10 Travel And Tourism App Ideas

By Ruchir C.

According to Statista, there are 2.2 million apps on Apple's App Store and 3.48 million in the Google Play Store. This number shows how well-known mobile apps have become and how businesses can profit by creating their apps.

If we examine the most well-known Android apps, such as mobile travel apps and local content apps, they have a 95.73% global adoption rate back in.

However, this coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic hit the tourism industry in 2020. The decline in the size of the market for tourism from 1.86 trillion U.S. dollars in 2019 to 1.09 trillion U.S. dollars by 2020, according to Statista information.

However, in 2021 as things began to return regularly, the size of the market reached 1.31 trillion U.S. dollars.

Impact of COVID-19 on the Travel and Tourism Industry

Before the COVID-19 treaty, the field of travel and tourism had grown to be one of the largest sectors of the global economy, with 10% of the world's GDP and more than 320million employment opportunities worldwide.

In 1950, at the beginning of the age of jets, only 25 million people went abroad. In 2019, the figure had surpassed 1.5 billion, and the tourism and travel sector had exploded to the size of a failed economy.

  • International tourism recorded an increase of 4 percent in 2021. That's 15 million more foreign tourist visits (overnight visitors) compared to 2020 (415 million against 400 million). However, as per preliminary figures, the number of international visitors was significantly lower than the previous year, which was a pre-pandemic year in 2019. This is a follow-up from 2020, the year that was the worst ever recorded for tourism. International arrivals fell by 73%.

  • International tourism rebounded slightly during the second half of 2021, with international travel arrivals falling by 62% in the third and fourth quarters compared to levels before the pandemic. Based on the limited available information, the international travel arrivals in December were down 65% from the levels of. It is unclear what the full effect of this Omicron variant and the escalating number of COVID-19-related cases remains to be determined.

  • The rate of recovery is uneven and slow across all regions because of varying degrees of restrictions on mobility, vaccination rates, and confidence in travel.

  • As of sub-regions, the Caribbean was the region with the highest growth (+63 percent over 2020, but 37% less than 2019.), with some destinations nearing or exceeding levels pre-pandemic. Southern Mediterranean Europe (+57%) and Central America (+54%) both saw a notable rebound but are 54 percent and 56% lower than levels of 2019. North America (+17%) and Central Eastern Europe (+18%) also saw a significant rise in 2020.

Types of Travel Management Mobile Applications

No matter the size or category, regardless of size and category, all travel agencies and tour operators have their travel apps to create the best arrangements for travelers as well as provide discounts and other services in addition. Take a look at the most commonly used kinds of tourism management software:

Trip Planning Mobile Apps

In these sections of the app, you'll find all the information you require to plan your trip, from hotels and taxis to trains and buses to flights.

MakeMyTrip and Yatra are some examples.

Flight Booking Apps

The users of this application category to make reservations for flights online, compare prices or pay for tickets digitally with actual-time data.

Kayak, Hopper, Skyscanner, and Kiwi are just a few examples of flight booking apps.

Transport Mobile Apps

Transportation information is available by using these apps. With geolocation, such apps can monitor the user's location and give the most efficient transportation options.

Taxi services like Uber, Taxify, Lyft, and Ola are just a few examples.

Hotel Booking Apps

Users can look for, reserve, and pay for hotel rooms using online applications. Check-in facilities that are computerized, as well as electronic keys, are among the many amenities it provides.

Here are some Examples: Oyo Rooms, Booking.com, Airbnb, and Booking.com.

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How Businesses Can Benefit from Travel App Development Amid Pandemic?

Tourism and travel are one of the strengths and advantages of a nation that is developed. In a developing country such as Malaysia, tourism, travel, and tourism are increasing by 4.8 percent. In addition, nearly 11 million tourists visited Malaysia during the initial half of the year. Technology has made a significant contribution to improving the appearance of several countries in their image, image, and their reputation. With the help of handy devices like smartphones, all the information needed about any location is now accessible through tourism and travel apps or others.

Everything under One Roof

Travel apps provide everything a traveler requires, such as information on the location, ticket reservation costs, restaurant information, and ticket booking facilities with the option to book accommodation taxis, accommodation, and other local attractions. Tourists can also decide when they will visit the area, with the updates provided regarding the weather.

Get Real View Pictures and Videos of Destination

The travel app helps better plan trips. Customers who travel can get knowledge of the destination by using an easy Google search that is integrated into the app. In a Google survey, 60% of respondents said they look up videos on the destination before arriving.

Easy Bookings

It includes booking tickets to reach the destination, choosing the location, booking a taxi for exploring, making hotel reservations for lodging at affordable costs, locating nearby places to go, and more. This is among the main reasons holiday enthusiasts use mobile apps since all booking processes can be completed in one place.

Online Transactions

Online transactions are among the most beneficial benefits for the tourism and travel industry. It is a simpler option for making all payments via the Internet for reservations. Even while traveling, you must hold a lot of cash in your pocket. It is possible to access these apps all day, every day of the year, anytime.

Reviews with Rating Option

Today, people are more dependent on other travelers’ experiences instead of relying solely on more formal information on cafes, hotels, restaurants, or other places. Allow your customers to share their experiences with others and evaluate the sites they visit. Using this feature, you'll have the chance to raise awareness about your service and enhance it in the event of need.

24/7 Availability

One of the biggest problems every business has to face, including the tourism industry, is fulfilling customer expectations in terms of seamless customer service. One of the major benefits of mobile applications for tourism and travel is their round-the-clock support available.

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Travel and Tourism App Development Ideas for 2022

The ideas for travel booking application development mentioned here can help your company gain a reputation on the market. However, for this, all you have to concentrate on is the development of your mobile travel app procedure, as a single mistake could affect the app's functionality.

