How to Make Your Own Music App Like Spotify in 2021

By Ruchir C.

Mobile applications are the present and future. Music and video streaming applications along with delivery and shopping apps have captured the market. Spotify is one such application that has successfully turned free music into a profit worth $10 billion.

Around 140 million users across the globe are enjoying Spotify, and over 50 million users among these are paid subscribers. Do you wish to Build music app online? Then you can read this article and understand all the basics of undertaking Music Streaming App Development and leveraging it to earn money.

What makes video streaming Software or Music App Creator a profitable investment?

The use of music streaming apps is positively glowing in the market. People are relying more on these apps than traditional music services like FM already. The profit that these music streaming app development companies and the owners of music streaming apps earn is astonishing and the numbers are growing each year.

If we consider the US market, the consumption or the use of music streaming apps has increased by 95% 2016-17. If we look at the global market, Spotify boasts popularity and profit too.

Let us find out what makes this app so special!

Something about Spotify:

Spotify is an amazing music streaming application and a pioneer in many ways. Spotify made sure that we enjoy music seamlessly and continuously without having to download the songs to the computing devices and waste the device storage capacity. Isn't it amazing? This is also the best, safest and easiest way of listening to music comfortably and legally. Spotify serves the US, Europe and most of the Asian countries. It is well known in New Zealand and Australia too. So, we might not say that Spotify is popular across the world but it is definitely closer to that goal.

History of Spotify app

Spotify has an interesting history. The name of its founder is Martin Lorenzson and Daniel Ek. They met each other somewhere in 2005 in Sweden. They both were irritated with the fact that in spite of fast-paced IT development, downloading good content was still difficult. Here, they decided to undertake music streaming app development and build music app online. That was the moment when they started pondering over the development of a music streaming app. Then in 2008, in the month of October, the journey of Spotify actually began. Known Horizons Ventures funded this startup along with Wellington Partners. By 2010 September, Spotify already had over 10 million music tracks.

By the end of 2012, the application was serving over 20 million users. Within two years, this number doubled and reached 50 million people. You must be thinking that this is a great market to be in. And rightly so! Spotify being a Swedish company, started its journey in Scandinavia.

So are you interested in knowing how you can make an app like Spotify? Well, just like any other

A unique idea

Music has been a part of our life for centuries. And Spotify leveraged this century-long history and love for music in its favour. Spotify has changed the way we used to listen to music. It all started with the music on-demand need of the people.

Here are a few questions that you need to ask yourself if you want to develop an app like Spotify:

What will be the USP of your app?

What does your user need?

Which services will the target audience appreciate?

Also, find out what the available music streaming application is offering and what else can you add to it?

Spotify however does its best to avoid these kinds of drawbacks or flaws in the application. It respects users’ interest and comfort as these are the crucial factors of the development and sustainability of the application in the market. As a part of its customer satisfaction plan:

Spotify built a user-friendly app in 2009.

Spotify introduced a browser-based version of Spotify in 2012, to serve those people who are not able to install the application.

It improved the sound quality.

How does Spotify work?

Spotify has undertaken a robust Music Streaming App Development which has developed a product that is compatible with various modern devices and operating systems such as iOS, Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, etc. The application allows users to search for their favourite song, artist, album, labels, etc. It also allows users to build, modify and share the playlist with others.

One more thing. If you wish to use video streaming Software or a music app creator, you must also know the process that users follow. Because analysing these small things will help you build a user-friendly application and organize a seamless user flow.

How does the web-version of Spotify work?

A user has to register with Spotify via Gmail or Facebook.

The user has to choose the type of subscription at the beginning itself as apart from the free version of the service, there are two more plans.

A free account comes with many limitations.

Once the profile is created, the user can download the software to the computer.

This way, the user does not have to visit the website every now and then to listen to their favourite music.

Now let us see the features that Spotify offers to the users. You can copy these features or improve them and use them in your application. As said above, you need to offer something unique to your user base in order to stand out in the competition.

Here is the list of features offered by Spotify:

Search for music.

A search bar is ordered on both web-based and application version to allow users to search their favourite song using different filters.

Creating playlists.

Users can create a playlist, name it, and add favourite songs to it.


