How to Create Your Own Language Learning App Like Duolingo?

By Ruchir C.

Languages have been an integral part of our childhoods since we can remember. Language plays a role in the lives of everyone, regardless of job or race, across the globe. The ability to speak a language lets us communicate our thoughts to those who surround us. All over the world, people are aware of the importance of communication because the world is rapidly becoming an international village. It is vital to master foreign languages to travel worldwide for pleasure or business. With people looking for diverse ways to study foreign languages using their phones, It is crucial to provide them with additional tools for learning languages, such as Duolingo.

The advent of language-learning apps has brought about a change in the field of language learning. Being proficient in multiple languages is considered a plus in many work fields today, which is why there is a steady increase in the popularity of app development for language learning. Many institutions for learning languages are looking at this chance to create a clone of a language learning app similar to Duolingo.

In the case of the Duolingo clone app development, there is a myriad of practical questions pop up. But don't worry. In this article, you'll find comprehensive solutions to each of them.

Why Duolingo is Trending?

Learning online has revolutionized the globe. There is no stopping the growing interest in learning languages. Online learning brought chatbots, too. Chatbots that can be used to communicate are the main reason for the enormous popularity of apps like Duolingo. They have succeeded in helping people learn various languages.

Duolingo is among the most well-known examples of chatbots used in academics, apart from ordering online and taking advantage of the best pizza deal. The Pittsburgh language learning program provides a no-cost platform that has gained many users. Thanks to the success of chatbots, Duolingo allows users to acquire new languages. It also lets users crowdsource translations.

The application for learning languages focuses on providing fast and interactive instruction to users. It helps users master the language's grammar and vocabulary goals. The training can be offered to users via games and puzzles. It also provides a platform that allows users to compete with one another. With chatbots, Duolingo has made an incredible improvement that lets users communicate with chatbots in French, German, and Spanish.

What Is a Duolingo App?

Duolingo offers an internet-based platform for learning languages. It is accessible on mobile and web platforms (iOS and Android). The fundamentals of learning are simple. The main benefit of the Duolingo application and its distinctness from other apps is that it permits anyone to learn a language right from the beginning and explains complex words simply.

Each task is categorized according to difficulty levels. The process begins with identifying words on images and then simply translating phrases. It is completed with a long sentence translation. Users can review other users' translations and then rate them, which is why reliable and trustworthy translations always get a good rating.

Duolingo features that made it famous:

  • A total of ten thousand words, plus more than 23000 phrases in one language.

  • Forty popular languages are English, French, German, Hindi, Portuguese, etc.

  • Improvement in Skill Levels, i.e., anyone can begin learning, whether a beginner or experienced.

  • Skill Tree - A tree consists of all aspects of a language, e.g., basic phrases, grammar, and so on. The user must start at the top of the tree, and the course continues until they get to the bottom of the tree.

  • The lesson is divided into three parts: translating, writing what you hear, and multiple choice fills in the empty spaces.

  • The app also includes Vocabulary lessons that require users to compare pictures with words.

  • The notes tab makes it simpler for users to master it. It contains conjugation tables, grammar tricks, common mistakes such as examples of sentences, and additional notes that can be helpful.

  • The app also includes an extensive library of resources, stories, practice sessions, podcasts, and other follow-up events.

  • Leaderboards can make them more competitive with users where they can compete against other users from around the world.

Working of Duolingo eLearning App

Duolingo functions as an AR that is bundled with a multilingual chatbot showcasing the abilities of speech recognition. This platform for language learning is a virtual assistant for language learning app that operates 24*7 and provides interactive sessions for students worldwide in more than 40 languages.

Innovative and current technologies play an integral function in the Duolingo application. Like the previous version, Machine Learning innovation is included in the application. This allows it to learn from the users while instructing users to improve their skills. Duolingo's apps achieve this by ensuring their content is not just examined and tested with their artificial intelligence-based algorithm.

But it does this by also seeking confirmations from students. The Duolingo app accomplishes this by selecting the correct answers most clients offer and continuously expanding its understanding of the languages.

The logic and the language behind the Duolingo app provide an engaging experience to its users. The users can decipher words, phrases, expressions, and sentences in the language they choose to study in their native language.

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Must-Have Features of Language Learning App Like Duolingo

To create an app similar to Duolingo, you must build a complex set of features that ensure maximum engagement and scalability. Look at the most important features needed to create an educational application.

Sign up

If you are building an app to teach languages, make sure you know the authorization system. Similar to Duolingo, make it easier for users to sign up your users. You can ask specific questions like name, age, gender, email, and password, and then your users are signed up. If you want to simplify the process, we recommend making the process simpler by allowing users to use Facebook and other social networking platforms.

Course and Levels

The users can choose among 100 classes related to 40 languages. Users can choose the pace they would like to progress in their learning. That means they can decide which language they would like to study on a weekly, daily, and monthly basis.

Gamification Process

Gamification has been used the word "gamification" many times over the last few years. What is this? It is important to know everything regarding this function if you're looking to create a Duolingo-clone application. This feature is what makes an app similar to Duolingo appealing. Two of the most popular areas where Gamification is a possibility are:

  • Levels: The elements such as animation and sound effects are part of the Gamification feature. These elements create a screen that is super-interesting.

  • Achievements & Badges: This feature creates excitement for the user after finishing the course. When you've completed the course or task, you will be awarded an award along with other rewards. It's more exciting to know that the leaderboard screen where the top performers are shown.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is an excellent method to let users communicate with their tutors and ask their questions. Integrating this feature into your language learning application will improve your users' learning experience. It will also help in boosting your user's confidence.