As a kind of travel and tour software, travel mobile apps are the most popular because people are more likely to use smartphones for their travels instead of laptops or desktops. 60% of smartphone users own at least one travel-related mobile application on their phones, According to eMarketer.

Tour Guide

A popular and popular yet widely-used personalized travel app concept is an itinerary guide. Through this app, tourists can visit a specific city with the ease of a breeze. It is now possible to not have to ask local people or browse for hours to find the most popular destinations to visit. In addition, you could provide a list of the best restaurants or stay at, and many more. In addition, you can also give historical details on a particular site to make visitors more informed.

App for Planning a Trip and Savings

Did it ever happen that you had planned an adventure but were forced to cancel the trip later simply because the costs were high? Consider a plan to reduce costs so that you'll be in a position to save enough money to cover the trip before it occurs. This could be extremely beneficial to those who have to end their trip in the middle because they failed to plan their expenses well.

App for Language Help

This is a different travel app idea you could develop to make a place for yourself in the travel business. The program's primary goal is to assist travelers who travel to new destinations and aren't aware of the language spoken in those areas.

This app can help those who love to shop by assisting them in communicating and asking questions during bargaining. The application can detect spoken words or written text to translate them. It can also be used to snap photographs of words written in a different language and then translate them into the language that is their preferred. The app is accessible in various languages worldwide or even supports different dialects - it's your choice! The app is accessible offline. If internet access is unavailable in the area, users will be able to connect with locals.

Weather Forecast App for Travellers

You should think about creating an application that can provide live weather forecasts for travel destinations. This will greatly assist those traveling to distant locations and areas with various weather conditions.

The app should give you precise information regarding the particular weather conditions, temperatures, sweat, and rainfall. It should recommend the type of wearables you must carry to these locations.

Restroom and Gas Station Finding App

Awareness of the correct road services, like gas station garages and restrooms, is crucial for travelers. This is why it is important to create an app that offers these facilities to travelers. The app must also provide travelers with information on flights and trains about the next train station or flights and the options for taking various routes.

This app will be able to provide information about restaurants where you can fill up your stomachs with traditional foods and places that are worth a visit where you can rest for a bit when you have time. The apps are particularly helpful when traveling with your kids and your family.

City Guide App with Augmented Reality Features

The City Guide apps are highly rated, and for a good reason. They're a fantastic opportunity to get to know about a new place. But what do you think if you could take it an extra step? Imagine if you were able to use Augmented Reality to help you navigate around your city.

Yes, modern mobile app development tools make this feasible. With an app such as this, you can simply point your phone towards a building and receive details about it in real-time. It will also let you know where the top bars and restaurants are.

It's the ideal method of exploring a new city. Also, with such travel app suggestions, you'll be able to keep a big crowd entertained.

Finding a Kids-Friendly Place Using an App

When traveling with children, it's important to locate both enjoyable and secure locations. This is why an app for discovering places for kids is a great idea.

The app will allow parents to find kid-friendly spots near their homes. The app would give information about the location, including:

  • The types of activities that are available

  • The age of children that are allowed to play

  • The price range

  • The score of the place

This app could be an excellent resource for parents and would help them in finding the best spot to take their children.

Book Local Public Transportation

Suppose you are in Canada and are planning to travel to the USA. In that case, You might not be aware of the cheap transportation between London and Paris. In reality, everything is available to you through the local transportation book app. If you're managing a company, this is among the best strategies for creating an outstanding and enjoyable travel application.

Deal Finder App for Travellers

A trip isn't enough without doing some shopping. That's why people always search for bargains or discounts. The traveler with a deal-finder app can address this need.

Suppose users install the app on their mobile devices. In that case, they will receive messages and notifications about attractive sales, new arrivals, discounts, local trends in shopping, and exclusive discounts.

Travel Payment App

Since mobile payment apps are growing more popular, having a specific payment application with the specific features required by people on the move is extremely beneficial. From integrated travel cards with digital payment and ride-booking options to convert currency, a travel-related payment app can be packed with various useful features that travelers require. Are you contemplating how you can create an app for travel that immediately gains traction? Take a look at this idea.

Trends That Will Shape the Travel Industry in Upcoming Years

While full recovery could be a long time coming, reservations are increasing, according to Skift, and the need for travel will grow. A heightened rollout of vaccines, easy testing facilities, and the introduction of new technologies such as travel documents made international travel possible this year. We are confident that in 2022 the travel business will be booming.


Although the future is bright for the travel industry, many questions remain about the disease's safety. According to a recent study by Amadeus, the most pressing concern for travelers is the possibility of contracting the disease during a trip. This is the possibility of being quarantined or self-isolated and cancellations last minute due to changes in the restrictions.

As of 2021, security will become extremely crucial for travelers this year. But, whereas the last year's trends were focused on domestic travel like self-drives, we think that this year's increased security measures will let us take more international trips.


As discussed in The Rise of the Workation, the pandemic has caused massive effects on our work habits and travel. With remote work now more accessible than ever, the potential of working from home provides us with plenty of opportunities to experience the benefits of traveling and escape the confines of home without taking long breaks.

Virtual Tours

Virtual tours -- which should not be misunderstood with virtual reality are 360-degree tours of rooms designed to give prospective guests an idea of the places they would like to visit. Virtual tours allow potential visitors to see the area before making the journey. This can be useful when selecting a hotel so that you don't get disappointed.

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When everything we do is online, people are most likely to use apps to help with their travel requirements. These travel apps clearly explain how modern travelers are trying to locate almost all the assistance they need while traveling via their smartphones. These suggestions are just an overview, and you can extend these concepts with innovative features.

There you go. Our top 10 choices for some exciting tourism and travel app development ideas. We hope you find this list interesting, and it's given you innovative travel app concepts to think about to develop your application.

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