Ultimate Comparison Guide of the Best Live Streaming Platforms

By Ruchir C.

Streaming TV world and streaming services allow you to watch movies and shows without ads, depending on how much you spend. Streaming anything you'd like on streaming services such as Netflix, Disney Plus, or HBO Max or a niche streaming service designed for children or those who love movies, anime, or reality television is easy.

There are more options than ever before, and they're always evolving. Disney has revealed an ad-supported edition of Disney Plus, for instance, and a price increase for its other plans by 3 dollars a month starting in December. In the meantime, Netflix with ads will be coming soon, too.

The cost of streaming is likely to be frequently changing based on which services are worthy of your time and money. Your choices will likely be based on the original shows and films you'd like to watch and how important an archive of earlier streaming TV shows is to your needs, whether you have to think about kids, roommates, or sports fans as your budget. Certain services provide less expensive options (like Peacock's free option); however, others are almost entirely free when you purchase bundles (like ESPN Plus in the Disney Bundle). Looking at the hype of live streaming app market, the demand for streaming app development has also increased.

What is a Live Streaming Platform?

Live streaming platforms are web-based application, a site, or application that allows users to stream live video. Viewers can see it live when you upload a clip on the site.

What is a quality service for live streaming? At a minimum, the service must provide video hosting and management tools. The service should also include the basic tools for embedding, analytics, and the ability to monetize.

Each of the platforms in our list also includes an element of social and part of the social media network. This allows users to follow you or join your account to receive notifications whenever they are live.

The Growth of Live Streaming for Businesses

Live broadcasting isn't a new concept in the professional realm, but it has evolved dramatically.

The growth of the live streaming business began in the world of consumers and independent content creators. The first indication of its expansion was the rise of live streaming on social media services such as Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and YouTube Live, which quickly became popular. Once everyone was aboard the train of live streaming, it was impossible to stop it!

Many companies adopted the same strategy, determined to make money from the ever-growing live streaming market. However, they had one issue -they needed to be more suited to their requirements. Professionals required more features and safety than independent producers, and these streaming platforms needed to be able to meet their needs.

The growing demand for professional solutions to stream lives resulted in new premium, high-quality live stream platforms.

Who Use Live Streaming Platforms Frequently?

Many content creators and professionals use Live streaming services to earn money and connect with their viewers. Many large brands have their presence on streaming websites, and some professionals earn their whole income from monetizing social media platforms. Here are some of the most commonly used live streaming apps for Live streaming services.

Speakers and Trainers

Life coaches, public speakers, online trainers, and other experts in the subject matter field use streaming platforms to advertise and distribute services and content. Certain experts in the field have used streaming services to launch an online podcast and earn money by podcasting. Life coaches and personal trainers specifically can profit from streaming platforms by making money from their podcasts.


Gamers use the live stream platforms to stream games and communicate with fellow gamers to share opinions and experiences. Twitch is a well-known streaming platform and an online community for creators of content in the gaming sector.

Businesses and Brands

Brands and businesses use streaming services to enhance brand awareness and advertise their services or products. Streaming platforms offer companies and brands a unique chance to connect with their customers and better understand their audience.


The features of mobile broadcasting are crucial for influencers who must live stream live on the go. Social media influencers use streaming platforms to stream their content in a short time and engage with their subscribers and followers. Live streamers use streaming applications to reach national and international audiences in just two taps.

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Comparing Top Live Streaming Platforms for 2022

The most suitable mobile live streaming apps for you will be determined by how much you can afford, if or not you require streaming on mobile devices, and whether or not you're looking to profit from your content. Every streaming service has policies and limitations for earning profits through your content. If you are planning to make money through monetization, make sure you understand the details of the method you will be the money for your content before selecting which streaming option is the best one for you.

Certain live streaming apps are best suited to specific categories or niches of content. Find out which streaming platforms viewers use to stream your content and find the best niche-specific live streaming applications.


YouTube is at the top of our list for live streaming services because of the sheer amount of users -- 2 billion per month. With so many users worldwide and different age categories, YouTube is one of the most popular live streaming platforms to pick. YouTube discovered that channels with live streams regularly get up to 40 percent more viewers.

In addition to providing wide access to the public, YouTube also provides powerful analytics of your live video. It offers different ways to monetize your videos. Because YouTube serves as a platform for video storage and saves all live streamings, viewers can access the replay anytime. YouTube Live also has a chat function that lets viewers communicate with them and one another during the live stream.

Facebook Live

Few live streaming platforms are easier to understand and use as Facebook Live. Facebook is one of the largest and most well-known social media platforms and offers a live function that lets users broadcast their live streams using just their mobile phone.

Live streaming an event or performance, a community event, or even promoting your business, Facebook Live is an extremely user-friendly and versatile platform that can serve various uses and is accessible to anyone logged into the Facebook feed.

Facebook Live is attractive to many because there is no setup needed. There is no need to install an expensive gaming computer, microphone, or video camera. All you require is a mobile phone that has an internet connection.

Disney Plus

On the heels of Netflix is Disney's entire family that includes streaming services: Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu. Disney+ added 7.9 million users to its service in the first quarter of 2022, while Netflix had lost 200,000 users compared to the previous quarter. One advantage of Disney is that it provides the well-known products Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+. However, the bundles continue beyond that point. They recently announced a new package that will include the opportunity to get a six-month deal that includes Uber Eats. It's not an alternative for every streaming service. However, partnerships with other platforms should be considered as you grow your business.


