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By Ruchir C.

When you read the article, millions of readers are searching for a fantastic product to purchase or have already purchased one. That's how great it is. The rise of mCommerce is fantastic. It is also the rise of mobile apps that offer daily deals. At the end, who could not want savings on money while satisfying their desire to shop.

This is the reason for the awe-inspiring popularity of daily discounts. In addition to allowing users to take advantage of incredible discounts and other deals, discount apps offer numerous benefits for consumers and businesses. While consumers will surely benefit from great discounts, businesses gain an opportunity to display their most popular products and interact with buyers.

This trend of mobile daily deal apps has resulted in more than 19 million users on Groupon, one of the tops loved daily deals mobile apps, Groupon. In addition, it was believed that up to 70% of Groupon's transactions took place on tablets or smartphones.

Due to the vast potential of the mix, several companies are now opting to offer their clients excellent alternatives through daily deals and mobile application development. If you're one of the latter, this is all you need to be aware of.

What is Groupon?

Groupon is a group purchasing site that offers daily discounts. It has grown in popularity and is frequently used by users. Groupon offers excellent discounts on stores, restaurants spas, theaters, and other establishments that can meet the needs of their clients.

 Groupon offers buyers and customers the opportunity to purchase goods and services for less. The discounted items are high-quality items or food items that customers can buy from certain stores. The Groupon discount offers customers the chance to save money while purchasing high-quality products.

This could help customers and the consumers in their finances, mainly when everyone seems to be struggling with their finances. In addition, discounts of 50, or more than or less, can help your wallet since they can be used to buy other items that you require.

The primary reason for the popularity of Groupon is that it is targeted towards the younger generations, who are more likely to spend on it if they can get discounts. The discount or coupon acts as a motivator to people to act. Marketing models also work great, considering that anyone participating in the offer receives some money.

What Makes the Daily Deal App Industry Worth Investing?

In the pile of papers on your desk, there will be a "to tackle in the future" pile. Another is for the group on the internet offers and coupons for restaurants and eateries of various kinds.

Most likely, you used the coupon. However, for the price you paid, $12, not the $25 offer, and the coupon is worthwhile in the coming months. At the same time, the other one is fraudulent since the restaurant was shut down to the brink of bankruptcy.

#The Catechism About Deal Sites:

In this particular situation, there are two things to consider:

Are the daily sites worth it?

If so, what's the most effective way to use them to get the best bargains?

#Let's discover the answer!

Recently, Groupon and LivingSocial have updated their websites and are eager to lure clients who have been disillusioned. Additionally, they are spreading their wings with different kinds of deals and offering many more items and services such as massages, meals, and travel.

In addition, thanks to the best apps, developers are increasing the time that deals remain in effect between 24-36 hours for two to three weeks.

Not surprisingly, LivingSocial has also revealed plans to allow users to browse for sales on its mobile and website application all day long in the hope of revamping the deals they're passing over, from impulse purchases to daily bargains.

Stated, Groupon is a renowned daily deal app that has attracted the attention of young startups and established companies worldwide. It also serves as a bridge between consumers and merchants by offering attractive discounts and coupons worth more than 70% to customers.

It was established around 2008 USA as a "Deal-Of-The-Day" platform that lets users purchase coupons and vouchers for various goods and services. Customers will find many tempting offers from buffet coupons to spa discounts, shopping trips to holiday deals.

Market Stats of Daily Deals Apps

It is estimated that the Daily Deals sector is expected to expand by $5.7 billion by 2021. This is the equivalent of a 5.7 percent growth rate. As a result, many players are jumping into this market, as per the report.

In addition, categories such as spas, tickets to concerts, travel deals, and electronic discounts can make up the bulk of savings.

The biggest opportunity for growth in this industry could be due to the large number of internet users seeking an amazing deal on various daily deal sites across the globe.

45.7 million users worldwide have availed themselves of at least one deal on these websites.

Because of their brand's significant worth, Groupon and Rue Gilt Groupe are the top players on the market for daily deals with smartphone apps. To stay ahead of their competitors, they are the first to enter the market of new products.

Both have seen more people come through their respective websites in addition to higher purchase rates and a large customer base.

Business Models for Daily Deal Apps

The apps that offer daily deals are generally different from other mobile applications. The business must publish daily deals, promotions, and discounts in these apps to attract customers and inform them about current offers to ensure they benefit the most from your site.

With this in mind, dealers need to use several business models to align their businesses that offer Daily Deals App Development services. The apps also help convert their profits to high using the models listed below.

Commission-based: Mobile apps can allow the seller to reach many customers and grow their business. The seller opens an account with this platform and then pays a small commission to the app for every transaction.

Advertisements based: It is a method that has a long-lasting effect of grabbing people's and the market's attention by closing their gap by showing the most relevant recommendations on the user's screen at an exact place. After you've established that your everyday deal apps idea is gaining traction, a variety of distributors and merchants will reach out to you with the idea of placing their business on your app in an area that they have identified.

Freemium: Daily Deals doesn't offer a freemium service; however, sellers have to pay a fee to receive several benefits for their businesses.

Third-party Revenue: Third-party revenue from payment gateways or websites makes up a large portion of the app's profits.

Credit Card Commission: One additional monetization method is users' transactions using their credit card on the app, which can be a significant source of cash.

How to Stand Out From Services like Groupon?

Narrow your niche: The most sought-after categories are various goods, hotels, restaurants, entertainment, beauty, and health services. But, consumers are not for something general but rather for particular items. You can broaden the target audience. For instance, discounts on video games, pet items, books, sports equipment, or motorbikes.

