How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Kinemaster Like Video Editing App?

By Ruchir C.

Assuming video content is the eventual fate of marketing activities, there is no reason to come here! An ever increasing number of companies are marketing their items in the digital or online space with the assistance of video editing applications like KineMaster video editor.

About 70% of companies say that their marketing projections expanded after integrating video content. What's more? With 85% of users depending more on videos to settle on purchasing choices, companies currently need to have an exclusive spotlight on satisfying their users' advancing needs just as upgrading the brand value, says HubSpot.

In the event that you've been pondering over whether it is worth putting time and investing cash into a video editing application, this is absolutely the time.

As video content keeps on rising, an ever increasing number of individuals are getting to it on their cell phones and brands are progressively utilizing this trend.

This article shares understanding on online video traffic, its insights and the vital features to consider while developing a video editing application like KineMaster video editor alongside a list of the best video editing applications.

If we go by the Cisco statement, "By 2022 Global IP video traffic will grow four-crease, and video will represent 82% of all IP traffic."

Desktop-based video editing applications have been viewed as more impressive for editing when compared with mobile applications. They are unquestionably needed with regards to making a more extended content for the web or for video sharing mediums like YouTube, Vimeo, to give some examples.

Nonetheless, online video editing applications have improved the process of content creation and you don't need to rely upon anybody to make convincing and connecting content.

The Rise of Video Editing Apps

There are a few video editing mobile applications in the online application market that have acquired remarkable success with their unique and one of a kind features.

TikTok, at first known as Musically, has taken the online applications market by a storm. It is the ideal illustration of a music video editing application just as a video-sharing application. It permits users to make, edit, and share video content with subjects and adjustable filters. People, just as companies hoping to sell their items or services, are utilizing TikTok on a large scale. Additionally, it allows you to draw in with the intended interest group to change over them into a client.

Here are the vital factors to consider Build app like Kinemaster


  1. Application Ideation

At the point when you are at an ideation phase of an application, the difficulties are more around smoothing out the thoughts and building the item. Intensive research and conceptualizing can help think of an interesting methodology that can address the market needs successfully.

The thought should be attainable and the likelihood of the thought can be accomplished by doing a serious study, leading statistical surveying, and building up clear goals within a deadline.

  1. Target Audience

With regards to the matter of making videos, it is imperative to know who your intended interest group is and what they are expecting.

For example, if your intended interest group is into online shopping, your video-editing application ought to have features that permit them to get to/try different things with various looks and keep them updated about the most recent patterns.

  1. Easy to understand features

When building an application, it's crucial to keep the interface interactive since nobody likes to experience slow navigation and too many guides or steps to use any feature. The same goes for app functions.

Along these lines, it's a smart thought to start with the MVP form, where you let users initially get comfortable with the application. Once the users are comfortable with the app, ask for their feedback and suggestions or their experience of using the application MVP. Along these lines, you will acquire a better understanding of the features that your target audience likes, and this will help support the general achievement of your application.

A few instances of the creative features that mobile application developers and designers can include:


  • Adding sound effects or tracks.

  • Blending different file formats into one (the two videos and photographs).
  • Video trimming and adding frames.
  • Extended edits options.
  • Editing during the video.
  • Social media sharing.
  • Saving video in different formats.
  • These features can assist you with attractive broader client base and their retention.
  1. Earning from the app or revenue generation

To create income out of your application, it is vital to construct a MVP with the goal that you can test different revenue generation approaches like in-app purchases, offering premium memberships, etc.

Video editing applications additionally can help companies earn more. Snapchat and Instagram stories empower companies to add video shorts to promote their items. The application ought to have fascinating components, for example, face filters, effects, geotags, and more to let users and business profiles use them all the more productively.

  1. Mix with Social Media

Integrating social media platforms is the most vital factor for any video editing application. When your users have made a fascinating content, they would need to share it quickly on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms, to expand its reach and visibility or views. It is a keen plan to add multiple social media platforms in your video editing application to assist them with sharing the videos across a few channels.

Above, we have seen a couple of features that each video editing programming should have. Here, let us investigate a couple of more features, to build app like Kinemaster:

  1. Add alluring filters and effects

This is perhaps the main point of the video editing application. You need to add different effects and filters for the crowd if you wish to Build KineMaster clone. Your application users ought to have the option to add music effects in their videos.

