How Much Does Clubhouse Like Social Media App Costs?

By Ruchir C.


To build an app that wins the heart of millions of users around the globe is next to impossible. But some technology mavens, the visionary people look at the unexplored opportunities in the tried and tested ideas and make millions.

One such amazing app is Clubhouse. The Clubhouse is a fairly new social media application and was recently valued at $100 million after receiving funding from Andreessen Horowitz of $12 Million. Exciting start, we can say, as the application is just in the beta stage has already started to grab the attention of popular people in the tech industry. Visionary people like Elon Musk are tweeting about the app, and the world cannot wait to see what amazing things are there to experience in the app in its full-fledged version.

In many ways, 2020 and 2021 are seen as evolutionary in the tech industry. Facts are evident that many industries are undergoing a digital transformation, which would, in turn, speed up tech adoption phenomenally. If you, too, are thinking about Social media app development, there cannot be a better time. The cost of development is getting low, unconventional ideas the one like the Clubhouse are gaining unprecedented popularity, and people are getting bored with Facebook. They need a new social media app. and they need it now than later. So, in case you are looking for a social media app builder that can help you build an app like Clubhouse, here is everything you need to know.

What is Clubhouse?

The Clubhouse is a social media app for multiple platforms. It allows people to chat in real-time, collaborate on projects, share interesting stories, and do voice-messaging. It is a social platform that focuses on how to improve socializing on digital platforms without making it a medium of buying and selling.

This does not mean that the platform is not fit for businesses and marketers; they have equally exciting ways to offer improved business reach.

  • It provides businesses an opportunity to engage and connect with professionals from your industry and comes with a Chat Room feature where you can find people interested in the same subjects.
  • Clubhouse focuses on the conversation and its quality rather than the generation of meaningless content in every second.
  • Audio conversation makes it very different than the current social media applications.
  • It is a genuine and unique platform that offers exclusivity in the content.
  • It assures quality by allowing access only ‘invite only’ account configuration features. Only people that have been invited are allowed to use the application and access content.
  • It is very efficient in building community.

The audio-chatting social networking application allows users to be a part of the discussion, andthe developers have done a tremendous job by turning a video conferencing app development into a vast social networking platform. It is bringing more seamlessness in communication through audio-chatting features along with another set of functionalities the app has to offer. Based on the diversity of discussions it has to offer,it is the premium experience that the app is betting on and winning.

One of the most engaging features is that of the display discussions that it shows both underway and upcoming topics mentioned, which you can join in and show your interest to collaborate and involve.

The application even made headlines by inviting Elon Musk to talk about space science and engaged a lot of people in the discussion and eventually join in it. And the audio chat feature level can allow the users to get connected at any level, local, national or international, depending on the settings.

How to get a Clubhouse to invite?

The invite feature in the app is restricted people from accessing the content, but it is what ensures the quality and makes the platform unique. You can get an invite to Clubhouse from the existing users. Since the application is still in the beta stage, we are hoping to see changes on the way. The onboarding process involves getting a link via SMS and which is sent by an existing user. The existing user can only send two invites initially, which is further helping the app owners to make sure the spamming is minimum. Currently, the app is available for iOS users, and soon we may see it venturing its way on other platforms too.


How did Clubhouse become so popular in the Beta Stage itself?

There are very few apps that get to enjoy success, like Clubhouse. It was launched in 2020 March, when the world was battling with the pandemic. Just when remote communication became so necessary. The social media app maker of Clubhouse, Rohan Seth and Paul Davidson, launched the app with only 1500 users initially. The net worth of the application was $100 Million, and then events like Tesla CEO Elon Musk came on the platform and organized a Clubhouse session with Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev, a swarm of new users came on board. The event helped the app fast-track its way to the top startup charts. This sudden popularity led people to hunt for the invites and become part of the Clubhouse application. By February 1, Clubhouse had 2 million active users worldwide.


What are the important features you need to have in an app like Clubhouse?

The Clubhouse is a social media application that allows people to have an audio-chat online. But that is not the only feature in the application. Here is the list of features you must have in an app like Clubhouse.

  1. Profile Creation

There is no difference in the application profile creation process. Users have to put in their name and phone number to sign up. The name or username is the one that the users have to book in advance, which means you need to have a unique username in the application. Once you have the invite link, you can use the username to enter the application.

