Do You Have Any Ideas How Much It Cost To Develop an Automotive App?

By Ruchir C.

Android Auto is certainly one of the most useful automobile applications available. It allows drivers to access Google Maps, messaging apps, music apps, and other applications swiftly. It operates in two ways. It can be opened from your smartphone and run using the mounted amount that is mounted on the dashboard. There are even cars that have Android Auto built-in. It means you can have Android directly on your car's touch screen. In any case, it's totally free and generally more than what the car makers provide. The only drawback is that Android Auto isn't available on older models. Also, you can check out the best music players available for Android Auto here.

Android Auto gives the best user experience possible for users who have Android smartphones and Android Auto applications that do not own a vehicle that runs Android Automotive OS. Suppose a car or other aftermarket stereo system is compatible with Android Auto. In that case, they can use your app directly to their car's screen through their mobile connection. Android Automotive OS (AAOS) is an infotainment and entertainment platform integrated into automobiles by manufacturers. Drivers can download compatible media applications directly into their vehicles without a smartphone and use an interface specifically designed for car screens.

This section offers a comprehensive overview of the AAOS experience and design guidelines to create apps that work on cars that have AAOS installed. Mobile apps are everywhere. There was a belief that they were only for smartphones. However, applications have become a part of our lives in the last few months. Even the auto sector isn't exempt from its impact, and mobile app development in this field is experiencing an increase in importance. It is becoming an expected feature in the automobile sector.

Mobile phones have helped make life easier and simpler than it was before. The digitization of everything has taken the technology a step higher. It's now simple for individuals to access various services nowadays.

Benefits of Developing Automotive Apps

Auto manufacturers can no longer be expected to be all for everyone in the current environment. There are too many technological options, markets, and demographic and social changes to deal with. And as the landscape of competition grows, the chances of being average in many things won't be enough. Businesses must choose their spots and excel in the important areas of the clients they've chosen to serve. Every auto manufacturer must be crystal clear on its intention to provide value to its specific group of customers. In other words, it must be able the confidence to choose how to go about it. Automobile companies have to decide their unique strengths -what distinct processes, tools, and skills can allow them to provide this promise of value better than others and give them the right conditions to be successful.

Real-time vehicle monitoring and breakdown prevention

With vehicle lease management apps for smart cars, dealers receive immediate notifications regarding the health of the vehicle's main systems. It can take prompt actions to avoid failures. Speedy access to data is among the primary advantages of connected cars as it helps in drastically reducing maintenance costs.

Increased car efficiency and safety

Real-time monitoring allows drivers to have more control since they are kept informed about the condition of their cars. Data-driven methods allow the driver to plan repairs and prevent unexpected breakdowns. The management of a fleet of vehicles, such as this one, is simpler and more efficient when managers can monitor the locations of several vehicles and determine which require maintenance.

The ability to augment a vehicle’s in-built capabilities with third-party tools

Advanced navigation systems, finding parking spaces that are free and spotting pedestrians, and avoiding traffic jams, AI-driven safety and entertainment systems in cars contribute to the improved driving experience. Drivers who have connected car solutions can earn cashbacks and discounts on services offered by third-party integrations.

Safe driving

With V2I, V2V, and V2X connectivity, smart cars remain informed about the infrastructure of the roads and close surroundings. They then automatically alter their speed and route following the latest information. This significantly reduces the chance of accidents, reduces congestion, and provides an improved and safer traffic scenario.

Positive influence on the community and the environment

Safe and predictable driving can encourage more carpooling and could raise the number of cars on the road. Intelligent routing will allow motorists to travel to their destinations quicker and more efficiently and reduce emissions. Additionally, disabled people will be able to use connected cars, ensuring that driving becomes easier for them.


One of the ways that connected vehicles will transform our lives is the increased efficiency in cost. While connected cars are expensive and auto apps come at an expense, the total effects of fuel use and the time saved by using automobile app solutions are hard to ignore.

Automotive Technology Trends for 2022

If one is thinking of having their car washed in the queue, it can be avoided. The time spent scheduling the service and waiting around for your turn will be a thing of the past when you download an on-demand car wash mobile application that will be your ideal solution. With on-demand services apps performing well, mobile applications' on-demand car washes are seeing good results in business auto owners. Drivers are using these apps for car detailing on demand to have the services delivered to the desired places.

Trend 1: Automakers Review Their Approach to Hardware Sourcing

Automakers are reviewing their long-held inventory plan based on the" just-in-time" (JIT) principle that has resulted in OEMs and Tier1 suppliers having no buffer inventory to draw on in a chip shortage. Therefore, automakers are rethinking their approach to dealing with chip makers and are considering creating themselves chips.

