Mobile Apps: The Secret Ingredient of Better Health and Fitness

By Matt Perry

Almost all of us have one or more apps on our mobile phones today. From apps for gaming, social interaction, shopping, personal use, grooming to business communication, and more, you name it and there is a mobile app available for the purpose.

The apps have made things like shopping, setting important meeting reminders, and even following health & fitness regimes easier than ever before. A lot of health and fitness conscious people now use fitness apps to ensure they stick to their fitness plans and achieve their desired fitness goals. With the help these apps, users are able to improve their lifestyle in a hassle-free and holistic manner. As a result, the demand for fitness and healthcare application development is on a constant rise.

A lot of healthcare providers are now able to offer their services beyond time and zone. All they need to do is hire a fitness app development company to create a fitness app that their customers and patients can use to connect with them and stay guided. As we see, almost every other person has a fitness app on his/her mobile. The trend is fast catching up among the millennials, in particular, as they don’t want to look flabby or unfit at any cost. And, an app makes weight and overall fitness management a lot easier for them.

The fitness app development company you hire can easily turn your vision of providing better healthcare into a pleasant reality. Some of the incredible benefits that attract people towards fitness apps are discussed below:

Benefits of Mobile Apps for Fitness

Diet monitoring is easy – People interested in gaining weight or trying to get rid of a few pounds here and there can mention the amount and type of food to be consumed at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Using this information, mobile health apps calculate carbohydrates, calories, fat, and proteins content in your food. This eventually helps you in avoiding foods that may lead to potential failure of your fitness plan. Knowing what foods are not good for you will help you stay away from them and even if you eat, you will avoid overindulgence in such foods. You can keep a watch on your food intake with the help of a fitness app. Notably, people become more conscious and careful of what to eat and what not when they have a food log or food diary at hand.

Keep a watch on your progress – With the fitness app, you don’t need to take the stress of how well you are progressing towards your fitness goals – the app will do it for you. Fitness apps let you key in your health updates and details such as your blood sugar levels, blood pressure levels, etc. This facilitates regular and ongoing check of your progress and improvement. You can quickly compare your current health and fitness parameters with previous ones, so you know whether you have made any progress or not.

Get free fitness tips – Since most of these apps are built and owned by fitness app builders, they provide fitness tips as well for individuals to help them achieve their health and fitness goals. This is another reason why so many people like these apps.

Watch your footsteps – Now pedometer fitness apps are also available. These apps can help you count your steps and keep a track of the distances you’ve walked. With the help of such apps, you can meet your targeted step count.

Your own personal coach – Smartphone technologies are making life better and easier. You don’t need to search for health coaches, trainers, or fitness classes, if you have a fitness app on your phone. The app is your own personal coach guiding you through your health and fitness journey. Many apps have professional coaches at quite reasonable fees. These coaches can provide you with professional guidance to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. They even guide people about the right diet and fitness activities right as per their health parameters, age, and fitness goals. With an app on your phone, you don’t need to go anywhere to get fitness training.

An all-in-one fitness guide & tool – Fitness applications provide a one-stop solution helping you monitor your fitness and lifestyle parameters such as diet, step count, water intake, workout routine, and blood parameters. There is no need for you to maintain and keep checking your diet and fitness diaries just to stay on the right track. But when it comes to choosing the right fitness app, you must choose the app only from the best website builder for fitness.

Keeping fitness seekers motivated – One great advantage of using fitness app is the motivation. Frequent reminders and notifications from these apps keep reminding and in a way motivating you to keep going with your fitness plan. The fitness freaks and health conscious people can benefit immensely from these apps on their phone. Fitness apps are making lives of millions easier and better by helping them stay focused and motivated about their fitness goals.

Through personalized push notifications, gamification, and such elements, these apps provide a positive and encouraging environment that keeps the users motivated. The apps are engaging and rich in information to keep the users engaged for hours. As a result, fitness trainers and healthcare providers can get more users for their app and that helps in increased profitability for their business.

Facilitate real-time tracking – As already discussed, the app is your full-time fitness assistant and trainer that keeps guiding you step by step towards achieving your fitness goals. If we compare with traditional, manual processes of health and fitness management, these apps allow users to keep a close watch on their health and fitness data in real-time. By being able to track their fitness progress in real-time, people can decide whether their workout plans, diet, and related activities are okay or need to be adjusted.

