How Much Does It Cost To Create The Best Real Estate Mobile App?

By Ruchir C.

The use of mobile apps has made our life so easy, and one such area is Real Estate. Finding houses, offices, and other estates are not an easy job and real estate apps offer great help.

Hunting for your dream house is a lot of work. With life being so hectic and distances between places increasing. In such a scenario, apps for real estate can help you. With its use, you can check out the building, society, nearby areas, and so on. It will help you decide whether you want to look at that place in real or not.

The dependency of people on apps has pushed real estate business owners to create real estate apps. Going by the number, searching for houses on mobile has increased by 120%.

That is why it is important for every real estate agent/agency to have an app and multiple listings on it. The app should have features that will make the user’s search easy and convenient.

Confused? Don’t be!

In this blog, we will explore the features you require in your app. It will also inform you of the cost of developing real estate apps.

Benefits of real estate mobile apps


The above graph is for Zillow real estate app. It clearly shows that using mobile apps to look for property is second in terms of popularity and climbing to the first spot. Thus, if you have a real estate business, having a mobile app can really benefit you.

Here Are The Benefits You Yield With Real Estate Apps:

You can have multiple listings in vast areas in an alluring manner.

The reach of your business to the target customer is wide. You can reach both local and international consumers.

Features A Real Estate App Must Have:

Basic features for the consumers

3D view of the property: 3D viewing the property is a great feature to offer to your users. It appeals to them and lets them see the entire property from the comfort of their home.

Favorites: Here they can list all the properties that they are interested in to sort later.

Calendar: To have a proper idea of when users viewed a certain estate. It will help you compare the increase and decrease in prices.

Map: Having an in-built Map will help users find the location of the property easily.

Details of the real estate agent: If the users are able to view the details of the real estate agent on the app, it will be easy for the user to contact them.

Contact or inquire through email/message: The users should have the option to contact the agent for any queries through mail or SMS.

Filters: The app users should have the option of various filters. One filter should be to sort through the price of the estate. High to low and low to high sorting options should be there.

Forums: A forum for discussing properties with brokers as well as other customers should be available in the app.

Features Required for the Customers Panel in the App

Register/Login: Register using email or social media profile.

Profile Verification: The admin will now check the profile for maintaining authenticity.

Property Search using filters: Time to search the property, users can use filters for this. They can also use parameters to find houses according to their requirements.

List/Map view: The feature allows users to check the estates using either list or map view,

Details: When the user selects a property, it should display full information about it on the real-estate app’s screen.

Add a property for selling: It’s an optional feature that you can add in your app. You can let the user list property for renting or selling.

In-app subscription: For listing properties or viewing them, you can ask users for paid subscriptions.

Images: A gallery of images for all the properties that are on the app should be there.

Admin Panel Features

Reports: The report section will handle requests for renting/selling/viewing and purchasing the property.

Managing the user: Admin needs a tab where he/she can manage all users and their profiles. The users vary from sellers to buyers, and so on.

Property Management: Admin handles multiple listings of properties from here. Adding or removing any property is in the admin’s hands.

Converter: A currency converter is also an important feature that lets the user see the price of the property in their currency.

Customer support: Admin has this feature from where he/she can help customers and answer their queries about anything.

Modify Subscription Packages: The feature allows the admin to edit or remove or add any subscription package.

Managing the earnings: Here the admin manages the earnings the business had through the app.

Optional features

Social Sharing: Share the properties that are up for selling/buying/renting on social media.

Blog: Having blogs on your app that has articles related to real estate will definitely attract more users.

Testimonials/Reviews: Testimonials from your previous consumers can do wonders. People like to read reviews and see how happy people are with your services.

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Advance Features You Can Add to Your App for Real Estate

Integrating Geo-location Tagging: It will help users find properties that are nearby. The benefit of integrating this feature is that it will use Geotag or GPS to let the user house hunt using location. Users can use GPS to find homes that are nearby to the location of their office/school.

Calculator: Time is precious and if you want to keep the users, add a calculator. Here the users can calculate the mortgage that they have to pay for the home they are interested in. An in-built calculator will help them calculate their finances easily and not waste time. Also, you can add an interest rate calculator. It will help users really asses his/her finances.

Heat Map: Heat Maps are a new and innovative way to search for houses/properties. It uses different colors and icons to depict various aspects users can use for property searching. They have options like budget, possession date, and so on. It really saves time and effort for the user.

Lead management software: In real estate mobile apps this software will aid you to convert leads into deals. It will make your app more successful and you will reap good revenues.

Push Notifications: Push Notifications are great as they keep reminding users about new properties. Also, you can use them to alert users about discounts/offerings on properties they like. Moreover, it will help your app remain on their screen always.

Mail reminders: Send users custom emails reminding them about the properties they like and new estates.

Use the technology of augmented reality and virtual reality: The rise of AR and VR technology will help you put your app on top. Using these techniques, the user can see how the house will look as they can be there virtually.

Real-time Analytics: It will help admins make instant decisions for running their business smoothly. It will make use of users’ request data, their visit data, and so on for analyzing and making quick decisions.

Integrating CRM solutions in your real estate app: It will really help your business. CRM integration can help you convert more leads. It is because it will take care of users’ needs like- sending emails or alerts automatically to consumers. In short, with this, you will get a happy and satisfied customer.

Integrate ERP (Enterprise Resources Process) Solution: Handling a real estate business online is a huge task. ERP solution will help you tackle this in the best way. It will take care of many large-scale tasks like HR, payment modules, and employee management easily.

Technology Stack for Real estate app:

After you have deiced on the features you want, you need to hire a team of developers who will create your app. Also, they would require technology for the same.

They would require software for all the things mentioned in the above image. According to your needs and your budget, you can choose from the best available options.

Development Process For a Real Estate Business App

The process of developing a real estate app is pretty simple.

Planning: To discover the idea of your app and define the features you want in your app.

Design: Next is to lay out your real estate app design. For this, you need to create visuals, icons, and so on.

Building the app: In this step, your team of developers starts with the construction of your app.

Beta: Now, it’s time to test your app for issues and bugs.

Launch: Time to launch the app and advertise it to full ability.

Maintenance and support: The app will need continuous support, monitoring, and updates.

What is the cost of real estate application development?

The cost of developing real estate mobile apps highly depends on their size and complexities. Also, the location of the team of developers and hours spent on developing the app too influences the cost. Based on hours, features, and region of developers here are an estimation of the cost of developing apps for real estate.

Cost of the app development based on regions and hours:

For US-based developers, the cost will be: $100 to $250 per hour

For Eastern Europe-based developers, the cost will be: $80 to $180 per hour

For India-based developers, the cost will be: $25 to $50 per hour

India is a popular destination for outsourcing such projects. Thus, here is the fragmented view of the cost of app development in India.




Technical work

40 hours


Designing the UI/UX

60 hours


Development of front and back-end

400 hours


Testing of the developed app

80 hours


Keeping in mind the above calculations, let’s estimate the overall cost of developing a real-estate app.

An app with limited features for a single platform will be $10,000 to $25,000

For an app with advanced features and high quality, the cost will be $35,000 or more.

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The real estate business is a booming industry, and by developing a real estate app you ensure that you connect with more customers. An app for real estate will help people narrow down some houses that their agent can show them. It is a lot to invest in, but it will help you get, and engage more users. Make sure you do proper research and hire an app development company that is the best.

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