10 Best Social Media Apps Such As Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, And Many More

By Ruchir C.

It's difficult to believe, but 2022 is coming! So what will the world of social media be like in five years? What platforms are likely to be on the rise, and which will be in decline?

The culture of social media apps has seen new heights rise in the age we are officially entering. From being the top social media platform to addressing the problem of information sharing Social media apps list is full of names that people enjoy. In 2022 the different social networks are developing and changing the standard method of adding connections and texts. The top social media apps of 2022 will focus on enhancing the user experience to create the app's secure and private network for various reasons.

The use of social media and marketing on social media is growing rapidly. If you're a marketer, you should use the social media application that's popular with your primary users. It is also recommended to use social media applications that are widely used, like Facebook (the most widely used social media platform in the world). You should know the top social media applications to ensure you're using the right platforms to connect with your targeted users.

This article will review the top 10 most popular social media apps to consider to promote your business on social media.

Do you need to go all-in on Instagram? Could you place a portion of the budget for social media on Facebook and then split the remainder equally between YouTube and LinkedIn? What do you think of TikTok? These are the types of questions that are causing concern for small-sized companies and marketing teams alike.

To help you determine which social media platform is the best for your business this year, we've put together our recommendations for the best social apps platforms you need to consider in 2022.

10 Best Social Media Apps

Social media is an integral part of the lives of many. In the Digital 2022, April Global Statshot Report found that there are 4.65 billion social media users around the world. This is 58.7 percent of the world's population, and many of them use social media as their main source of information.

From news (and information) to lifestyle advice and product research, Social media users can get all the information they require and never leave their preferred platform.

It's not limited to the U.S. (though 84% of Americans use at least one social media site). For example, China is now home to more than one billion social media users despite having around 415 million residents who aren't connected to the internet.


The social media king continues to thrive and will remain the top choice for users through 2022.

Users use Facebook to connect with their loved ones and friends and keep up with the latest news. They do this by making use of different aspects of it. For instance, they could view written updates and read the videos on Facebook Live or in ephemeral videos posted on Facebook Stories. In addition, marketers can buy advertisements on Facebook to get new customers. Recently, users have been allowed to purchase items in person at a shop they found on Facebook named "Facebook Shops."

The top industries featured on Facebook are financial services, e-commerce gaming, retail media, entertainment technology, telecom consumer goods, and auto businesses.

It is true that the News Feed increasingly suppresses business posts. However, there are ways to boost engagement without investing in advertising.

But if you desire to get action from your followers, Facebook ads are an excellent way to achieve this. Think about the possibility of joining (or in the process of creating) groups with chatbots on Facebook Messenger or using live videos to boost your engagement.


It's been the preferred platform for bloggers, brands, influencers, small-business owners, friends, and the rest. As a result, Instagram has topped more than 1 billion daily users well. So if you're wondering if you have a significant portion of your customers spend time on the site, the answer is certain to be a yes.

The people who are on Instagram (and why?): Instagram has become one of the most-loved social media platforms for teenagers or young adults, particularly within the U.S. Its use on the app decreases with age but remains constant for both genders. If your clients are younger than 40, Instagram cannot be ignored.

The content that works best on Instagram, stunning photos, distinctive designs, and unique selfie-style videos that directly speak to your followers and has a consistent theme to your posts, will allow you to make an impression on Instagram.


The first video social media platform YouTube retains its dominance in this market. It is currently the second-most used platform, with 2.2 billion monthly active users.

The potential for reaching on YouTube is unrivaled. 81% of U.S. adults use the platform. The figures are not to be missed.

YouTube is a popular platform with a huge audience across all categories. This includes the hard-to-reach age group of the 55+ population, which is home to 49% of the users on YouTube, second to Facebook.

YouTube encompasses all kinds of content from gaming, beauty, and education to diy home renovations. As a result, YouTube is the best platform that most brands invest in, and video is the most popular medium for marketing via content.


The company was founded in 2009 by two ex-Yahoo! employees. WhatsApp's original purpose was not to create an instant message (I.M.) application but to display "statuses" in addition to the names of every account in a user's address book.

"At an era, it kind of evolved into instant messaging," Alex Fishman, a friend of founder Jan Koum, told Forbes.

This improbable social media app development led to it dominating the unpaid I.M. market. It would also make the app's founders extremely wealthy, the latter due to the $16 billion purchase of Facebook in 2014.

WhatsApp is one of the three social networks with an active user base of more than 2 billion. This is a mark that was reached in 2020. The app's growth rate has been awe-inspiring, with the latest billion users joining within just four years!

Since WhatsApp has been resistant to integrating traditional advertising into its revenue model, this app does not offer the variety of options for marketing that other social platforms provide. But that doesn't mean the app isn't a great source of business value when use as a marketing tool.


With a wide array of features that permit users to use it for anything from text messaging to making video calls to digital processing transactions and engaging in video gaming, there's not a surprise that WeChat holds such a high spot on our list.

It's also a testimony to WeChat's tremendous utility that the app has reached this level of popularity despite being a part of the process of sharing personal information in the hands of the Chinese government through massive surveillance and censorship strategies.

In 2018, 98.5 percent of Chinese mobile users between 50 to 80 registered as WeChat users. In addition, most WeChat users over 60 use more than 50% of all their data via the app.

Social media marketers in the U.S. are contemplating WeChat as a potential marketer. First, it's important to be aware that 23% of Americans who use mobile internet between 18 to 24 are registered with the app.

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As one of the most popular social applications for private texting, Telegram has steadily expanded its users due to its policies protecting its users' privacy. The security features of one of the most well-known online social networks are the reason that makes it distinguish itself from other apps.

