How to Build a Successful On-Demand Delivery App?

By Tracy Shelton

Currently, there is a huge demand for on-demand delivery services due to the ongoing situation of the pandemic. Other than the COVID-19, its multiple waves, and the fear that surrounds, it is the convenience of getting things delivered right at the doorsteps that encourage most users to request for delivery of various products and services at their homes and offices. On-demand delivery services providers such as Uber, Lyft, Swiggy, and others have seen almost double the growth in their overall income during this pandemic.

These apps make it possible to order and get many things, such as clothes, food, stationary, fashion accessories, footwear, grocery, and more in the comforts and safety of their home without having to step out. The increasing demand for on-demand delivery services has resulted in a tremendous boom for in the demand for on-demand delivery app development as well. Quite notably, people tend to buy more when they use these apps compared to the ecommerce websites.

If you are still not sure whether an on-demand delivery app is apt for your business or not, please continue reading to learn more about these apps and how your business can benefit from such apps. Let’s begin with understanding the “on-demand” apps.

On-Demand Delivery App – an Introduction

In today's digital era, we all have access to information anytime anywhere, thanks to the tiny smart devices in our hands round the clock. There is a huge possibility that if you have a smartphone with internet connection today, you are using an at least one on-demand delivery app. We use these apps for shopping, air ticket booking, train ticket booking, hotel booking, ordering food, sharing a ride, placing orders for our monthly groceries, and several other purposes. 

On-demand delivery apps let you order any product or service you might need. It is as simple as anything. All you need to do is have the app on your device, tap it, choose the products/services you wish to order, and place your order. Each of these app has two sides – one for the app users (i.e. customers like us) and the other is for the app owners and businesses that sell and offer the various products and services on demand. Hence, if you are a customer, all you need to do is download the app from the app store or play store. However, for businesses willing to offer on-demand product and/or service delivery, they will need to hire a delivery application development company to do the needful.

Do you know what all benefits can your business derive from an on-demand delivery app? Let’s check them out!

On-Demand Delivery Apps – the Benefits

Cost control: You can reduce your operational costs drastically with the help of these apps as they come equipped with the latest technologies with minimum or no human intervention required to process the orders. Furthermore, these apps act as a great tool for marketing, which means you can save your money on marketing and business promotion as well. 

Easy process: The app for on-demand delivery is a boon for both the merchants and the customers. While customers can place the order easily when needed, the sellers can easily fulfil the order by reducing various processes that are otherwise involved in the process – from receiving orders, processing, and delivering them.

More opportunities for business: These apps have opened up countless opportunities for businesses to boost their revenues and generate more income. The need and relevance of these apps has increased even more in the current pandemic situation when everyone wants to avoid the crowded stores and markets. In fact, a lot of new on-demand apps have emerged in the past two years only because of the high demand resulting from the current scenario. Furthermore, people can save more by shopping for the goods and services through these apps while ensuring the merchants also have a great ROI.

Types of On-Demand Delivery Apps

Package delivery services such as Uber are not unknown to most of us. Right? However, the on-demand delivery apps are not just about these apps, there are countless other apps and many are still adding. In the subsequent section, we will quickly discuss the different types of on-demand delivery apps.

B2B apps - B2B or Business to Business are the delivery apps that help businesses connect with each other via the on-demand service of a customer-facing-app. Demands and expectations are increasing and businesses now purchase decisions based on the experience they have from different vendors.The B2B delivery apps help one business cater to the goods/services needs or another business and so on.

B2C apps – B2C or Business to Consumer apps for on-demand delivery make it possible for businesses to deliver goods and/or services to the customers when they need it i.e. “on demand”. These apps may include the ones from a particular provider such as a car service center or a restaurant in your locality for selling their own products and services. These may also include the countless apps that provide a common platform to multiple vendors to connect with their customers and vice-versa such as UberEats, Zomato, Swiggy, and others.

On-demand delivery apps drastically reduce the costs of these companies and can include an in-built, huge customer base via partnering with popular brands. Consumer business market will most likely continue to rise at a remarkable 8.2 percent rate.The B2C app market is expanding at a rapid rate across with the pandemic propelling this growth.

P2P apps – P2P or Person to person apps are highly sought-after in the on-demand delivery market. These allow individuals to make transactions through a convenient platform. The apps provide a sense of security in person to person transactions.

How Much Does Delivery App Development Cost?

