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By Ruchir C.

Many people like listening to music in their homes at work, while on the go, or while on vacation. In the past, we created our playlists using songs downloaded. Nowadays, users prefer streaming radio on the internet or creating their playlists on the cloud. This is why many companies are looking to develop an app for streaming music.

Technological advances have created an easy way to listen to music via our smartphones. Technology is at our fingertips, and music apps are available so that users can connect and download the app and listen to music! Many thanks for the music streaming app development.

The majority of people around us have at the very least one music streaming app on their smartphones. The popularity and popularity of music apps will keep increasing due to the huge interest displayed by the current generation in music, which means that the owners of apps could make a decent income. There will be an enormous demand for such apps that play music on demand in the coming years.

What is a Spotify streaming app?

Spotify is a video and music streaming application that lets users search for any artist, song, album, or genre. Users can share their favorite tracks or include them in playlists or collaborate with colleagues to make compilations.

The Spotify app first came out in the month of October 2008. The concept is attributed to two close friends, Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon, who developed the idea from their empty living space in Stockholm, Sweden. It allows access to every music around the globe at anytime and anywhere.

Music Streaming App Market Overview

The popularity of music streaming apps is due to their popularity because of their convenience. Let's take a look at some interesting stats.

  • The market for music streaming worldwide is predicted to reach $10 billion by 2023.

  • The median revenue per user is around $26.

  • Spotify boasts a 36% market percentage of its music streaming users.

  • Apple says that it has 60 million customers paying for an Apple Music membership.

The music streaming market is very promising. But, it isn't easy to compete against platforms like Spotify and Pandora. These platforms have invested more than five years, building up an audience and becoming what they are today. They invest significant dollars in artificial intelligence and machine learning to create music streaming applications capable of suggesting tracks, artists, and albums.

Advanced Features of Music Streaming Applications

An article centered on the development of streaming music apps is not complete without mentioning the features that should be available in the mobile application.

When we talk about the music streaming applications' capabilities that should be added to your brand's app, it's helpful to understand the features available in the most popular mobile apps within the music streaming category.

Here's a listing of features that should be included in your music streaming application This list includes features that should be included in your music streaming app


The addition of a registration function will depend on the business model you choose to use. While you may consider providing your users with a cost-free open service that doesn't require the users of your app to log in using their login credentials. More often than not, companies use the freemium model.

For a freemium model to work, it's essential to obtain logins from users to allow them to switch between free and premium.

Social Media Sharing 

Allows users to follow their favourite artists and stay up to date with any new collection. The app's developer on mobile can allow users to follow their friends and share the playlist. Additionally, tracks come with an option to share via social media. By using this method, smart advertising and promotion developers can gain more engagement from users.

Music Streaming Offline

It's not only important that music is heard online. This feature is essential for music streaming app development. Users might not be attracted if the app is being developed that doesn't support offline music playback features. It's best to use the devices to save music in the cache and offline. This feature can be useful in areas with low connectivity.

Create a Search Bar 

This is the main aspect of your streaming solution that allows users to navigate their searchers efficiently. As they are logged into the platform, potential users could use the search bar and locate audios rapidly to find what they are seeking.

Device with OS Compatibility

When you're planning the future to introduce your best audio streaming service, you must ensure that it will be compatible with a wide selection of music devices you plan to provide it to. It is easy to install your music app across a range of devices from laptops to tablets, mobiles, smart TV applications, or media boxes is an essential prerequisite.

Spatial Audio

With spatial sound, musicians can combine music into an immersive experience. It can also let listeners feel as if they are within the music. Apple, Amazon, and Tidal have already adopted this feature and let users listen to their music using Dolby Atmos, which creates the most realistic 360-degree sound effects.

Uploading Media

Be sure that the music you upload is kept separate from playlists. When you search for uploaded music, you must change between the tabs for music and the one with the music you have uploaded.


The user-friendly navigation lets users browse and add tracks to their playlists or library. Also, add advanced search options. People are expected to be able to locate the artist's name not only by name or album title but also find music by mood or genre. It's also beneficial to let users see their searches record.

