16 Must-Have HR Software Features and System Requirements

By Ruchir C.

Numerous companies, big and small, are embracing Human Resource Management (HRM) Software to improve their earnings. But new business owners are debating whether they should consider investing in HR Management software. If you're finding it difficult to determine if HRMS benefits your business, it's vital to gather all the information regarding this tool before you do so.

Many aspects have changed within the world of business in the year 2020. The one thing that hasn't changed is the importance of a business's workforce. Any business can't prosper without a solid and organized team working behind the scenes.

However, the way teams are managed changed for the better. Video conferencing permits colleagues to work together across huge distances. Hosted storage and file sharing tools make collaboration on various tasks a breeze. The software for Human Resource Management, in turn, helps businesses in keeping a practical eye on their employees.

A custom employee management system can be described as a computer-based application that monitors the employees' performance reviews and work schedules, paid days off, payroll and benefits. Your small business can gain from this program regarding cost-effective ways to justify the cost. In essence, the HR management system can pay for itself by improving the efficiency of your business.

Top HR Software Solutions for 2022

Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) or HRMS (Human Resources Management System) are becoming more popular globally, taking many administrative tasks out of the hands of HR experts. From managing the payroll system to administering employee education management software, there's an array of HR software that offer a variety of HR-related procedures.

But, the primary issue with the multitude of HRIS is that they typically fulfill a particular function. Therefore, there is an ever-growing discontent with the HR processes since employees' experience is increasingly dominated by the need to switch between different processes.

Here's a list of the top HR systems that could help in streamlining your processes:


BrightHR is a BrightHR platform with advanced HR management features. It has many tools for managing staff, such as a neat holiday planner. Additionally, you can track absences and sick time in minutes. Documentation, like medical certificates, can be entered into the software, and you'll be notified when employees are scheduled to return.

Freshteam by Freshworks

Freshteam The Freshteam software, developed by the well-known software firm Freshworks, is an all-in-one, intelligent software designed for HR departments.

With Freshteam, it is possible to ensure that your HR initiatives are current to the standards of 2022, starting with hiring, onboarding, and monitoring time, employee information as well as the day-to-day processes of HR employees.

ADP Workforce Now

ADP Workforce Now is an HR tool that lets HR professionals manage employees' payroll, talent, benefits, compliance, and attendance all in one database. It streamlines the integration of data across various components such as payroll, timing management, and management of performance and benefits.

With the ADP Workforce Now mobile app, employees can access and edit their account information, including their contact information, benefits plan, and pay and salary statements using all mobile devices.


Paycom provides an online HR and payroll software that simplifies hiring, benefits enrollment, payroll administration, and other HR processes.

Paycom's mobile app allows HR managers to onboard new employees remotely. They can issue offer letters and onboarding documents directly using their mobile phones. Then, the candidates can acknowledge the invitation and complete their onboarding tasks using the application. This HR as well as employee scheduling app lets HR managers monitor employee attendance and time off and respond to questions while on the move.

How HR Management Are Beneficial for Businesses?

One of the most important and valuable assets in your business isn't your office space or warehouse but the employees who work there. This is why it's good business sense to care for your employees and assist them in performing at their best. For example, Richard Branson once said: "Look after your people, and they'll look after your customers. It's as simple as that".

The HR system makes the management of employees easy and saves the company (and all others) lots of time. You will spend less time navigating manual administration. You can concentrate on what keeps your employees content and focused on the task.

Overseeing Your Employees

The maintenance and retention of your employees are essential. While it is important to recruit to increase your talent pool to enhance and develop the current employees is much more affordable, mainly since they already know the policies and procedures of your business.

Productivity Improvements

HR software can be a huge productivity booster for HR managers, staff, and employees! In today's highly challenging and volatile workplace, employees must spend their time doing high-value tasks, not repetitive ones. Businesses across all industries and sizes are moving to automation and digitalization to concentrate most of their efforts on profit-generating processes. HR software is just one of the ways companies are evolving digitally.