From a business standpoint, the most popular social media platforms can interact with their customers instantly. For instance, companies and businesses can build Chatbots using the Telegram platform or use the channel feature to simultaneously send messages to multiple users.

Despite the numerous clampdowns imposed by government agencies on different social networks, Telegram has gained much popularity compared with other popular social media apps on our list of top social media sites. Telegram ranks first in the list of top social media applications.

Telegram can be described as a text messaging application that is used by more than 5 million active users per month. It's a free, open-source, encrypted, and open-source messaging application that is available across Mac, Windows, and Google. Telegram ranks the 9th most popular application on the Google Play Store, with 17.37 million active downloads.


LinkedIn is the most popular social media platform for professionals across the world. It's simple for users to advertise their businesses and also themselves. As a result, users can expand their business connections while connecting with professionals. As a result, LinkedIn quickly earns a spot in the top 10 social media sites yearly.

It is also used to create a social media application to promote marketing. Companies use it to establish their credibility and position themselves as leaders within their field and draw in talented talent. LinkedIn also allows you to promote your company by sending personalized advertisements or boosting content and displaying advertisements on the website.


Snapchat is a platform for images and short video clips (known as snaps) that are shared among friends. It helped make the vertical format popular and spread across for building social media networks such as Instagram and TikTok. However, the growth of Instagram Stories specifically has slowed Snapchat's growth, as well as marketers' desire to use Snapchat to build their brand worldwide.

Buffer is the only tool for social media that allows you to focus on what you enjoy doing for your company.

Yet the majority of US teens say they use Snapchat. If your group is predominantly teenagers, then you must consider using Snapchat. If you're unfamiliar with Snapchat, look at our guide for beginners to Snapchat. If you're unsure about Snapchat and Instagram and Snapchat, we've written an interesting comparison between Snapchat and Instagram for companies.

If your audience is young, you'll need to join Snapchat.

Most active Snapchat users of Snapchat are teenagers aged 13 and older. They spend more than 30 minutes per day using Snapchat.

Snapchat is a savior for user-generated content, behind-the-scenes footage with exclusive offers, and influencer takeovers.


Pinterest, the application where you can create boards of images to help plan your day, has been becoming more popular due to the epidemic. For instance, in 2020, their use beyond America was up by 46 percent.

Businesses need to be aware that Pinterest is now becoming well-known in countries other than the United States. By the end of January 2021, most (23 percent) of users are in the US. The next closest location is Germany which is home to 3.9 percent of users. France is home to 2.7 percent.

Pinterest is a great platform for companies to promote their products. It has the best profile of all social media platforms. 92% of advertisers who use Pinterest believe they have the best reputation of all social media apps.


It's fitting that the "front page of the web" remains in our top ten despite massive opposition and multiple changes to the leaderboard.

Reddit is a paradise for those who are obsessed with niches. Whatever your interests or the subject matter you're passionate about, You're almost certain to find a community willing to help, inform, and even laugh at you.

Established in 2005, Reddit is among the most popular social networks on our list, proven by its striking analogy to old-fashioned forums. The fact that it's been around for so long doesn't mean it has the social network's ability to draw in new users continuously. However, Reddit has maintained an increase in MAU year-over-year of 30 percent.

Reddit is thriving in the US, where 25% of America's adult users use the site to share and read information. Reddit.com has been ranked America's 8th most visited website. It boasts an average duration of 20.06 minutes, which is significantly more in comparison to Amazon, Wikipedia, Yahoo, Twitter, and eBay.

Presently, Reddit has just over 2.2 million subreddits. They are mostly independent communities that operate with little restrictions and no interference with the site itself. This independence is a major factor in Reddit's popularity. As a result, users can form vibrant communities around obscure subjects - which generates an intense dedication to the platform.

Which Platform(s) Should You Use?

Social media is all over the place. Everyone is making use of the platform, from your teen friend who's trying to become a viral sensation on TikTok with the latest dance moves to your 86-year-old grandmother who is using Facebook to find long-lost acquaintances.

However, there are a few platforms that are suitable for all businesses. If you thought you'd get to the conclusion of this article and get an easy solution to what platforms your company should be using, well, you're out of luck.

It's not that there's no answer, but every mix of social media will be distinctive.

Different platforms offer different functions that make them suitable for particular brands and industry sectors.

Are you seeking to increase the engagement of your customers? Grow your reach? Make memorable brand experiences?

You must determine what you're looking to gain from your social media profile and decide which strategy will aid you in achieving those goals.

Be specific, identify the platforms or platforms that your customers are using, and then modify your message to appeal to them.

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In analyzing the data, it's apparent that certain sites on the social web are far more well-known than others. However, all offer something for companies. If you're unsure what platform is the best fit for you, you can do some research to determine which one is the most efficient for your specific requirements. Unfortunately, there's no definitive answer to marketing on social media. Each brand must use several different platforms to reach the people it is targeting.

Understanding the basics of platforms is important before you begin advertising your business on them. Different platforms provide distinct capabilities and functions. For example, many popular social media sites are more suitable for certain brands than other ones.

It is also important to learn about the demographics of users on various platforms. Knowing this information will ensure that your product marketing on social networks will be more effective.

In the end, having as much information as possible about a platform before beginning to promote your brand on it is essential to the success of social media marketing.

Different functions and functions make certain platforms better suited to different brands than others. However, various cultures and legacies are also able to attract certain demographics of audiences.

Develop a solid understanding of each of these factors, and your subsequent social media marketing campaign is more likely to bring the results your company deserves.

Do you want to use social media to earn money? Think about starting a dropshipping company and selling on Amazon using tools like Jungle Scout, or build your blog!

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