What Features Should be included in a Medicine Delivery (Pharmacy) App?

By Ruchir C.

Medicines are one of the fundamental things that everybody needs eventually. Nonetheless, we’ll need to confront the issue of holding up in lines or not tracking down the necessary medicine at the store.

All things considered, on-request medicine delivery applications are the ideal answer for this issue. The drug store industry is embracing new techniques to connect with its customers and it includes building up an easy-to-use and features-loaded Healthcare application development.

Build a Medicine Delivery App: Pharmacies Selling Drugs Online

The on-request medicine delivery applications have overwhelmed the drug store industry. The disconnected retailers have been battling to adapt to the customer demand across the market. These online medicine shops have additionally saved individuals the time they waste in visiting the pharmacy shops in-person to purchase medical prescriptions. They are additionally baited into purchasing from these mobile applications as they get offers over the medicines and can purchase from their home with a medicine delivery application. This is the one reason why your customers would love it if you create a fitness app.

Concerning the medicine store owners, they are likewise encountering a positive work offset with the help of these apps as they can serve a bigger number of individuals and oblige their necessities on a wide scale. They are usually cautious about making convenient and quick deliveries as medicines and medical care tools are a necessity, and one would not like to take a risk with it. Thus, retailers ought to have an appropriately working delivery framework that is solid and dependable.

These online drug stores OR drugs delivery apps have taken the game a notch up in the realm of healthcare, as it empowers customers to enjoy home delivery. With multiple alternative medicines being made accessible for a specific illness, one can buy those medicines which are as per the requirements. Secure payment can be immediately made, which doesn't demand customers to hold cash every time. In case you are thinking of building a medicine delivery app, remember you use the best website builder for fitness as the app has to offer a secure payment gateway to users.

Medicine delivery applications demonstrated huge assistance during the Crononavirus pandemic

In the hour of Covid-19, individuals have gone to the online medicine delivery system as one of the greatest emotionally supportive networks. The accessibility of medicine is the main thing. With the pandemic prompting a lockdown and stay-at-home requests, it didn't just get hard for individuals to go to the shops to get drugs but they also had to face the shortage of medicines as individuals loaded up their medications and crowded medical stores for masks and sanitisers. Step by step individuals began adapting to these on-request medicine delivery applications, wherein they could check the accessibility of the item with a couple of clicks and spot orders on the web seamlessly.

While individuals are frightened to get out of their homes, they can place orders for medicine using a mobile application without coming in direct contact with other people and get it delivered at home. This way of life soon got well known and individuals turned out to be more disposed towards online drug store applications. Patients who would not like to get themselves conceded to the clinics likewise began transferring their remedies on these applications and got their prescriptions delivered directly at home.

Why partner with Fitness App Development Company and invest in Healthcare application development – Market Size and Stats

The online-drug store market had been battling in certain angles, but, Covid-19 led to a big change in the wellness and medical services industry. A remarkable ascent was seen by the Online drugstore frameworks. As per statistical surveying by Zion, the e-drug store sector will reach up to USD 107.53 billion before the finish of 2025.

Plans of action to consider before you use Fitness App Builder for Healthcare application development:

There are two models of bringing in cash from an e-drug store application. Let us find out:

  1. Create a fitness app for Single Store

The first is an operational model, wherein, the customers put in their requests with the online retailers, by uploading their medical prescription. The online retailers at that point check for the accessibility of the item and send it to the individual who requested those medications. The customer at that point makes the payment of the prescriptions online.

  1. Aggregator Healthcare application development

The subsequent model doesn't need the online drugstore to stock in their own medications, rather these go into an association with nearby drug shops. At the point when a customer submits a request, the e-drug store checks for the closest drug shop to that customer ( these stores are in partnership with the application. They divert the demand of the item to these nearby shops and the neighbourhood shops deliver the prescriptions to the customers. Both the parties (application and the shop) need to consent to the terms before entering into an organization for this sort of plan of action.

  1. Direct to Consumer

In the third and last model, the applications attempt to keep away from any agents for the delivery of the medicine or their stock. They can achieve better and more power over their business by contacting their customers directly.

How to monetize the medicine delivery applications

  1. Commission-based model

This is the essential model which practically all applications follow. As an on-request medicine delivery application gives drug organizations a medium, where they can sell their items/prescriptions to the purchasers, they charge these organizations a specific level of commission on the Medicines sold or the number of deals made on an everyday premise.

  1. Featured Listing

This is an extraordinary part of medicine delivery application on either the landing page or the inquiry bar, where the e-drug store applications show the outcomes from drug sellers or companies so that customers can choose the required medicine from the required brand easily.

  1. Sell Advertisement

Another incredible way of earning income through an online drug store application is that a medicine delivery application can sell space for commercials of any of the accompanying –

  • Diagnostic centres
  • Drug stores
  • Drug Companies
  • Insurance agencies
  • Emergency clinics
  • eWallet companies

Advantages you can expect when you create a fitness app:

The online medicine delivery system has not just made it advantageous for the customers to search up for the medicines they need to purchase but have additionally pushed the drug store industry a bit higher.

