The Benefits of Mobile Apps Over Responsive eCommerce Websites

By Ruchir C.

Here’s an amazing statistic for you – A Mobile application operates around 1.5x faster than any responsive eCommerce website. This means your customers can enjoy a faster, smooth browsing & check-out experience.

In order to make an eCommerce website work, one has to take care of many things like availability of the internet, speed of the internet, accessibility of the website through mobile devices, absence of junk, loading time, etc.

In case you are relying on an e-commerce site to boost your sales and reach the maximum population, then make sure it is accessible through different devices like desktop/mobile/tablet or laptop. This means the website has to be responsive. The browser users are using has to be compatible, they must have a strong internet speed, and you have to make sure the site stays junk-free and loads and performs optimally irrespective of the traffic and load of transactions. All these requirements make using an e-commerce site a bit complicated and demanding for both users and developers.

On the other hand, a mobile application is capable of storing data locally. All customers need is a good internet connection, and the rest of the work is taken care of by the company and the developers. Apps are the faster and more user-friendly type of online eCommerce development. If you want to create an online store, it better be an application than a website.

Here are a few advantages that e-commerce applications have over e-commerce websites. Business build an software over a website for these reasons:

Seamless Online & Offline Access

An eCommerce mobile app is an idea to app build an online store that can be accessed through computing devices and mobile devices smoothly any time of the day from anywhere. However, we cannot say the same about e-commerce websites. Here, if you want to find the website, you need to type its name in the browser, and then you can use it. Plus, the website has to be responsive to be able to access it from mobile devices.

However, there are many online eCommerce development companies that build eCommerce mobile apps that let users browse items or services Even if they do not have an internet connection. Usually, these mobile applications store personal data such as the most viewed products or home screen to allow users to search for products even when the internet is not on. This is one of the core benefits of mobile applications over eCommerce websites.

Tailored Content for Customers

Personalization is about presenting exclusive and profile-specific content depending on the user’s past purchases and buying behavior. Mobile applications allow users to define their preferences specifically so that they can enjoy recommendations that are made exclusively for them. This reduces the time that you just have to spend in finding the preferred item. Users no longer have to make a purse in searching for items. On the other side, if we considered responsive e-commerce websites, the prominent drawback they carry is that they cannot be installed on your phone like mobile application, and therefore there is little or no scope of customization for personalization. A mobile application also allows you to use special features like GPS, using which users can look for location-specific items; you can also send push notifications that can help in boosting customer engagement. Mobile applications make it possible for businesses to observe user behavior and offer to customize recommendations and updates.

Leverages Features of the Mobile Device

Mobile is used in a way that day can leverage the capacities and features of mobile hardware. Let us take an example:

A mobile application can use a mobile camera to scan QR codes, bar codes.

GPS can be used to connect with Maps and provide location-based services.

Fingerprint Scanners of the mobile can be used to log in securely to the application, etc.

All these features allow users to interact with mobile applications hassle-free. A mobile operating system like iOS and Android offers their unique feature, which a developer can leverage to build a user-friendly application that can offer a reliable customer service experience. Developers can Build An Software using an online store builder.

Personalized Push Notifications

Mobile applications can use features like push notifications to update users about upcoming offers, discounts, sales, etc. Users can be reminded about their abandoned carts & relevant items suggestions. With push notifications, you do not have to use both email and SMS separately to notify users about any data. Your mobile app does this work. You can use these personalized notifications to boost your sales. You can easily promote your discount offers and nudge customers to buy products available at lower prices simply through one message.

Improved Productivity & Reduced Costs

The backend systems that are used to manage your eCommerce mobile app can be easily leveraged by your vendors & employees. This nullifies misunderstandings in communications & improves employee productivity. Interactive reports, pie charts & other data-based infographics can help you to understand products that are selling more than others. You can use this data to promote such products via push notifications & mobile deep linking. Even marketing & advertising costs are reduced as you can easily carry out these activities in your mobile application.

Brand-Relevant Customizations

It is a real test to customize responsive eCommerce websites as the overall purchasing and user experience depends on the type and quality of the browser used. But when it comes to mobile, the scenario is different.

A company can design a mobile application just as per the brand. Right from the color scheme, design elements, everything can be decided easily and customized smoothly for a mobile application. You can integrate functions like a drag, pinch, hold, or double-tap & others to smoothen the app navigation process and boost user experience.

Customers Tend to Browse More Products Via Mobile Apps

Why customers prefer to use mobile apps to browse products? Why do they tend to browse more products when they are using mobile applications? The answer is quite simple. Mobile applications offer an attractive, simple, and smooth UI/UX experience, seamless navigation throughout the app, better loading time, and an easy and hassle-free checkout experience.