Vimeo is a world-renowned business streaming, and hosting platform launched in 2004 and has been at the top of the online video market for several years. Although it initially concentrated on the video delivery and sharing enterprise, Vimeo expanded into the live streaming and OTT markets when it purchased Livestream in 2017 and is now one of the most popular streaming companies in the field. It currently serves over 200 million people and has more than 1.6 million users on its offerings.

Vimeo is among the top multi-purpose live streaming platforms and can be used for various occasions, such as online events and webinars, corporate announcements, virtual conferences, and other events. Vimeo broadcasters can experience the full HD and even 4K streams for one of the most affordable costs.

Vimeo's platform has a fully-fledged video CMS and real-time analytics. It allows broadcasters to launch, manage and monitor their streams and performance seamlessly. It also allows multistreaming across other platforms such as Twitch, Facebook, YouTube Live, and LinkedIn. It comes with various tools for user engagement, such as live chats and polls.

TikTok Live

As a social media platform designed to promote viral video content, TikTok presents a great opportunity for live streamers. Although video clips of short length dominate TikTok, there's still room for creators of live videos to reach out to an audience. If your content is targeted at the GenZers (under twenty-five years of age) and you have an appearance on TikTok LIVE could be extremely advantageous.

If you're a fan of TikTok, going live on the platform will help you establish a stronger profile on the site. The majority of videos are under one minute. Therefore, making a live stream for 30 minutes will make your profile stand out. Live videos don't have to be recorded, making your content appear more special.


The Clubhouse is one of the unique and unusual social media platforms. Users new to the platform can only be permitted to join through invitations from existing members or join the waiting list.

Users interact with one another in the app exclusively via the voice chat feature, not using images, videos, and text, as is the case with many other apps. Users can host or listen to or join chat rooms that are audio-based. Members can join Clubhouse's rooms according to their interests, with hundreds of conversations going on at any time.

However, Clubhouse is typically employed as a tool to stream live streams. Twitch and YouTube streamers typically use Clubhouse for streaming since it is a great platform for streamers who want to broadcast only audio streams or provide a different kind of stream to viewers.


Go to the electronics section when you're shopping, and you'll find that Roku is integrated into most TVs. Instead of competing directly with competitors like Netflix or Hulu, Roku embraces the largest streaming platforms, allowing users to download their applications on their platforms. This has led Roku to prominence. Apart from being a middleman between various streaming providers, Roku also provides some live TV channels and content via Roku Channel. Roku Channel. Because the company earns money through partnerships and advertisements, Roku is free to use, a great selling feature.


There's a reason Netflix is now a shorthand for streaming generally. The stalwart service has developed into the top streaming service, a must-have in 2022. When the big-name originals like Stranger Things drop, they attract an audience of millions with awards and critical acclaim, offering us something similar to the watercooler discussions that we can have today.

Although Netflix has seen the loss of a couple of the most important back-catalog shows on other streaming platforms -- including TV shows like The Office to Peacock and Friends to HBO Max -- the streaming service has a broad selection of network shows that are well-known. It has more original films, series, or documentaries than its rivals. New movies and shows are added weekly, and more than 70 new original films were released through the Netflix platform alone in 2021. Netflix is also not afraid to accommodate different tastes by offering games and categories that cater to children, anime, and foreign language films worldwide.

From $10 per month for a basic plan price, the price falls somewhere in the middle of TV service packs, and the standard plan is boosted by $15.50 per month. This comes with HD and two streams simultaneously. Netflix plans to offer ads-supported subscriptions to customers who wish to spend less. However, for the variety you'll receive (and there are no ads), Netflix is still an excellent choice.

Apple TV Plus

When we first declared Apple TV Plus one of the best streaming services, it made it onto the list towards the close of the list, last in the rankings. Since then? We've been returning to Apple TV Plus, whose current hot streak is unmatched, excluding HBO Max. Severance is the most anticipated show of 2022. The Afterparty was an amazing surprise, and Apple TV Plus even took home the top movie Oscar to CODA. For those who say Apple TV Plus is for "Ted Lasso and nothing more," tell them they must go through the best Apple TV Plus shows and films. The channel is offering programs that continue to amaze and delight. In contrast, Netflix is a bit monotonous and dull.


HBO Max can be described as a beautifully designed application that is packed with well-known TV shows and movies. It includes HBO's entire library of DC Universe titles, some of the most popular shows like Friends, Rick and Morty, Sesame Street, The Lord of the Rings, and nearly every Studio Ghibli production. It's also the main destination for the latest Warner Brothers-owned feature films. The service isn't Disney Plus, but HBO Max offers a great streaming library for children, as it can manage ratings on children's profiles more effectively than other streaming services.

At just $10 per month, the service is positioned next to Netflix at the top portion of the streaming spectrum. If you want an ad-free streaming experience, it will cost you $15 per month. HBO Max is ramping up its original content, and we anticipate it will increase in the coming months. While its 8.0 rating is in line with Prime Video, HBO Max regularly releases new content, has a vast back catalog, and has users with smooth and user-friendly features.

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The Key Takeaway

You're probably already familiar with the names listed on this list. However, this list is incomplete. There is a myriad of methods to stream, and many other options are there. While we analyzed these particular stream options, we stayed with certain aspects in our minds.

You're aware that there are many live streaming platforms to choose from based on the required features.

Do you want to promote your events all over the world? You would likely like YouTube Live.

Are you looking to get your social media followers? Facebook Live is likely the method to take.

Looking for a platform to show people your game abilities? Twitch is the right place to be.

Looking for a DIY streaming system with technical specifications? Wowza could be the answer.

Are you looking to make money with live streaming app development and offer your viewers a full branded experience? We'll say Uscreen is the best solution.

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