  1. Clubhouse Hallway

The Clubhouse hallway is where the main feed of audio networking happens. Audio-chatting being one of the unique aspects of the app, needs to be the focus of social media app builder. Also, the sub-features of the Clubhouse hallway include a listing of the clubs and scheduled rooms that you are following.

  • The users can search for someone using a username or the keyword.
  • Send out invites to people to join Clubhouse
  • Keep a tab in the upcoming chat rooms with an integrated calendar.
  • Manage their profile.
  1. Clubhouse Rooms

The Clubhouse offers a chat room; the clubhouse room shows you the name of the people in the room and the topic they are discussing. You can see the room as a podcast. The apps development is done like a video conferencing app development with features such as listening to the conversation, muting it, leaving it, exploring other active rooms, and more.

You can see the names of the speaker, moderator, listeners in the conversation. It is a unique app with the features of both a video conferencing app and social media app.

  1. Clubhouse App Clubs

Not only can you join the club within the app, but you can also create one. The app allows you to create communities inside the platform where you can host different audio conversations and meetups with other members. You can also create a hierarchy in the club like Founder, Member, Admin, Follower.

  1. Notification

Clubhouse app push notification features are not very different from any other social media app. It would send out a push notification when you have a new follower when you are connecting in a room, when your connection invites you into a room, and more when someone following you schedules a room.

  1. Clubhouse Invites

Clubhouse allows a user to invite-only two people on the platform; this restriction helps them in ensuring the quality of the content they are building and nurtures a high-quality community.

To invite someone to the platform, you have to connect your address book with Clubhouse. You would see the people that are already on the application, and then you have a search tab to find people you want to invite on the application.

  1. Moderation

The application is very poor in moderation of chat in the room. There are numerous complaints from the users about racist and abusive talks, but that is expected as there are many things that have to be worked upon in the app, given it is in its beta stage.

When you are undergoing social media app development, you must make sure the app is properly moderated, and the interactions on the platform don’t hurt the sentiments of other people. Hate speeches are a serious concern, and this positive change in the application would help you in bringing more users to the platform and win them overtime.

How much does it cost you to build an app like Clubhouse?

An application should be unique, and we are pretty sure even when the idea behind the app would be very much inspired by Clubhouse, it would be fairly different from it in many aspects.

The cost of building social audio app such as Clubhouse is dependent on many factors; like every mobile app development, it depends on different elements. You can estimate the cost of an app by looking at the following factors:

  1. Mobile App Design
  2. Features Development
  3. Location of the Agency you want to hire
  4. Team size

When we talk about the Clubhouse App, we recommend you to take the same route – Create a beta version, launch it, collect feedback from the users and continuously improve. It would also shorten your turnaround time in the market and invest your money in the app version that would bring higher ROI.

You can start by identifying the important features your app must have and based on that list, you can start talking to the tech consultants. On the basis of discussing, consider the resources and the size of the team you would need to build the social media application.

Also, make sure you have some differentiating features in the application. It would help you get a competitive edge in the market while you engage more users on the app.

Here is the cost of developing a basic social media application

Cost of developing a social media app with basic features

Some of the features in every social media application are almost the same. They would have some common features as they are an essential part of any application, and this would help you gauge a ballpark cost of the entire video conferencing app development with social media-like features such as Clubhouse. Any other specific features you choose to add will increase your development cost. Here are some fundamental social media app features and benefits:

  1. Account Authorization
  2. Profile Creation
  3. Messaging
  4. Photo and Video Upload
  5. Search Features
  6. Other Settings
  7. Tagging
  8. General UI / UX

These are some specific factors that you must consider adding to your application; these specific factors help you in focusing on the budget. The cost of development varies on many factors. Based on updated market rates, your social media app development can go from 12,000 USD to 60,000 USD. For a complete breakdown, you can ask the tech consultants to give you an average number of hours it will take to complete the social media app.

  1. Account Authorization

Account authorization is the very first thing you have to think about. Some of the biggest challenges are during account authorization is to keep the user data safe and maintain privacy. Social media apps are constantly under the radar of cybercriminals to steal the personal data of people.

While undergoing social media app development, create a signup and sign-in page where people can access the app through email or phone number and password. Other than this, you need a password reset, recovery, and authentication features.