Well, there is no fixed cost as such when it comes to creating on-demand delivery apps. In fact, the cost depends on many factors such as the number and complexity of features and functionalities, platforms where you want to launch & deploy the app, additional services integration such as design solutions, market research, etc.

If you are still looking for a cost estimate to build a medicine delivery app or any other on-demand delivery app, let me tell you it should fall somewhere between $70 and $150 plus or minus. Here, it is important to note that a detailed cost estimation requires detailed project information. Hence, you will need to contact an on demand delivery app development company to help you conclude the final cost.

Various On-Demand Delivery Apps – By Sector

On-demand delivery apps don’t just help customers get their desired products and/or services when needed, they also add to a rich customer experience by providing immense convenience and value. Modern customers are more demanding and they are in no way willing to settle for poor shopping experience whether you talk about buying offline or online. With on-demand delivery apps you can also improve your customer experience like countless other businesses are already doing. Let’s quickly discuss the various industries and businesses that are already leveraging from on-demand delivery apps.

Goods/productsdelivery apps: When it comes to calculating the revenues, goods delivery on-demand apps turn out to be the winners. These apps help generate greater revenues and focus on rich customer experience and speed. Some of the top and most popular on-demand goods delivery apps have been able to generate billions of dollars in revenues every year.

Healthcare apps: On-demand service delivery startups in healthcare are now becoming more common. Telemedicine is making it possible for doctors to see their patients living miles away in the remote areas as well. Now patients and their families can consult the best of the best doctors in posh cities and towns right from the comforts of their home without even visiting their healthcare facilities. How? With these healthcare apps! These apps support video calling, chatting, and voice calling aside from other useful features and functionalities.

Medicine deliveryand pharmacy apps: While earlier it was impossible to think of the required medicines to be delivered at your home, with medicine delivery and pharmacy apps it is now very much possible and real. There are many popular apps in this segment such as NetMeds, 1mg, and several others.

On-demand professional services apps: You could be a beautician, a fitness trainer, a babysitter, a dog walker, a chef, a writer, a website developer, or a professional from any other domain. With on-demand professional services, now you can make your services available to customers when they need it. These apps make it possible for customers to connect with the expert professionals in different domains. These apps work well for personal services.

Logistical on-demand delivery apps: The demand for logistical on-demand delivery apps is on a rapid rise. One such app that deserves a special mention in this regard is Uber Freight which is a long-haul and on-demand delivery service application.

Taxi/Cab services apps: One of the most used, well-known, and popular types of on-demand apps, taxi and cab service apps are increasing at a commendable pace. The examples are many such as Uber, Lyft, among others. These apps have made taxi booking so immensely easy, quick, hassle-free, and safe for all. You just need to download the app on your phone, registered using your phone number, and there you go! Book the cab when you need it and enjoy a happy and relaxed journey.

Social media apps: Socializing was never this easy before the arrival of social media apps, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. You can hire a social media app builder to turn your social media app vision into a pleasant reality.

Music streaming apps: On-demand music is a pure delight for the music lovers across the globe. With on demand music streaming apps, such as Spotify, Gaana, and others, it is now possible to stream the music that suits your mood and occasion in just a few taps. Music streaming app development is another great segment in the on-demand delivery apps category.

How to Create an On-Demand Delivery App?

Whether you wish to create a fitness app or a music streaming app, you can do it yourself now without even coding. An on-demand delivery app can bring about huge difference to your business and help you generate greater revenues. So, are you ready to create one such app for your business? This is when an app builder can be helpful for you.

No more do you need to learn coding or the art of UI design just to build an app.With social media app builder and other on-demand delivery apps such as music streaming app builders, it is now possible to create an app without much effort. However, this may take a lot of time in learning the process and, therefore, it is best to give the task to the professional app builders. The professional on-delivery apps, such as social media app builder, can help you get the desired app in minimum time and lowest budget. But, remember, apps built using app builder cannot be scaled easily if needed.

Another way to get your on-demand app is to hire a freelancer with enough knowledge and experience in building on-demand delivery apps. While you will find this option quite cheaper, there is one issue with it. You may have to struggle hard to manage the freelance resources. Also, screening and hiring the right freelancer for your project may turn out to be a task tougher than you think. This is a great option if you are trying to keep your budget low.

If both the above options don’t look nice enough and full of stress & hassle, then there is another excellent option that most businesses opt for. The option is that of hiring an on-demand delivery app outsourcing company. These companies can help you build your on-demand delivery app within the budget and timeline that suit you.

