Take The Initiative In Developing A Mobile App In The Genre Of Music Streaming Services

By Ruchir C.

Over the past few years, there has been a dramatic shift in music consumption trends. Numerous apps with advanced features have entered the app store due to the development of technology in the mobile platform.

On iOS and Android, a plethora of music streaming applications are also accessible. Music fans may now access the data for low prices, making it easy to download the app immediately, increasing the no. of app users whenever they want to listen to their favorite song. Because of this, music streaming apps are growing in popularity. Companies are attempting to get into this lucrative set to increase profits too. How do you get your music app to be so well-known and well-liked?

It is a business idea that's a unique chance to participate in a developing market with various specialties for app owners and mobile app developers. The pandemic has made the market appealing. According to the TIME group, first-quarter 2020 subscription revenue increased by 70%.

A trusted app development team is Idea2app. We can impart our experience and app idea so you will understand how to create your music streaming software and where to start with the basic features.

The Market for Music Streaming Apps Overview

The average cost of streaming music was $13.4 billion. Given that it was $2.8 billion in 2015, this is absurd. Furthermore, according to Statista, streaming generates 62% of the average cost for recorded music. A music streaming app may be a successful business, given that this is one of the industries with the most substantial growth rates and lesser business requirements.

The American market is the most profitable from this angle. In terms of total users and income sharing (30% revenue sharing), the US is in first place. Streaming services are used by more than 62% of Americans, bringing in an average cost of $10.1 billion a year.

In addition to having enormous purchasing power, American customers stand out from the competition. 46% of music app subscribers make a monthly payment of $10 to $20. Anyway, this is the most expensive pricing compared the digital products.

When we look at the entire market, we see fantastic short- and long-term chances. Think of 356 million people using Spotify. With Apple Music and Deezer in the lead, this app still needs to catch up. The market is sizable, has excellent potential, and is yet to be monopolized, which makes entrance simpler.

Only 20% of customers, according to GrandViewResearch, prefer music streaming through a browser to an app, while 80% like it to a mobile app with basic features. Music apps have a more significant market share because they provide a vast selection of tracks. These tracks are streamed for free, and thousands upon thousands of songs that users may purchase straight through the app which leads us to the idea of mobile app development.

The Best Music Streaming Apps

Some viable products are known worldwide, even though streaming services can vary from nation to nation. To make a music app, you need to watch these videos.

For instance, the three most popular apps in the USA are Apple Music, Spotify, and Pandora Radio, which account for 56% of the figure of 247,000,000 audiences.

Keeping an essential fact and the market's unique selling point for streaming services is crucial. A subscription is first purchased simultaneously across several applications. Second, there is still a lot of room for growth despite what appears to be industry consolidation (56 percent are committed to just three applications).

It is possible to witness rapid fluctuations in subscriber numbers, which point to a change in consumer preferences and, as a result, instability. Gaining market share can be done fast with this knowledge. Let's now investigate the main market rivals.

  • Spotify: The most popular music streaming service may be Spotify. It is one of many offered, though. On Spotify, users may also listen to podcasts and audiobooks. 2008 saw the launch of Spotify in Sweden. Every year, its user base has increased, and it is currently responsible for Euro 7.88 billion in revenue. The precision of its recommendations and the simplicity with which new musicians get added to the service rank among Spotify's primary advantages and specialties in their business model.
  • Apple Music: With Siri and other linked devices, you can enjoy Apple Music's colossal music catalog. There is a radio station nearby. The 72 million customers of Apple Music contributed to its $4.1 billion in income. The addition of lossless music listening to Apple Music in June 2021 was well received by audiophiles who value high-quality recordings.
  • Pandora: One of the earliest services to emphasize personalization was the Pandora music app. Later, Apple Music and Spotify adopted this strategy. Pandora now uses AI to provide recommendations. 6.3 subscribers and $1.69 million in revenue are its current numbers. Unfortunately, from year to year, fewer users are actively using the site each month.

The Crucial Components of a Music App

The audience, their demands, and their preferences will determine the main aspects of the app. If you meet their wants, you'll be able to draw in additional guests. Therefore, it is crucial to understand their needs before developing your music streaming app.

Respondents in the US were requested to complete a survey to evaluate the functioning and usability of the applications available on the market. People reportedly place equal importance on music quality as they do on money. The capability to download and make playlists is a crucial feature.

What essential characteristics must a music streaming app have to succeed? According to Idea2app, the following aspects should be present in a music streaming app:


A user-friendly interface makes it simple to search for and add the music or album to your collection or playlist. You may also find pieces by mood or genre using advanced search tools. The ability for users to check their search history would be fantastic.


The new radio station right now is a playlist. They can be utilized for private family gatherings, boisterous friend gatherings, alone time, or to express your feelings to your crush. Any music app should be made so users can easily and rapidly create customized playlists.

