12 Best Food Delivery App London List (2022 Edition)

By Ruchir C.

The United States is a world leader in innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship. They are leaders in many areas, including medicine, science, business, and politics. They often impact the rest of the world through their technological advancements. The US is a leader in technology with its online food ordering and on-call service.

They were the first company to offer fast online ordering. They are one of the most prominent names in online restaurant ordering.

It's easier than ever to have delicious, healthy, freshly prepared food delivered to your doorstep. You can download one of the best cheap food delivery apps and place your order. The driver will then arrive to deliver the food.

These apps are beneficial not only to the users but also to the developers. Businesses can use these apps to cut costs, increase user experience, improve online presence, and many other benefits. Developers can also make extra money by selling their apps.

Restaurants focus more on customer service because of the increase in online orders and delivery.

Top 12 Best Food Delivery Applications London List – 2022 Edition

Good food service companies know that their customers deserve the best and must deliver them at the right place and time.

Below is a list of reliable and trustworthy companies that can deliver food to your door at the right time.


This application has been a top-rated food ordering app in the UK since its launch in 2015. It's also one of the most popular start-ups. Amazon also believes in it. This application was created to offer the best service possible, make it easy to order food, and allow more people to rent bikes.

Delivery is not the only app that delivers food in the UK. However, it is still an excellent option for potential employees. Deliveroo aimed to increase the number of restaurants and products you can place online orders for. Deliveroo is an excellent option to have lunch delivered to London. Deliveroo uses machine intelligence algorithms to determine the most efficient routes to deliver orders. This helps to reduce the time it takes to deliver them.

Just Eat 

Just Eat allows users to order delivery via their mobile app. Restaurants can also hire their delivery personnel through the Just Eat mobile application. It offers many options, including vegetarian, gluten-free, and halal food options.

  • JustEat can be downloaded for free on both Android and iOS.

  • Just Eat was founded in 2000.

  • Statista says the app is compatible with more than 5,000 restaurants in 24 countries.

  • Just Eat has 60 million users.

  • To offer different types of food for customers to choose from.


Door Dash works in the same way as Grub Hub. You can order food at a local restaurant and deliver it home. Although Door Dash may not be as readily available as Grubb Hub, it is an excellent option for ordering food, and the app is simple.

They are available in more than 800 cities across America and Canada, including Atlanta (GA), Seattle(WA), Boston (MA), New York City/NYC, and Chicago (IL).

One Delivery

It is a large delivery company that delivers food to all corners of the globe.

In 2013, the business was founded. The business grew steadily up to 2015 when it expanded into new markets. It now offers food delivery from hundreds of locations throughout the country.

One delivery company works with major chains like KFC, McDonald's, and Burger King across the country.

The app allows you to track and order your delivery orders. Their app makes it easy to place orders.


Quiqup will compete for the title of the best online restaurant delivery service in London. This start-up has put much work into its technology. The start-up offers meals from restaurants as well as products from retailers. You can choose from same-day or on-demand delivery, and a driver will arrive at your door within minutes. Quiqup is a fast-growing online ordering service in the UK. It has an excellent reputation with both customers and restaurateurs. Quiqup's wide selection of products and excellent customer service are rapidly growing in popularity all over the globe.


GrubHub allows you to order food from restaurants via a mobile or web platform. Companies that use their service offer corporate plans.

GrubHub is used by nearly 20 million people every month. There are almost 100,000 restaurants on GrubHub. Google Play is home to approximately 10 million+ apps. GrubHub and Seamless were announced in 2013. It's available at thousands of locations in the US and UK.

#Latest GrubHub Key Statistics

  • Grubhub's revenues grew 39% from 2019 to $1.8 billion in last last years.

  • GrubHub had a net income in 2019 of $155 million, its first year after it was sold to Delivery.com for 2 billion.

  • Business of Apps reports that GrubHub boasts 31.4 million monthly active users.

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Domino's Pizza

Finding anyone in London who hasn't heard of Domino Pizza is difficult. It has been around for many years. Pizzas are a favorite food among everyone. This program allows you to make unique pizzas.

It can be improved by making it more user-friendly. It's easy to use and intuitively designed. You can create your pizzas in a matter of minutes, and they'll be ready for you to enjoy within an hour.

This food delivery London app allows you to choose from a variety of payment options. These include PayPal, credit cards, or paying with real money at delivery. This is why the app is one of the most used in London for ordering food.


Jinn is a well-known restaurant app in the United Kingdom. It goes beyond just restaurant delivery. The project employs self-employed couriers who can deliver almost any item you may need from local shops. The application is easy to use and offers competitive prices. This makes it a popular choice for many customers who don't want to cook. According to the business, their couriers are the fastest in the country. This allows you to have your meal delivered to you within minutes.


