Guide To Building An On-Demand Grocery App

By Ruchir C.

As the pandemic continues to go on, modern shoppers have nowadays developed the habit of ensuring that products and services are delivered directly to the doors. Over that, there is an increasing fear amongst people going to crowded places and leaving their homes. The congested areas are known to be the main hotspot for the spread of the infection.

Amidst the ongoing pandemic, the users of on-demand online grocery applications are increasing at a rapid rate. It is estimated that around 25 percent of shoppers nowadays order groceries online. The future of on-demand grocery app development is on the rise. It is regarded as a highly revenue-generating business.

As there is a major shift in the paradigm of online shopping, on-demand grocery app development paves way for startups and businesses to invest in the project. If you are looking forward to investing in on-demand grocery app development project, this is our detailed guide to help you in the development process.

Benefits of Developing a Grocery App

  • Ease of Availability to Customers: Building grocery apps offers ease to the end users. It allows users to get the products delivered to the doorstep. It helps in reducing the efforts while making sure that they are not required to move out of the house.

  • Saving Time: Time is one of the most crucial aspects that users consider while downloading an application. With the help of a few clicks on the smartphone, users should be capable of getting the desired goods delivered. There should be no effect on the household chores. Moreover, there should be no requirement of standing in long queues for billing purposes.

  • Upscaling Business: The development of a user-friendly online grocery app helps in boosting your online presence. It also helps in enhancing the brick-and-mortar presence of your business. When you hire a team of experienced grocery app developers, you can easily look forward to expanding the customer base.

  • Availability of Alternative Products: In case a product is not available in the application, the customers can instantly look for its alternatives. It helps in simplifying the process of purchasing grocery items from the app.

  • Lucrative Offers and Discounts: With ever-increasing competition, the app should offer relevant discounts and offers. This helps in ensuring maximum customer satisfaction and retention. It also helps in opening up more opportunities for the application to grow and maximize its sales.

Understanding the Business Model for Grocery App Development

  • Aggregator Model: It is a dedicated business model for grocery app development that ensures collaboration with the local grocery outlets or stores. The app will be listing the other local stores or chains while collaborating with them. The users can go through the entire checklist of the available grocery stores on the app. Then, they can proceed to purchase the desired grocery items from the chosen shop.

Typically, the app will be serving as the mediator between the local grocery store and the end users. It is the responsibility of the store owner to ensure that goods are delivered on time.

  • Marketplace Apps: One of the leading instances of such a business model is BigBasket. The marketplace apps have the respective grocery menus and grocery delivery agents delivering products to the doorstep of the customers.

  • Multi-store Chains: Walmart –the retail giant is capable of depicting the given business model effectively. There is the presence of a separate app for customers who are capable of handling the overall delivery of products themselves.

  • Single Stores; These applications are the ones that are handled by a single store owner. For instance, you have access to a brick-and-mortar store and you are capable of developing an application. The store owner is responsible for handling the order and its entire delivery to the customers.

Money-making Process of On-demand Grocery Apps

  • Paid Membership: Businesses are capable of partnering the app with multiple retailers while applying a commission-based revenue structure or model. The commission will vary depending on the existing features of the application.

  • In-app advertising: The apps can go ahead with enlisting products and services of other apps on the respective platform. It is a famous business model that helps in improving the overall user experience. For every purchase or click, the app owner will be earning a commission.

  • Delivery and service fees: The apps can consider applying a delivery fee for every grocery order. The fee will be based on different factors including the distance of delivery, the number of grocery items ordered in emergencies, and so more. Some applications are also capable of offering weekly or monthly grocery plans having fixed charges.

Top Features of an On-demand Grocery App

If you are hiring a reliable grocery app development company, you can expect the following features in the user-friendly app.

User Panel

  • Profile: It is the first step with respect to using the app –right after the users will complete installation. They can easily register with the help of an email or contact numbers. The feature also allows the users to enter the social media credentials for ensuring a quick sign-in.

  • Filters for Ease of Browsing: The users can make use of advanced filters for searching through different categories or specific products that they are looking for. It helps in saving the overall time as users are no longer required to go through the entire product list.

  • Delivery Scheduling: The users are able to schedule the delivery as per the overall convenience of receiving the orders at the doorstep in their presence.

  • Order Tracking: Using this feature, customers can think of being updated in real-time with the help of the order tracking functionality. As such, they can be aware of the status of the products being ordered.

  • Order Management: This feature allows the customers to manage the entire order conveniently. They can consider viewing the order history while placing the same orders again as per the requirement. They can also ensure some changes to the order like cancelation or return of orders.

  • Multiple Payment Options: It is one of the most essential features for any on-demand grocery app. The presence of in-built payment options can allow the users to ensure payments conveniently and securely.

