Roadmap to Create a Music Streaming App like Spotify

By Ruchir C.

Mobile applications have changed the manner in which we tune in to music. There are different music streaming service providers on the App Store and Google Play.

The market giants like Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora have become famous in light of the fact that they're basically helpful and offer value for money experience. But, if you need to make a music streaming application, you need to consider different components like license, platform, team, tools, OS, devices, etc.

In this guide, we'll examine how to make a music streaming application, required features, and cost, and more. This is a perfect guide for you if you wish to Build a music app online just like Spotify.

Music Streaming App Development: Market Overview

Music streaming apps get their prominence because of the convenience and ease they bring to clients. Here are some facts which might interest you:

The global music streaming industry is trusted to go beyond $10 billion by 2023.

A user usually earns $26 per month.

Spotify enjoys 36% of the total music streaming industry.

Of all the Apple Music users, 60 million pay for a subscription.

Needless to say, the music streaming sector is progressive and growing fast. Be that as it may, it can be demanding to rival market players like Pandora or Spotify. Such platforms have worked over five years to build a customer base and reached where they have reached today. They have invested a lot of money in AI and computerized reasoning to build music streaming apps fit for proposing important specialists, tracks, and collections.

How to undertake a Music Streaming App Development?

How about we initially examine a few market pioneers to comprehend what remains behind their growth and lead.


It's difficult to talk about the music streaming business sector without Spotify. This application is similar to two streaming services leaders — Apple Music and YouTube Music. It's an obvious fact that Spotify has been developing quickly, offering a variety of music at no expense. However, free accounts come with certain restrictions and advertisements. The platform also offers premium records to get limitless access to music.


Pandora is also profoundly cutthroat in the realm of the music streaming sector because of the nice sound quality and customization it offers. Furthermore, it has procured the on-request music administration called Rdio and recovered its position of being among the greatest of the music streaming sector. These businesses use robust Music App Creators to Build music apps online that are credible and strong.

Apple Music

Apple made applications for iOS and Android gadgets, offering different songs for customers from everywhere in the world. Furthermore, users can tune in to local radio broadcasts utilizing the application.

There are a lot of cool music streaming applications that offer attractive features. But the question is — how to undertake a Music Streaming App Development or video conferencing App Development? Let's dig deeper:

Step by step instructions to Build music app online, using a Music App Creator: Points to Consider

There are different interesting points prior to beginning the actual music streaming application development. We've singled out four critical factors that you need to consider heretofore.

Kind of Music Streaming Services

How about we find what sort of application you need to make. It's not hard to think about three kinds:

Music library

You can simply develop a server-based music library and allow users to access the music app as per your terms — It can be paid or free.

Examples of this type would be: Spotify or Apple Music

Cloud-based data storage

You allow users to save their favourite music and stream it from anywhere at any time.

Example of this would be: AudioBox, Groove Music

Radio stations

This type of mobile apps have different radio stations and the app arranges these stations in a specific manner, which can be streamed to mobile and music devices.

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In this guide, we'll talk about how to build a music streaming app with a server-based library.

Getting License

Music streaming platforms permit users to play music without purchasing it. As a music streaming business, you have to get a licence for using music content. In this way, in this way, if you wish to build your own music streaming service, you need the Public Performance Rights.

In the United States, either of two agencies takes care of this task:

“The American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP)” & “Broadcast Music Incorporated (BMI)”. If you wish to offer music streaming services in Europe, try to get the approval of “the Society of European Stage Authors and Composers (SESAC)”.

Here is an example:

Spotify gets two acquired two permissions for streaming music: Sound Recording License arrangements are concerned with the rights to a specific record. Melodic Composition License Agreements take care of parties who have the records rights.

Spotify signs contracts with giant music names and labels like Universal Music Group to stream music with copyrights that these organizations hold.

We DON'T suggest skipping the permission and license process and to stream the music without permission. If you stream music without the required permissions, you are obliged to a fine amount starting from a minimum of $750 up to $150,000/ song played.

Information Storage

Before you undertake Music Streaming App Development, your app-building group should deal with information stockpiling. You need a back-end server that supports music streaming.

Another choice is to stream from SoundCloud or Spotify lists utilizing SDK and API given by them. Be that as it may, you should remember the limitations given in the Terms of Use for developer tools.

On the off chance that you wish, you can perform very well and consistently without outsider streaming APIs and build an information storage application with self-hosted servers. For this situation, you transfer your songs into a readable catalogue on your server


Nowadays, there are two mainstream platforms — iOS and Android. So which platform to select to Build music app online? The appropriate response is simple — you need to build applications for both platforms to remain competitive. For example, Apple Inc. has made an application for the Android platform too.