Apart from this, apps offer relevant product collections that create customer interest which means longer app engagement and more product browsing.

Interactive Customer Engagement

You must have seen or used mobile applications that allow users to share products or other details on the app through social media profiles. Many applications encourage this behavior as it gives them more visibility and spread the word about the application and its services. Even eCommerce websites allow this, but the user experience is much better when it is done through an app. If you wish to undertake an online eCommerce development, make sure you have this feature. You can easily share the details about your purchase or the product you just bought, or you can tell your social media friends and others about the discounts the application is offering. Many applications offer rewards to such customers who do not shy away from promoting the application. This boosts application-users bond, and users engage more, which ultimately leads to more sales and revenue.

An added advantage in SEO:

Google, nowadays, also considers your in-app content, and hence mobile applications allow you to write or modify the content on the application in a way that can help your app to rank. You can optimize your presence on multiple app stores to get good search engine rankings and ultimately increasing the number of installations or downloads. When it comes to responsive websites, you can not enjoy the extra advantage of app store optimization.

Now, let us see why if you want to Create an Online Store,  you better Build An Software. Use your idea to app build and make sure you add all the user-friendly features that your target customers are expecting in an app.

Well, the sky’s the limit when it comes to the eCommerce sector. In today’s world, people are shopping online more than ever. This is true not just for the eCommerce sector but for every sector across the globe.

The presence and spread of the Internet have made it workable to reach and serve customers whenever, from any place, from any device. However, the kind of devices you are targeting while reaching your customer base will significantly affect your profitability.

It's a well-known fact that mobile use has gained control over our lives. As indicated by a new report, 96% of grown-ups in the United States own a cell phone. 81% of the populace possesses a cell phone. Take a look around you. Everybody has these gadgets stuck to their hands almost day in and day out.

As an entrepreneur, you need to perceive this and plan accordingly. How might you take this data and influence it to build eCommerce sales? The appropriate response is easy—Your eCommerce shop needs a portable application.

Your eCommerce store won't ever arrive at its maximum capacity with a site alone. If you survey the latest eCommerce patterns, you'll rapidly understand that everything is going a mobile way.

However, do you truly require a mobile application? 100% YES!

We come across many entrepreneurs who are content with the development, sales, and income of their eCommerce site. So they don't see the motivation behind why a mobile application is fundamental.

But, if you need your brand and site to be important in the coming years, you totally need to Build An Software for eCommerce. Here are the reasons:

  1. Mobile Commerce is Trending Up

Sales from cell phones have totally assumed control over the eCommerce business.

Investigate your business measurements and see what devices your customers are shopping from. There's a decent possibility that a huge piece of those individuals is perusing and purchasing through cell phones and tablets.

Truth be told, 67% of all eCommerce deals across the globe come from mobile phones.

People are now used to shopping from cell phones. It's simply more advantageous than waiting till they get on a PC. Mobile phones are always within our reach (we use them every time), which isn't generally the situation with a PC or workstation.

Customers are purchasing from all over the world. Mobile trade makes it feasible for individuals to purchase while traveling. They can shop during their mid-day break or while they're having an espresso and are strolling down the road. Online shopping is that simple.

As online sales made through mobile applications keep on moving upward in the coming years, the most ideal route for your eCommerce site to get a lot of the profit is by using an App Maker for Ecommerce App.


Indeed, shopping applications are growing at a speed of 54% each year. This is the most noteworthy rate if we compare with other types of application.

Let us see this angle. The normal yearly increasing speed of mobile application use across all enterprises is 6%.

App-based sales are overwhelming the eCommerce world. The use of eCommerce app is increasing with speed greater than any other type of app available in the market. So, of course, you'll realize that eCommerce apps add to mobile business sales.

  1. Buyers Love Mobile Applications

If you are an eCommerce business, let us ask you if you are presently generating sales from mobile devices without investing in the mobile app? Your answer would be yes as most of the users prefer to shop through their mobiles, for many reasons.

Some businesses feel satisfied knowing that they are reaching cell phone and tablet users with their online sites. But, they are hardly enjoying all the benefits of it.

Try not to misunderstand us. If you have an application or not, a responsive shopping site is totally important.

Moreover, 88% of customers do not want to get back to a site after a disappointing experience. 47% of people anticipate that a mobile site should be ready-to-use in a maximum of 2 seconds.

So having an easy-to-understand site is unquestionably the initial move toward creating eCommerce sales from mobile users. However, toward the end of the day, truth matters the most, and that is: 78% of customers would rather use a mobile application to shop than a site.

