app using the program builder. It would be best if you integrated your food-delivery software with several establishments. Users should be able to choose nearby eateries and place their meal orders.

Once the consumer has decided on a payment method, the restaurant is informed. The delivery of meals is finished. This includes the eatery, the messengers, and the client. After the food is delivered, the app creates a delivery report. Restaurant and app owners share the profits.

There are numerous factors to consider when deciding to launch your own on-demand food delivery service. Although working with a food delivery app development business will assist you in creating your app, more is needed to ensure success. When you give the app development work to the food delivery software , it is crucial to be explicit about your requirements and specifications. This may result in an app that needs to meet your expectations.

There are a lot of things that need to be checked while your food delivery software is being developed. The app must function in these areas as a component of an on-demand system for ordering food from several restaurants. The list is as follows:

User Panel: The user registers here after downloading and installing the application. Login, address, menu, homepage, pickup & delivery location set, and payment options should all be available in this part. Order history, feedback, contact information, deals, and tracking. Among the others are search, search refinement, and various search choices.

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Without the restaurant or food service registering, the app cannot function. The restaurant or food service panel must have the option of document submission for app owner authentication. There should be a tonne of other capabilities on this panel, such as a dashboard, payment, accept/reject orders, management of restaurant accounts, a panel delivery person, and panel management.

The food delivery person must download the app and sign up. The delivery panel ought to have access to these capabilities as well. Sign-in, order delivery, chat, phone, order history, and COD are all available. GPS navigation, push notifications, money withdrawals, online assistance, and transaction history.

These features may be added to it:

  • Location tracking in real-time
  • Push notification
  • Payment systems
  • Analytics in real time
  • Searches customized
  • Social media sharing

Do you See Any Issues in the Food Delivery Industry?

The industry of on-demand food delivery has the same difficulties. The market share and prospective features of on-demand delivery apps must be discussed. The difficulties facing businesses must also be addressed. Let's look at some of the issues this company is having. There is fierce competition from biggies like UberEats, Swiggy, and Grubhub.

Finding partner restaurants can be challenging for new businesses. The majority of eateries and food service businesses desire connections with well-known brands and apps. To persuade restaurants and food service providers to partner with your app business, you'll need to come up with a strong argument.

The UI/UX must be the same in all panels and applications. The availability of many user interfaces or user experiences in your app will not be well received by users. So. Your app should look and feel fantastic across all panels. Choose your MVP features so you may test your app concept before investing in something less promising.

Hire a specialist to assist you with food or grocery delivery software solutions. By doing this, you'll make sure that your software exceeds all of your expectations.

What Does it Take to Create a Food Delivery App such as Uber Eats or Grubhub?

Let's pay attention to the price once we have discussed every facet of meal delivery apps like Uber Eats or Grubhub. Knowing the app cost, or at the very least a ballpark estimate, is essential when developing a meal delivery app. You'll be able to make wiser selections as a result.

The features and functionality you select will usually affect the price of developing a meal delivery app. The average price range for a meal delivery app is between $12,000 and $25,000, plus or minus. You'll need to set aside about $40,000 if you choose to build a feature-rich app.

Depending on their experience and level of expertise, a freelance on-demand food delivery service or software developer may charge you between $50 and $250 per hour. Although at first glance this is the most economical alternative, managing and directing the freelancers makes the process stressful and time-consuming. Businesses that are too busy to spend time on such things may run into trouble because of this.

Another choice is to work with a software and app development business that specializes in meal delivery, which will either bill you hourly or at a set rate. The remainder will be handled by the firm that develops your app. Assign the assignment and explain your expectations. Everything, including UI/UX design, coding, programming, testing, quality assurance, deployment and launch, support, and maintenance, will be handled by them.


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There has been a rise in food delivery app development globally, according to trends over the last few years. If you're considering investing in this company, think about the following things, make a financial plan, and then start.

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