Healthcare App Development – Features, Use, And Cost To Look In 2022

By Ruchir C.

The Healthcare sector is growing day by day and is bringing a huge difference. Imagined the pharmacy at your home, did you? Now it’s possible with the Pharmacy Delivery App. In today’s world, every other person needs medicine. Just suppose you had surgery. Now you are homebound and not able to walk for a certain amount of time. Now you need to have medicines at your place with the help of this online handy application. Using the healthcare app, not only you can get your medicine delivered to your home, but also you can take expert advice. Get yourself checked online just by consulting a doctor online. There is more to this app if you are a health-conscious person.

What a person needs in a medical app or a healthcare app, is a very user-friendly interface, auto-form fill options, and reminders for your next medication. There are several healthcare-related medicine delivery apps out there that already are leaving footprints.

That is one such high-demand credibility in medicine-selling companies being offered online. People these days are getting attracted to these technologies which are very beneficial in medical or healthcare app development. Such techs are CRM, Big Data, IoT, and Cloud Computing. These are already dominating the healthcare world and medicine-selling companies.

All the medicine selling and pharmaceuticals are focusing on medicine delivery apps these days, one can get the cost for making the best medicine delivery app to stand out unique from others. There are numerous healthcare applications and vendors in the market that are creating too much buzz around the world.

Name of some popular apps is CareAware Connect, ITriage, DSS Inc., MyChart, Marbella, Ambulatory EHR, PatientKeeper, and more. Apart from that, IT solutions that IT companies are providing to the healthcare industry are Inventory Management Software, eCommerce Solutions, Supply Chain Management, CRM Software, Fitness Trainer App Development, and more.


Easy Login to Admin: A admin can log in easily to manage the app and records of patients and doctors.

Dashboard: Dashboard has complete insights into healthcare apps such as reports, analytics, and data records. Admin can access or manage doctor’s and patient’s profiles.

Send Push Notification From Admin Panel: Admin can send notifications related to the offers, new updates, and products to the users.

Marketing Tools: Marketing activities such as email marketing, social sharing, online campaigning, and advertising are managed by the admin.

Manage Payments: Payments made by users/patients using in-app payment options are managed by the admin.

Approving or Rejecting New Doctor Request: Admin can Accept or Reject the Request sent by the Doctors and can send the login credentials to them.

Receive the Subscription amount from Doctors: Admin can manage the Subscription amount paid by the Doctors and patients.

Manage Customer Registration Requests: Admin manages the customer Registration requests; only the admin decides whether to approve or to reject the registration.

Manages the List of Doctors: Super Admin manages the list of Doctors and Sorts it According to priority and popularity.

Manages the Category and Sub-category: Admin can create the categories for patients and doctors. That which branch they are dealing in and manage the search filter and list the doctors according to them.

Manages Appointment Requests and Updates between the Doctor and Patients: Admin manages the appointment requests according to the date and time preferences of both the patient and the doctors. Also, the admin updates the information change between the Doctor and the patient.

Doctor’s Panel

Easy Registration For the Doctors: It’s an easy sign-up for doctors. They can register by providing their personal information and mail ID. It’s easy to click and go.

Easy Login: They can easily log in to the app with the Email or Gmail they have provided while registering themselves.

Creating a Profile: Creating a profile is easy and handy. Upload a personal passport-size photo. Filling the required information in the form. Providing the specialty, Experience, Clinic Details, Check Up Fee, Address and Contact.

Manage Appointment Time- Doctors can manage/show their appointment time and availability to meet the patient online.

Approving or Rejecting the Customer/Patient: A doctor can also reject or accept the Customer or patient if they do not wish to see the patient at the time patient is available or they don’t have the exact time.

Doctors Confirmation: A doctor can give confirmation if he/she accepts the request based on the date and time preferences of the customer and himself.

Patient’s Panel

Easy Sign up or Sign In: A person can easily Sign Up or Sign In using their Facebook or Google Account login. It is a very user-friendly page for users in all the languages available. Which makes it easier for a person to create an account.

Required Information: A person should enter the required medical information if he wants to consult online or want to have a check-up.

Searching and consulting Doctors: It’s easy with this app to consult a Doctor. Give the information regarding your condition, and your preferred location, and if you know the doctor’s name or hospital name search for it. You will find the appropriate results and according to it you can visit a doctor or you can consult the doctor online.

