Do You Want To Create an App with Mobile Live Video Features and Get Your Profit?

By Ruchir C.

Before figuring out how to build live-streaming apps, we must first know what it does. Live streaming technology allows users to stream and watches recordings continually, similar to live television. You require a web-connected device such as a tablet and stage (like an app or site) for live streaming.

Live streaming services popular today comprise Facebook Live, Instagram Live stories, Twitch TV (frequently used by gamers), House Party, and TikTok. In contrast to recordings pre-recorded that are edited and cut, live streaming is simply the same - it's live and free of censorship.

Certain live streams are private. For example, Skype or Zoom video conferences use live streaming to allow you to talk with those you permit. To keep them private, they must be protected by passwords that should not be shared with anyone you do not know. Live streams can be opened to viewing by hundreds or even thousands of people. Viewers can comment and interact live through messages displayed next to the stream. They can also post emoticons, such as hearts.

Types of Video Streaming Apps

The term "live streaming" refers to the streaming of certain events online for viewing in real-time via the Internet. It's the most effective method to present the event live. Streamers generally host all broadcasts by using various applications of various types. Let's take a look at the most well-known and various video-on-demand streaming apps.

Live Broadcasting Apps

The Live Broadcasting apps are one of the most well-known types of streaming apps. It allows you to watch videos in real-time and be recorded and broadcast simultaneously. You can create an application that live streams and broadcasts games played by users or their discussions about various topics or the way they respond to questions. Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Livestream, and Periscope are a few of the most popular live-streaming apps.

Audio Streaming

The apps for audio streaming work similarly to how users can stream the songs of their choice without having to download the music. The process of using an application is quite easy. There are a variety of popular music streaming applications available. The most popular apps are Pandora, Spotify, and Apple Music.

Video on Demand Streaming (VOD)

The Video Demand streaming application allows users to stream their favorite films or TV shows without downloading them onto devices. One of the unique features is that they allow users to stop content, resume it or rewind it as they wish. According to the law, users must pay first and then purchase the subscription to access the content. The most well-known apps available in this field include Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.

TV Live Streaming App

TV Live Streaming allows viewers to stream live TV through their mobile devices. Users could miss their favorite shows when they switch to streaming video on demand. This is the reason for creating live-streaming apps that incorporate TV broadcasting. Some of the most well-known platforms include YouTube TV, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video.

Video Streaming App Features

These are some of the features that are the reasons why video streaming applications are gaining popularity amongst the users.

Login and Registration Form

Users of the application would prefer an easy registration process with only the minimum details to fill in. It is a simple process that requires only an email address, phone number ID, and password to set up. It could be made simpler by offering to sign in using social network accounts. Options like resetting passwords using telephone or email should be made available.

Content Search Option

It is important to ensure that the search results should be easy task for users. Film reviews, user reviews, and genres should be a selection of criteria available on the menu at the top of the home page so that users get results based on what they are interested in. Additionally, you should add an option to search at the top of the screen to allow users to locate the exact title.

Watch Lists

It's a list that includes shows, videos, and movies. The watch list can be described as listing shows, films, and videos. It can be created by the system or based on favorite films, or the users can make it. The option of the name of their watch lists must also be available to users. Most relevant and useful content needs to be provided to the users through system-generated content. Your viewers should be aware that watching list features could require some time comprehending what viewers like to watch.

Downloads and Offline Viewing

A reliable internet connection, particularly while travelling, is a major problem. This is why the possibility of downloading the content viewers can access even when they're offline could be an enormous help. Along with creating an on-demand video application to support downloads, your company or startup must obtain licenses to download from the creators of the content.

Live Video Streaming

Live streaming is an absolute requirement if your content plan includes live news, sports debates, debates, or other occasions. If it is compatible with your overall business plan, incorporate it into your plans.

Video Library

The most popular function of the application is the library of videos. Therefore, you should include an area on the home screen that can be used. It should be easy for users to access the online videos and browse titles alphabetically or follow the genres.

Recommendation Engine

It is an essential feature in video streaming apps because recommendation systems control the consumption of content on top apps, including Netflix and Prime. The functioning of an engine for recommendation relies on both explicit and implicit data and the description of the title.

Video Quality Options

You must provide an option within the settings of your application for video streaming that lets users choose the quality of streaming videos. The standard options are 144p 360p, 480pand 720p and 1080p.

Comments & Ratings

Your viewers must be provided with the option of grading the video and writing reviews once they've watched it. The viewers' feedback can help determine the quality of your content, and it also helps your recommendation engine.

Steps to Build Video Streaming Application

Building a live streaming application requires online streaming with audio and video with real-time broadcasting. It is estimated that the industry of live streaming apps will have 2.72 billion users by the end of 2023. Meanwhile, it is important to understand how we will be able to build a video streaming application on both Android and iOS platforms.

Step 1: Define Your Market

It is essential to determine a niche in which you can develop a lucrative application. There are a variety of options for developing video-on-demand streaming apps.

The first step in creating an application that streams are to identify the issue your app can provide a solution to. Therefore, you must conduct market research to comprehend the current streaming app ecosystem and its users, and their issues.

The solution was online streaming services that allowed users to stream live TV channels without installation and with lower monthly costs.

Video-on-demand apps

VOD is classified into two broad categories: VOD, which is based on cable and OTT platforms.

Music streaming apps

Music streaming apps on the internet have seen huge growth as the largest source of revenue for the music industry, besides offline sales. At the same time, certain music streaming apps provide subscription-based services, while others offer paid content.

ESports streaming apps

ESports streaming services apps like Twitch or YouTube are quite well-liked. This is an eSports streaming platform where you can stream gaming content uploaded by a huge group of gamers. Some of these apps allow chat rooms and live scores for games.