Social Media

Many people like to share music they enjoy via Instagram or Snapchat, and Snapchat. Therefore, integration with social networks is essential. Users will be delighted to be able to use this feature, but it also helps increase awareness of the brand.

Well-thought-out UI

It's important to mention it as an additional feature since UI is an aspect that could determine the success or failure of your application. If you're looking to create an application for music streaming that is well-known and profitable, consider making your user experience simple and seamless. It should also be visually appealing and easy to use.

AI Recommendations

Naturally, listeners pay attention to the latest suggestions of curative playlists arranged according to style, mood, and other elements they like. Music streaming app builders could benefit from this effect and enhance the user experience.

Lyrical Display of Music

By incorporating lyrics of songs on your music on-demand application, you can customize the user's experience with a greater sense of curiosity. Since it's AI-enabled, you'll have the option to display the lyrics continuously as the music plays to keep your customers interested in your music application.

Licensing Requirements for a Music Streaming App


In order to enable users to stream music online, you have to acquire license for music streaming on your application.

Public Performance Rights

In the beginning, you'll have first acquired Public Performance Rights. This agreement between the app's proprietor and music creator or any other agency holds the copyrights to the music piece.

To comply with the copyright laws for copyright in the USA. To comply with the copyright regulations in the USA, you must obtain authorization from ASCAP and BMI.

ASCAP (American Society of Authors, Composers, and Publishers) is a non-profit entity that manages the work of independent artists that are not affiliated with large corporations like Sony Music and others. BMI Broadcast Music Inc. is a performance rights company that acts as an intermediary between the music industry and the creators and artists.

In Europe, you can purchase a license at SESAC (European Stage Composers and Authors). It is essential to check the copyright protection agencies available in the market in the country you are visiting.

Sound Recording license

Additionally, you may obtain a Sound Recording license, a contract that regulates the recording rights. Spotify is an example. It has licenses from major record labels, such as Sony Music Entertainment Group, Universal Music Group, and Warner Music Group, which grants it the legal right to share the content of these labels.

Music Genre Suggestions 

According to the person's preference when signing in to the app, the music streaming application will suggest music and songs following the chosen language and the user's age. Initially, but will gradually increase the number of songs based on the users' preferences shortly. It will be based on an easy algorithm based on the choices suggesting similar choices from the types and groupings.

Streaming Music Offline 

Although the main characteristic of the application for streaming music is the ability to stream music online, many users enjoy listening to music offline too. Being offline allows them to listen to their favourite music, even with a weak internet connection. Offline mode can be beneficial for users to make a playlist of music that they can listen to any time they want.

Hire App Development Team to Build an App Like Spotify

There's no doubt about the services Spotify provides to you since it contains millions of songs available in its exclusive collection. It offers an endless selection of music audio tracks where there's no cost for a specific amount of their services.

Suppose you're looking to be part of the race to create a robust and proficient podcast streaming platform. In that case, the following are the most important steps you must follow when creating a captivating podcast for yourself to reap the advantages.

Choose a Service Type of Audio Streaming 

The first step is to choose the type of streaming service you'd like to offer your prospective customers. It's all about the attractive service facilitated by intelligent content curation with huge catalogs and the highest quality audio quality built-in audio streaming software.

Streaming Platforms of Music & Podcast

This is said to be the best audio streaming service compared to others. It will provide access to your users with a vast collection that is organized in a music library or listen to podcasts here. Based on your specific conditions, whether they are paid or free, users can listen to music or listen to podcasts that they prefer.

Platforms for Distribution of Audio Streams

Then, you have to determine what platforms you'd like to offer to your loyal customers while creating a music streaming site. You can also build your app for the brand-named for streaming audio, delivering its sonic experience to all users across the globe and providing a pleasant experience. It doesn't matter if Spotify, Pandora, or Apple Music seem to gain the most praise for every service they offer. This is a reason to encourage broadcasting entrepreneurs to consider ways to launch their music-based audio websites or application.

Monetization Model of Music Streaming Applications

The market for music apps is growing at a rapid rate. Among the top live streaming services, Spotify has a market share of 36%, while Apple Music has about 60 million users. These staggering numbers show one thing: music streaming apps on mobile devices remain in the game and grow their reach each day.

