How Long Does It Take To Develop A Dating App?

By Ruchir C.

There has been a high demand for online dating apps in the market and has become a primary tool for people to connect. So, as the space for online dating apps is increasing daily, new startup owners have wedged into the dating industry. However, to be a part of the dating industry as an entrepreneur, you must explore the market by knowing its statistics and cost.

In this article, we will focus on online dating app development and the latest trends in the marketplace. But you should also know that creating an online dating app may be a difficult task at all times. Your online dating app must impact the audience to connect with others and find their compatibility.

Your online dating app should provide users with safety so they can concentrate on long-term relationships. The biggest challenge to building a successful app is finding and providing a niche and location to your audience. An online dating app is a medium to connect with people and find your partner online.

According to the stats on the development of dating apps, the market size is estimated to be $750 million by the year 2024. In the US, 17% of the population has used an online dating app at least once in their lifetime. On the other hand, 49% of 18-29 year-olds use dating apps in the US.

Key Features of a Dating App

To create a dating app based on your target audience, you must include several features to keep your audience engaged. First, it is necessary to keep the users hooked on the platform. Listed below are the key features you should include in your dating app.


As we discussed, to keep the users engaged by integrating rich media profiles by introducing gamification amongst them. It is perceived that gamification reinforces users' behavior resulting in beneficial outcomes. Moreover, by registering users' profiles, they should be able to stand out by initiating conversations with their chosen ones.

Moreover, you can reward the users for initiating an ice-breaking conversation. According to research, gamification is a core of every mobile application that helps accomplish users' engagement throughout.

Matching Algorithms

Whilst creating an online dating app, you need to match the algorithm of one user to another. These algorithms are based on the interests and preferences of the users. Some common algorithms provide a decent overview, such as:

  • Location-based matching uses GPS technology.

  • Mathematical-based matching focuses on the questions answered by users related to their interests, preferences, and even political views.

  • The behavior-based matching algorithm helps log data interact with the user via mobile apps.

  • Machine learning algorithms "learn" the accuracy and match the quality of users' successful and failed matches. 

Chat and Messaging

It is the fundamental tool of an online dating application. This feature allows users to exchange their numbers with their partners. In addition, it is to let the users take their conversation off-platform. Therefore, your dating app must incorporate SMS texting, video calling, and voice notes. 

Text messaging is a critical part of the dating app. It enables users to send voice mails and exchange numbers with their partners and hence can take their conversation to another level. However, in this way, they can increase their chance of relationships in real life.

Several options are available in the market, such as CometChat, which is adaptable to every platform, including VueJS, React, React Native, and more.

Voice and Video Calling

Video calling has been a trendy indication in today's world. This feature comforts users to connect with other users easily before and after meeting each other. Additionally, this feature ensures that the users can communicate with each other via other forms of communication other than SMS. 

Push Notifications

It would be best if you integrated push notifications to build dating app. this feature allows users to send messages to others. Also, this function keeps the users notified about important upcoming events. For example, notifications such as someone liked their profile or somebody's profile matched with them, or a user sent them a message. 

Dating App Trends

There are several ways that someone can find a compatible for themselves, and one of the ways is to opt for an online dating app. However, dating apps help connect with others searching for a long-term relationship. Keeping up with all new dating trends, you can experience a wonderful time with your partner. 

More Openness around Mental Health

Nowadays, everyone is open about mental health, which isn’t considered stress amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. In the UK, 83% of the users preferred to date those who went for therapy due to stress, anxiety, and other causes. On the other hand, only 9% of the UK from the UK preferred to take up this topic with others. 

The Rise of Voice Notes

The dating apps have recently introduced the feature of voice notes so that users can share different facts about themselves and explore themselves with others. By responding to the conversation starters, you can also respond to others by sending voice mail before ‘matching’ with them. According to 64% of the users, the voice was an important factor while liking someone. 

AI-Driven Experience

Online dating apps have conquered almost $3.33 billion of the market, where you can personalize AI-based match-making apps. AI has the potential to detect the facial features of the users by providing personalized as well as précised suggestions to its audience. Therefore, you can search for partners resembling celebrities using the AI feature. 

Defining compatibility and chemistry between two people is based on their DNA profiles. Also, eliminating fake activity and inappropriate content online can be detected by AI instantly before you get into any trouble. Thence, a lot can be handled by AI and ML to solve overloaded data at once. It can efficiently solve problems and improves computing capacity by giving power to personalized services.

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Virtual Reality Dates

Online dating has always been messaging online and sending audio or video calls. However, during the coronavirus pandemic, 64% of users tried dating apps at least once. VR technology is one of the best trends now. It has made virtual reality a dream come true for everyone on this planet. For example, watching a movie together on a virtual date. Now it is possible to date a person via virtual reality across the globe. 