Selecting Doctors: You can also select the Doctors according to your search results or from the list of doctors according to the filters you have entered.

Profile of Doctor: A patient can also check the Doctors profile and his specialty, also you can check what are his visiting hours, check-up fee, and clinic location.

Search Medicine: A patient can search for the medicine online in the application itself.

OPD Consultation: A patient can book OPD Consultation through the Application and can have a consultation ID.

Care Plan: A patient can set his care plan according to what services are needed. In this plan, a person can also add an amount of cash to be paid when a person consults a doctor. There are a lot of services provided.

Other Advanced Features of Healthcare App


A user-friendly or easy-to-use User Interface helps your users understand the functionality of the app so that they can easily find a doctor or book an appointment in a very convenient way.

Predictive Search

Having this feature in the healthcare consulting application will help you find the doctors, hospitals, and clinics by their names and locations.


Having this feature in healthcare mobile applications is worth it. This feature reminds you of the time and date of the appointment. You can set a reminder for drug prescriptions when needed.


You must have this feature in your medical application. It helps the patients to find the doctor’s clinic or hospital using the shortest possible way.

Smart Filter

Smart filter helps you search the doctors by their specialization, experience, rating, consulting fee, degrees, location, rating & reviews, etc.

Call A Practitioner or An Emergency

Using this feature, you can directly call on an emergency from the featured hospital’s list.

File and Media Uploading

File and media uploading feature is important to have in a mobile healthcare application. You can maintain and store your medical records and medical test reports to easily use in the future.

Concurrent Reporting and Monitoring

Real-time monitoring via connected devices can help you in a medical emergency like heart failure, diabetes, asthma attacks, etc.


This feature is very helpful to enhance the use of the mobile application. Using this feature, the users can operate the app in their desired languages. This will provide a basic understanding to the users of your services.

Cloud Management

It is now easy to store data with this feature. Whether it is your order invoice or medical test reports, you can store all your data on cloud servers that can be accessed anywhere, anytime with the help of the internet.

Remote Medical Assistance

Using medical healthcare app, you can contact your doctor, who is many kilometers away. In an emergency, using remote medical assistance, the doctor can instantly check the patients and identify the diseases and suggest the medicine on the basis of the patient’s prescription.

In-app Purchase

A mobile healthcare application with essential features is always considered to increase the efficiency of the services that you are providing to your customers. Using the in-app purchase feature, patients can buy drugs/medicine with ease.

Technologies Used in Medical App

  • APNS( Apple push notifications/FCM( Firebase cloud messaging) – For Push Notifications

  • Twilio, Sinch, Nexmo – For SMS, Voice and Phone Verification

  • Braintree, Stripe & PayPal – For accepting payments

  • GWT – For Powerful Programming

  • Datastax – For Data Management

  • Mail Chimp Integration, Mandrill – For everything related to emails

  • Debian, Macintosh, Ubuntu, CentOS – The Universal Operating System

  • Database – MongoDB, Hbase, Cassandra, Postgress

  • Cloud Environment – AWS and Google

  • Real-time Analytics – Hadoop, Spark, BigData, Apache Flink, Cisco, IBM

  • Healthcare App Development Platforms

  • Native Apps (Android & iOS)

  • Web App

  • Cross-Platform App Development

  • Flutter

  • React Native

  • Hybrid Apps

Cost of Developing A Healthcare App

Healthcare industries have changed a lot in recent times. Mobile Application Development is the only reason behind the boom of healthcare apps. Every industry has its own app. Nowadays people no more have to book an appointment by calling on the phone, but they book it by doing so on the application.

The cost of healthcare mobile application varies according to your requirements. Developing Mobile Healthcare application in one Native Platform (iOS or Android) is quite higher or more expensive than building an app in a Hybrid, React Native, and Progressive Web App platform. Here are some figures for the development costs of the application.

Total cost of developing a Native App = $30,000 to $35000

Total cost of developing a React Native App = $20,000 to $25,000

Total cost of developing a Hybrid App= $15,000 to $20,000

The total cost of developing a Progressive Web App = $15,000

Idea2appp provides app development and IT for healthcare, Doctors, Hospitals, pharmaceuticals, Fitness Trainers, and others. The cost to create a Healthcare app could be ranged between $12000-$20000 in today’s world. Depending on what you want in your healthcare apps, and what services you need to be there in the app.

Get the complete app analysis for free. We will analyze your app, and provide all the insights that you need into your app to boost performance.

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