To achieve similar outcomes as market leaders, businesses must seek a business model that will give them sustainable growth and the chance to grow.


The monetization model consists of two kinds:

  • Freemium. Users get the standard features of music apps with a free account. However, users cannot gain access to premium features, for example, recording tracks offline, playing tracks with high-quality sound, or making playlists.

  • Test period. The Tidal music app uses this model of monetization. Before beginning the trial, the user must enter the details of their cart. The app will automatically charge a subscription fee at the end of the trial period.


Running ads is a classic way to make money from an app that is free to use. To run ads within your app, you can charge for the following expenses:

  • Cost-per-mile. The advertisers are paid for advertising for at least one thousand users

  • Cost-per-view. The advertiser is charged per view of their advertisements

  • Cost-per-action. Advertisers are only charged fees if the app user performs an action that is targeted after seeing an advertisement. This could include visiting an online site, placing an order or placing an order, etc.

Subscriptions and advertisements are common models of revenue for music streaming services like Spotify or Pandora.

  • Revenue from transactions. The ability to collect transaction revenues whenever the user purchases something through your app. A good instance is the Pandora app, which lets users purchase tickets the app through their partner Ticketfly the marketplace for events.

  • Live streaming and karaoke. Tencent Music Entertainment (TME) is a Chinese streaming company that has invented this monetization method that earns the TME app about 70 percent of its revenues. Karaoke is a feature that costs money that lets users perform karaoke and stream live. While doing so, users of other apps can purchase and transfer coins to their favourite singers during live streaming.

  • Pay-per-view content. Instead of providing access to all the songs in the catalogue, it is possible to sell specific albums and songs on your application. Therefore, if an individual wants to listen to a particular album or track, it is best to charge for the privilege. Google Play Music and Apple Music employ this particular way of monetizing strategy.

Tech Stack for Music Streaming Mobile App Development

Here is a list of different technology stacks you need to use to build an uncompromised and perfect stream of live entertainment on a mobile application

  • Language used: Java, Python, Kotlin, Swift4

  • UI/UX design: Angular JS, React JS, Cloud storage: AWS, Google Cloud, Azure

  • Payment integration: Braintree, Stripe Braintree, PayPal

  • Real time analytics: Hadoop

  • Web app development: HTML5, Bootstrap

  • App testing: Fabric, CrashAnalytics, Jira

  • Push Notifications: Twillo and Bandwidth

  • Data Management: Datastax

Music Streaming App Development Cost

The price of developing an online, desktop, and mobile app is an enormous undertaking. It takes a lot of time and money to create an app successful in music streaming. The process begins by deciding the type of app you wish to create, i.e., web application or progressive web app, mobile application (Native and Cross-Platform), and many more.

If you choose the previous option, you'll need to choose the technology stack you wish to develop your app. The various tech stacks are PHP for web application development, Flutter, React Native for cross-platform applications, Java or Swift for Android or iOS mobile apps, etc. Each technology has its advantages as well as drawbacks. You must learn about the hybrid vs. native web application comparison before making the right choice.

It is then time to choose the features and the complexity of your app. A simple application will take less development time than an app with more features. Add the total number of hours by the hourly rate for developing a mobile application business, and you'll get your total development costs.

When you realize how difficult it is to find a consistent cost for your app development. We've put together some preliminary information about the various types of apps.

  • Web App Development: $5,000 – $30,000

  • Desktop Application Development: $4,000 – $20,000

  • Native Mobile App Development: $6,000 – $45,000

  • Cross-Platform App Development: $4,000 – $35,000

This is only a preliminary price range that could be altered depending on the idea's scope. To receive a quote from a mobile application development company, you must discuss the idea with their team of developers and then provide an estimated price.

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In the article, we've looked at ways to create a music live streaming Android application and the same solution for the iPhone. According to the statistics, the music streaming app demand has increased. Consequently, this is a great area to invest in. Now you know the technologies and specialists you'll require, what you should consider when developing an application, and what monetization strategies to employ. The only thing that we've not considered is selecting the right contractor. Consider the reviews, their experience portfolio, price, and experience.

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