Creating an account authorization feature can take around 65-70 hours and approximately costs 3400 USD.

  1. Profile Creation

It is important that your users have control over their social media account. Allowing them to make their own profile and express themselves is a good way to provide them that freedom. Facebook uses the following categories to create a profile:

  • Name
  • Profile Picture
  • Address
  • Email
  • Mobile Phone
  • Website
  • DOB

You can choose to add more categories, such as relationship status and About & Bio. Usually, this feature takes 50 hours to make it and can cost up to 2500 USD.

  1. Messaging

The Clubhouse offers only an audio chat option, and that is one of the unique features of the app. Communication is the whole point of any social media application. It allows group and private messaging options. You can allow users to upload photos and videos along with messages, or you can just ask them to send out audio messages; it is totally up to you. When planning this feature, you have to be very sure of what you want to achieve with the application.

Complex features such as this can take 120-140 hours, as a lot of security too has to be added to the feature and can cost 6500 USD.

  1. Photo and Video Upload

Photo and video sharing feature in social media applications is very common. You can allow the users to give the freedom and organize their galleries. And you may want to include that in your application. Social media apps like Instagram provides users with the add filter features, but it is a costly feature as it can take about 320 hours to get build and can go up to 16000 USD.

  1. Search Feature

Social media has slowly turned into an entirely digital world, and to find a person or a page is going to be a challenge without search features; to make sure your users have a seamless experience on the app, you can add a search feature. It allows you to search recent content, posts, groups, communities, people, and more to connect. There are apps like Instagram which even allow you to doa search based on hashtags.

The estimated time to make a labor-intensive feature such as this is 60hours and can cost up to 3000USD.

  1. Setting

Notification setting, privacy setting, profile setting, share setting, chat setting, there are so many things which you can offer to the users to customize the app experience as per their liking. The estimated time to create a feature such as this takes 95-125 hours and can cost about 5500 USD.

  1. Tagging

Tagging is a come social media practice; people tag their family and friends all the time. You can create this handy tool to share location and add people to their posts on the social media app you are building.

An experienced social media maker would take around 24-30 hours to build this feature, and this can cost you around 1350 USD.

  1. UI/UX

The design of your app is one of the most essential decisions. It gives your app a unique identity and allows your users to explore different things on the app. It makes their experience seamless, and app attractiveness is one of the biggest challenges and also need of the time. App designing is a time-intensive process and before you jump on to designing an app, make sure you have listed out important features you would need in the app. The design process can take 50-60 hours, and the average would cost you 2750 USD.

How to earn money from an app like Clubhouse?

The Clubhouse is more like a conferencing application with social media capabilities. This has made clubhouse standout in the social media market. When it comes to monetization, their business strategy is more or less similar to a general social media app. Its multiple monetization avenues include asking for tips for speakers, giving out tickets for live talks or streaming, app subscription, in-app advertisements, and we are hoping to see more things with the launch of a full-fledged app.

The best thing about Clubhouse was to represent the changing demands of your audience. People want to see more value provided to them and bring more transparency in the communication. People are done with all the clutter that is available on the social media application. They need meaningful communication. Which in turn, helps the app understand the unique needs of each individual and gives a totally different user archetype. Using this in-depth information, marketers and businessmen are able to market their products and services much better.

The exclusivity of the application helps it bring people onboard and earn revenue. But what happens when the exclusivity of the application is gone? For this, we have to wait till the app is launched in the market.

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Piece of advice to tackle competition

In the end, Clubhouse is hoping to expand and enable more users to join the platform. And the big players like Facebook, Twitter have already started to make improvements in their applications to blunt the competitive edge Clubhouse has over them.

Furthermore, Mark Cuban, the American entrepreneur,is planning to launch Fireside, a next-generation podcast platform. Fireside is expected to get launched in this year. The app environment is going to get more competitive this year.

In case you are looking forward to getting a social media application development, look for various types of apps to club certain features to bring out something absolutely unique. Dating app development with social media features, like Bumble, is a very good example. Build your own dating app, find a dating app maker just in case you are forward for something like that.

Also, development cost partially depends on the location you are hiring from; app development in India is far more expensive than app development in the countries like the USA and UK. You can reduce your development cost to three to four times.

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