Ideas for Grocery Delivery App Development in 2021 and beyond

By Ruchir C.


2020 was a tough year for businesses. They suffered losses, lower profits and a huge slump in the business. All in all, everyone is looking up at technology to come as a rescue. Businesses are eagerly wanting to change the course of their business and shift from the traditional brick and mortar infrastructure to online entirely.

Moreover,people have shown a great interest in procuring products and services online and have leveraged the power of mobile applications. They are now stepping outside only if it is absolutely necessary and businesses have saw that shift. Something as basic as grocery shopping is being done online. They are loving the convenience, they are enjoying the freedom to schedule the deliveries as per their liking, they are trusting the online payments; everything is falling into place. As a business person, you would not want to miss out on that. Leading on-demand grocery applications, Grofers and BigBasket showed 200% increase in the number of downloads per month.

As much as it the decision of going online is necessary to take, so is brainstorming required to discuss the features and concept behind the application. In this blog we have tried to cover some innovative ideas to build a grocery delivery app and what would be the basic features.

What are on-demand grocery apps?

A grocery business is more than just selling products, it is about maintaining orders, inventory, deliveries and more. On-demand grocery applications come with all the necessary tools to not just display your customers your inventory but also manage your business.

A grocery delivery software allows you to manage your warehouse, inventory and also provides you necessary insights to beat the system of demand of supply. It optimizes your business operations, manages your marketing and sales operations and much more. It is an all-inclusive software that manages your business.

Idea as for Grocery Delivery App Development in 2021 and Beyond


  • Groceries Cost Viewing/ Comparing and Order App

An application that allows people to search for grocery items and compare the prices of all items across different grocery stores near their location. You can also build a good delivery app on the same concept. The application will show the users best deals for the items and make a purchase in the app itself. The price compare feature can help you standout of all the grocery delivery applications. Do tie-ups with the local groceries and add x-factors to the application.

  • Health Check-up and Food Planner App

Health and food are very much relative. The app checks your health day by day and provides you proper meal suggestions. The app can be integrated with wearables collect real-time data on health. The application would take inputs such as heartrate, sugar, calorie intake and provide suggestions from professional chef and food bloggers. You can add a grocery delivery feature to the application. Adding user settings allowing them to manage their profile, allowing them to add their food preferences, allergies if any, etc. to the app would help you give them a personalized experience.

  • Food Recommendation App

You can add a food recommendation feature to the existing grocery app, or you can build a food recommendation app too. You can add AI camera feature to the application, software builder would ensure that the AI camera would capture and identify the ingredients present at people home and suggest them food recipes to try out. A food recommendation, and review app also is a good addition to restaurant apps. Restaurant app builders can allow you to capture insights on the food habits of the users and suggest best dishes.

Also allow them to review the restaurants and add recommendations of what people can try, how was their dining experience, etc.

  • Supermarket Checkout App

Remember the long queue? Technology can solve that problem too. Not only can you provide convenience of faster checkout to the online shoppers but also to the people that are shopping at the supermarkets. With brands such as Amazon offering self-checkout retail stores, the market would soon be flooding with app such as these. These apps will allow people to scan the products on their mobile while shopping and making the payment as per their cart.

  • Grocery Alert App

How many times have your forgotten that you are running out of milk, or certain item in your refrigerator? We are sure it is a very common case and many people thank you if you would way alert users when they have exhausted some item in their list. And going one step ahead, allow them to order the item online.

Some tried and tested Food/Grocery Delivery App Ideas

Grocery delivery apps are very popular on-demand application segment. People have done a wonderful job providing convenience. Some of the applications have very unique app ideas and they have worked well too. In section, we would be sharing some tired and tested grocery delivery app ideas that you can use too.

  • Organic Food Delivery

Organic food demand is on a rise and new trending apps are entering the market every year and offering amazing offers on groceries. Fitness enthusiasts, diet conscious people, and people under medication that need healthy meals and are looking for changing their lifestyle are your potential customers. In order to meet such demands, you are recommended to keep your food catalogue exclusive, nutritionally rich food with right calories, protein, vitamin, potassium etc. can help you grow good in the app environment.

  • Online corporate food delivery

You can consider to build a food delivery app for office-goers and people working at the corporates. Office or corporate food delivery application can help you target the busy people working in the metro cities where they don’t have time to make a lunch box for themselves. By partnering a few local restaurants, bakery, beverage points, food points, you can win a regular user base for your application. Add food categories to the application, and different options such as breakfast, team lunches, meetings, celebrations, daily meals, dinner etc.

