How to Choose the Best Mobile App Development Company to Create Grocery Delivery Mobile Apps?

By Ruchir C.

Technological advantages brought us a device called mobile which we all love. It was used and still used as a mode of quick and easy communication. However, its benefits are no longer limited to communication only. These mobiles are now used to earn profit. Mobile phones are a great source of generating revenue for many businesses. Mobile applications are adding billions of dollars of revenue from the global market.

Many businesses are keen on using robust Software Builder to develop user-friendly mobile applications that can be leveraged to earn more profit by offering comfort and convenience to the users in performing their daily tasks like shopping for groceries. The use of Grocery Delivery Software has increased in the world. However, mere developing Grocery Delivery Software through Grocery Delivery App Builder is not enough. Your app must meet users' expectations and needs.

Build a food delivery app or any app for that matter is not just about designing an app and uploading it on the platform. So when you decide to install a Grocery Delivery App Builder or hire a development team, check the capacity or the services it can offer. If you wish to develop an app at a cost-effective rate you must approach an app development company that is charging you resonantly and that can help you build an app from which you can earn. Don't make any hasty decisions while choosing an app development company. Spend enough time in researching the market, think about the application, the target audience, features, etc. Shortlist a few companies and choose the best from them after a thorough evaluation.

Here is a list of factors that a business must consider while hiring a company to build a Grocery Delivery Software:

  1. Experience and competence

Decision-makers of the business must associate with a company that has prior experience in developing grocery delivery software and has used Grocery App Builder. The app development company must be able to develop apps for specific platforms or must be able to use specific techniques that can offer better quality and experience to the users. Also when you are associated with an experienced app development company it means that the company has faced and solved multiple issues related to the app development process successfully. This factors your business and the stakeholders that they have associated with a perfect team that is able and can deal with all the complicated problems and come up with the best possible solution.

  1. Better ROI

If you wish your business and application to stand out in the market and build a distinct and respectful position among the competitors you must offer your customers or the application uses more than just software. You must enjoy a positive return on investment through your grocery delivery software.

A perfect app development team will outline a plan to capitalize on the delivery application or a restaurant app builder by developing it in the right way and deploying it on the right platform. An app development company must focus on flexibility, visibility, and utility.

  1. Portfolio

If you have shortlisted all the experienced companies to associate with, these companies or teams must have a robust work portfolio. Ask the company to share their past projects which are presently active on the internet. These projects will help you understand the kind of work they have done. You can ask directly to the company representative for the links to the apps developed by their team. In case any of the shortlisted companies refuse to do so, you better not go with them.

  1. Coding Standards

There are many platforms that can be used to develop an application based on the target users, objective behind the development, target market, available resources, bus get, etc. However, no matter which platform you choose, the company you are partnering with should be an expert in it. Be it any platform like iOS or Android or Blackberry, or hybrid, the company must have a reliable and capable team to meet your demands and produce the right product.

Also, make sure that the app development company you are partnering with utilizes the app possible development or programming framework. The team must not forget that the development codes belong to your business as they are developing the grocery App Builder to build an app for your business and you have paid for it.

In case you want a guarantee on the ownership of the application and the development codes, you can ask the company to sign an agreement stating the same.

  1. Client Feedback

A service is said to be pleasant not just when the said work is done successfully but also when the report built is positive. Try to find out the report your shortlisted company has with its previous or present clients. A company that believes in making healthy relations with clients and others is the one for you. If possible connect with the present and past clients of the company and try to find out what they have to say about this particular app development team.

  1. Easy and hassle-free communication

If the company you are partnering with is located in a different title zone, then it could become an extra task for you and the company to touch and communicate regularly. Hence, choose a company that has a robust communication system and that holds transparent communication as one of the business values. It is important that the business gets to share updates with the developers and even developers get to update the business about the app progress and doubts if any. Uninterrupted communication is crucial to maintain the quality of the app and ensure that it is getting developed just as expected by the business. Hence, before you go ahead and sign any deal with the app development company, find out how often you can communicate with her team, which medium can be used, etc. Grocery Delivery Software development is a complicated process and hence, it is crucial to maintain transparent communication between the parties involved.