You can give an alternative to the users to add their #1 music or soundtrack to make their video more intuitive. The blend of music and filters will assist the users with making a creative and impactful video. These two features will assist you with expanding your application engagement.

  1. Permit users to save and share video

In your video editing application users ought to have the option to save and share their video creatives with others. You can permit your users to save their videos in HD or SD quality. Subsequent to saving the video, the app must permit them to share their creatives on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin. Be it video streaming app Development or apps like KineMaster, allowing users to share their activities is a great idea that builds a robust community for your application.

  1. Login with social media

Numerous users like to log in with their existing social media accounts. So remember to give an alternative of login with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and so on. This saves them some time as they do not have to fill the same log in data again and again.

  1. Permit users to Mix videos

This is perhaps the most moving feature of video editing applications. It permits users to blend at least two videos to make an ideal creative video as indicated by their requirements. Users can make their videos more engaging and imaginative by adding various different videos. This will also improve user engagement.

  1. Permit users to make videos utilizing photographs

This element permits the users to choose numerous photographs from their telephone library and use them to make a video. Users can consolidate their best and delightful photographs in a video editing application to make videos.

  1. Permit users to Adjust video quality

By utilizing this component, users can save their videos in HD quality offering an incredible user experience. You can give them an alternative of SD or HD quality so that they can pick the preferred video quality as per their necessities. To improve your video editing application engagement value, you can permit the users to watch their video in Ultra HD quality.

  1. Incorporate payment gateways

You can incorporate a secure payment gateway in your video editing application so at whatever point users take a membership in the application they can make installment securely. You can coordinate different installment gateways in your application which will make it simpler for the users to do the transaction.

  1. Add stickers

This is quite possibly the most captivating feature in video editing applications. You can add numerous delightful stickers in the application so the users can utilize them in their videos.

  1. Utilize AI technology

You can utilize AI in your video editing application which will improve the client experience. By utilizing AI it will automatically pick the pictures and videos to make a film.

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  1. Add Notification Option

This element will notify the users at whatever point you add another feature, filter or functionalities in the application. An updated customer is most likely to stay in connection with your app for a longer and frequent duration. This ultimately helps in brand building too.

  1. Add trim, Crop video functions

These two are the fundamental features of video editing applications. Engineers must not forget to add these features while video editing application development. By utilizing the trim and yield choice they can modify their videos as indicated by their necessities, without much of a stress.

  1. Add exclusive offers and coupons

You can give different offers and discounts on your membership which will assist you with creating more income from your video editing application. Offers will help your application with getting more memberships.

  1. Add private album feature

Users can add their significant videos in private collections. At whatever point users open their video editing application they can access their videos in this collection.

Which are the Best Video Editing Apps for Android and iOS, Available in the Market?

Here is a list of the best video editing applications, to make attractive videos:

  1. Apple Clips

Launched by Apple in 2017, Apple Clips is a name to deal with. It permits users to make and share engaging videos utilizing text, clips, graphics, captions, timelines, and different effects. Users can likewise add music to their video clips.

Utilizing the Apple Clip is simple. Users can either record a video in the application or pick one from the library, which they can edit by adding various filters and effects and afterward share it with their companions and followers via social media.

One of its exceptional highlights is the Live Titles, which consequently deciphers your sound and video to message on the screen. Here, you can likewise utilize the choice to edit the Live Titles to guarantee that the records are error-free.

  1. Adobe Premiere Clip (Accessible on Android and iOS)

Adobe Premiere Clip isn't just a standalone video editing application but at the same time is associated with Adobe's Premiere Pro item. It offers two methods of editing: Freeform and Automatic. With Freeform, users can practice full oversight of the editing cycle, and, with Automatic editing, the application manages the video clips and adds changes to speed up the editing.

Other advantages include customizing music from the current music library, automatic color modification, matching up with Adobe Lightroom CC, and Photoshop that offers users simple to use sliders, presets, and quick adjustment instruments that upgrade the creatives.

  1. Boomerang (Accessible on Android and iOS)

Instagram's Boomerang empowers users to shoot piles of photographs, which becomes a 4-second looping clip more like a GIF file. Like Instagram's other independent applications, it is fun, simple to utilize, and can keep users' Instagram accounts from getting boring. For utilizing Boomerang, users don't need to open a profile. They can basically shoot and edit videos and save it to their telephone.

