Create App Like Snapchat As Well As Calculate Its Development Cost

By Ruchir C.

Snapchat is a mobile information application that allows users to share their photos, videos, and other stories. Snapchat is among the most impressive and inspiring examples of how to overcome obstacles in the world of technology. Customers can benefit from Snapchat by snapping photos or recordings and adding captions, channels, or images.

A robust security device can cause recordings and snaps to fall into pieces just a few seconds after being viewed. Children widely use Snapchat, but it is regularly a hit with new socio-economic groups. The second reason beyond the fantastic success Snapchat grabbed our eye is the use of Augmented Reality with the application. With the help of Lenses along with Bitmoji, Snap has become an undisputed leader among other AR applications.

Snapchat was a game-changer within the realm of applications. The app quickly became famous for its enormous popularity in the field. With a large audience, the app has approximately 2 million users.

The story of success has attracted users, as well as entrepreneurs. After seeing the huge profit and the growth potential, entrepreneurs became attracted to the idea to develop an app like snapchat.

If you're one of these business people, the most crucial factor that you should have at the forefront of your thoughts is the cost. Yes! Cost is the most critical aspect of a project's life-cycle and is the element that decides the overall project's overall success.

What is Snapchat?

Initially, the app was known as Picaboo. However, its creators, Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy, changed the name to Snapchat in September of 2011. To make it clear, Snapchat is a mobile messaging application that lets users share and receive pictures, videos, and short stories. Snapchat also allows users to include captions, filters, and sketches to photos and videos.

Videos and images self-destruct within a couple of seconds, thanks to a unique security feature. Snapchat is still widely used by teens. However, it continues to grow to new users daily.

Users can now be more than just following and interacting with their pals on Snapchat. Snapchat provides news and entertainment, games, and the capability to apply fun photo filters, lenses, filters, and various effects to pictures and send the results to your friends.

Market Statistics of Snapchat

There are many social media websites available. However, according to the most recent statistics, Snapchat is the most popular social media platform across France, the United States, and France.

If you're a start-up or a new business, the idea of a Snapchat copy application could be a great idea. You can create your own Snapchat copy, add some additional features, and join in the fun. Check out the below Snapchat stats:

  • In the Snapchat Q4 update, Snapchat had more than 187 million daily active users in 2018.

  • The amount of views per day for videos on Snapchat has increased by 400% from year to year.

  • More than 60 percent of 13- up to 34-year-olds who use smartphones across the United States use the app.

However, there's more:

  • Snapchat's founders didn't care about earning money right from the beginning. But as time went by, the app offered various income-generating options.

  • Snapchat generated 100 million sales in 2015.

  • Snapchat recorded greater than $389.82 million in sales last year.

Core Technologies on Which Snapchat Work

Augmented Reality: Snapchat offers augmented reality filtering to its users to enhance their photos and imagination.

Machine Learning: Technology for machine learning is used in various Snapchat operation areas. The first is the discovery aspect of self-management.

Face Detection: The ability to detect faces is an essential characteristic of Snapchat. It plays a crucial role in framing images and videos and editing.

Geolocation: The Geolocation feature is available. The Snap Map feature available in Snapchat gives you information about your friends' location. It is only accessible if the user allows you permission to view their location.HowHowsd

Do Snapchat App Makes Money? How?

Yes, Snapchat is a business. The Snapchat app also brings in revenue to the mobile application's owner. To make cash Snapchat app allows: Snapchat app lets you:

In-between Ads: Snapchat provides users with 10-second videos to promote their business. This app offers viewers 10 seconds of promotional/advertising on snapchat videos. As a result, Snapchat users can spend more time scrolling and accessing additional helpful content, like blog posts or app installations.

Various advertisements, such as stories, snap advertisements, and video ads, can make great sales for their goods or services. If you want to know more about Ad settings or make ads using this app for messaging, You can contact them.

Branded GeoFilters: Based on the geolocation, the app users have access to the fun and exciting AR filters (augmented reality) available for a month. Snapchat alternative app costs $5 (approx) for the 20,000 square feet of commercial coverage.

The "Discover" feature: Snapchat offers promotional content in the Discover section of its mobile app. I assume that it will cost 15 0.15 per viewer for the Snapchat Live Story. Snapchat Live Story costs 15 0.15 per visit. As of now, the application is partnered with 20 major brand publishers, which include People, CNN, and Cosmopolitan.

Sponsored Lenses: This method is the same as geofilters. Advertising for businesses using their specific lenses will show up at specific places. They can also advertise their events or brand. This kind of marketing is well-known among large corporations.

In-app purchases: The app lets users purchase additional features, such as Replay to feeds, an image, or video that the user already had a look at.

Premium Access: App users can also buy premium access to the latest mobile Snapchat application features and experience new lenses.

Now that you are aware of Snapchat's monetization strategies, it is time to learn the essential function of the app to build an app similar to Snapchat.

Features that Made Snapchat a Hit in the Market

How did they do this? Through constant development of the app and enhancing it with new features. Which features? It's an important question to ask If you're planning to develop an app similar to Snapchat and other apps, so keep reading.


This is undoubtedly the most interesting Snapchat feature at present. Lenses are humorous and have fun visual effects that you can overlay onto your video or photo. Who hasn't seen pictures or videos with ears and dog noses or beautiful flower halos like this one? That's it!


While the snaps and lenses appear to us to be an essential part of Snapchat, this feature goes much further. Stories are images and videos open to users and followers for all hours. Once the timer is over, the carriage transforms into a pumpkin, and stories go away.