Spotify also lets you enjoy the good old days of radio. All you have to do is click on the radio button available on the page, choose the radio station and enjoy the music. Here, the extra advantage is that you can pause or rewind to the music. Ain't it cool?

Sharing music.

You are allowed to follow your choice of the artists you love or the kind of music you like and the application of the software will ensure you get to see more of what you like.

Recommendations as per the search.

When you start using Spotify, the program makes it's of your likings and music consumption behaviour and recommends the music accordingly.

How is Spotify monetizing the app?

Mere undertaking a Music Streaming App Development is not enough. The business must be able to earn from it. Spotify decided to go with a freemium model where users can enjoy free music streaming supported by ads which lead to compromised functionality and experience, or they can pay for the subscription and enjoy every function and feature of the app without any interruptions of the ads. Ince the paid subscription is availed every music available on the application can be enjoyed by the user.

As far as the payment is concerns, Spotify accepts payment in two ways:

The free version comes with advertising and has limited features and flexibility. There are many people who are okay with this arrangement.

Premium account on the other hand offers to enjoy their favourite music whenever and from wherever they want. Plus, there are extra advantages like:

No advertising, so that you can enjoy a seamless music streaming experience whenever you want.

Free first month to help you understand how the app works and if it can serve your purpose.

If you are a student, Spotify charges you less.

In free services, the app has seen from the advertising while in premium services it earns from the subscription money. Which of these is more profitable to the company? Spotify is relying on the paid subscriptions for his. A lot of money is coming from this source. And since the company is doing its best to prove to people that the paid subscriptions will offer them exclusive treatment and experience and this is what they deserve as customers.

So, if you are planning to build music app online, you should have the following features in your streaming application or browser-based version.

#1. Registration

As a new app to the market, if you wish to attract a wider customer base you must make sure that the seamless experience starts right from the beginning. The registration process has to be as simple as possible and without making customers jump from one page or step to another and make many clicks. This will annoy them.

#2. Profile creation

Every user must have his/her profile page having all the basic personal information such as name, date of birth, gender, musical preferences, etc. This data will help to keep track of users' activities and offer them customised services or discounts.

#3. Individual offers

As we talked about just above, using personal information and tracking and analysing the browsing history or patterns, you can offer users amazing musical novelties which will never fail to engage them. The "Discovery" feature of Spotify offers users a new playlist that has all the music compositions that match the user's preferences.

#4. Push Notifications

A great mobile application never fails to stay in connection with the users. Make sure your application offers features that help to stay in connection with users and keep them updated about discounts and other useful data. The motto is to remind users of the app, give tips, etc. In other words, advertise the services gently.

#5. A variety of music content

When users use music streaming software like Spotify they expect a certain type of comfort, access to the data. They wish to have unlimited music options if they are paying for the services. A variety of music content across the world must be made available to users. The user must have all the possibilities of building a versatile and vibrant playlist for himself.

#6. Tracks Search

It is a basic yet important feature that every video streaming Software or music streaming software must-have. Tracks search lets users find the preferred music without wasting time.

#7. Messages

Messaging within the app is another feature offered by Spotify which your music streaming application must also have. It lets users start a conversation with others through the app.

#8. Social resources integration

It is important that you let users use their existing profile or credentials available with popular social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, etc. to sign up for the app. Integration with popular social media platforms let users sign up or sign in easily without waiting for an OTP or other identity confirmation filters. Users can also share their activities on music streaming applications with others through social media platforms. This feature helps you to hit two targets in one dart: Users will not only be able to log in within a few seconds but they will share their favourite music and other activities on the app with others through social media, gaining more visibility for the app and making it more popular.

#9. Other fun features

The app never fails to fantasize about its users. Features like 'Following' makes applications a robust music community where users can know what is trending, who is listening to what, by following them. The 'Following' feature lets users participate in activities in the lives of people whom they follow in the app. As soon as the person performs any action on the app, such as adding a new track to the playlist the followers get the notification. This adds to the feeling of staying connected to the person you follow. It can be a celebrity or your friend. Using the feature named 'browse', you can also find the playlist that is made by other users.

Here are the factors that must be considered before using a video streaming app Builder or music app builder to build a music app online.

#1. Uniqueness comes first

It is important to come up with a unique idea. You must be able to offer something to the market that nobody has. Do not rush into any decision, consider every minute details of market growth, tendency, pain points, development factors, costing etc. before coming to any conclusion. Your app must attain those pain points and offer solutions to them. Your idea must also turn out to be a positive source of income.