But, in case you're tight on spending capacity, it's feasible to pick one platform as per your intended interest group and their inclinations. For example, the USA customer base relies more on iOS gadgets. On the other hand, the European market loves Android gadgets.

How to Build music app online?

  1. Comprehend The Market Scope – Validate your Music App Idea

The market is filled with numerous music streaming applications. Subsequently, new features and players are introduced in the market. This opens up additional opportunities every day.

At any point have you thought about why Spotify made it to the best position in the market of music streaming applications? It is professed to be one of the top-notch music streaming software. BusinessWire, in its examination, uncovered the income Spotify produced was 1.5 billion USD in the third quarter of 2018. Out of this, USD 1.35 billion was directed from Premium supporters. Free account holders of Spotify created USD 160 million for the platform. Thus, it is apparent that Spotify has been on a consistent income since its introduction to the market in 2008.

This is the reason you need to chalk out the business scope and nitty-gritty of the application development process for the ideal result. Spotify took the market seriously and determined the market scope to define the target customer base and the measures they could utilize. So it is fundamental to distinguish the intended customer group. This factor will help in finalizing the interests and highlights to be fused into the application. It helps to distinguish the MVP (Minimum Viable Product). With time the organization can add more features or modify the app.

  1. What is Your Target?

Whatever application you are making, you have an intended interest group. In the event that you don't, pause and decide your intended interest group. Without them, your application will struggle to make money.

Presently you are feeling that these applications needn't bother with an intended interest group, everybody tunes into music, correct? The truth is, not every person is tuning in to similar music streaming application.

Music streaming services like Soundcloud draw in more educated gamers as their viewers. These are individuals who might get a new gadget within seven days of it being introduced to the market. Pandora customers are all the more monetarily well off, and the app has a huge female user base.

Spotify is meeting the centre-ground, as its crowd base includes social media using Millennials. Every music streaming service has its own crowd base. And, they oblige their needs.

All in all, who will be your intended interest group? Deciding on an intended interest group will help you in picking the correct monetization system and make you loads of cash. So settle on your crowd prior to bouncing onto the next stage.

  1. Do You Have Permission To Play That Song?

No, we are not discussing the irate neighbour complaining about your taste in music. We are discussing the permit and legal consent that is needed to make your music application valid and authentic music streaming application.

First, you need the Public Performance Rights for your app. The American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP) & Broadcast Music Incorporated (BMI). If you wish to stream music in Europe, try to get approval from the Society of European Stage Authors and Composers (SESAC).

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If you are thinking about avoiding this step and launch your music streaming app without prior permission in required consent, You should realize that when a melody is played on your application without the consent of the name and the craftsman, you should pay a fine of $700-$150,000/paying of a song.

Hence, the subsequent stage in the wake of determining your intended interest group and getting the appropriate permit is the development cycle. So before you conclude how to make a music application for Android or iOS, have a proper plan.

Prior to participating in this process, research about how music streaming applications work and how to develop one. Even if you wish to develop video streaming Software, it is important to acquire the required permissions, set the target audience before the actual development process.

  1. Select The Streaming App Type – Online Radio or On-Demand?

Let us explain the subheading a bit. There are two types of music streaming applications.

Online Radio applications – These are replacements to the real radio. You can stream music online, however, you can't pick what to tune in to. The application will choose for you as per your preferences.

On-request music streaming application plays music at any time, from any place. All you need is an internet connection. You can make playlists, and pick which you need to hear. Mix and repeat your favourite songs.

Building up this sort of framework is an unimaginably different process. Hence, it is important you decide the type of music streaming app before developing it.

  1. Design The Prototype

It is a fundamental stage towards building up an application. In your music streaming application development cycle, it is the first portrayal of your application. With the prototype, you can lead beta-testing among a selected group of beta-analyzers. Their input will assist you with making your application better.

So prior to making an application like Spotify, make a model first. This will tell you what you are doing well, and what you are not.

  1. Build up the Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

A Minimum Viable Product or MVP is an essential mobile application with just the fundamental features in it. Before you make an application that is filled with stunning features, attempt to go with the MVP approach. When you have your fundamental music streaming application, you can deliver it and accumulate input on it. And afterwards, utilize those inputs to improve your application further.

