How Event Booking App Can Solve These Issues?

By Ruchir C.

Over 60% of event planners believe that custom mobile apps are a significant tool in increasing attendee engagement. Recent research has shown that event planning apps are 42% more likely to generate social media impressions than those that do not.

Today, event management and ticketing app design are not limited to elite companies. You can easily create your event app by leveraging app development companies.

Your business will surely make a significant step with event ticket app development. It's a great way to ensure your event planning goes smoothly and increases your chances of success. You can create an event app as a database and a platform for attendees and the organizing team.

There are numerous athletic events, conferences, festivals, conferences, and gatherings around the globe every day. They can support different causes and may include participants of all ages and interests. They all share one thing: Revenue generation via updated technology.

Apps for event planning are a great way to engage people, make it more enjoyable, and maximize organizers' efforts. The event technology industry is expected to grow by 10.65 percent between 2019-2025, and it goes without saying.

Although starting with all possible business models, unique sectors, and customers may be challenging. You can make it happen by creating a mobile app. We have prepared a comprehensive guide that breaks down the various components and processes to create event app for your business.

What is an Event Ticketing Platform?

A ticketing platform allows you to sell tickets online 24/7. A ticketing platform is also helpful for event organizers to collect payments, track customer data, and host events. A powerful, all-in-one ticketing platform can be used to create multiple ticket types, track registrations, gather attendee information, and set up payment gateways. It provides everything necessary to run any event on one platform successfully.

Unsurprisingly, planners in all industries rely on this ticketing system to organize successful events. Its market is expected to grow to USD 94.92 Billion by 2027.

Importance of Event Ticket Booking App Development

An event ticket booking app will allow you to manage your entire ticket business from the beginning to the end. With an advanced solution, you can provide a seamless and straightforward way to make reservations via an app.

Statista estimates that 2019 revenue from the event ticket booking sector will be USD 73424 million. This estimation shows that event ticket booking has much potential. Event ticket booking mobile app development is a great way to seize these opportunities.

This article will discuss the main features and estimated development costs of an event ticket booking app. With the help of mobile apps rich in features, companies like Eventbrite have enjoyed great success and popularity. These renowned global players are the right time to help you reach your growth goals.

Why Invest in Event Booking Mobile App -Market Size and The Statistics

Online booking apps have made it easier for business owners and the event industry to grow. Online booking apps have not only helped service providers save money on capital investments but also allowed them to expand their services. Here are some stats:

  • Statista estimates that the annual growth rate of $81,979 million in 2024 is 34.7 percent.

  • Event ticket booking revenue is expected to exceed $24,883 Million by 2020.

  • The largest industry segment is sports, with an estimated growth of $9.581 million this year.

  • Comparing all the trends, it is clear that the United States would generate the highest revenue ($9,246 million by 2020).

Issues That Event Ticket Booking Applications Can Solve for Businesses

Event booking app development is beneficial for commercial purposes and helps with team management and consumer needs.

Let's concentrate on the following points:

24-Hour Service

The app allows you to book tickets at any hour of the day. Potential users have the advantage of bookings from anywhere in the world at any hour of the day or night.

Get Event Details

You can still call the agency to inquire about the performers and event details. All details can be found on the booking app. Customers can access all details about events, including date, time, and cost of the event (if it is paid), ticket cost (if it is paid), venue, map integration for easy navigation, and detailed information about the event. These details will reduce customers' back-and-forth and answer all of their questions. They will be able to make an informed decision about booking tickets.

Simple Payments

All payments can be made online, and users don't need to bring cash to the event. You can also make bookings through the ticket booking app. This saves them time.

Open Round the Clock

You can access your business's opening and closing times from any location at any hour of the day. This allows late-night users to access event details and other details even though it is not open at night. The business can be accessed 24 hours a day.

Add-Ons to Increase Your Income

The event organizers can use this platform to book tickets and get their attention. They can sell memorabilia or other items related to the event. These add-ons are the most popular and will be purchased by users.

Stay Connected and Build Community

Nothing is more satisfying than building your community. Event booking apps allow organizers to organize events, invite people and create a small community of people with similar interests. Meetup is one of the best examples of such a platform. Demonstrations allow people with similar interests to come together and create a local community. Your organizers will have a place to stay connected and build a sense of community.

Increase Ad Revenues

Invite other people to run ads on your platform for a fixed fee, and you can also make an income from it. Third-party businesses may be able to gain customers since your app will stay on mobile phones for a while.

One Place Analytics for Business Growth

The app gives you a better overview of analytics, such as the number of tickets sold and when they were sold at the highest prices. It also shows the type of audience.

It provides real-time data about customers' behavior to the company.

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Revenue Model of Event Ticket Booking App

These apps have a simple revenue model, as they each have their own set of parameters for earning money. Let's take a look at how these apps make money.

Ticketing Revenue

This is the primary source of revenue. This includes commissions and internet handling fees for mobile event apps. The ticket price does not have a convenience fee.

A commission is also paid on tickets for non-movie events.

Non-Ticketing Revenue

Artists and companies can contact each other to promote their work. To gain attention online, advertisements are displayed. This gives the brand an edge.

Event Management Charges

Even though it is not common, many businesses offer event planning services for a fee.