When you hire an outsourcing company to build your app, you get a dedicated team of expert and experienced app developers, UI designers, UX developers, testers, and QA experts to ensure your app is built exactly to your precise requirements and looks & feels exactly as you had envisioned. Such a company will appoint a project manager and coordinator to ensure you are always updated about the latest developments on your project. This way you get the best quality app developed by the experts with extensive experience without having to hire full-time resources in your office – all at a fraction of the cost you would have to incur if you hire such a big team in-house. The outsourcing company will help you easily scale the app when needed.

It All Begins with an Idea!

You have a great app idea and you have that gut feeling that your potential customers and app users are going to love it as much as you do. Now the wait is only to convert your dream on-demand app into a pleasant reality. Isn’t it?

But, wait! Do you know most app ideas appear unique and amazing to the app owners whereas the users may not think likewise? Do you know apps developed without proper market research have an immense potential of failing?

What to do then?

To ensure that your app lives up to your expectations, you must validate your app idea first of all. You need to research the market and carry out a thorough research to understand whether the idea is worthy of an investment or not. Also, the research will help you understand what exactly will meet the needs of your targeted audiences and potential market. This will help you save a lot of time and money that you may have to spend if the app does not achieve desired success later on. Idea validation, therefore, should be your first step towards ensuring whether the idea is viable or not. Here are a few steps that you must follow to ensure you are on the right track towards on demand delivery app development.

What do your targeted audiences need?

All set to start your on-demand app development project? Make sure your app addresses the pain points and meets the expectations of your targeted users. If it doesn’t, maybe you are on the verge of building an app that is doomed to fail by all means. For this, you can conduct a market survey, request users’ input on social media, forums, etc.

What are your competitors doing?

Don’t miss the action going on in your competitors’ camps. Knowing what your competitors are doing can help you better strategize and decide whether your app idea is really worth it or not. If you are creating an app only for Android users or iOS users, remember both platforms are important and you never know which of these is best for your business. So, ask the experts!

Go for MVP development instead of a fully-fledged app!

MVP or Minimum Viable Product refers to an app that is developed and launched with limited functionalities and features. You may track the response from your audiences and collect users’ feedback. Launching the MVP will help you test the app among real users in real-time. MVP investment is a wise decision as it can save you from a huge potential loss in case the app idea does not work. And, if it works, you have all the options ready to upgrade the app to a fully-fledged, feature rich one.

What are the Features of the On-Demand Delivery App?

Some of the common features in most on-demand delivery apps are discussed below for your quick reference. We are referring to the features of a taxi app below but most features are common across all on-demand delivery apps, so you can relate them to your business as well.

Features of customer app

  • Registration or login
  • Real-time tracking through GPS
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Reviews & Ratings
  • Push notifications

Features of driver app

  • Accept & reject request
  • Service details
  • Optional Availability
  • Earning tracker

Features of admin app

  • Efficient user-management
  • Manual/automatic algorithm
  • Manage ledgerof driver
  • Real-time analytics

Who Should I Hire to Create a Fitness App or Any Other On-Demand Delivery App?

If you are a fitness trainer and want to offer your professional services to your customers online, you can benefit immensely by the on-demand delivery app. All you need to do is hire the best team of app developers with rich experience in the domain. As we discussed above, you have many options for this such as hiring a freelancer, hiring in-house team, hiring an outsourcing company, and using an app builder tool. Each has its own merits. You can analyze and choose what fits your needs and expectations the most.

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How to Generate Revenues from My App?

Building an app might be a journey full of enthusiasm for you and your team but what next? Will your app do the wonders you expect it to do just because it is a great app? No! It will not do anything on its own. You will need to find ways to monetize it.

  • To monetize, you need to introduce some unique features, discounts, and deals people will love. For example, if you own a restaurant, you can offer an additional item on a specific food order or on orders about a certain amount. You can also imply “free delivery” on orders above a certain range. This is an example of a food delivery app. But you can apply these offers to other goods delivery apps as well.
  • Another thing you need to do is tie up with as many merchants as possible, so your app users have more buying options when they use your app. If you want to earn more from your app, maybe you can keep the prices subtly higher during peak hours and lower throughout the day.
  • Remember, you can also increase or decrease the prices if the demand has reached maximum or minimum limit you can serve to your customers at a time.
  • In-app paid features can help you earn more while providing your customers with an opportunity to avail additional benefits.
  • In-app ads are a great way to earn more without inflicting additional costs on your customers and most of the time customers don’t even mind these apps.

So, are you ready to have your on-demand delivery app? Contact the experts to discuss your app idea!

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