Londoners have access to many options thanks to Zomato's unique service. The user experience is also highly praised, as well as the ability to view reviews and place orders. Zomato Gold membership is a great way to get into London's top three best restaurants. Members get exclusive discounts and other offers. We cannot ignore the fact that Zomato is 100% customer-centric. Its popularity and excellent reputation are reasons we recommend it.


Talabat was established in 2011 and quickly rose to be a leading UK food ordering app. They have partnered with many fast food chains and coffee shops. Their mobile app makes it easy to order food online. We highly recommend their service. It is easy and reliable.


Fine Dines provides high-quality dining at affordable prices. The company employs its delivery staff rather than freelancers. This gives it an advantage over other competitors.

You may not be able to get coverage in some regions of Japan. However, you can confirm your location by checking the box "Confirm Delivery Area" when you check out.

Macro Meals

Macro Meals offers next-day delivery and nationwide delivery. It is rated highly by its customers.

You will receive fresh food every time you order from them.

You can also request customized meal plans that are tailored to your needs. This is done to ensure that their customers have the best possible experience.

Delicious meals are made from fresh and local ingredients.

It is not easy to develop an app for food delivery services.

Pros and Cons of Food Delivery Application Development

As we can see food delivery applications have marked their success journey. Businesses are entering food delivery app market to generate profitable ROIs and enhance customer base. These food delivery applications are not only beneficial for restaurants or café, but they have also opened job opportunities. People can be a part of this success journey by becoming a delivery partner for these application. But whats the best food delivery service to work for? And why it is beneficial to partner with food delivery application? Now, look at the pros and disadvantages of on demand food delivery applications.


Online Reach is Wider

Online platforms such as DoorDash, SkiptheDishes, and UberEats allow restaurant owners to reach a wider audience than they would otherwise.

Transport Fleets Access

Online grocery stores can outsource the heavy lifting instead of investing in trucks and managing delivery teams. They outsource most of their logistical and HR tasks to third parties for a commission per order or a monthly fee per client. They can reduce their operating costs by outsourcing online grocery store operations.

Avoid Crowd

Delivery apps can be a blessing when large restaurant crowds on weekends or holidays and people have long wait times in line. Order food from a quiet area of your choice, away from crowds and hustle.

New Ordering Interface

Speed is a critical factor these days. Online technologies make life much easier than ever. People expect fast and efficient online food delivery services.

Restaurants are increasingly turning to online ordering. This allows restaurants to serve customers who cannot come to their location during these times.

Connecting with customers

Online ordering is a great way to save all your client details. This allows you to retain clients and build solid client relationships. Online order and delivery systems make building a comprehensive client database accessible. This will allow them to identify repeat clients, their likes, and repeat orders. Swiggy, Zomato, and other online ordering and delivery platforms keep all customer records. These online ordering and delivery systems can help you retain existing customers.

Restaurant owners can also communicate directly with existing customers. You can also send customized emails and SMSs to your existing customers, informing them of new menu items and special discounts. These communications will not only increase client loyalty but also help to improve sales figures.


Hidden Increased Expense

We are always drawn to tasty-sounding deals and small banners offering cashback.

We forgot to consider that cashback is not the same as the actual cost of the item purchased.

Expensive delivery

Due to additional delivery costs, differential pricing is preferred by most restaurants. The distance the customers live from the restaurant will affect the delivery charges. Delivery charges vary depending on the distance the customer lives from the restaurant. This might not be feasible for customers and could cause them to cancel their orders.

Compromise with the Food Quality

Online food ordering is more convenient than eating at a local restaurant. However, online food orders are usually shipped in plastic containers. If the shipping takes too long, food might become cold. This is one of the disadvantages.

Some foods may take several days to arrive due to long distances. Hot dishes will be served to you when dining out.

Irregular & Limited Menu

You may not get the food you ordered last time. This is because of an error in the menu. The customer can go to another app or restaurant because of it. Because there are so few options, it becomes challenging to find the right food.

Minimal Control Over the Customer Experience

Restaurants cannot do anything about online food ordering platforms that have problems or customers who experience friction while placing orders. Restaurants cannot control the delivery service outsourced to them. However, they can't guarantee the food arrives at the correct time and in good condition.

Health Issues

It is always great to eat out, especially if you get a freshly prepared meal. Before ordering, let's ensure that the restaurant offers quality service and freshness. It is also essential to ask about hygiene standards during food preparation.

There are risks when you order food online. You might get sick from junk food.

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The Key Takeaway

Digitalization has opened up many opportunities for advancement. Apps are also highly anticipated.

Food delivery apps such as Uber eats alternative in UK allows people to order food online and deliver it right at their door are becoming increasingly popular. These apps allow users to order whenever and wherever they like.

It can be difficult for people to share their location. A geolocation service can help people pinpoint their exact location from their phones.

An app with key features will always be more popular than a mobile application without them. Partnering with other companies can help you offer special deals to customers who order certain items. Each partner can reap more benefits than if they work alone.

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