  • Online restaurant food delivery

This is probably the most common food delivery app category and one of the most tried and tested too. The online restaurant food delivery application live UberEats, Swiggy, Zomato, FoodPanda can help you transform the way customers look up at the food order. There is a huge competition out their but you can beat it with unique selling points you incorporate in your application. You can offer them unique offers, discounts, faster delivery options, exclusive restaurants, etc.

  • Milk and daily needs delivery service

Dairy items are staple in every household. Egg, milk, paneer, buttermilk, bread, curd and other daily essentials. You can offer combos such as hyperlocal milk-egg-bread delivery segment. Or any other combo. Offering staple combos would get you regular orders from people and run a successful business.

  • Fruits, salad and sprout delivery apps

People are looking forward aggressively towards lifestyle change, they want healthy food choices available online from where they can order and consume things. They need a reliable delivery partner to trust the quality of the food items such as vegetables and fruits. Talking of lifestyle changes, increasing number of people in yoga classes, gyms, and other workout programs have suggested that people would be needing apps to deliver them freshly cut fruits, fresh juices, or for that matter sprouts.

  • Recipe and ingredient home delivery service

People that don’t often cook, want someone to delivery them an entire combo of the food items, ingredients required for a particular recipe. Meal kit with perfect recipe and step-by-step instruction idea can take the business forward well. People look forward to buy hygienic recipe, farm fresh products and ingredients and more. And if they can simply order the kit rather than going shopping and figuring out everything, they need all by themselves, they would definitely switch to it.

How do you earn with an on-demand grocery delivery app?

Grocery delivery apps are on a rise, the market is expected to grow well over $28 billion by 2023. It is not a surprise that you are attracted towards the opportunities the market has to offer. Here is how you can earn from the application.

  • Delivery Fees

The main source of income for all the on-demand grocery apps is the delivery fees. Mostly app charges on delivering products which in turn becomes an important source of earning for such apps.

Grocery delivery applications add a delivery fee to every single order to earn more money. Also, some apps offer free delivery on big orders. Keeping delivery cost much higher can put off some of the users. It is essential that you keep the delivery charges competitive.

Even if you cannot provide the products at discount, cutting down some cost of delivery service see delivery fees as a stable and proper income for your business. Grocery delivery software would have the proper calculator to calculate the delivery prices as per the location and quantity of the order.

  • Commission

Taking commission from the local stores can be another common source of income for the on-demand apps. If you are planning to create an on-demand grocery delivery application for your business, you would have to decide on the local stores that can help you meet the order demands and can be included in the application.

You can start charging commission from the local stores that are included on the app. You can charge them on the basis of the sales you are able to help them make. Another way is to charge them monthly price for the app on the local stores.

  • Advertisements

Another way to earn through the on-demand grocery apps is through advertisements. People love to put ads on the applications that have huge traffic. Ads are a common and convenient way to earn money from on-demand applications. Whether it is grocery or food or any other app, you can add a screen to the app and website to promote businesses on the app. You can charge some price for the advertisement on your app based on the position. You can attract more customers towards your business by offering offers and discount coupon codes.

Why should you get an on-demand grocery app for your business?

On-demand grocery delivery applications are on a rise and it is very likely that in a few years it would also anchor the demand of fresh supplies market. It is suggested that apart from the fresh supplies market, the app would take over other food segments such as meat and dairy products.

This requires faster supplies, and improved operations. If fast supplies are improved and the freshness of the product stays, it would improve the customer experience and would bring more people to the application.

The market of fresh groceries, and frozen meat is very unorganized right now, the prices and quality of the product becomes necessary to maintain. The fresh groceries and frozen meat will help you get the right price not just for the product but also for the faster deliveries.

Types of grocery apps


  • Inventory model

The inventory model platform helps you manage the deliveries, inventory keeping and orders for the local stores and other brands. You can choose to procure the products from them and get a warehouse on rent and start selling.

If you increase your reach, you might have to open more outlets all over the country and go forward in the business. Apps running on this model have helped businesses to delivery groceries during pandemic and lock-down.

  • Aggregator

Aggregators is an online platform through which you can venture into the local and hyperlocal market. These applications allow people to order products through any store nearby. This allows people to shop locally from trusted vendors. Users can place an order and they app would send out the product order to the delivery agent and will make the delivery.