With this methodology, you can gradually construct the ideal music streaming application. Instead of relying on a trial and error method, the MVP approach allows you to use the client's criticism to gradually fabricate your application, consolidating various features into your application. Additionally, with the MVP approach, you can comprehend your intended interest group well, and what works for them and what doesn't.

It is a crucial step that has to be taken prior to building up a completely usable application with every one of the features. This methodology includes lesser coding and custom features. This methodology will assist you with an unmistakable comprehension of your application. This obviously shows what works and what doesn't. So when you are considering how to construct a music streaming application like Spotify, do pay attention to the features. Pick something exceptional for your own streaming application idea.

Build an MVP with one of the most vital features and launch it for the test. Here, the motto is to understand and evaluate the response. Depending upon the response, you can develop the rest of the app.

  1. 7. Here Is A List Of Features To Consider To Build music app online

Here are the features you can focus on:

  • A. Seamless Registration: Let Your User Register Easily

If you offer long forms to the users to sign up, it becomes tiresome for them. This kind of experience is a huge drawback especially if your app is offering a fun service like games, music, etc.

As every user has to sign up first before starting to use the application, it is the first interaction any user will have with your app. If they face any bump in this experience, then there are great chances that the user will not return to the app again. Your features come secondary but user experience comes first.

It is better to go for other forms of registration, apart from email and phone numbers such as social media registration is a healthy way to make the login process hassle-free.

  • Search and Navigation: Make Your App Flawless

User-specific song recommendation is one of the reasons why Spotify became popular in the market. These recommendations are made available on the home screen of the app. The advanced search option helps users to find music as per genre, album, artists, etc. The app also offers a “Your Library” feature allowing users to list the user playlists, and more.

So assuming you need to compete, you need to make it simple for the user to track down his favourite music. A high-level search feature assists the users with discovering songs as per mindset or artists and keeps the customer engagement positive. The user should have the option to track down his number one track inside a couple of snaps. Remember shrewd channels for your music application. This guides in limiting the number of song alternatives to surf through. Plus, Spotify can take your voice orders too. You can advise the application to play a specific music or show artist' songs and collections.

  • Socializing Through Music

Individuals today love sharing their activities through online platforms. Regardless of whether watching a film, eating, or tuning in to music. Which is the reason why your platform needs a social sharing platform. By allowing your customers a social involvement will help in sharing activities and music preferences on different platforms, you'll be able to boost your brand image.

  • Music Collections: A Customized Playlist

Let's be honest, your application has value because you are able to offer a variety of songs. If you decide to go with the on-request music application, you will require this component more than anything.

In an on-request application, the customers will need to manage and sort their music based on users' mood, type, etc. So you need to enable users to make their own playlists.

Applications like Spotify are executing Artist Radio playlist. This element offers to stream customized songs according to users' inclination dependent on an artist. Customary updates are accessible in this category. Furthermore, a download option is available. Consequently, the client can appreciate music even without the internet.

  • Operations during An Offline Mode

What happens to your application when there is no internet?

Indeed, even in the 21sr century, there are areas where you may not discover any internet connection. Furthermore, if there is no internet, how are your customers going to utilize your applications?

The appropriate response is simple, offline downloads. With this little element, you can permit the clients to download their favourite music even with disconnected internet so they can hear it out in any event, with no internet.

  • Customization-Make It User Specific

Every user who uses mobile apps or performs any activity on the internet leaves his own footprints. In the case of a music streaming application, every user has music footprints based on his searches, music preferences, favourite artist, etc. Based on these factors, it is easier to create an on-demand playlist. The app can offer a Tap option to the track to allow users to add favourite songs to the playlist. Using Spotify, users can search for music as per their mood.

For any music application creation, you must have a client-driven UI that appeals to the mass population. This customer-specific factor would make them happier with the application and they will not be switching to any competitor.

  • Subscription

Apart from in-app advertisements, a subscription is another way of bringing in cash with your music streaming application.

You can offer application users with free music, with advertisements in intervals. With a subscription, you can give them ad-free music and access to premium content depending upon the subscription plan.

  • Alerts

When conceptualizing how to make a music application, you may ponder over how to keep individuals interested in your music application? The answer is simple, push notifications.

Apart from the above features, here are a few more features that can be considered while building video streaming software or undertaking music streaming app development.

  • Live Streaming
  • Privacy Settings
  • Admin panel
  • Design, etc.

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Plus, you also need to find out a way to make your music streaming app secure and safe for users. If you are building video streaming software, make sure you build a reliable video streaming app Builder to guarantee the safety of the app.

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