Guidelines for Successful Travel App Development In 2022

By Ruchir C.

These days, you can find an app for almost everything. As a fact, you can download the app in no time and use them worldwide. From cooking recipes to online banking, apps have made our lives easier. On the other hand, travel apps allow us to enjoy spontaneous travelling globally. The travel and hospitality industry has grown massively in the years providing endless opportunities and wealth.

The annual economy of the travel industry if approximately $6.5 trillion, and the revenue of global international tourism is $1.34 trillion. Travel apps help travellers avoid unnecessary time spent on an extensive long-term journey. The software has changed the travelling services throughout. Now you can share your travel details with family and friends. Also, travel apps have democratized travelling with easy flight booking and adventurous tours. Moreover, the latest features added to travelling have made it comfortable for travellers to book flights, hotels etc.

Flight booking apps provided a niche to the users and designed a stable app to find its place in an oversaturated marketplace. At this moment. Technology has transformed all industries, and the travel industry is no exception. A survey from eMarketer has revealed that almost 60% of individuals book tickets from their smartphones. Those days are gone when travellers rely on travel agents to make certain arrangements. With user-friendly apps, everybody prefers to make arrangements on their own.

Traveling Trends You Must Know For 2022

After the government loosen the coronavirus restrictions, travelling seemed to be approachable and manageable to hopefully grow again. The increase in bookings was highly reported during spring and summer seasons. According to the reports of The World Travel and Tourism Council (W.T.T.C.), global travel tourism industry increased the U.S. economy by $2 trillion in 2022. The council also anticipated that travel outbound an increase in the U.S. by 130% last year.

Huge Impact on Travel

As per the reports of Impact Tourism Report, 96% of the travellers thought that it is essential to explore different communities and environment forming a positive impact on economy. Several eco-activities such as stargazing and glamping remained extremely popular even during the pandemic. It was later found that travellers also patronized small businesses being at economic crisis. Influencers actively seek out brands to partner with local organizations with sustainable initiatives.

Make Up Your Dream Trip

The coronavirus pandemic has taught us that the future is uncertain and there’s nothing like tomorrow when it comes to travelling. The latest survey of Virtuoso, 76% of luxury travel advisors have recently augmented A-list travel experiences in South Africa. Expedia also reported that the Maldives has also tracked normal way of booking.

Family Travel Matters More Than Ever

After two years, people didn’t want to miss any occasion like vacations, weddings, birthdays, graduations etc. Thereafter, with the rise of multi-generational family trips parents looked for childcare options at the hotels and connecting rooms. Families are now keen to book resorts with facilities of kid’s clubs and educational clubs to keep them engaged.

Privacy Is a Top Preference

After the social distancing got over people preferred to have their own space while travelling. It is to spend time together face-to-face on yacht or on commercial flights, renting a villa is highly on-demand. You can book fabulous holiday rentals through mobile apps with privacy and a room without draining your bank account.

Wellness Is Highly Prioritized

Self-care isn’t just a term but it plays an important role for travellers to retreat themselves on vacay. Hotels have responded to on-demand offerings of spa and wellness facilities to their travellers. For instance, the travellers can have their nighttime tea at their resort offered with in-room sleep amenities.

The Most Essential Technologies and Features for Travel Apps

Traveling has become lifestyle for several people instead of just a hobby. Travel industry has raised various opportunities especially for travel bloggers. The Statista reports revealed that approximately $6.5 trillion were affected during coronavirus pandemic.

The revenue of $1.34 trillion was earned by global international tourism. Mobile devices have covered half of the traffic worldwide. Also, travel industries have leveraged large audience only through travel mobile apps.

Mobile traveling apps have gained popularity in the marketplace since people are able to manage their trips online.

Map Integration & Navigation

Geography is inseparable from travelling. So, it is obvious that a must-have feature for travelling and hospitality applications are maps. While using maps, you should have detailed knowledge about the locations to understand the navigation. Maps are required to get relevant information with that of detailed knowledge of all places.

Tourists feel more comfortable in understanding their current location being at a hotel/ restaurant/ bar/ museum and so on. 85% of the tourists navigate apps through apps in new area. Most importantly, navigations apps should work on offline mode as well i.e. without cellular data or Wi-Fi.

Trip Planning

One of the major reasons people love to travel and plan their trips are the mobile apps. Apps offer several functions such as from picking different destinations to choose transportation, book hotels etc. In my opinion, this function must be integrated with maps and other features like Google Trips, TripCase, TripHobo, and Roadtrippers.

Booking & Reservation

Through hotel booking application, it has become easier to book tickets for hotel, tours and other travel-related products and services. Travel applications can be considered as the marketplace for the tourists through various technologies. Travel booking have become popular since travels chose to arrange their trips all by themselves. A travelling app is time saving and by applying offers or coupon code, you can book tickets for accommodation.

Reviews & Recommendation

Traveling apps provide honest reviews and recommendations about restaurants, cafes, hotels, and other places. It is great to involve third-party services with relevant recommendations to advance the trip experience.


You need a convenient transportation to reach your destined destination. So, transportation is a vital element of travelling that provides meaning to your destination through up-to-date information. Transportation means scheduling, pricing and focusing on other details. You should be able to book taxis, train tickets etc. through a traveling application. You can also take a look at the Programmable Web to know more about the list of transportation APIs.

How to Build a Travel App in 2022?

While creating a travel app, you must offer value to your services. Let us understand what are the steps to develop a travel application in 2022?

Step 1: Identifying the Goal of Your App 

The first step is to choose the type of travel app you want to use. If you want your app to be the greatest for travel, you must first identify the goal of your app. You can pick if you want a vacation planning app, a travel guide app, a hotel booking app, a backpacking app, a transportation app, or something else. The features and functionality of different types of travel apps vary. 