  • Offers & Discounts: The section of the grocery app will be helpful in displaying information about the ongoing discounts and offers on different sets of products. It will also enable the users to enjoy lucrative deals on their favorite list of products.

  • Feedback: The customers can go ahead with offering relevant feedback as well as ratings according to the respective shopping experience on the grocery app.

Delivery Panel

  • Delivery Request Notification: The entire set of requests to be made for deliveries is displayed with this feature. It also helps in displaying information like order numbers along with additional delivery details. All information is then notified to the delivery person.

  • Reject or Accept Request: The delivery person can consider either accepting or rejecting the request. It will depend on the location of the customer and other factors.

  • Tracking Customer Location: The delivery professionals can go through the location of the customers through this feature on the app. This will help them in analyzing the best-optimized path for ensuring deliveries within the estimated period.

  • Obtaining Delivery Confirmation: The driver will get confirmation from the users and the stores with respect to the given deliveries.

  • In-app calling or in-app Chatting: The feature allows the drivers or delivery professionals to ensure secure communication within the app. Using the feature, they can consider fixing the exact location or time of delivery to the customers.

Admin Panel

  • Dashboard: The dashboard of any on-demand grocery app will serve to be the one-stop solution for the administration. Using the dashboard, the admin professionals can track and manage all activities related to running the application.

  • Assign managers: Admin has the responsibility of adding and assigning dedicated managers in the respective workplace for delivering optimum customer experiences.

  • Assign Order: The feature will enable the admin to assign and manage new orders to the on-demand grocery app. The admin should also ensure seamless execution of the orders.

  • Manage Payments: Admin is responsible for managing all payments without any hassles. At the same time, the admin should also specify a new milestone for grocery businesses.

  • Manage Customers: The admin should be capable of managing the customers on the app while coordinating with them as per the requirement.

Some Advanced Features of a Grocery App

  • Push Notifications: Even when the user will not be using the app, the push notification feature will help in sending alerts to mobile phones. It will help in keeping the users updated about the ongoing discounts, latest offers, products added, and several other updates.

  • Real-time analytics: It helps in defining in-depth data analysis. It will be made available to the app’s admin panel. It will allow the admin section to monitor the activities of the users, detect frauds in advance, save the overall costs, and boost the conversion rates.

  • Communication Channels: The feature of in-app chatting and in-app calling will enable the delivery agent to ensure communication with the store owner and customers.

  • CRM Integration: With CRM integration, the app can ensure maximum benefits to different businesses. It helps in centralizing, optimizing, and streamlining the communication process with the clients. It is now possible to understand customers properly while increasing segmentation and maximizing customer retention.

  • GPS Tracking: This feature helps in delivering a personalized experience to the users. It is possible to track the exact geographical location of the users. It also helps in making sure that the products get delivered to the users on time. The delivery agent and users are both capable of tracking each other’s location. Therefore, it is a highly crucial factor.

Costs of Developing an On-demand Grocery App

The exact cost of on-demand grocery app development is not defined. It will vary from one project to another. As far as analyzing the costs of any grocery app development project is concerned, it will depend on various factors. Some of the factors to consider are:

  • The reputation of the Development Partner: A grocery app development team that is highly experienced and reliable might charge slightly more in comparison to the one having relatively lower experience. However, for such a sought-after app development project, it is always important prioritize quality over other factors.

  • Geolocation of the Development Team: It is another factor that will affect the cost of the development project. For instance, developers from North America will charge more than those in Asia.

  • Fully-fledged or MVP App: An MVP model will have a limited set of features. On the other hand, a fully-fledged app will have all the advanced and important features. Therefore, the development of an MVP app can turn out to be cost-effective.

  • Team Size and Timeframe: A grocery app development project that has a shorter deadline will cost more than the ones having longer deadlines. At the same time, time size is another crucial factor to consider.

The average cost of developing an on-demand grocery app can range between $15,000 and $35,000 for both Android and iOS. However, this price might vary as you include more features and integrations.

Which is the Best Grocery App for Your Business?

Ultimately, it will depend on the specific requirements of your app. However, aggregator-based models or apps are regarded as most risk-free and convenient for both businesses and users.

You will ultimately risk the overall brand reputation in case the grocery store owner will refuse delivery or is not appropriate to the customers on the platform. Therefore, every type of grocery app model will have its own merits and demerits.

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It is the perfect time to enter the highly competitive market with your feature-rich and user-friendly grocery app. However, the development of a robust on-demand grocery app will require ample knowledge and expertise. Therefore, you can hire grocery app development services from the best app development company or a team of experienced developers to expect the best outcomes.

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