Safety Comes First

Significantly, there are some issues with online dating these days. It is crucial to keep users’ data confidential and prevent their profiles from fake profiles and scams. Also, inappropriate behavior from several users, including sexual harassment or indecent pictures, apps offer the feature to ‘unmatch’ the users. This is when you can untie your virtual abusers and scammers by unmatching them. 

Future dating apps are working on mechanisms to detect scammers spreading inappropriate content efficiently. Preventing violations against users is the top priority of every dating application. Also, technological advancements have increased safety measures for both males and females. The main aim of online platforms is to provide a safe environment to their users. 

Best Dating Sites for 2022

67% of the population in the UK feels positive when they meet someone through an online platform. No time is right to begin online dating or take a step forward. Let’s see which the best dating sites are for 2022. 

1. Tinder (Android; iOS)

Tinder encourages shallow judgments of their potential partners. You can create simple profiles with selected photos and write about yourself in a few sentences. The app will display all the singles around your area. You can swipe right to send messages and set them up if you like. Upgrading your membership to a paid version of Plus or Gold membership, you can enjoy unlimited likes or rewinds with your partners. 

2. Bumble (Android; iOS)

Bumble is the runner-up app amongst all dating apps as it tops the iOS apps for 2021. It also works on the Android platform, so you can instantly line up your dates with new friends. Bumble is worth trying if you’ve never been into dating before. If your partner doesn’t reply within24 hours of swiping right, the contact or connection won’t last long. In the case of same-gender connections, either of them needs to respond within 24 hours before losing the connection. 

3. OkCupid (Android; iOS)

It is also considered one of the best dating apps with a massive user base. OKC works on upgrading its features from time to time, such as adding the “Flavors” system for the audience by quickly adding potential matches like Kinky Nerds, Beard Lovers, World Travelers, etc. these tools are in addition to OkCupid’s messaging toolbox, personality quizzes, and other favorites. If you opt for a premium subscription, it adds several other features. 

4. (Android; iOS) is one app that provides a freemium dating experience to users on both iOS and Android platforms. By uploading pictures online, the users can engage themselves with new “winks” delivered to them daily. Several other features, such as the number of people who checked your profile and liked your pictures, can be unlocked only through a subscription to 

5. Grindr (Android; iOS)

Grindr is one of the dating apps for people with same-sex relationships. The Grindr app preferably allows gay and bisexual men to meet up with compatible men nearby. You can register and create your profile by choosing a profile pic and user name, and you can describe yourself by choosing a “Tribe”. 

Grindr clone app development may be free to use, but it is advertisement-supported, whereas the premium version of Grindr Xtra provides ad-free services. It also settles its users with advanced search filters and adds multiple Tribes.

How long does it take to develop a dating app?

The native development (Android and iOS) takes approximately 40-50 hours to add registration/login/forgot password features in your app. it takes 40 hours to build user profiles and almost 80 hours to develop a private chat section. However, the developer’s team ensures that the notification and matching sections are developed within 16 and 60 hours.

As we all know, the Geolocation feature is among the essential features. It normally takes 24 hours to develop an online dating application. However, in the native development section, discovery settings and calendars are approximately developed within 40 hours. Therefore, it is important to hire a development team as it will take 90-150 hours to develop only UX/UI design.

Dating apps market, statistics, and trends

It was estimated that by the end of 2021, the market was projected to grow its revenue by $3,601 million. According to the research and markets, the Global Dating Market is approximate to earn 6% annual profit, which is likely to be $8.4 billion by 2024. The dating app market is concerned about trends and tendencies to let customers communicate with each other efficiently.

As per the reports of Morning Consult, the US utilized 55% of the dating apps during the coronavirus pandemic. Pew Research revealed mostly daters prefer to find compatible partners with fewer efforts. This research indicated that 72% of women categorized their information to find relevant user profiles.

During the 2020s, about 39% of women, including single, divorced, and widowed, used online dating services. Therefore, the ratio of males and females using online dating services is 43:33. In addition, Statista discovered that almost 42% of singles dated in the Asia Pacific region during the last quarter of 2019. However, the same survey was conducted in the Middle East & Africa, which stated that 14% of single daters use these apps. Whereas in Latin America, it was 34% in the year 2019.

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It is to conclude that it is not an easy task to create an online dating app as you require sufficient funds to invest in it. However, in this world of changing trends, you can draw an unforgettable experience for all the users. The eHarmony studied that every second couple will be dating through online dating apps by the end of 2031.

The Tinder clone app development is advantageous in developing an online dating app as it increases monetization options for your company. With the help of intriguing ideas and features, you can target your audience segments and build a marketing plan.

Idea2App will help you in developing your dating app. But while creating a dating application from scratch, you must do market research to hire professional developers. Idea2App provides a brilliant idea on how to develop a dating app with our team of experts.

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