Language Courses & Levels

These tools are used to assess a person's language level or proficiency to offer them suitable classes and goals to reach. The system should also incorporate features for personalization, allowing users to create their learning plans.

Chatbot with Voice Recognition

An essential requirement to have a functioning application to learn languages is a multilingual chatbot available 24/7 that is equipped with speech recognition. This is not only to help with teaching but also to improve the effectiveness of the application through machine learning.

Business Models for Developing an App Like Duolingo

Okay, you've found evidence that an app for education is an excellent idea for a start-up. However, developing it calls for the investment of money, and you'd like to learn how to build a profitable app. Let's take a look at the primary revenue sources that you can make use of.


The app is free. However, it comes with many more features to its sleeves. Suppose users wish to make the most of the Duolingo-like app. In that case, users can upgrade to the premium app with a monthly subscription cost.

Paid application

Your application is paid by default. Any users who wish to begin paying for it must do so. On one side, you make money from it. However, many people do not want to pay for an app that is paid for even though there are no-cost apps from competitors. In this scenario, your chosen app should include distinct and appealing features.

In-app Purchases

This type of model is ideal for educational apps. Users can pay for specific services and content. For instance, they can begin to study Chinese, and should they wish to move to the intermediate level. They must pay the amount required.


Other companies that are relevant to them may use your app as a platform to promote their products. You will be compensated for the ad shown within your app.

Steps to Build an App Like Duolingo

Before starting something major, it is essential to create an appropriate plan. It is important to ensure the proper execution of the concept. Below are the points that can be used to create an online app for language learning.

Select Your Budget

First of all, you should examine your budget. Following your financial plan, things will be planned in the future. After you've selected your budget, you are now able to begin the development of your app.

It is essential to create a budget before developing an app for online language learning, as many great apps fail due to poor budget management. Most people invest money into the development of apps. They ignore the final stages of advertising and promotion. There must be excellent financial management at every step of the development process.

Define the Feature Set and Make the Requirement List

Create a list of features for your application with your development team.

Be aware when choosing the features, you will use in your app. It is important to be mindful not to overload users with many options. It can make the user experience confusing and can cause a decrease in user satisfaction.

If your team decides to go with the MVP option, then it's important to select the most important features that you want to use. How do you go about this? We've put together a thorough guide to MVP software development, incorporating the top practices by successful entrepreneurs.

Front-End Development

There is front-end development technology that is open-source and some which aren't. Also, the price differs based on the one you choose and the hourly rate for the front-end developer you choose to work with. These elements are the main factors in the development cost of apps like Duolingo.

Backend Development

The choice of a backend development platform can determine the overall cost associated with the development. Different languages for growth and hosting services and frameworks come with different prices.

Test Your Application

When you are proceeding forward to build a Duolingo clone app, it is important to examine it for any bugs and ensure your application is free of errors before launching it to the general public. At the beginning of developing your app, QA will expose you to the flaws and holes in the app.

Launch and Market Your App

After successfully testing your mobile application, it's time to launch your application for language learning. But, establishing a single application isn't the end of the story and not the beginning of your company.

Average Cost of Developing a Language Learning App Like Duolingo

A learning app with an essential feature could cost between $10K and $30K if you want to create it for only one platform, such as Android or iOS. If you plan to make it for a hybrid or native platform, it will cost approximately $50K.

If you've gotten an estimate of the education app development cost, you should know that there isn't any exact price. It could be lower or higher depending on the advanced technology and features. In addition, various elements affect the cost of developing an application like Duolingo.

Top Competitors of Duolingo in the Market

Anyone trying to learn a new language online has had a glimpse of Duolingo, the most well-known language learning platform that's not only free but offers hundreds of languages, including endangered ones such as Zulu Xhosa.

Although it's often the first to download a language program, Duolingo may not be the best choice for all users, particularly for serious students.

Despite the claim of Duolingo that the 34 hours spent on Duolingo is equivalent to a semester's worth of learning during college, many did not find it enough to help them become proficient.

It doesn't mean that Duolingo is an unfavorable app, but. It's a fantastic application that has made learning languages accessible to most people.


LingoDeer is the most suitable alternative to Duolingo, particularly if you want to master Asian languages such as Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. The courses of LingoDeer are developed like Duolingo; however, it comes with numerous useful features, such as character drills, grammar tips, and conversation practice.

The lessons are organized into small chunks of content that will help you reach the intermediate grade (around B1) within 15 minutes of daily instruction. In simple terms, If you're seriously interested in learning a new language but aren't interested in attending traditional schools for language learning, LingoDeer is the best option.


Babbel is an excellent alternative to Duolingo If you want to learn lessons in a structured and engaging way. It employs the so-called "Babbel Method," which Babbel claims is the most efficient way to engage in real-world conversations.

One of the great things about Babbel is that it has various learning methods for one language based on the level you are at and your learning goals. There is also the option of a live class which allows you to learn from real tutors. Babbel can teach 14 languages.

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The Key Takeaway

We are aware of how many people have difficulties with their speaking. Every time we visit a new area, we should master their language to communicate efficiently. It's also outdated and costly to attend in-person classes when one can get services available at your leisure.

Online learning has exploded in the years following 2020, and the industry is expanding continuously. No matter if it's an app for eLearning or an online language learning application. Online users are searching for solutions to everything. Technology is evolving daily to offer users the most efficient services.

This is why the perfect mix between technology as well as the demands of users has led to this new Duolingo idea solution development. So, if you're planning to launch a new app development company and are thinking of this, it is surely the right time.

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