Let us know the advantages drawn by the customers through these medicine delivery applications:

Saving Precious Time: Customers don't need to roam around to different drug stores searching for a specific medicine. They can now arrange their preferred medicine from the comfort of their home.

Updates about medicine accessibility: They stay in contact with these e-drug stores through pop-up messages and continue to get all reports on the accessibility of medicines or clinical tools.

Discounts: These applications are known for offering their customers rewarding offers, which in any case is impossible at the physical drug stores. Often customers can get their drugs delivered to their doorstep, without paying for their delivery.

Talk with an Expert: Customers can transfer their prescription on the application and check whether the medicines are accessible or not. Additionally, they can talk with a specialist also about medicine consumption and the side effects or benefits of a particular medicine.

Here are the benefits of an e-drug store for drug specialists:

Better Buying Experience to Customers: Provides unmatched customer experience through their top of the line services, from submitting the request of drugs to its delivery.

Beat geological limitations: While the stores are confined to one region, they can extend their business with the assistance of these applications and serve customers located at faraway places too.

Access to new schemes: Drug stores can gain access to the campaigns and schemes run by these e-drug store applications.

Updated Inventory: The drug stores no longer have to manually update their inventory levels as this should be possible by the applications, which likewise gives data about expiry dates and more.

Alternatives to the medicines: The option of any drugs can be searched up for on these applications.

Expanded reach: Pharmacies can grow their sales and revenue by serving customers from other geographies too.

Set up customer base: Stores can enjoy a consistent demand straightforwardly from the customers and can satisfy them by giving them the medications.

Challenges to Build a Medicine Delivery App:

FDA guidelines: These applications need to consent to the standards and guidelines set by the FDA, which advances a solid way of life and a perfect blend of the electronic gadgets into clinical benefits that grant them access to services like tracking and monitoring their eating regimen, medical prescription, and exercise.

Information security: It is vital for online drug store applications to give security to the information of the patients as indicated by HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). There ought to be no divulgence of any data. If any data is imparted to the medical clinics and specialists through these applications, it should follow the security rules of HIPAA.

Confronting competition from the old market players: Hospitals that follow the old strategy of the distribution of drugs have not yet dealt with this new technique for delivering medications to patients. Accordingly, medicine delivery applications have been confronting many challenges associated with the old clinical techniques.

Common Features of Drug Delivery Applications

For Customers

  1. Social Media Signup and Login

The users must have the option to sign in effectively and choose the accreditations as per their will. The application must permit customers to join with the assistance of their online social media accounts Facebook. The login must be later completed either via mail IDs or mobile numbers.

  1. Customer Account Management

A client must have the option to make his profile on the application for a superior and consistent customer experience. These accounts hold all the data of the customers with respect to their location, past orders, health history, payment subtleties, among others.

  1. Transfer Prescriptions

It should empower the customers to transfer their medical prescription with an assurance that the pharmacists will take a gander at the medications and send the medicines in like manner. Customers must have the option to connect contact details to their profile or prescription for smooth communication, without any problem.

  1. Channels for Category Search

The application must have filters and categories for the customers to handily look into prescriptions for any illness.

  1. Medication Details

Each medication or medication recorded on this app must have all details relating to its medicines, such as assembling date, expiry date, brand, maker, value, salts, and so forth. If you build a Medicine Delivery App using the best website builder for fitness, it is possible.

  1. Far-reaching Search

The customers must have the option to search up for the substitute of medication if the one he is searching for is not in stock.

Fitness App Builder for Pharmacists

  1. Manage Medicine Details

A pharmacist or a storekeeper must autonomously have the option to make changes in case he needs to add or eliminate any prescriptions from his list on the application. He must have the option to get to all data about its items.

  1. Request Tracking and Notifications

The drug store should empower the component of getting advised with an instant message or a pop-up message each time a client orders medication. This aids them in handling the request quickly.

  1. Advanced remedies

The application must permit the pharmacist to gain access to the prescriptions transferred by the customers.

  1. Manage Offers

To get consistent and repeated orders from the customers whenever they need medications, one must have the option to offer them discounts.

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  1. Demand Management

The chemist must have the option to organize the orders and care for things like handling the orders made by the customers.

  1. Track Payments

The store owner must be able to maintain the required transparency in the transaction, such as all payments should come straightforwardly in the application and the pharmacists must have the option to track them without any problem.

  1. Access Reviews and Ratings

It is vital to perceive what the customers think about their administrations and items; in this manner, drug stores must approach all feedback, complaints and surveys given by the customers.

  1. List Similar Medicines

A pharmacist must be permitted to help the customers on purchasing similar medications or substitute prescriptions in the event that medication from a specific brand isn't in stock.