This model doesn’t require you to make an inventory and worry about storage. It would all be done by the aggregators and there would be no need to maintain any warehouse. This is what Amazon and Flipkart are doing, and it working great for them. You might have to ask the grocery app builder to add functionalities in the software to manage the aggregators and also the operations.

  • Marketplace

Under the marketplace model you can add vendors like you do in the aggregator model. However, they don’t have the freedom to choose the delivery partner. The customer would just place and order with the app and it would become your responsibility to procure and provide the product asked.

As a small business it would be a bit laborious for you manage every operation and also you might increase your operation cost by having to hire more people to handle the shipment. BigBasket is a great example of this business type, it started with the same concept but later changed the model when got acquired by Aditya Birla Group.

Important features to consider for an on-demand grocery application

Before you decide on hiring any grocery app builder you must be make yourself aware of the important features that are absolutely necessary in an on-demand grocery application. These features would help you make a successful business as they would help you improve your business operations, and customer experience. Here are a few things you have to decide about:

  • The navigation of the application
  • The UI/UX of the application and what works best for the application
  • Login and signup features
  • Profile setup for the shareholders
  • Connectivity such as maps and location
  • Categories, filter and voice search
  • Payment gateway
  • GPS tracking
  • Chatbot and other customer support tools
  • Search bar

A grocery application has three users. We are here disclosing all the necessary features required for the particular applications.

Customer Mobile App

  • Signup
  • Sign in
  • Categories
  • Add/Remove items to the cart
  • Best-selling products
  • Browse by brand
  • Faster checkout
  • Multiple Online payment modes
  • Coupons
  • Tracking orders
  • Order history

Admin application

Admin applications are usually web applications as there are multiple tools and functionality present on it. A web application interface makes improves your user application and helps you manage your business with an ease.

  • Manage vendors
  • Manage stores
  • Manage orders
  • Manage payments
  • Manage delivery locations
  • Manage reviews
  • Analytics and reports

Aggregator Application

  • Inventory management
  • Order notification
  • Accept or reject orders
  • In-app chat and call option
  • Managing Payments
  • Customer Support
  • View feedback

>>Bonus<< Delivery Partner App Features

  • Driver Registration
  • Editing profile
  • Order management
  • GPS tracking and maps
  • Status update
  • Delivery History
  • Digital Wallet

How to choose the technology stack?

Choosing the right technology is not easy, we commend you to consult with the technology companies. A lot of software and app development companies offer free consultation. It allows you to understand the challenges found in the app development process and also the cost of development.

Choosing the best and perfect technology is important. You must consider the difficulties in the development of application and thus what technology helps you get over the challenges and develop a robust application for different users. You must easily be able to manage your business, based on aggregators, inventory model or marketplace.

Down the line, you must consider the future of your business. You must keep in mind the growth you want to achieve and how you wish to manage your platform. You can choose from the following options we have hand-picked with our experience and knowledge.

  • Application for Smartphone

There are several reliable technologies available on the market to create a grocery app. But first you must decide the type of application you look forward to build. You can start from understanding the user of the application and the features required in the application. The usability of the application would help you to list out all the necessary features and would keep you on track.

Then there are different types of platforms like iOS, Android, etc. and there would be people on both the platform to use the application. Hybrid application development might be a good option if you have a basic application with minimal features, no-complexities. Technologies such as Flutter, React are widely trusted by the on-demand grocery app developers.

  • Development of web application

As said earlier, you might want to consider having a web application for the admin app. It would improve your app experience. Also developing web application for users and vendors application is a good idea with the help of app builder, people can go online and use web applications to place order and vendors would be able to manage orders better on web app. Some good technologies are Angular and React for the frontend web app development.

For backend you can choose PHP and NodeJS. A web developer would be able to enlighten you more on the technology part as it always depends on the features and the complexities of these features when it comes to choosing the right technology stack.

  • Database

Some of the most popular technologies used for database development are MySQL and MongoDB.

Other tools necessary for a grocery app

You might have to use some 3rd party APIs which can be easily integrated into the application. Popular APIs which we find very effective are:

  1. Twilio for SMS services
  2. Sendgrid for Email Services
  3. Google Map for location
  4. Firebase for Push notifications

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Wrapping Up

In the blog we have mentioned some good grocery app development ideas. Hope they would help you shape your idea better and give you something extra to add to your exiting idea to improve your experience. If you have an idea for an on-demand application you can consult with professional developers. They would guide you better when it comes to technology, features, functionality and give you an estimate for grocery app development.

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