Focus on local business: Aggregators like Groupon can cover the globe, but they are not equally effective across all cities and regions. A majority of discounts, promotions, and sales of local businesses result from these sites in the absence of focusing on a specific city that allows you to build more intimate relationships with the business.

Provide more value than others: Better terms and unique features can allow you to distinguish yourself from your rivals. For example, it would be wonderful to automate a check on the availability of promotional offers and discounts on particular merchandise that you sell on Amazon, Flippa, or another marketplace.

Advanced Features to Give Your App Great Boost

Have a look at the most amazing features to make your idea unique from others.

Cost Comparison

The idea of purchasing a product with a lower price and with a maximum discount is something no customer will be able to resist. However, the thought of finding the product that you bought from a different site selling at lower prices is an enormous turn-off. So, you can aid your customers in finding the most affordable price by using the price comparison feature.

Customers can choose the items they wish to compare costs and get the complete list of online marketplaces that display the product with coupons and deals. In addition, users can choose to use the minimum price structure to purchase quickly.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are a fantastic option to attract customers and keep them loyal. This option can help build a solid collection of customers that can enjoy discounts and offers or even give gift cards to their acquaintances. As a company, you could profit from gift cards. You can offer customers promotions that will also boost your company's visibility.

Cloud Environment

Security and safety of data are the most important considerations when creating an electronic solution such as an app for mobile devices or a web application. In the current era of increasing security threats, making sure you have that your network is as sophisticated and capable of defending against threats has been the talk of the town for quite a while right now.

Cloud technology can help ensure that your information is managed and stored in the safest and most trustworthy format. The data is linked to merchants, users, retailers, payment, etc. Integrating cloud technology and the mobility solution can save to make your business more scalable and facilitate secure communication.

Real-Time Data Analytics

This feature allows decision-makers to make informed decisions by providing processed data right at their fingers. Through real-time analytics, they can quickly determine a variety of data related to the stores and deals. In addition, they can determine the regions in which the most deals were concluded or closed, the order categories with the corresponding terms, and much more to help make the process easier to understand.

Find Your Niche to Create an App Like Groupon

With knowledge of Groupon and Groupon-like, we can begin our app development procedure. A website or app similar to Groupon is similar to an e-Commerce store and allows selling coupons. In this regard, let's look at the critical elements of the app you must focus on.

Create an App Development Strategy

Before you get into the development of your app first, you must establish the framework for your mobile app development. The main factors to consider are the price you will need to draw customers in, service improvements over time, and a boost in the number of customers you can serve.

Also, you should think about the following aspects:

  • Testing and development of apps in line with your industry.

  • Develop a strategy that is effective to keep users engaged.

  • Make sure you properly promote your app following the app's launch.

  • The monetization of banners.

  • Day-of-the-deals-and-sponsored offers.

Admin Panel

This is the admin area where you'll be in charge of your website. There are two ways to manage your website. The first option is to manage all coupons on your own. To do this, you'll need to implement a thorough process for curating content. Your team of content managers can handle this. The seller, however, will supply the raw data, including pictures and content. Again, ensuring that your application or website can handle the request is essential.

Another option is to use moderated content that sellers upload and maintain the content. All you require is an organization that oversees this content and ensures the quality remains high. The moderated content method is more complex than the other. It thus requires the use of many features available in your application.


Like how crucial it is to feature in your application, you must be concerned about the user experience and interface. A well-thought-out user interface can affect how users experience the application. For example, you should have countdown timers or badges to differentiate the different kinds of coupons that you offer on your platform. The structure and hierarchy of badges must be clearly defined and precise.

Conditions of Use

Always include written and unambiguous terms of service on your coupon websites. Your customers may get confused about what you're trying to sell and what service you offer. The use of a specific term of service page can make a difference and prevent many problems down the road.

Required Features for Deals App Development

A Groupon/Nearbuy app must have the right features before it's available for use. The essential features that an app should include are listed below.

  • Registration login.

  • Profile page.

  • The "Invite a friend" feature

  • User location detection

  • Deals based on the location

  • There are many different types of offers

  • Support for the major cities

  • Meaningful categories.

  • Payment gateways

  • Modules for managing orders

  • Account of the seller

  • Support for different kinds of currencies.

  • Multilingual content to boost regional content

How Much Does An App Like Groupon Cost?

The price for Groupon clone app will depend on the features you wish to include in your ground-based application. We can estimate the cost or the time required to create an app cloned from Groupon.

Timeline and Costing: -

  • Frontend development and design: 100-200 Hours

  • Backend Design & Development: - 100-140 Hours

  • Testing and bug fixing and Project Management Time: 30-50 hours

Time in Hours: 230-390 Hours

It is advisable to go on the application development team of India and Eastern Europe countries for the budget-friendly user.

Considering all aspects will cost you between $20,000 and $30,000 for one platform (Groupon application for Android). Also, if you wish to upgrade your Groupon app for iPhone will cost you more than $25,000.

It's an estimated price for a daily deal app, similar to Groupon.

The cost of your application is based on your ideas and preferences.

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Discounts, deals, and free Estimation have always attracted consumers. So, if you're trying to create an interactive, revenue-driven app that could yield millions of dollars in ROI - "an app similar to Groupon or coupon online app" is the perfect fit. If you're already a step ahead with your idea for an app and search for the perfect developer's team, ensure that you don't leave any chance for error.

Creating a coupon site or app similar to Groupon is a complex multi-step process. It's just like other businesses. It is essential to put your effort into different areas beginning with finances and concluding with a color scheme. We've made a dent in the issue. Be confident about engaging in the procedure. We've got you covered!

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