Searching for doctors is hassle-free – Today, several apps are there to help you search for the best doctors and healthcare providers in your area, through your geolocation. There are some highly advanced apps that help in connecting with the doctors easily and you can even request an online consultation, in case you cannot visit the doctor’s healthcare facility. Furthermore, in case you need to visit a hospital or clinic, you can check what all facilities are available there.

Save a lot of time and effort – One of the biggest reasons behind the ever growing popularity of health and fitness apps is the fact that they save a lot of your precious time. Users can easily escape from rushing to the clinic, hospital, or the gym when they need expert help and guidance about their health and fitness (except in the cases of emergencies). The doctors and fitness experts available online via these apps can clear your doubts through a simple video call or chat. A lot of these apps come with help guides and tips to make your fitness journey easier and better.

Medical operations are simplified – Health and fitness apps are not only useful for real-time, personalized experience for customers, but they also help in streamlining medical processes. So, the users actually enjoy peace of mind while drastically improving their health and overall fitness.

Improved communication – Since the app you download resides on your mobile phone at all time, it simplifies interaction process. These apps enable trainers, users, and healthcare providers to connect with each other as and when needed, and do the needful in real-time. This is another great advantage of keeping track of fitness and health app market-size and investing in this industry to enjoy several benefits. As a fitness trainer, you may hire the best website builder for fitness website development and app developer for your fitness mobile app.

Connect to social communities – Fitness apps created by the best healthcare app development companies help fitness freaks in connecting with like-minded people – people who are also fitness and health conscious. They can share their experiences, ideas, and collaborate with each other to bring about amazing difference in the life of each other.

Provide health and fitness trainers with competitive advantage – As a fitness trainer and health coach, you may often find it hard to keep people interested in listening to all you have to tell them about staying fit. It is because people are usually too busy to visit the healthcare facilities on a daily basis. Some don’t even have the time to pay a visit to the gym even once in a while. This makes it really difficult for the fitness trainers to keep their customers engaged and connected. With a fitness and health app, however, fitness trainers can be sure that their customers are always connected with them. Being able to offer your services through a digital platform such as a mobile app adds to your competitiveness and helps you get more customers for your healthcare & fitness facility.

The popularity and demand of fitness apps has presented a huge set of opportunities for fitness trainers and coaches as well, especially amidst the current situation when people are avoiding going out and still want to stay fit. If you also want to take your health & fitness business online, then a fitness app can help you do this without much efforts. You must know about the many fitness and healthcare apps that are helping countless people achieve their fitness goals. There are many different types of fitness apps you need to learn about to be able to decide better when you hire a developer or development agency to build a medicine delivery app or a fitness app for your purpose.

What are the different types of health and fitness apps?

Workout apps for fitness: These types of fitness apps include several training sessions, workout plans, and enough content in highly engaging, interactive, digital formats for helping users to do regular workout right at home.

On-demand personal trainer apps: Built by the healthcare application development companies, these on-demand mobile apps make it possible for users to hire personal trainers and fitness coaches in real-time and follow their guidance to stay fit and in shape.

Fitness and health tracking apps: These fitness apps are collaborated and integrated with wearables, and other modern technologies that help users track their fitness and health metrics in real-time. These apps eventually help the users stay healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Diet and nutrition apps: A lot of people do not even know what diet and nutrition they need for staying fit and in shape. They keep exercising and working hard but still do not get good results because of not following the right diet. The apps help users with the right solution for what they should eat and when they should eat to ensure they stay fit and healthy.

Doctor on demand apps: The trend of doctors on demand has been there for quite some time but it became more important and common since the pandemic broke and people were not able to visit the doctors and get the doctor’s help on time. These apps provide patients with an easy and reliable way to connect with the best doctors in real-time with the help of geolocation technology. Such apps can help patients living in the remote areas get help from the best doctors sitting in the town hospitals thereby saving lives.

Medicine delivery apps: A lot of patients and their families find it difficult to obtain the right medicine when they need it because of one reason or the other. This is when they can use medicine delivery apps for ensuring timely delivery of required medicines at their doorsteps. To build a medicine delivery app, you will need to hire trustworthy app development agency.

Medicine tracker apps: These apps make it extremely easier for users to ensure that they (and anyone who is ill in their family) take medicines as per the recommendations of the doctor. By helping users keep a track of their medicines in real-time, these apps help them follow the doctor’s prescription and never miss a dose.

