Few Considerations Are Crucial For App Makers To Consider If They Wish To Build Dating App Like Tinder

By Ruchir C.

Honore de Balzac once said, "Solitude is fine, but it is important to have someone tell you that solitude is good". Being lonely is more evident than ever before as we are more likely to be at home, glued to our phones all night long. What brings us happiness? The Harvard study suggests that happiness lies in our social networks, and smartphones can assist.

Tinder's app has created a new marketplace of dating apps in 2012 and has changed our perception of online communications. Nowadays, meeting online people doesn't seem awkward or weird - it's an aid to you to live your life. With growing numbers of people connecting online, Tinder-like apps appear on the market.

Covid-19 has brought about several changes throughout the entire spectrum of life, yet, even though it prohibits mask-free breathing, people are firmly hoping for love to be floating around. Virtual marriages are an excellent example of this as well as the fact that the number of users on social dating app online reported being 44.2 million by 2020 makes it evident. So how can you take advantage of a fantastic chance that an app like Tinder similar app offers and a tight-knit community of people who share the same goals? So why not?

The global pandemic has caused stay-at-home orders to go into and out of the house frequently. And it's only become a problem but also an opportunity to meet people online. Furthermore, dating apps such as Tinder allow people to learn about one and explore their compatibility while remaining in their comfort zone, and all swipes away!

With such an increasing and growing growth in the popularity of dating apps, it’s easy to think of many opportunities for a business founded around apps similar to Tinder.

Dating apps: what it holds?

A dating app is a smartphone application that connects people by sharing common passions, like friendship or love. Users can browse through images and converse via video or chats via the application. There are a variety of dating apps that are available on the market, including:

  • Traditional dating app

  • Niche dating app

  • Personal matching dating app

  • Geologically-based matching app for dating

There are many dating apps on the market. Tinder is probably the most popular one. But,

Before we begin, let's look at the things Tinder is known for. Tinder is among the most loved dating apps. In the past few years, the application has been a staple on every phone due to its ground-breaking swipe left (like) and swipe left (dislike) feature. In addition, dating apps for mobile devices like Tinder, Bumble, and Coffee Meets Bagel make online dating platform more convenient.

It's unnecessary to venture out, pay in cafes, or be shy about getting acquainted with a person in real life. Tinder's unique weapon is a gaming mindset. Tinder eliminates the stigma associated with dating online through the game of gamification. Users love to swipe and look for someone to meet while doing it, which is why it's been so popular.

Tinder App Statistics

In 2012 Tinder was launched 2012. Tinder app was created within Hatch Labs, a start-up incubator operated by InterActive Corp. The algorithm for matching was created by Sean Rad (former CEO & Chairman) and Justin Mateen (former CMO). At first, Tinder has trialled several USA colleges before being wholly launched to achieve massive success, generating 350 million swipes daily by 2013, which is around 4000 swipes per second.

In the year 2014, at its close, the app had exceeded one billion swipes every day. It was, until 2015, an application that was free. But, it launched an upgrade to a premium subscription plan that included additional features such as Tinder Plus. Then, in 2017 it moved to the next level with Tinder Gold, with the possibility of one-time in-app purchases being purchased. Since then, Tinder has grown vaster in the contemporary dating world. Despite the massive rivals like Badoo within Europe and Bumble across the USA, Tinder is the most loved dating application.

Some Statistics Show:

  • It has 75 million active monthly users, of which 7.8 million originate mainly from the USA.

  • The USA is the most significant contributor with 43 per cent of the total, and the UK holds the second position with 8 per cent. The app's monthly subscribers are 6.2 million.

  • Tinder was responsible for the majority of Match Group's revenues in 2020.

  • Tinder has been used over 400 million times.

  • The app is accessible in more than 40 languages.

  • According to Tinder, the app, 1.5 million Tinder users engaged in weekly date nights.

  • Users active on Tinder log in to their Tinder accounts on average four times per day.

Key Features to Consider While Developing an App like Tinder

The features are the primary aspect of any app's success. It is important to include essential elements and will be beneficial for users. Below, we've provided a list of the options that could be considered for your custom dating apps development. Check them out!

In-app Chat: Allow users to initiate an online chat in their application instead of looking for an alternative app to begin the conversation. It's a must to have an in-app Chatbox for that. Chatbox also protects users. They can direct admin panels if they witness instances of abusive or inhumane behaviour. They'd be protected in this case by not sharing their contact details.

Push Notifications: Push notifications are an awesome in-app tool for communication that keeps users updated on the app's latest actions. Most often, Push Notifications are sent as brief, reply messages. Users of your app should always be aware when there's a match. This makes push notification crucial when designing an app for dating like Tinder.

Profile: This might seem intuitive, but everyone should have a profile that contains information about their preferences, interests and interests. It is possible to include automated extractions of social network accounts to ensure that users do not need to fill out specific fields manually. Personal profiles are beneficial because they permit users to look at what others like and dislike, which allows them to judge if they are the qualities they'd like to see in a partner.

Integrating Social Media This integration is essential to increase authenticity and the likelihood of meeting a suitable match. The ability to gather information on social media can make the online chat room. In actuality, the art of impressing your partner and knowing whether they will become a match is straightforward.

Smart Matching: Automation has stretched the limits of technology. In the wake of this integration, dating apps now offer intelligent match-making based on age locations, hobbies, and other interests. The greater the number of features and the more specific the outcome. The users can search for their possible spouses based on their preferences, which makes finding the perfect partner easy and swift. If they get what they need and want, they'll likely return to this dating site shortly.