Fueled by Instagram, users can also post their video on their Instagram and Facebook accounts by means of the application. This application assists users with making fun and engaging short videos to draw in their companions and devotees. To make a video, all the client should do is tap the circle to start, and the application will take fast paced photographs and convert them into a short video.

  1. Quik (Accessible on Android and iOS)

On the off chance that you are hoping to make videos in a hurry, Quik is the appropriate response. With the Quik application, users can make stunning videos with only a couple of clicks. All they should do is pick their preferred photographs and video clips and utilize the application to edit them as per the wish. Quick likewise permits users to edit video clips by adding text, music, and so on, which they can impart to their followers on Instagram or Snapchat.

Quick empowers users to zoom, rotate reorder, and trim photographs and video clips. They can add a personal touch to their clips by adding text, title slides, and emoticons as well. Quik additionally permits you to accelerate the video film or play it in Slo-Mo.

  1. iMovie (Accessible on iOS)

For users new to video editing, iMovie video editing application is the appropriate choice. Intended for iOS users, it's a smooth, original and simple UI, particularly its intuitive element, makes editing a seamless interaction.

With iMovie, users can import video and photograph through a hard drive. Further, the application permits them to edit video clips, and they can add music, titles, and other video elements along with filters like blurs and slides, etc. It likewise empowers users to stabilize videos, trim and turn video clips, and increase or reduce their speed.

  1. KineMaster (Accessible on Android)

Another video editing application in the number one spot, KineMaster's interactive and intuitive user interface makes it the most exceptional video editing application across any gadget, offering users with a huge variety of choices. Most popular for making videos in a hurry, the application empowers users to edit clips as flawlessly as video editing programs that run on PCs.

With KineMaster, users can add messages and different effects; users can modify the sound and music in their video by picking it from the inward KineMaster Asset Store music. Further, users can record sound for using it in their video.

What is KineMaster?

KineMaster is an ideal example of a mobile application development that has gone right with both planning and coding. It is a marvelous video editing application that is developed cross-platform for the two iOS and Android users. No wonder many businesses in the market strive to develop apps like KineMaster.

Any video editing application should be easy to use for permitting the users to edit, make and save the videos without any problem. Be you are a video streaming app Development company or a video conferencing App Development company, ease of the application should be your first concern along with budget and deadlines.

Furthermore, KineMaster has the ideal UI to make it relatable and communicative and simple for the users. Using KineMaster is generally simple for a mobile application user of any age, including high school to grown-up.

This is what makes KineMaster video editor an alluring video editing application development model!

KineMaster resembles some other popular video editing application that assists the users with editing and filtering the videos for various events. Be it a corporate show, individual video editing or professional video editing services like marriage or birthday-the application can assist you with getting magnificent video editing effects.

Likewise, for the individuals who don't have a clue about the video editing applications like KineMaster is a membership based application. It implies you get charged for utilizing the application features.

Building video editing app like KineMaster

Have you at any point utilized a video editing application for making videos on anybody's birthday or wedding or school program for your children? We should reveal to you that mobile application improvement organizations probably put incredible exertion to design and build a video like KineMaster.

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How to use a KineMaster video editor?

Stage 1: First and preeminent, you need to download and run KineMaster on your Android device. It is accessible for free of cost on the Google Play Store.

Stage 2: Open the App. Tap on the red catch and afterward on Project Assistant. This will make it simpler for you to edit a video.

Stage 3: Now, pick a video topic like birthday, sea shore and so on.

Stage 4: Select an opening, center and a crescendo phrase.

Stage 5: Choose the correct ambient sound from the app library.

Stage 6: The application will do its thing and make wonderful videos for you to impart to your loved ones. You can likewise redo subtleties to get the outcome you needed.

Despite the fact that KineMaster is a wholesome video manager for Android, it isn't for professionals. In any case, amature users will find this application complete with many customizations for their videos. KineMaster upholds practically any video designs. This application sure beats some other video editors available in the market.

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Here are a few benefits of utilizing apps like KineMaster:

  • Over 3M reviews on Google Play and a normal rating of 4.5 stars , hence reliable.
  • Amazing features, for example, multi-track editing, filters, and mixing modes
  • You can share on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook directly from the application
  • 4K resolution is accessible

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