Clinical assistance apps: Such apps the healthcare providers in streamlining the processes in their healthcare facilities and focus on providing high quality healthcare services to patients.

Benefits of mobile apps and websites in fitness and healthcare

Since we all need fitness and healthcare tips and guidance in our lives to stay healthy and alive, the need for doctors, healthcare providers, fitness trainers, and healthcare facilities is imperative. While earlier, it was very difficult to consult a doctor without paying a personal visit. At the most what you could do was call up your doctor and request him/her to drop by your house and check & examine your condition. Making a phone call can be helpful but not much because you cannot explain everything by a voice call. The apps and websites designed especially for fitness and healthcare purpose are immensely helpful in this regard. Some of the amazing benefits that the healthcare and fitness websites and mobile apps offer for users include:

Highly affordable and easily accessible –While earlier people used to spend a lot of money on paying at the gyms for fitness training, now they can learn the tricks and tips to stay healthy and fit right online, thanks to the mobile apps designed for fitness and health management. The apps make staying fit and healthy highly affordable and easily accessible for all. You don’t need to pay hefty fees to fitness trainers for months to stay fit. The fitness apps can help by smoothening out your journey to dream fitness.

You just need to download the right fitness app on your mobile and get started. And if you are a fitness trainer, health coach, or dietician, you can easily find potential customers for your services through such apps. Hire a professional app development agency or a fitness app builder to turn your vision of a healthcare and fitness app into reality.

Can the fitness apps replace the gym or face-to-face fitness training classes?

We cannot say that an app can perfectly replace the traditional gym because it can guide you but cannot make the gym equipment available at your home. The online coaching may serve as a guide. But if you look at the factors such as your busy schedule, lack of willingness to stick to a fitness regime, etc., you will realize how important role these apps play. Remember, it all begins here in our minds. If we are motivated to stay fit, nothing can stop us from doing all that can help us stay fit. And, this is exactly what the fitness and health apps do. They keep you motivated and always enthusiastic about your fitness journey.

Notably, a good coach and trainer can make all the difference to your life – in education, career, and every path of life. These apps work in dual ways – one by behaving as your full-time fitness instructor and guide and second by behaving as your full-time assistant always ready to answer your queries and clear your doubts. So, as a fitness freak and a health conscious person, you can gain immensely by having a fitness app on your mobile.

On the other hand, from the fitness trainer or health coach’s point of view, you can benefit by providing your expert guidance to those who actually need it. To begin with, you may hire a developer or development agency to create a fitness app that comes loaded with all the required features and functionalities at a reasonable cost. Through such an app, you can keep users always informed about what they need to do and when to be able to stay fit and maintain the desired weight and health. While an app can certainly be a wonderful tool in the hand of the fitness coaches, health trainers, and instructors as well as those looking for professional help in staying fit, we cannot say that the app can replace the gym.

It depends on the kind of app you have, the features and functionalities it offers, etc. whether people will treat is as a personal guide or just a help book.

How to find the best agency to create a fitness app?

As a fitness trainer and user, you can reap all the benefits a fitness app has to offer provided that the app has been designed and developed by the professional and competent developers. The app must have all the features and functionalities that help users adhere to a fitness plan and maintain their desired levels of health and fitness. Also, the app must be able to help you provide healthcare and fitness services to your customers in the most organized and engaging manner. The app has to be informative and full of knowledge but at the same time it must be engaging so that the users don’t get bored of it. You can even earn from the ads in between your app, if your app manages to reach a certain level of downloads and installs.

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To find the right app development agency, you can search online using keywords such as “create a fitness app” or maybe “best fitness app development company” among others. And, if you are looking for developing a website as well along with your fitness app, you will need the help of the best website builder for fitness industry. To learn more about the expertise of your shortlisted and chosen companies in this regard, you may take a look at their project portfolios or refer to the testimonials from their current or past customers. Don’t forget to ask for a quote from your shortlisted agencies about your fitness app development. A discussion with your shortlisted app developers and/or development agencies can help you in further decision making. Don’t haste! Just take your time to discuss your exact specifications and requirement and be sure to welcome any suggestion the expert developers may have to help you get an app that meets and exceeds your customers and targeted users’ expectations.

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