It sounds similar. Yes, it is because today, stories are used in Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.


Stickers are attractive images that people can add to their videos or photos or use when chatting. This may appear to be something that isn't important, but we suggest you include it in your chatting apps development scope.


This feature is similar to lenses and stickers. It lets you create graphic overlays based on a specific location or the current occasion.


It's a way to make money with Snapchat. This original Snapchat application lets users pay for their purchases and send money to friends.


Snapchats are pictures and videos that are taken using the application. The ability of Snapchat to self-destruct is what has made Snapchat so well-known. However, Snapchat is also modern and has various tools you can use to alter any content (e.g., filters, captions for text drawings, and others).

Add friends

The guys in the video showed a creative side of things. It is possible to add new friends using their username or number, but it's so old-fashioned. Snapchat provides two more options to update contacts:

  • By using the snapcode (located on the profile page), that can be scanned from a device belonging to another user.

  • By adding snap chatters located nearby.


In the Discover screen, you will see the collection of Stories from various editors (like CNN, National Geographic, MTV, or others). But, you must hurry as these stories will disappear within 24 hours, just like normal Stories.

Video/Audio Calls

The release of Chat 2.0 enabled users to make audio and video calls. In addition, it permits users to share with friends’ video and voice notes, as well as normal snaps.


Suppose you plan to create an app similar to Snapchat. In that case, it is essential to keep in mind that the first was initially designed as a chat application. The guys did a fantastic job by allowing users to chat with unique features (like snaps and a host of other features that we're reviewing soon).

Things to Consider Before Developing an App Like Snapchat

In creating an image or video messaging application, there are a few aspects you must be aware of and not be compromising on. We will now examine these.

  • Validate the idea: You need to examine whether the idea is worthwhile to move forward or not. Before you create the app for messaging, you should ask several people to go over the concept and then work on the concept to bring your idea to the next step. It is essential to comprehend why people will like to use your app and how different it is compared to the other apps.

  • Learn about the audience you are targeting: It is essential to determine who is likely to be using the app and how they will accomplish it. Suppose you have explicit knowledge of the user base. In that case, you'll be able to assess the benefits more effectively and understand the features you should include in the app.

  • The price to develop: Last but not least, you should consider the expense of creating the app before you go forward with the concept.

It is essential to know the back-end and front-end technologies that you'll use to develop. After that, look into the features you'll incorporate in your photo or video share apps. When you have this information, you will be able to comprehend the cost of the mobile application. Also, look into third-party integrations and other elements that you must include when creating a mobile application.

How to Create an App Like Snapchat?

Before beginning the price estimations, it is essential to know the Snapchat app's creative methods.

Check this out...

Study and identify Market Opportunities

A thorough research process is conducted to determine whether the concept is in line with market requirements and the project's estimation. Market competitors are studied to discover their successes, tales, and shortcomings to create a better release product. It is possible to determine the budget, the business requirements, and the team of developers needed to build the app using extensive study.

Documentation of the Project

In the initial stage of the development process, a team of project managers and a business analyst must draft the project documentation that includes all requirements for the app, user stories, and other documents related to the project that explain how your app is working or appears.

Wire-framing and Prototyping

After conducting the initial investigation and documenting, you will be able to develop the app's structures using all the requirements. It is possible to employ a mobile application development firm at this point to design a prototype for the app by illustrating your future app's user experience once it is suitable for further improvements.

Designing UI/UX

The user interface needs to be easy to navigate within the app so that users don't get confused. The designer of the UI/UX will customize the design of the app according to the prototype of the app.

App Development

The team responsible for app development will take over after the design has been accepted and is completed. In the stage of development, the developer will assist you in integrating all functionalities and features of the application.

Quality Assurance

Once the app development process is finished, testing your app across various platforms is conducted to reduce the chance of making mistakes in your application and ensure that the app is running flawlessly.

App Deployment

The team behind the app development will assist you in launching the app on the app store while adhering to the rules of the specific store.

The main development steps for social media apps can take between 4 and six months. The length of time will differ based on the degree of level of complexity and features you select to incorporate in your application.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App Like Snapchat?

The Snapchat smartphone app is believed to be a computer with many functions. Unfortunately, creating an app similar to Snapchat can take more than an entire year and cost a lot also.

The most important thing to consider first is how much the app will cost. We refer to it as "approximate" as the price of developing an app will depend on many factors.

The cost of the mobile app company is the basis for the price of creating an app that is similar to Snapchat. But, don't go to the lowest cost option. Instead, ensure that the final product is uniform.

We estimate that the price of developing an app similar to Snapchat for a single mobile platform could be around $70,000. However, as we say, the decision is yours. It's your responsibility to decide which features your app will include and how similar it'll have to an application similar to Snapchat. You can consult with reputable mobile app developers to determine the price estimation for your app.

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In this digital age, it is evident that most people have abandoned text messaging to use chat, video, or photo sharing apps. Thanks to these apps, people can remain connected to everyone around the world, and they extend over time zones.

If you're developing a photo- or video messaging application, it is essential to think about the various aspects are required to make it enjoyable and effective. But, before you begin the features section, you must ensure that you've confirmed the concept of developing a video messaging application and know whether it is feasible before moving forward with the development.

In a nutshell, how much you will pay will depend on your preferences and taste and the mobile application development company you decide to choose. All you have to do in the beginning to begin correctly is to have your requirements down on paper, set the concept in motion, and discuss it in depth with the company you choose to work with. The rest will come as you get more comfortable with your original concept and follow it with the assistance of professionals.

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