Social Media

On Instagram and Snapchat, sharing music is very popular, which is why social media network integration is crucial. Not only will users like this functionality, but it also promotes brand awareness.

Whether online or not

Even in developed nations, internet connections can occasionally be sluggish. Your app may benefit from having offline access to previously downloaded music.

Easy-to-use UI

This unique feature deserves special attention because it can make or break an app. To design excellent music streaming software, you must complete the user experience seamlessly, intuitively, visually, and visually captivating.


A music app must have a recommendation service. It is constructed using user preferences. The suggestion service will suggest an artist to them if they enjoy the same music but are unfamiliar.

Any music streaming software must have a reliable recommendation system. Any music streaming app must have it.

How does a Music Streaming Service Generate Revenue?

You might be wondering how to start a profitable internet music streaming service. There are two ways to make money from music streaming apps. The two typically coexist with paid subscriptions and advertisements. You must choose your revenue model early on if you want to be able to distribute functionality between these two choices.

The majority of Spotify's income comes from paid subscriptions. Ad-supported accounts, however, see an annual increase in revenue. As a new player in the market, having a charge funded by ads is a fantastic method to draw in new customers.


Users are billed monthly or annually, depending on the package they select. Services typically provide a variety of plans. Different techniques have different fees depending on how many users are utilizing a method or what kind of activity they are performing.

For instance, Apple provides three different sorts of paid subscriptions: one for regular individuals, one for families, and one for students (with a discount) (up to six members). Users can access the whole song library without advertising by making a payment. They can also watch shows, record shows, and save music to listen to later.


The version of the program without adverts is accessible, but only in limited circumstances. The necessity to listen to commercial breaks is one of these requirements. Unlike a subscription, such a version's functionality is typically relatively constrained. The listening time is tiny, and the music catalog is small. Statistics reveal that 75% of Spotify paid subscribers first used the free version; thus, this should be considered.

The Process of Developing Music Streaming Software can be Challenging in Many Ways.

When developing a music streaming service, you must exercise caution.

Licensing and Infringement

When we talk about an app that plays music from artists, the law should be the first thing we consider. The only way to ensure that music streaming apps abide by these regulations is to use Public Performance Rights. Copyright and legality are not issues that might come up in an application, but they are something to consider before you decide.

In the United States, two organizations—the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP) and Broadcast Music Incorporated—handle this delicate matter (BMI).

There are several agencies in various nations. For instance, the Society of European Stage Authors and Composers is what it is called in Europe. Find out who the primary body is for copyright protection before you enter any country's market and purchase a license.

Methods for Evading the Competition

With well-funded juggernauts like Apple, Spotify, and Amazon, it might take a lot of work to complete. To compete with the big boys and even take some markets, you need a fantastic idea and faultless execution.

You can make recommendations, employ the most modern technology, and use podcasts and audiobooks to satisfy your needs.

We can assist if you need more resources to realize your project. Idea2app is dedicated to helping those with excellent ideas connect with those who share their abilities, so they can effectively collaborate. If you're looking to employ engineers to work with your startup, you should look no further than us.

Sharing the Earnings

The digital pie can be challenging to cut. Streaming providers must distribute their profits in a way that might not be advantageous to artists and copyright holders. For instance, Spotify retains 30% of its earnings, with the remaining 70% going to musicians, labels, and artists.

A Typical Music Streaming app's Architecture

Your architecture must cover the essential components of your music app. Security, library management, live streaming, security, and payment service integration are all included. Social media integration ought to be part of it as well.

The architecture of the most fundamental and generic music app might resemble this.

It is merely a sample. Working models are more sophisticated and well-planned. Here is an illustration of the architecture for a music streaming app.

Building a solid architecture for your music streaming service is essential. It will enable you to give the developers a clear roadmap and help you save time and money during the development phase.

To Launch a Music Streaming App, You Need Appropriate Technology

How can the newest tech trends be used to create a music streaming app? What abilities are needed to do this task? To design a music app, you can utilize various programming tools. There are numerous factors to think about:

  • A developer's accessibility.
  • The capabilities of the app.
  • Timelines and deadlines.
  • data safety and security
  • Budget.

What platform your software will operate on will determine everything. The most significant programming languages for creating music apps for Android might be Kotlin, Java, or Objective-C. But for iOS, Swift and Objective-C are frequently the best options. With Flutter, you can also make cross-platform applications.

We know that you will require a database and a scalable tech stack. Therefore, we determined what you need to create your music app.

