How Much is the Cost to develop an app like Instacart, and what new ideas can you add-on.

By Ruchir C.

It's not surprising that people are now buying helicopters online. Over the past few years, the on-demand app market exploded. People are becoming busier daily and seeking new tech-enabled methods to meet their daily needs. This is why grocery delivery apps are so popular. We're sure you have ordered groceries online at one time or another and have been amazed by the speed and convenience of the whole process.

Here we are now, taking you through Instacart, the most popular grocery delivery app, and helping to estimate the cost of developing an app like it. Remember to check out the section on new ideas, where we will be sharing some innovative features you can incorporate into your grocery delivery app like app like instacart.

What is the Instacart App?

Leading online grocery delivery service Instacart was established in 2012 and provides groceries door-to-door. It presently has 20.000 users and 30.000 local and hyperlocal businesses as partners. It is used by 85% of US households and sells more than 5 million products.

How do you Create an App like Instacart?

By calculating the cost of development, the clone applications for Grofer, BigBasket, and Instacart include many features. They also have a robust backend that helps them handle their internal and external activities more effectively. Please align your project with the help of this blog.

Technical Documentation

Technical documentation contains detailed information about the architecture of a mobile application. This document provides details about the app's requirements and project scope. A technical document would include the development process and technical aspects - testing, designing, developing, and deploying your application.


Android and iOS are the two primary platforms for mobile app development. An app can be made using either one or both of them. Depending on the platform you select, a business that develops apps for grocery stores will advise you on the finest technology. Hybrid app development is also an option if you want to create an application that runs on both platforms. You can construct an application that runs on both platforms using hybrid app architecture. Both of them function well and share the same code. Hybrid development is not permitted for complex applications because it may degrade the app's quality and user experience.

Test and Deployment

Any application needs to be tested. This allows you to identify flaws in your application, such as design or performance. App testing allows you to identify potential risks and help you manage them. This assures you that the application will function properly and can be done as soon as the developers have completed each module. This speeds up the development process. There are many types of testing.

  • Performance
  • Security testing
  • Automation testing
  • Testing embedded
  • Mobile applications
  • Acceptance
  • Integration testing
  • Usability
  • App Design (UI/UX)

For the construction of a grocery app, you will need to engage qualified developers, testers, and project managers. Following the exchange of your requirements, brainstorming starts. The usability and desired outcome of the app are decided upon in collaboration between the design and development teams. They start to define the app design based on usability and user interaction once they have finished conducting extensive competitor research and brainstorming. The most challenging issue in the app development process—the user experience—would then be resolved. It should be simple to use the app UI.

The Application will Include Features like

The app's functionalities are a crucial component of the entire procedure. This makes you stand out from the competition and facilitates user interaction with your software. Utilizing every feature will also enhance the user experience. This will enable you to produce a ton of data that you can utilize to develop new features and marketing techniques, as well as enhance the overall functionality of the product.

The grocery app development industry involves more than just creating a customer-facing app. You would have to develop four applications for this. Customers (buyers), vendors (providers), delivery personnel, admin (you), and administrators would be the app's four stakeholders. Let's start with the client app.

Application by the Customer

The client app is straightforward. Users could place orders, track them, pay for them, examine their purchase histories, and get in touch with customer care if they have any questions using this app. These are the fundamental elements that your customer app has to have. We'll talk about add-ons in this blog's second section. While adding more features will increase the cost of development, they are well worth it because they enhance the client experience and provide information that can be used to expand your company.


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Customer App Features

Sign up/ Sign-in

Today's applications use social logins. Apart from your email ID and phone number, you can allow users to register for the app via Facebook, Google, Twitter, or Apple Id.

Choose Supermarket

Allowing clients to examine a list of retailers from which they can purchase the goods they want would be fantastic. Consider including reputable neighborhood and hyperlocal businesses. The app has to provide a location-based search function. However, a competent developer of grocery delivery apps would be fine making one.

Search and Filter

The app can be enhanced with filters that allow users to quickly search for products based on price, brand, size, and quantity.

Shopping Cart

Cart development can be a difficult task. It must show all selected products and need to retrieve the relevant information in real-time to inform users about availability. You can view the products that you have added to your cart and then click on the button to make payments, remove an item from the cart, or modify the quantity.