Resources are Optimised

HR software is another way to digitize documents that are printed on paper. Suppose your company is trying to reduce the amount of paper used and achieve the right balance between form, digital receipts, and financial statements. In that case, HR software is a sensible alternative. The move to software will also eliminate the need to store paper records, create space for folders, and copy documents as backups. HR software is accessible from any device and provides instant access to information. It's easy to set up and provides a simple interface that allows users to benefit from the features and tools.

Measurable ROI/Relative Decision Making

Employing an HR management software will provide you with precise information on employee performance as well as other statistics of the company. These data help you create efficient programs that increase employee engagement and boost overall efficiency. With all the relevant information, you will make it more straightforward for top employees to make the right decisions for the company. The right HR management software can help your business save money by reducing labor costs.

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16 Must-Have Features of HR Software

Managing employee information within the company is a crucial job for HR personnel. It can be best managed using HR software. Before you begin reviewing HR software, it is essential to establish an inventory of your requirements and be aware of the various tools and features available to fulfill your needs.

When deciding what elements to include in the requirements document, your organization's culture will be a significant factor. If the company is a proponent of an environment that encourages learning, for example, using a learning management program (LMS) could be more crucial than a performance management system. Take note of the following features of HR software when creating an HR system's requirements checklist.

Central Employee Database

The most challenging thing about spreadsheets is that you must alter, edit and revise every detail you want.

Spreadsheets do not centralize data. They're not able to communicate with other applications. You must go through every document, program, and system each time you change to implement that same modification and keep it up-to-date. It's a nightmare and likely to go wrong at some point.

A central employee database can solve the problem by storing information in a dynamic database that can be integrated into other software. It is updated across all platforms every time data is updated, ensuring that all information is current. There is no need to be concerned about conflicting versions and editing multiple documents. Everything is taken care of by us.

Attendance Management

One of the biggest productivity and output culprits within the UK is absence due to sickness. Your system should, at minimum, allow you to keep track, record, calculate, benchmark, and track sickness absences and holidays in your company. It should be able to quickly identify problem areas so that you can implement corrective measures.

Recruitment Model

A module for recruitment should take care of the entire internal filling out and authorization processes. It should allow HR managers or managers to publish ads and other supporting documents online and provide applicants monitoring and initial screening. There could also be a way to create talent pools that could be searched for candidates when a job is open.

In all available HR technologies, recruitment software has embraced social networks to their most extent. For example, connectivity to LinkedIn or other sites is now standard. Moreover, social capabilities are among the most important issues when evaluating vendors.

People Management

Once your company has reached an amount size, and you need to keep all the information in spreadsheets can be more trouble than it's worth. It is a tedious task to go through each document to verify that the records are correct becomes tedious (and creates many mistakes).

The human resource management system's core is a database containing the employee's information. The records can contain names, jobs, hiring dates, tasks, benefits, plans, history of performance, and more. The information you provide is connected to the employee's profile to allow you to access the data whenever you need to quickly.

HR managers won't need to address many routine questions if the information is made available to employees through self-service. Viewing your work, instructions, and processes makes it simpler for employees to begin working on new tasks.

Finances and Accounting

Over 82 million US people face payroll problems each year. Implementing HRM systems streamlines your accounting processes and eliminates human error. You may be interested in wage administration and tax management, bonuses management and commissions, stock options, and long-term incentive administration.

Accounting automation is yet another beneficial HR system function that could assist you in calculating wages as well as deducting taxes. You can also run scenarios and also automate accounts payable and receivable.

Automatic Time Off

The time off is a pain to track, calculate and track.

If it's done by hand, it's.

This is why time offs must be handled through HR software. With the proper system capabilities, you can define how you calculate time off while the program will then automate the adjustments every time an employee is on an off day paid. This way, you don't have to think about whether you've recorded that time or double-check that the accrual formula you used in spreadsheets is correct. Computers will calculate it perfectly every time, eliminating the possibility of human errors.