  1. Platform

While finalizing the app development team and the type of Grocery App Builder you want to use, make sure you know the platform on which you want your application to run. Across the world, IOS and Android are the two platforms that are widely used. You can either choose any one of them or go for a hybrid application development that can run on both platforms offering you serve an even wider customer base. You need to decide on the platform before you choose the company. Associate with a company that has experience in building cross-platform applications. 

  1. UX Capacity

With better user experience comes better user involvement and faster application development. Make sure that the app development company offers you the best UX designers. The team of designers must adapt to a client-centric approach.

  1. Data Security

In the online and digital world, the safety and security of the data and the transaction is a huge concern that has to be taken care of. Security-related issues like insecure storage, unsafe deployment, data leaks, violation of privacy policies, etc can negatively affect the performance and lifespan of your grocery delivery software.

Hence, make sure the development company builds a secure code. There are many companies that promise to build a secure mobile application, but you need to make sure that they deliver what they claim. It is important to build an app that takes care of the data shared through the application. Such applications are more reliable to users. In order to offer reliable security to the users, it is important that the app makes users go through multiple security layers in order to validate the identity. This will save users and data from unwanted security threats like malware, cyber attacks, insufficient cryptography, etc.

  1. Service Package

App development companies work in different ways. Some app companies offer services and solutions in packages while some offer individual services. In case the company is offering individual service, your business can choose the required features and facilities as per the needs. In the case of service packages, you get to enjoy all the services within one cost. Depending upon themselves that are offered within the packages and separately and their prices, you can make the decision. Plus, make sure you don't overspend unnecessarily just because you are getting all the services in one package. Choose only those services that are required. The cost of development must be pocket friendly.

  1. App Testing Method

You do not want to build a faulty application and launch it in the market without correcting the errors. An application that offers interrupted services due to bugs, broken features, crash, etc is hardly going to sustain in the market. Hence, it is important to have a well-planned testing strategy and it needs to be implemented by the testing team of the company. A smooth working app will stand the test of time.

  1. Project Timeline

While everything else in the app development process is taking place just as per the expectation and planning, it is also important that all this is done within the given or decided timeline. Deadlines are important and must be met.

Apart from the above stages, there are two last stages that are important in the complete app development cycle:

App Submission

Once the app development is using either restaurant app builder or grocery Software Builder, and the testing is completed successfully (Drawbacks if any in the app or bugs, errors, etc are corrected), then it is time to launch the app on the decided platforms (depending upon the development of the app). Then you submit the app to the app store, the store approves the application. Just the store guidelines before submitting the app.

It’s a long process that includes many steps and only an experienced and expert app development team can comply with this procedure.

  1. NDA Agreement

Last but not least is signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). It is a legal document that offers security to both parties.

What are the functions of Grocery Delivery Software?

It is easy to operate a user friendly Grocery Delivery Software. Such apps usually come with smooth functionalities. The app lets you shop for all types of grocery products and offer the comfort of using specific filters to make the searching and shopping experience smoother and specific. Once the user is done searching the items he can add them to the cart and proceed to make the final check out and purchase the items after making payment online or by paying on delivery. These are the steps :

Signing up for the app by filling in all the required details.

Log in to the app with the help of a phone number or an email ID or by entering the OTP.

Search for the needed items using different filters or simply by typing the name of the item or category of the item in the search box.

Select the desired products and add them to the cart.

Enter the address where you wish to deliver or receive the items.

Confirm the order by choosing the payment option and making the payment.

Once the payment is done, the admin of the application receives details of the order.

These details are passed on to the grocery outlet.

The store manager accepts or rejects the order or items depending upon the availability.

The response is forwarded to the consumer via notifications.

Order is generated by the store manager.

The store manager then updates the admin that the courier service is allocated.

Customers can track the order in real-time.

Once the order is delivered, the admin and the store will be informed.

Let us now go a step ahead and know about the different kinds of grocery delivery software or apps.

There is no doubt that the online delivery market is growing at a good speed and the market leveraged by many players by offering delivery services at competitive rates. There are many market players and hence if you wish to succeed, you better be clear about the type of application you want to develop, services and functions you want to offer, etc.