People will look at different payment options and choose the one that is most convenient for them. Users can choose from many payment options, including credit/debit cards, e-wallets, and UPI.

App Wallet

An in-app wallet can be added to the app. The app wallet can display credit points and the refunded amount on returns.

Cancel and Return

If you are not happy with your order, you can cancel it and return it. A refund policy should be in place.

Order Delivery

A scheduled delivery option is necessary given our busy lives. Users can plan delivery so they can pick the most convenient time to receive their orders and deliveries and have them delivered to their preferred location.

Track Order Delivery

Your users can track their orders in real-time. Notify your customers when the order status changes; this will help you to make your customer experience better in the long term.

Delivery Order History

Your users can view their order history and filter it by year, date, and so on. After they have selected a specific order, redirect them to the order summary page for more details.

Rate and Review

People love to give feedback. You can also rate and review vendors and delivery partners to get a better idea of their performance. You can see if the reviews are negative about a delivery service or vendor and what the problems are. Try to work it out with them.


They can add products to their wishlist and get notified when they become available.

Push Notifications

You can send alerts regarding orders, promotions, and exclusive offers via simple push notifications.

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Coupons, Offers, and Referrals

By providing alluring promotions via your application, you can draw visitors to your website. Offer incentives, a referral program, and money-saving coupons to boost application conversion.

Application for Admin

Since administrators have a lot of responsibilities at multiple levels of business operations, administrator applications are frequently web-based. You may get information, manage your inventory and supply chain, and add or remove delivery partners and vendors using the admin panel for the grocery delivery software.

Administration Features

Management of Orders

Using the order management feature, administrators may see orders and alert stores. Additionally, you may check the status of orders and view your profit margins.

Inventory Management

Monitoring every item in the business and controlling the inventory is essential. When creating a food delivery app, you might also take enterprise application development into account. You could oversee your store's operations and get database information by doing this. The information might then be displayed via a mobile app.

Plan Discounts and Promotions

Promo codes and discounts are an essential part of any app. This feature allows you to offer promotional offers.

Analytics and Reports

You can use analytics to get essential and useful insight to establish strategies to boost sales, enhance user experience, and develop effective marketing campaigns. It is possible to construct an admin panel with a monitoring feature that enables users to keep track of how campaigns are doing and how they are gaining traction in the market.

Application for Delivery Partner

The delivery guys can use the application to be delivery partners. They can update the status of their package or order in real time, find a delivery address, get support, and connect with customers for additional directions.

Features of the Delivery Partner Application

Register Now and Log In

Delivery professionals can sign up for your brand just like using apps. You can also choose to share your documents to send and receive them.


Your delivery partners will be able to see the orders they have finished and those that are still outstanding, as well as the delivery dates that have been set. Additionally, it would enable them to view their ranking and earnings.

Status of Delivery

The delivery status may be updated by your delivery partner. Push notifications on the user's application would show this.

Send an Order

Within the delivery app, create a push notification service. Your drivers will be able to see any outstanding or recently submitted requests as well as any modifications to the planned delivery time. Requests can be approved or denied.

Map Integration

Any app development for food or grocery delivery must include a strong map integration. It allows delivery partners to find the correct location and deliver their orders.

Optimization of Routes

Development of grocery delivery apps that include route optimization. This feature recommends the fastest or shortest route to the delivery person's place.

Chat and Call Feature

Establish a seamless communication channel between the delivery partner, the user, or the company. This will allow them to get assistance when they are on the job.


Your delivery personnel can receive online payments from users. You can also add a dashboard to the app that allows users to view their daily, monthly, and yearly earnings.

Vendor Application

Your grocery orders are filled by vendors. To receive an order request and perform all activities, including updating the order status or interacting with the delivery partner, the user, or any other facet of the entire process, a vendor application is necessary.

Vendor Panel Application Features

Management of Items

Vendors will be able to manage their inventory using your on-demand grocery delivery app. Tools like store product listings, prices, and minimum order quantities are available to add. The item will subsequently be offered for sale.

Management of Orders

Allowing delivery partners or business owners to manage orders, amend order statuses, examine new/pending requests, and perform other tasks can promote transparency in operations.

Order Alerts

Push notification service that sends alerts in real-time to the person who has received a new order.