Knowing the issues and creating a streaming application built around the solution requires understanding the different use cases for the features needed to provide these services. You have to pinpoint the key features you require and then build your application in line with these features.

Step-2 Identifying features

Streaming applications require certain features to provide access to content and services. For example, the premium access feature is required if your app is based on a freemium model. Certain content is free, and users require an additional subscription to other content.

Thus, you should select the most important features to be included in developing a streaming platform according to your needs.

Basic features

The fundamental characteristics of a streaming application include the management of profiles, logins administration panel, login, etc. The development of basic features might be easy to develop. However, you must consider access for users, personalization of the user experience, etc.

For example, if you have an option for social logins in your streaming application, You will require integrations with social media APIs and security measures such as two-factor authentication (two-factor authenticating).

An authentication system provides an additional layer of authentication using a passcode or one-time passwords stored on their device.

Additionally, you should provide personalization tools that allow users to create multiple profiles to manage their profiles. Users can also include their addresses, which allows content customization to match the local market for streaming.

Advanced features

  • A streaming application may require advanced features based on the specific use case. For example, the advanced search feature lets your users find their preferred tiles and shows them in the app. In addition to an advanced search feature, you can also add other features such as,

  • Multiple payment options: You can also include the option of using cryptocurrency to pay since various countries have now embraced cryptocurrency as a digital currency.

  • Multi-language support is essential for streaming apps that cater to users in diverse regions. For example, Netflix offers support for audio in various languages in its streaming titles.

  • In-app chat: In-app chats enable your users to communicate with other users on the platform and share their experiences about different topics.

  • Hosting Streams: Streamers can stream streaming or host streams to their channel to allow other viewers to enjoy their content. Applications like Twitch and YouTube permit streamers to live to stream their streams to other users.

  • Private Streaming: It's a feature that allows streamers to choose to broadcast their content only to a certain user, group to a certain number of people, and limited to a particular region. Discord is an application that offers this kind of option for private streaming.

Step-3: Required tech stack

It is important to understand that the Tech stack of an application comprises a variety of elements that you must consider. From frameworks for development to deployment platforms, you will find many aspects of the technology stacks to be considered.

Step-4 Design & development

Making your streaming application incorporate these features and deliver an excellent user experience requires the right planning. From the initial design stage, the interface sketch (UI) is created to show the user.

After further approval from the user, the app development company can begin to develop an app that is at least viable.

  • Human-centric design: Keeping users in the middle of the UI design process, allows you to create simple-to-use applications.

  • Organizational Goals: Based on the user's needs and business needs, and UI design needs to enhance the organizational logic.

  • Demographics: UI designs are created keeping in mind that the person's place of residence and ethnicity could greatly impact user experience because of the feeling of familiarity.

Step-5 Testing & maintenance

Streaming testing of apps is a crucial component of your plan for development because you must make sure that your app is running at a higher level of performance UI and backend server’s API integrations, and backend server other. Automating tools such as Selenium and Appium can help you cut down on the amount of time needed to run different tests, allowing your company to improve the app's performance.

There are various types of tests you'll be required to run for streaming apps, including,

UX test to make sure you have a seamless experience across all devices. It is essential to examine consistency, navigation, and functionality across various platforms.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Live Video Streaming Apps?

Making a video streaming app similar to Netflix, YouTube, or Hulu with the basic features will cost between $35,000 and $50,000 for one platform.

Plan to develop an application for streaming video with advanced features, both for Android and iOS platforms. Your cost could be as high as $75,000 to $85,000, and possibly more.

The cost of developing a video streaming app depends on the features list and the platform for the app, design, team size, and the location of the development team. Mobile app developers are located in the same location.

  • A median salary of $38.35/hour is a good starting point for an Android software developer.

  • A typical salary of $50/hour is the norm for an iOS developer

  • A typical salary of $53/hour is for cross platform developers

App Monetization Strategies for Streaming App

To generate more revenues, it's important to implement methods for monetizing your app to ensure the longevity of your app. Let's an overview of the most well-known methods to consider:

In-App Display Ads

The majority of companies choose in-app advertising as a method of monetization. Advertisers use sophisticated tracking technology to get their message to a wider audience. This model is advantageous for larger platforms that have accumulated huge audiences. Suppose your app has successfully been on the Play Store with millions of active users. In that case, mobile advertising networks could be interested in the app.


Every video streaming app must offer the same number of free or low-cost content to attract viewers. In this way, you will draw more attention to the platform. Many users who are free pay and subscribe to get access to exclusive deals.


Adblocking occurs when a user is ready to enjoy an ad-free experience without paying a premium price. That could lead them to be charged subscription fees when presented with different pricing structures. So, offering only a small amount of content, without ads, at a low cost can be beneficial for these users.

Paid Subscription

A paid subscription is the most well-known way to earn money, especially for streaming video services. There are a variety of options for subscribers. They may choose between a weekly, monthly, or annual plan of their preference and then proceed by paying a fee to access the video content.

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Suppose you're looking for an experienced solution provider who can assist you in creating extremely secure and flexible streaming online video application. In that case, you can pick one of the brands mentioned above according to your requirements and budget.

The choice of a live streaming service isn't an easy decision. New streamers face many aspects to take into consideration. A platform isn't superior to one another. They all offer different capabilities, audiences, and technical features. Live streaming, suitable for one particular person or company, might not be ideal for other people or brands. Be sure to consider your requirements, and be aware that if you're struggling to choose, you should consider multi-streaming!

Developing and making money from live streaming apps is not any less simple as developing any other mobile application. At the very beginning, it's important to make sure you plan and budget. Moreover, you should take the time to gradually understand your intended audience and the features you'll be adding. When you have released the MVP, be aware of the results and reviews it receives before deciding on the strategy.

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