Calendar Integration: It's normal to have several initial dates when apps for dating provide numerous matches until lightning strikes. Therefore, users must be able to control their time and places. In these situations, calendar integration could make the day easier. In the dating app, users can easily keep track of all events they've planned.

Here are a few attributes of dating apps that are worth considering. However, remember not to add features that are not beneficial to the person using it. Additionally, the features can increase the cost of developing a dating app, and that's why it's recommended to work with an app development company for dating. The experts of dating app development firms will be able to help you add features that are sensible and don't add to the price of development for your dating app.

Working of Tinder Application

This is how it operates in the real world inside the Tinder application:

Picking by swiping: First, users get to see a character they can like or reject. The person has shown based on the criteria selected by the user in their settings (gender age, gender distance, gender or distance.). Swiping left is similar to one while swiping left is an exit. Users' profiles contain information about age, interests, job, education, favourite music, etc. This information assists in making the decision.

It's a match! If two users are friends, the notification will be sent to them of a new match. This is the only way the two individuals can start communicating.

Messaging: This is a simple chat application with basic features. No pictures or links are allowed in the application to prevent any offensive or inappropriate content.

UnMatching: Before it goes further, you can unmatch or report someone if communication isn't working well. The message will disappear, and communication between the two parties will be shut down.

Additional Features You Can Consider with Tinder Clone App Development

In addition to the previously mentioned fundamental capabilities, here are some of the more advanced features you might want to think about:


To help you meet other people in the area, Geolocation can be a beneficial tool. The app can find matches in your vicinity based on your current geographical location. This is particularly beneficial for apps with an emphasis on relationships.

If a person matches you in your area, you can avoid the flirting and chat and instead go to having lunch somewhere, maybe take an outing on a bicycle or engage in other exciting dating activities.

Paid Features

As we've mentioned before, premium capabilities and extra features, like in-app gift cards, profile promotions and unlimited access to generally restricted features, are among the most effective monetization tools for dating apps.

Integration with Social networks

To give your account a bit of personal touch, you could integrate it into Instagram. In addition to the account pictures, others will be able to view what posts a person makes every day on social media. This could add a few strokes to the portrait.

Additionally, apps such as Tinder allow integration with Spotify, The easiest method to get your preferences in music, favourite tracks and genres.

Spam Detector

Spam is everywhere we travel, and dating apps aren't an exception. To assist users in getting rid of unwanted messages, it is possible to include a spam detector in the list of options. It works as follows the user receives an alert if the same message is delivered to multiple people simultaneously.

How to develop an App like Tinder?

Follow these steps for creating a tinder clone that has unique in the marketplace:

Churn Out the Idea

The concept, which forms the backbone of any app, is the basis for most of its future success and performance relies on. While your idea might sound like a revolutionary idea to you, it's likely that without a thorough analysis of how it will address your user's issues when it comes to match finding context or enhancing their enjoyment factor, it will be a complete failure! The first step to building apps such as Tinder is to establish a clear understanding of the purpose for creating it and align it with it to ensure the best experience and optimal performance.

Decide the Feature

This is among the most innovative methods of developing your app. You can choose all of the main features through an exhaustive study of how other apps function and then carefully analyse their weaknesses and USPs. It will help ensure that your app delivers a great user experience, particularly in those areas where users have found weaknesses in other apps. In addition, an in-depth study will aid in analysing the specific users and efficient monetization methods.

Design of the Application

After you've determined the goals and the features of your app, you're now ready to implement your idea into a commercially viable application. The design will be one of the most crucial aspects to enhance your user's overall experience since, in this crowded world of finding the right fit, it's the appearance that will be important. Therefore, you should begin with a skeleton that you can create by making wireframes offline or online before undergoing wireframe testing. Then proceed onto the following step.

Hire Dedicated Development Team

If you are beginning the search for an app development company for dating, the number of self-proclaimed teams popping up is staggering. However, if you decide to partner on the app with a firm that doesn't have the relevant expertise and experience in the same area, you're destroying the chance right in the initial stage. This is an excellent example of the importance of choosing the right team for developing dating app (which shouldn't be a problem with our advice that you can keep in your pocket!). Are you looking to develop your Tinder similar app with the top 50 companies globally as a development partner?

Start the Development

If you have the features you need and the excellent development team on board, there's nothing you need to do at this stage. The team of developers takes care of the process, and you must remain in constant contact to provide feedback and suggest modifications if needed.

Test and Repair Bugs

Development cannot be completed without thorough testing. Therefore, it's crucial to test the tinder-like application to eliminate any bugs for both parties (both internally and externally), making sure that you don't leave any that the user can complain about.

Launch your Application

After testing and development, it's time to release it and make your app be a success on the market for dating apps. The quality of development is our responsibility. The rest is your marketing abilities.

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Since the above variables differ for each idea of a dating application, the price varies. For example, suppose that app development for dating takes months, and two developers are working on the app. If you're looking to create the app within a month - it will take twice the time and effort of the developers. And evidently, the cost will rise too.

The cost to create a tinder-like app generally falls within the price of $8000 and $40000.

With the increasing applicability of apps for dating, future growth is expected in this field. You only need to customize and more effective marketing strategies as without a clear strategy, your app is just one of the different dating applications. To be "super like"-ed by people who use it, you need to meet their expectations (if you do not meet their expectations)!

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