#2. UI/UX

User Interface and User Experience plays an important role in improving the efficiency of the streaming application. Visually appealing applications are more slinky to be popular. Plus, Spotify offers it all without compromising the comfort and under friendliness.

An ideal user interface is:

  • User-friendly
  • Interactive
  • Iconic
  • Appealing and contemporary.

#3. Copyright & Legality

We all deserve to be known for the efforts we take and get proposed for our creativity, innovation and success. We all wish our service and excellence get paid rightfully and nobody or nothing should steal that appreciation from us. The same is application don't artists. Hence, when you decide to build a music app online, you should ensure that all the music content available on your app is legal. The revenue must be shared among the stakeholders in a fair amount. This might be a complicated task, and you will have to take care of many factors such as a rating of the music track, the nature of the country that owns the right, etc.

#4. Monetization

In case you are all buckled up to undertake Music Streaming App Development and earn from it, you need to find creative ways of earning from it. We have already mentioned two ways above: A free plan with ads and paid plan without ads. Find other ways of promoting the app and earning from it. Your efforts should build positive ROI.

#5. Advertising method

Let us see what Spotify did before launching its product in the US market. It warmed the US market and generated lots of curiosity about the upcoming product. They did with the US market exactly what they did to the European market such as sanitation among active people of the society, hiring opinion leaders, spreading enthusiastic reviews, etc. However, Spotify was not sure if these tricks or strategies would be enough for the US market. Hence, it decided to go a step ahead, it even developed a special website to promote the product for the US market. It also collaborated with big brands like Coca-Cola, Motorola, Reebok. Well, you can not exactly do what Spotify did, but you are getting an idea, right!? Have a robust and well researched promotional and marketing plan. Set the target audience and do every possible activity to woo them.

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#6. Platforms

If you have a limited budget, develop music streaming application for one particular platform. Then you can extend to other platforms too and it will be extremely crucial for your business to cater to as wide a customer base as possible. Make sure you earn enough revenue from the first platform and then use it to develop an application for another platform too.

One thing to know about Spotify is that it began with a web platform. And then in 2009, the company came with iOS and Android apps. In the initial stage only premium account holders could access the mobile variation, by 2013 it changed for the better.

Music Streaming App Development will demand excellence of experts:

It must be very clear to you that you cannot develop a competitive app like Spotify without having assistance from experts from the industry. You will not only need an expert and experienced team but you will also have to use a Music App Creator or video streaming app Builder. Music streaming app development is a complicated and time-consuming process. You either have to hire or partner with the following professionals:

Project Manager to oversee the entire project of app development.

UX/UI designers who can build an interactive, intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Developers who can write crisp, clear programming codes. Android, iOS and web experts, etc.

Let us now understand the stages of developing a robust application that can operate and offer comparative desires and functionalities like Spotify:

Conducting market research.

Make a list of features that the app must have and prepare for the technicalities and tools accordingly.

Prototyping of the app.


Actual app development

Testing the app and removing bugs or errors if any.

Releasing the app.

All the above steps have to be completed within the decided time frame and the decided budget.

The cost of developing an application like Spotify

Now that we have talked about the history of Spotify, the features it offers, the features you must-have in your application, precautions to take and steps to follow, time to see the cost your business will have to incur to develop a Spotify clone.

Yep cost if the application varies depending upon the platform on which you want to run the app, labour cost, duration of the development, tools used in the development, features you wish to offer, target market, legal formalities, maintenance and running cost, etc.

One way of mitigating the expanses on the app development process is developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). it is where you create an application with minimum functionalities, like:

  • Registration
  • Creating profile
  • Updating the music database
  • Search the database
  • Recommendations based on browsing history, etc.

Another way of reducing the development cost is to find an app development agency with enough experience in developing high-end applications and one that can offer services at reasonable rates.

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Final words:

As per Statista reports a few years ago, the music streaming sector is likely to capture 86% of the European digital music sector by 2021. As a business that wishes to build a music streaming application, these figures are quite serious.

Be it developing a video streaming Software or undertaking a music streaming app development, it is important you choose the right app development partner and make the right investment in the development only after doing thorough market research.

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