Mobile has become a necessity in the travel niche, specifically socializing and marketing. Ultimately, mobile apps provide self-allowance to travelers on their own. Administering a pre-determined traveling budget streamlines your policies and processes of approval. 

Step 2: Doing Market Research 

Market research is the second phase in developing a trip booking app. Now that you know your app's goal, you can investigate it thoroughly. Discovering the top travel applications in your niche is the best method. 

Learn about their features and functionality, what makes them special, and what they lack. This can be accomplished by using these top travel smartphone apps. Also, look into how the audience reacts to them. 

This will assist you in gaining a better understanding of what you need to do to outperform your competition. Market research reinforces decisions related to tourism destinations and businesses daily. Maintaining databases and profiles of a large population in the tourism sector is crucial. 

Step 3: Choosing the Features of Your Travel App 

Take some time to consider the needs of your travel app before you start developing one. Determine which features are required to provide the greatest experience to your users. It's best to start by looking at similar apps in your niche and writing down the features that appeal to you. 

This will help you understand what your users desire and how to persuade them to use your lending app. Most importantly, the ability to transverse the quality of app development requires time for research and planning. These days' travelers need planners to organize their trips developed by a team of software developers. 

Life in this technological era has advanced to a certain level of planning and overall travel packages for their travel destinations. Customers seek travel apps with the most persuasive photos with the cheapest remittance services with the expenses of flights, hotel rooms, and online cab service. In other words, the software has enhanced the quality of travel agency businesses. 

Step 4: Hire App Developers for Travel Apps 

You can start looking for skilled travel app developers now that you have an MVP design in your brain. Rather than hiring freelance developers, we recommend hiring a mobile app development company. A company's work environment is more professional. Furthermore, there is a specialized crew solely for your project. 

This group consists of the following individuals: 

  • Project manager 

  • Mobile app developers 

  • UX/UI designers 

  • Quality analysts 

Always choose a seasoned firm that knows what it's doing. In fact, at this point, checking out their previous work based on quality won't hurt. Travelers these days prefer organized and customized travel application solutions. Based on the statistical data, traveling app revenue increased by 23% in 2022. 

Subsequently, when the COVID-19 pandemic was over, there were around $2308.2 million downloads by 2022. Traveling in-app purchase or IAP purchase revenue reached $97 million in 2022. The static data shows that the travel industry's revenue is continuously growing. 

Step 5: Brainstorming and Planning 

You must clarify your requirements to the developers after they have been hired. Even if your idea isn't clear, an experienced coder will comprehend it. He might make some significant additions and changes to your project.

The development process begins when we have discussed the best course of action for your project. Our mobile app development firm developers follow the following mobile app development methodology. After years of practice, this procedure has been established. 

Being in the technical field, we realize the importance of updating our systems regularly to ensure that we continue to improve. Improvement occurs when you freely list your ideas or thoughts through a semantic mind map, organizing key concepts. 

Step 6: Market your travel app 

The importance of this movement cannot be overstated. No matter how innovative or feature-rich, any app will only succeed if advertised on the right platforms. You need to market your app so that your target audience knows its presence. 

For example, you can hire a travel blogger to market it or advertise it in the newspaper. To help you in the third stage, we have compiled a list of essential features and a list of unique features that will help develop your travel app. It is essential to market your products and services in the marketplace. You must make connections with travel bloggers. 

Social media will expand your reach for your target audience perfectly. Through social media, you can mention exclusive offers on your application. This will widely promote your brand and encourage more downloads amongst the audience. 

During confirmation, you must ensure confirmation emails via the mobile app. Your emails should include links to your website and download the application on Android and iOS platforms. Moreover, never step back in showing off your app in your emails, and always provide information through images. 

Travel App Development Cost in 2022

Mobile app development companies have found several solutions before entering the marketplace. Travel apps are highly influenced these days determining the success in gaining massive attention lately. Mainly there are two types of travel apps in the travel industry: booking-type and planner-type. While developing any kind of application, you must focus on important factors like UI/UX design, platform, integration, etc.

Estimate cost of developing a travel application can be around $20,000 to $30,000. But the development cost may differ upon the features you add based on your needs. Budget is the most crucial aspect in developing an application as it is affected by several factors listed below.

  • List of features

  • Selected framework - Native, Hybrid, Web-based

  • Required expertise and developer’s team

  • Time frame of the required app

Based on the above mentioned features, the approximate charge will be from $10,000- $50,000.

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It is to conclude that you should provide opportunities while implementing a travel application. As compared to travel websites, travel applications have been working efficiently with satisfying business ideas globally. Critically, you need to add effective features to your apps, such as geolocation, map integration, trip planning, booking, recommendations, and emergency services.

We hope that this blog has solved your queries related to developing traveling services worldwide. Idea2App has expertise in developing a travel application, so that you can ask our developer team for further queries. Our team will provide you with solutions to the questions of development cost and the time taken to develop a travel application. 

Idea2App is an app development company known for building featured apps for platforms like web, Android, and iOS. Our specialization in developing user-friendly UI/UX designs grabbed our customers' attention every time. 

Travel guide apps offer flexibility to travelers to travel conveniently. Hence, they are highly in demand as everyone wants independent booking for their tours. Building your travel app from scratch is necessary, beginning with choosing its type. Proceeding with the required functionality based on technical accessibility. Always begin with a small MVP to test your application idea in this competitive marketplace. Lastly, the project's growth is a continuous developmental approach that you need to follow throughout. 

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