For Medicine Delivery Partner

  1. Dispatch Profile

It must have the details of the delivery partner alongside the order history of deliveries made by him.

  1. Push Messages

Delivery partners must be alerted about any new orders placed through pop-up messages on their telephones.

  1. Global positioning system

The delivery partner who is out to deliver the item must have a GPS feature to find the client without any problem.

  1. Delivery updates

He must have the option to modify the situation with the medication delivery at each progression so all data is updated.

Online Health Care Application – Admin Features

  1. Stock Management

This feature empowers the admins to keep themselves updated on all items they have. They must be reminded about the expiry date of the items too.

  1. Advertising Tools

They have to have the option to run campaigns that pull in more customers. This assists them with connecting with more drug companies.

  1. Oversee providers and customers

The administrator must have the ability to deal with the producers, distributors, and customers through their online profile created on the medical app.

  1. Track Profits

An administrator must reserve the option to check his revenue any time of the year, of any month, quarter, or year.

  1. Access and Generate Reports

The admin must be permitted to get all information on the work process of the application, with the goal that they can set up a cutting-edge report on something similar.

Some more benefits of Healthcare application development

EPA joining

With this, the health data and documents can be connected to the EPA, permitting the medical services experts to acquire earlier records proactively.

EHR associated client profile

An application must have the option to share the EHR profile of a client to a medical care supplier like the testing labs, emergency health care centre, emergency clinics, and specialists.

Request expert guidance

The customers must have the option to take consultation from the specialists on any medication and its properties.

In-App Scanner

For those customers who need to share their solutions, an inbuilt scanner is of extraordinary assistance as they can share their prescription with it.

Reminders to Refill and Consume medications

With this app feature, a user can realize when it's the ideal opportunity for them to buy new stocks as per the prescriptions. Also, the application will remind the patient when he/she needs to have medicines throughout the day.

Archive Management

Those customers who transfer their medical prescriptions on the application every so often must have the option to manage and track their reports.

Pop-up message

These messages tell the customers when they will go out of their stock and it's an ideal opportunity to buy new medicines.

Lab Aggregation

This empowers the customers to get data on the pathology labs close to them. These applications additionally give out the data on the charges of every lab.

In-application talk

A user must have the option to talk with the pharmacist and seek guidance or consultation on his question and medicinal demands. Additionally, the delivery partner must have the option to connect with the user when he is out delivering the prescriptions so he can get some information about the location of the user.

Collect from store

While some customers wish to get the medications delivered to the doorstep, the application also allows users to place an order online and collect medications personally from the concerned store. Whatever suits the customer the best.

Track nearest partner store

This empowers the customers to connect with the stores in the vicinity and order from there in order to get even quicker delivery.

Shipment following

The application must give a client a tracking id of his medicines, with the assistance of which a client can keep a tab on when the order will arrive at his location.

In-application calling

The application must have an element that empowers the customers to straightforwardly call the pharmacist and place orders through the telephone.

Number veiling

This feature helps in protecting the identity and privacy of the customers as their contact numbers are not visible and are not shared with anybody from the pharmacists to the delivery partner or other customers.

Multilingual help

Since the client base is wide and contains individuals from all zones, religions, and various dialects, the application must have the option to offer help to them by noting their questions in the language they comprehend. You can build a medicine delivery app that can do it all using a robust Fitness App Builder.

Customer loyalty program

Your customers must consistently feel special and at advantage for utilizing your application or services. In this manner, the applications should offer them loyalty programs or rewards which they can use to buy from the app.


It is important to integrate a customer relationship management system within the application as it helps your business to flourish more by managing customers better.

Order management system integration

This element permits the pharmacist to put together every one of the orders set by the customers through the application.

CMS for publishing content to a blog

This permits the customers or the pharmacist to write on the application.

ChatBot support

This is an AI-driven computerized customer care framework that permits the customers to connect with the application if there should arise an occurrence of any query or complaint.

In-application guide

This component helps the delivery partner to track the customer, effectively arriving at the client's home for making the delivery. Even clients can track the delivery guy and see where he/she is in real-time.

Role-based dashboards

This is for the distinctive administrator and divisions as they can see continuous information applicable to the specific office like data, advertising and marketing, sales, etc.

AI-empowered application

This empowers a superior client experience as they can use their voice to place orders, make picture searches, updates and recommendations on the orders. The patients can also share their health concerns and medical condition with the pharmacist

Constant investigation

This aids the administrator to monitor the live performance of their application like active customers, quantities of sales, shipment, order returns, and more.

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Multi-currency payment support 

The application must allow the customers with the advantages of making purchases in any currency, as there may be guests from different countries who might need to buy medication during their visit to another country.

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Cost of Healthcare application development

The cost of Healthcare application development  depends on various factors like:

  • Development Platform
  • Development Timeline
  • Development Partner Geographical Location
  • The Features
  • 3rd Party Integration, etc.

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