Mobile Compatibility

The HRMS solution providers could offer cloud HR software or on-premise solutions. They could also provide mobile applications available for Android or iOS operating systems. Your HRMS software should provide easy solutions for employees on the move for maximum efficiency. Mobile compatibility (at a minimum, from the web) and cloud-based solutions permit your employees to access information anywhere they go.


Whichever location or country you operate in, you must comply with all workplace-related rules and laws. The laws governing labor, for example, restrict the hours workers can work during the week or per day.

HRMS software analyzes and uses the information for reporting and compliance reasons. They can also send automatic alerts and notifications when legal requirements are not followed.

Capabilities to Forecast

The most effective HRMS software should allow you to examine the information and provide performance guidance based on your desired KPIs and targets. Forecasting software can assist you in determining how much time a particular task will require or even how many employees need to be assigned to specific tasks.

Gamification Capabilities

Gaming your performance management system can create an interactive and enjoyable working environment for your employees. It's not necessary for all HRMS software, but it's an advantage when offered.

Learning and Professional Development

Learning and training courses are essential to keep your employees up-to-date. 87% of L&D experts have helped their companies adapt to changes through the significant reshuffle, per the report for 2022. Workplace Learning Report.

An LMS or learning system (LMS) integrated into the human resources management platform can be preloaded with educational resources or given the option of uploading customized material. Specific HRM systems can integrate with other systems to offer content for employees. Tracking the various certificates your employees have can help minimize the need for staffing and also planning.

Employee Training

As technology advances and processes, every employee has to improve their capabilities. HRMS helps identify insufficient skills, helps in directing employees' training needs, and tracks the huge costs associated with education and growth. AI is also predicted to be incorporated into HRMS and will soon become an essential tool to improve training, compliance, assessment, and retention of information and skills.

Employee Administrative Benefits

The system permits HR professionals to develop plans, create eligibility rules, monitor promotions, and employee compensations, and manage the payment or deposits made by employers to employees on top of their salaries. The system also allows self-service open enrollment and integrates the compensation cost with accounting.

Talent Retention

HRMS assists in the development of strategies to retain employees and recruit them. Suppose the attrition rate is high within an organization. In that case, HRMS will support the HR Manager by providing relevant data to help address the issue. It also lets you track employees' behavioral patterns by providing them with predictions of potential resignations. AI algorithms, integrated into the employee feedback module, can instantly communicate concerns to HR and provide solutions.

Corporate Documents and Management

This database is an example of a general database designed for employees from other departments. It could include legal requirements for work, work manuals and safety guides, reference guides, and more.


There's been such an exuberance to launch in the field of HR software that user-friendliness might be sacrificed to make the system go out the gates of some HR software systems. If your software isn't simple to use, then you will not receive the benefit from it, and you shouldn't choose a difficult user interface. There are a lot of easy, user-friendly systems available in the market and if you're not user-friendly, look for the one you like.

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The Key Takeaway

Human resource management is a must for all businesses. HR management software is designed to free up the time you devote to routine tasks so that you can focus on motivating, attracting, and keeping the best talent.

Unfortunately, there's no universal solution with HRM software. If you're looking to purchase the right system to meet your needs, it is necessary to evaluate your HR requirements. Find out which features are crucial for your business. There might exist a solution that is already in place for some. Other times, out-of-the-box solutions could be difficult.

If so, it could be ideal for developing an individual HRIS system based on the company's culture and procedures. An established HR software with build in EMS is an absolute necessity for every business that needs to keep employee data in a secure location, manage time, assist in hiring processes and manage benefits and financial information are all vital tasks across all industries and sizes. Beyond the basic HRIS programs, many enterprises require advanced learning technology, performance analytics, and accounting capabilities.

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