Function Tech Stack

  • Front-end Development JavaScript
  • Backend Development ROR, Python and Laravel
  • Data Storage Google Cloud Platform, Amazon S3, and AWS
  • Database Cassandra, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Server Nginx
  • Real-time data management Kafka
  • Web app development Bootstrap, HTML5
  • DevOps Docker (in Datadog's blog, you can learn how to hire Docker developers),
  • Payment Integration PayPal and Braintree
  • Social Media Integration Facebook, Google, and Spotify SDK
  • Push Notifications Twilio

How to Create a Music Streaming App

Now the ​​​​​​​​question is how to make a music streaming app. let's see,

Step 1. Brainstorm ideas

To identify your rivals and determine how to differentiate yourself in the market, you must first conduct a thorough market analysis and find out How to create an app for streaming music online.

Value propositions are special services you provide to customers. When a client downloads an app or signs up for a service, this is the material benefit they receive. Even before an app is made, your value proposition is crucial to your market position.

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Step 2: Identify Your Targeted Audience

What audience are we creating a music application for? Your pricing strategy and other app features will depend on your users' musical tastes and ages. This will assist you in drafting a rudimentary marketing strategy that includes a budget.

Step 3: Create your software system and features

It is now time to choose the main components of your application and the technology stack needed to implement them. This comes after modifying and developing your idea and your target audience.

You must incorporate social media with functions like "chat" and "more personalized profile pages" if you want to create a music streaming app that is more community-focused than others. You should consider integrating AI into your feature set if you're going to build a music app that provides superior recommendations.

Step 4: Get a suitable crew.

It's time to assemble a team once you have a firm grasp of the tech stack. You should thoroughly assess the individuals in your group. What abilities do they possess? How well are they able to carry out their duties? You will need to redo the task if they fall below your expectations. In a very competitive market, where time is of the essence, this is a waste of time.

What is the most effective method for making an Android music streaming app? To fill the post, hire a developer. Regardless of the company's size, it is a widely used technique.

For this specific job, engaging a programmer from an augmentation firm will be convenient. If you need more time or motivation to develop an application, you can alternatively outsource it.

Step 5: What is your Revenue Strategy?

It covers establishing the budget and the app monetization procedure. Additionally, topics like profitability and cost-effectiveness are covered. You are sharing the digital pie, paying for licenses, making a profit, etc. The team must determine the number of personnel and their compensation. How the app will develop and generate income in the future. These challenges are crucial if you want to build your music streaming software.

Step 6: Obtain a License

Verify the licensing is in order before developing an MVP. It would be best if you looked into the relevant authorities in your nation to ensure your app is legitimate.

Step 7: Develop a Specialty

A specialty's definition has previously been thoroughly discussed. This phase is crucial because it will help you identify your target market and assess the market demand for your app.

Avoid making it overly general or lacking the most crucial features. It will take time to gather users' sincere comments as a result.

Step 8: Begin Developing the app.

It's time to finish the app after you've gotten feedback from the MVP launch. We advise paying attention to your design since potential clients will first notice it.

The specialty has previously explained where you ought to pay attention. You can now discuss the possibilities of enhancing your team's performance with them.

Step 9: Future Assistance

Your application will be accessible around the clock every day of the week. It would be best if you were prepared for this. Especially in the early phases of an application's debut, there will be issues and glitches. Therefore, providing 24/7 customer service and monitoring the application's activities is essential.

Because the music industry is dynamic, updates will be required frequently. Having a solid development team is crucial.

How can Idea2app Assist you in Creating a Music App?​​​​​​​​

Idea2app is an app development company that has assisted teams needing personnel with staff augmentation services for many years. We can confidently claim authority in this industry because we have developed numerous mobile apps.

Apps that stand out are not just distinctive; they also belong to diverse industries. Each customer received the message they intended, thanks to the innovative solutions our specialists were able to develop for their difficulties.

Additionally, we've previously created music apps (both web and mobile). Every profile is available on every streaming app (Deezer, Spotify, Apple, etc.). The service linked all of the already available streaming programs (Deezer, Spotify, Apple, etc.), allowing users to search for and interact with other music lovers who share their musical preferences. It had a menu system and a sharing option for tunes with pals.

All these characteristics can be utilized via Idea2app in music apps.

We have sent teams to over 150 organizations, and we can do the same for you. In as short as 2–5 days, our team can put you in touch with knowledgeable professionals. If necessary, we can even out-staff you with entire teams in less than two weeks. Additionally, by using our services, businesses could spend 30% less on administrative tasks like hiring and onboarding new employees; if you're looking for outstanding software developers who can handle your needs, get in touch with us.

Want To Know More About Our Services? Talk To Our Consultants


The music industry is an excellent opportunity to enter a sector that is expanding quickly and has a lot of room for expansion. The choice should be the best music streaming service. Even though the industry is divided between a few significant businesses, there are numerous niches that many consumers may occupy.

Create a fantastic idea with the aid of Idea2app. To assist you in developing your music streaming application, we can pair you with the ideal programmer for your project or several others. Reduce the expenses and time of onboarding! We'll work with you to make your concepts a reality. Make a noise to us!

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