This implies that in case you're right now processing 100 online transactions each week, about 80 of those individuals would prefer to purchase from your local application. What's more, those are your current users. Envision the number of individuals you're denying or ignoring just because you don't have an application.

Here are the top reasons why individuals favor applications over sites.

  • It is more convenient.
  • Faster.
  • My settings are stored.
  • The reward for using the app and purchasing through it.
  • Personalization of content is better.
  • Better deals can be found.
  • Apps are entertaining.

Look around and you will find the same tendency around and within you. If go to purchase something for yourself on the web, would you purchase from a site or from an application?

Irrespective of how quick or user-friendly a site may be, an application's usefulness will offer improved user experience consistently.

So if your eCommerce site is not accompanied by a mobile application version, you're failing to reach most of the available market when giving a not-exactly-ideal customer experience for your current users. This remains constant regardless of whether you're utilizing a trustworthy internet business platform like Shopify or Magento. App Maker for Ecommerce App will take your online store to new levels.

  1. Enjoy a Competitive Edge

At this moment, if your eCommerce business does not have a mobile application, then you are in a tough spot.

Users would rather shop from user-friendly mobile apps, so it won't be long when the users will stop or avoid buying from your online eCommerce site.

On the other hand, taking proactive steps and building an eCommerce application will give you a benefit over different sites that do not own an app.

If a purchaser is confused between your site and a competitor’s site, the application will give them the motivation to buy from you.

If you feel that your greatest rivals don't have a mobile application, so there's no justification for you to hurry into getting an app. You'll simply zero in on improving a site than your opponent. Tragically, that is an unacceptable attitude. You are wrong if you think that competitors don't have a mobile application.

At this moment, each eCommerce retailer in the world is contending with Amazon. In the US itself, 95 million customers enjoy Amazon Prime participation.

Yes, Amazon probably does not sell your brand. However, how special do you think you are? Can a customer get something comparable from another brand on Amazon's application? They might.

So whenever people visit your website, they have enjoyed the "Amazon experience," and it is at the top of the priority list. If you can't satisfy those expectations, the customers will not have the reason to buy from you.

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The simplest way to imitate this shopping experience is by developing a mobile application.

Here is one more thing to know. Having a mobile application will surely offer you an advantage over others; however, the scenario will not stay the same forever. In the coming future, every business invests in a mobile application. Hence, businesses should better build one now; this way, the business will have an advantage over every other person who is late in the trend.

  1. Higher Conversion Rates

How about we return to the numbers. By the day's end, all you do requires you to support your KPIs and support your main business line.

According to one review, buyers see 286% more items and add things to their shopping basket at an 85% higher rate when they're shopping from an app instead of an eCommerce website.

This is incredible in light of the fact that it means better exposure for your brand and items. A client may end up buying more than they came for. Better conversions mean more dollars.

  1. Improve Marketing Communication

At the point when you're thinking about a big choice for your business, the sales matrix of your business can easily affect your decisions. While a mobile application for your eCommerce shop will not fail to fetch more sales, the benefits of the application are more than that.

Mobile applications are a boon for marketing activities. By improving your marketing efforts, you'll eventually have the option to create significantly more benefits from your current and forthcoming customers.

Without a mobile application, you need to depend on your customers directly reaching your site to get an opportunity of driving more conversions.

However, how frequently do individuals truly need to return to your site? Indeed, even your best customers will not have to purchase something consistently.

Those eCommerce businesses which have only a website to sell products to the customer base have to spend many dollars on promoting their website via email marketing or social media platforms. On the other hand, when you have an App Maker for Ecommerce App or an Online Store Builder, you have better exposure to the target customer base. You can engage with them through a better way of communication that is Push notifications.

If you rely on social media platforms to reach customers, then you have to rely on these platforms, which are used the most by the target customers. You need to have faith that the users will see your promotions or ads and get directed to your website. You need your users to cross many steps before they can get converted into customers.

The same is about using email marketing. A person has to sign up to receive emails from your business, open the message, go through the content and click on the link that will get them to your website.

However, with push notifications, users get messages or notifications directly on their home screen like a text message. Once clicked on the message, the person will get directed to the app.

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Apart from the above reasons, here are more reasons for which both businesses and customers prefer to Build An Software than an eCommerce website.

  • Increase Average Order Value
  • Create a Personalized Shopping Experience
  • Increase Customer Loyalty
  • Reduce Cart Abandonment Rates
  • Offer Enhanced Customer Service
  • Increase Retention Rates

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