Keep Track of Payments

You can see account details, successful transactions, and pending payments.

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Customer Support

Instacart customers service allows you to Chat, email, and phone vendors. This allows them to raise any issues regarding the order or store-related activities.

Add Products

Store owners can manage their products through an app interface. This allows them to add and remove products from the inventory.

Reject Order

Store owners can only accept orders if a product is in stock or available.

Additional Crucial Elements that Affect the Price of Food Delivery Software

The top grocery delivery app is Instacart. However, a complex backend that took months to create for high-end software lies behind the user-friendly front end. To compete with a typical grocery delivery service, you would need to go above and beyond its budget. These are a few crucial elements that will aid in your estimation of the price of creating a grocery delivery app.

App Complexity

The more ambitious your project, the more features, and functionalities you will include. Additionally, they won't be generic. A brand-new technology that could help you improve your application is released onto the market every day. Your application can get more sophisticated as a result of this. If you are considering such a feature, consult the tech professionals. They can aid in your comprehension of the cost, complexity, and duration of the construction process.

Integration Points

Many third-party APIs are available that can enhance the functionality of your app. This saves developers a lot of time and helps them to be more productive.

Smartphone Hardware Features

Apps can make use of the hardware features such as voice assistant, GPS, and NFC. Other technologies that are packed into smartphones and tablets can be used to enhance user experience.

Technology Used

Budget is a major factor in the technology used to develop the app. It all depends on your skillset as well as the budget for the app development.

These are Some of the Most Popular:

  • Database: Mailchimp, MongoDB, Postgres, HBase, Cassandra
  • Payments: PayPal, eWallets. Braintree. Stripe
  • Cloud: AWS, Google, Azure
  • Push Notification

Your development time can lead to an increase in your development costs. The development time has a significant impact on the development cost. Software builders typically work on an hourly basis. The development cost will increase the longer they spend. Below is a breakdown of how long it takes to develop a grocery app.

Country-specific differences in the hourly cost of developers, testers, project managers, and designers vary. The development costs in countries such as India and Asia are three times lower than those in the US or UK. The highest hourly rate is in the US. We are experienced and knowledgeable professionals, so we recommend that you go to India for development. You can also easily find a globally recognized grocery delivery app developer. Here's a breakdown of the per-hour cost of developers by country. For a smooth development process and quality assurance, your project will need testers, project managers, designers, and testers.

  • US (70-150 USD per hour).
  • Eastern Europe (from $30 to $100 an hour)
  • India ($10-40 per hour).

Hidden Charges

The cost of operating an on-demand grocery delivery service would rise beyond the initial development cost. Plan your budget for:


Your overall development costs will rise if you have to use multiple technologies for mobile app development. Open-source technologies are possible, but you should discuss the issues with your developer.

Maintenance Costs

Maintenance work begins after the application is deployed. Regular updates are required to keep the app current with security patches and new features. To maintain the app, keep the software developer engaged with your company. You can hire another company to manage and monitor your app if they charge too much. Average maintenance costs are between 15-18% of original development costs.

Price Comparison Features

Multiple stores could have the same products if they had a larger network of owners. Your users can compare prices and check delivery prices.

Support via Automated Chat

Google and Uber offer chat support via email or phone; they also have FAQs. This allows them to reduce their operational costs. AI technology can be used to create an application chatbot and offer real-time support for app users.

Login to Social Media

You can improve your users' experience by making it easier for them to sign up and log in. You can allow them to sign up using their Apple ID, Facebook, or Google accounts.

AI and ML

AI and ML allow you to learn more about your users' buying habits and offer them personalized offers. This will increase your ROI and allow you to retain users longer.

Reminder for Monthly Shopping Lists

People shop for their home necessities once a month. Allowing your users to create a shopping list and reminding them to check it out can make their shopping experience ten times better.


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Wrapping Up

Grocery delivery app builder will be a rage for quite some time. There is no better time to start a grocery delivery company. Covid has enabled people to order their daily necessities online. You can take advantage of this opportunity to create new grocery delivery apps.

Instacart can be a great app. You don't have to copy the whole app. Instead, create something that is unique and would attract more people to your brand. You will be successful if you focus on convenience and the user experience.

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