Gartner forecasts that, in 2025, 50% of top automotive manufacturers will develop custom chips and establish permanent, strategic, and long-term collaboration with chip manufacturers and abandon JIT inventory management.

Trend 2: Digital Giants Integrate the Car into a Holistic Ecosystem

2022 will see giants of the internet like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google, Alibaba, and Tencent expanding their presence in-vehicle technology. "These technology companies have been bringing cars closer to their ecosystems. This is opening up new connected services for vehicles," said Pacheco.

Gartner estimates that in 2028 70% of sold cars will use the Android as their automotive operating system. This is an increase of less than one percent currently.

 “As making software and technology is challenging, car companies could collaborate with digital giants to turn software into a major income generator or create huge internal resources to do it by themselves,” explained Pacheco.

Trend 3: The rise of artificial intelligence

The investment in cutting-edge technologies shows the auto industry’s intense desire to invest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) creation. AI integration in the automotive sector isn’t limited to autonomous driving capabilities. The majority of AI solutions used in the automotive industry are based upon advanced systems for driver assistance (ADAS) that combine the power of edge computing, IoT devices, including voice recognition, and other technologies.

The automotive industry is currently implementing AI to provide a better experience for transport and delivery. If an accident happens, drivers can upload photos to the app. It then analyzes the damage, obtains several quotes from the relevant insurance companies, provides options for auto repair shops to repair the damage, and a scheduler so that users can book their repair appointment. The current demand from Generation millennial and Generation Z market is for an outstanding user experience that is fast and seamless. It is also available, which means traditional automakers have to change or risk losing customers.

Trend 4: Accelerating digital transformation

Perhaps no sector has been more impacted than the auto industry in the last 10 years. Electric automobiles, autonomous driving, pollution control, and the sharing economy automakers that are digital-only, and the changing needs of consumers are only a few of the latest disruptions in the automotive industry. In 2022, the auto industry needs to be active, invest in the most efficient and cutting-edge tools such as equipment, tools, and technology, and ensure that their service technicians are appropriately certified.

Trend 5: Improved customer experience

The option of buying a car online has seen a rise in popularity over the past year. People are still searching the internet following the Covid-19 lockdowns that temporarily closed dealers even as in-person buying returns. Around 60 percent of those interested in buying a car under 45 would prefer buying their vehicles on the internet.

Cost of an Automotive App

The development of an automotive application is not without its limitations. It’s heavily dependent on the application usage by clients and companies. The cost of development is determined by the platform used and the features included in the application, the UX/UI and design of the application, and testing. Each feature has its development costs.

It takes anywhere from 800 to 1000 hours of operation to build an automotive application. Various features and the embedding of technology, like the Internet of Things, drive up the price. The cost for automotive DMS software for automotive industry ranges from $20 or $100 for an hour. The total development cost is $25,000-$40,000 for an automotive application with basic functions. If you want a more sophisticated version, the cost of the development of mobile apps for cars will be higher.

The next section in this blog post is devoted to the aspects that impact the development costs for automotive apps.

Market Size and Stats

Car wash services are used by up to 60% of the US alone. The earnings generated through these services were extremely large. In 2017 the on-demand car washing business had grown by as much as $800 million, and the figure has been growing exponentially since. The app Wash offers car wash services on-demand, has earned over $3.3 million in revenue since it was launched. It has grown into one of the fastest-growing industries, expanding at an average of 25 percent a year.

Take a look at the number of people who avail the apps services and how often they make use of the app:

  • 47% of those who use the app get the app with a service every two months.

  • A majority of 28 percent choose to use at least one treatment one month

  • Finally, 25% would prefer to attend one session at a time every 6 months.

On average, about $5.8 billion is spent annually by citizens across the US on car washes and car washes, with more than 100 car washing facilities.

It is estimated that the worldwide car washing service market was estimated to be $ 34.19 billion in 2019 and is predicted to rise to the figure of $35.34 billion by 2020.

The global car wash market for services is predicted to expand by a compound annual rate of 3.2 percent between 2019 and 2025. It is expected to be $41.0 billion in 2025.

The roll-over/in-bay car wash was the most popular service in the car wash market, with 49.7% in 2019.

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If you’re asking, “how much does it cost to develop an application?” It is important to think beyond the cost. Taking into consideration the various aspects discussed earlier will help you begin in the right direction.

Many factors influence the price, so it’s an excellent idea to conduct some investigation. Knowing what the app developers can do and whether their service is up to par can ensure you avoid losing money on the money you invest in apps.

In conclusion, it is impossible to determine the exact price of developing an app for mobile devices since various factors influence the cost. To find out more about the estimation process, get in touch with Idea2App’s Idea2App team. They are experts in their field and are happy to assist you. Reach out to Idea2App, a renowned application development company with an experienced team of experts working on your idea to provide you with an estimate of the price for app development.

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