How To Create An App that is More Popular than Yelp

By Ruchir C.

In the past few years, the world has seen a rise in the popularity of apps. From Tinder to Instagram and from Snapchat to Pokemon Go, apps have become a way for us to connect with our friends and family, as well as share what we love about our lives with others. Today there are many different apps that are successfully competing for our time and attention. One such app is Yelp.

But where does Yelp stand in comparison to other popular apps? What makes Yelp so popular? And why should you launch an app like Yelp if you haven’t yet? Read on to learn how to create an app that will succeed financially and attract users by using one of these tips.

What is Yelp?

Yelp is a website and mobile app that enables users to find, review, and share local business listings. Yelp was founded in 2004 by Jeremy Stoppelman and Russel Simmons. The site has since then grown into one of the most popular apps in the world as it allows users to write reviews of businesses in their area.

Why did Yelp become popular?

This is a difficult question to answer. In fact, there are many reasons that could help you understand why Yelp has become so popular. Some of the more common reasons include:

If you are looking for a place to eat, Yelp will provide you with information on restaurants near you.

If you are looking for a business in your area, Yelp provides helpful reviews and ratings.

You can easily search for nearby events on Yelp.

If you are looking for a specific type of business or product, Yelp can help you find it in your area.

How can you create an app like Yelp without the traction that Yelp has?

One of the main reasons why Yelp is so popular is because it has a well-established brand. The company has been around for years and it has established itself as one of the go-to apps for local business reviews. If you don’t have a similar brand to establish, there are still ways that you can incentivize people to use your app. One way to make people want to use your app more than other apps is to give them an exclusive experience. This could be by offering exclusive content or rewards that they won’t find anywhere else.

Another way is through gamification. This can be done by giving users badges or achievements that they can only get through using your app, which will increase their motivation to use your app over others.

Another way is by having high-quality content in your app. Content should be interesting and relevant for users when they open up your app and should provide value for the time that they spend on your app. It should also be helpful with regards to educating them about something specific like a recipe or how-to guide on common problems.

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Before you start to wonder how to create an app like Yelp, you should know what goes into creating one.

Understanding the ins and outs of how Yelp became so popular can help you create an app that is not only more successful but also more profitable. With the right tools, it is possible to create an app that has the same, if not greater, reach as Yelp.

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