This app concept is that they will assign their team to manage the event on behalf of their partners. They also offer the opportunity to promote the event to clients.

Merchandise Distribution

It works like this: The official merchandise is promoted inside the application. Businesses make money on the commission they receive for every sale.

Top Event Ticket Booking Applications for 2022

With the development of smartphones and faster internet speeds, ticket booking apps have been very successful. While some of the most popular and well-known platforms are doing well, others are still rising to prominence. Let's take a look at some of the most popular ticketing platforms around the globe:


One of the most used events booking apps allows users to book tickets for movies, sporting events, concerts, and many other categories. The transactions are safe and can be made without saving any personal information. After booking an event, the app allows users to view reviews and chat with friends.

FestApp by Aloompa

FestApp offers many features, including festival map GPS localization, beacon use, offline data availability, schedule sharing, beacon usage, and offline data availability. It is ideal for music, food, and other community-focused events. This app is excellent for organizing in-person events.


Eventbrite, another popular event ticketing platform on the market today, is also well-known. It offers all the tools necessary to organize a successful event. It promises seamless registration. You can also create special categories if you wish to sell VIP tickets, e.g.

Event managers can use powerful analytics to gain real-time insight into how events are performing. It also allows you to combine offline marketing and social media campaigns. Users can also design ticket sites and event pages to distinguish their offerings.

Eventbrite is an excellent option for smaller companies. Medium-sized to large organizations should look into other options, as ticketing fees can prove prohibitively high and not as competitive as other options on this list.

Key benefits:

  • Image branding functions can be easily improved.

  • You can create any ticket for an event, even the same one.

  • E-tickets can be sold using QR codes.

  • Eventbrite's app for organizing events allows you to sell tickets on the spot.

  • Users have the option to cancel tickets or change their orders.


Ticketbud, a popular ticketing platform, promises lower fees than other platforms. You can also calculate your revenue based on ticket pricing. A comprehensive set of reporting tools includes full access to all event ticket data.

The goal of this event planning app is to make life easier. Organizers have many tasks. There are many things to do to ensure your event is successful, from booking the venue to marketing it. Ticketbud provides a variety of white-label and customizable solutions that make promoting and selling tickets at your event easy.

Event organizers can set up and sell tickets in as little as 5 minutes. You can get daily payments from the platform's internal payment processor. You don't have to wait until after an event for your payouts.


EventBookings is an established ticketing platform. EventBookings' powerful online ticketing software makes selling tickets and live streaming any event easy.

Key benefits:

  • EventBookings has a clean layout that allows you to create your own customizable event details pages.

  • Multiple ticket types can be created, including single and group tickets. You can also customize the price and availability of the tickets to your liking.

  • You can also offer discounts and coupons (including early-bird tickets) to increase your ticket sales.

  • The marketing automation feature allows you to reach more customers.

  • EventBookings allows you to stream live events using the integrated video conferencing platform.

  • EventBookings can be used on mobile devices. As an organizer, you can use the iOS or Android app to manage your event and monitor it.

  • You can track all aspects of your event through your organization's dashboard.

How Does Event Ticketing Software Work?

Although the process may not be the same for all ticketing software, all have the steps and features listed below.

  • The event organizer creates it by entering all data such as name, title and feature images, date, description, and description.

  • This allows organizers to choose the type, price, and number of tickets they wish to make available to attendees.

  • You can also set up discounts and coupons along with the deadline.

  • The software allows the organizer to set up ticketing and provides an automated marketing tool that can reach a wider audience.

  • Customers can purchase tickets online and pay using the integrated payment system.

  • It integrates with other essential tools that provide intelligent reporting and analysis.

  • Many software features built-in videoconferencing platforms that organizers can use to host events.

List of Popular Event Categories

Events are plentiful and can be held regularly. Many events fall under this category, from small tea parties to large music festivals and sports events. Here are some of the most-respected event categories.


Sports are one of the most popular event categories. Many events fall under its umbrella. Stadiums are filled with people, whether it's a cricket match or a game of football, basketball, hockey, or any other sport. Online ticket sales are also increasing for special tournaments and competitions.

Conferences and Seminars

These seminars and conferences cover a variety of topics. They are mainly for college students and business owners.

Recreational, Cultural, and Special Events

These events include many activities and events organized by local councils and communities. These include parties, sports, events, picnics, camping, bag packing, or art and craft activities.

Movies and Plays

Movies are one of the most beloved events. They draw many movie lovers to the cinemas who see almost every film. A small group of people enjoys plays. They can catch live performers and take in stage performances. Both categories offer many genres and an ever-growing number of people who want them.

Music Events

This event is a great way to showcase the talents of musicians, orchestras, and other musical groups. These events are lively and harmonious.

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The Key Takeaway

Companies that can access everything online and on mobile apps must do better. This will help them to increase their profits. The event ticket booking apps improve the user experience and create a space that allows seamless bookings and transparent transactions. This is an affordable way for the user to be able to book online, rather than relying on others or making calls. The event booking mobile app sector is booming, with many new players entering the market. These apps have been a massive attraction for users in recent years.

It is challenging to build a powerful nightclub or event finder app. The software of event app builder must add the programming interface to the program. This update is instantaneous with information about parties. If one wants to create a better mobile application, it is important to hire a professional mobile application development company.

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