The entire resources of your business including the capital investment and operations will depend on the kind of app you develop. If you wish to build Grocery Delivery software for mobile use, then the following options can be helpful. There are two types of grocery delivery software or apps:

Aggregator Grocery Delivery Software

If the business wishes to build a grocery delivery software based on the aggregator app model, the business has to associate with local grocery shops. This type of grocery delivery application is comfortable for those businesses who own a physical grocery store or stores or who can easily collaborate with other local stores. In the aggregator model, the app offers a list of collaborated grocery stores available near to the customer and the user can make a purchase from any of the given stores. Here, the app simply works as a mediator between the store and the customer and all the responsibilities related to the delivery and payment are to be taken care of by the shopper.

Dedicated Grocery Delivery Apps

This is another type of grocery delivery software. In this app you will get all the features similar to the aggregator model, however here, the business has to complete the whole procedure. In simple words, various grocery stores will sign up for the application and commence selling the products. The business will have to take care of the delivery and payment. The core task of the application would be to allow customers to place orders and let stores accept and facilitate the order. Here, the delivery app has to be more responsible.

Here are a few features that must be included while developing a robust grocery delivery software:

When it comes to the development of grocery delivery applications, these are the three main entities:

  • Customers,
  • Store Owner,
  • Admin.

Customers Panel

Below are the features one must add to the customer panel:

Registration: Registration of the users must be smooth and easy. Customers must be allowed to log in easily by mentioning basic details such as an address, email, name, contact details, etc.

Browse Products: App users or consumers should be able to search for different items from a range of products available for sale in the app.

Advanced Search: The app must allow users to use multiple filters to make searches more specific and product-oriented. This leads to an easier and smoother shopping experience.

Apart from these features, an app must offer features like:

Secure payment mode that accepts different types of online payment options like wallet payment, net banking, Paypal, etc.

Customers should be allowed to select the address, date and time of delivery, especially if the delivery is for the future. Real-time order tracking is also mandatory. Updating delivery and personal details like name, address, email, etc. should be possible.

Last but not least, customers must have a facility of raising complaints, contacting the delivery partner, store and application. The customers must be allowed to give their feedback.

Store Owner Panel

Following features should be made available on the store owner panel.

Shop Locator:

Store owners should be able to update their address and contact details in the app. Changing the location of the store and sharing the new location with the customer must be possible. This way, customers would be able to search the store location and choose the one that is near to the house.

Store Pickup:

In case the customer wishes to place the order online and pick it up from the shop personally rather than waiting for the delivery to come.

Live Tracking:

Just like the customers of the app, store owners should be allowed to monitor the real-time progress of the delivery service.


Just like there have to be some important features that must be added to the customer and store owner's panel, there is a list of features that must be made available to the admin too.

Here is the list:

Store Management and Coordination: This feature allows the admin to manage the stores from one place. Admin can communicate and coordinate with the store managers in real-time to keep the application working smoothly.

Management of the product list: Admin has a high ability to manage the list of items and set prices based on the policies, standards, distance and store's demands.

Admin must also be able to track the order, manage the customers, check and reply to the feedback, send notifications to the involved parties, connect with stores, customers and delivery partners, etc. Managing payments is an important part of an admin's job.

Apart from the above-mentioned features, here is a list of a few advanced features that need to be added to the application for a better experience:

Push Notifications

These alert messages that you receive when you are not active on the app. These messages are used to share personalized content.

Behaviour Tracking

Tracking customer buying history, patterns and behaviour to offer a better user experience.

Real-time Analytics

Analysing data as soon as it is available to keep track of the activities, detecting fraudulent behaviour, boosting conversion rate, etc.

Loyalty Programs

Keep your customers engaged consistently.

In-App Calling feature to allow customers and stores to call the delivery partner.

The in-App chatting feature is an in-app chatting facility available to both stores and customers to chat with the delivery partner.

Phone Number Masking feature to let customers call the delivery partner without disclosing the phone number.

In-App Navigation feature to locate the address of delivery within the app through Google maps.

Reviews & Rating feature for understanding the customers’ feedback.

Re-Ordering feature to allow customers to order the same items from the same store again.

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Apart from the above mentioned advanced features, businesses must build a food delivery app using the following features too:

  • CRM Integration
  • ERP Integration
  • As your business grows larger, it becomes hard to Business Intelligence
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Visual Search
  • Voice Assistance
  • Recommendations
  • PWA, etc.

Building a robust, user friendly, and sustainable grocery delivery software would help businesses to earn positive ROI and goodwill in the market.

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