How Much Does It Cost To Build A App Like Whatnot?

By Ruchir C.

In the new e-commerce market, a different innovative technology is brought to life every day. But, the ever-changing world of live eCommerce can be thrilling and scary.

These updates can be beneficial for certain eCommerce companies, but they could seem challenging to handle for others. Whatever happens and is, the eCommerce business is constantly growing to become more extensive and more brilliant.

Live Stream Shopping is the top trending subject gaining most people's attention. This fresh concept has made it easier for big eCommerce companies and start-ups to boost their sales.

According to TechCrunch, the live video retail start-up dubbed "Talkshoplive " has raised six million dollars within just six months.

In the age of revolution in electronic commerce, we see new and innovative ideas come into play. It can be thrilling and frightening to navigate the ever-changing environment of live online shopping.

These updates are an advantage for certain e-commerce companies but can challenge others. The industry of e-commerce is growing and expanding constantly.

In recent times, Live Stream Shopping has been the most talked about and popular topic of discussion among the future of shopping. Therefore, this is an excellent opportunity for start-ups in e-commerce and businesses to increase sales and make a huge impact.

What is a Video Shopping App?

E-commerce is one type of platform that offers the ability to communicate with customers anytime. Livestream is a Livestream online shopping site similar to putting sellers in front of many customers worldwide. Live commerce allows customers to react to shopping videos and then purchase items.

Live Video Shopping has generated more significant than 60 billion dollars in the past year. It demonstrates the increasing appeal of online video shopping applications that integrate e-commerce. The Livestream video shopping experience provides an all-inclusive experience for customers instead of just clicking and filling up virtual carts.

eCommerce Trends in Recent Times

  • By 2021, eCommerce sales worldwide were around $4.9 trillion.

  • Omnichannel shopping is expected to be more popular with increasing days. 73% of the shoppers use multiple channels for their shopping.

  • Three of four agree that shopping online is superior to traditional retail.

  • There are over 2.14 billion online consumers around the globe.

  • Eighty per cent of customers will conduct their initial research online before going online purchasing.

  • Every community marketplace in the world covered by eMarketer witnessed double-digit growth in the number of eCommerce transactions in the past year.

How does video shopping work?

Video shopping uses audio-visual aids to reach out to customers and promote products. A video that showcases or demonstrates an item is produced and then shown to customers who browse these websites. Customers can use the video to purchase the product since it's already connected to the item. The product will be identified on the screen, which means you will find out about the item from the tags. In some examples, images recognition will do the tagging on its own.

It's an excellent option for shoppers online who wish to buy the effects they can see on the screen. It offers a way for direct purchase or directly on the page for the product on the online retailer's website. Sometimes, the item is linked directly with the cart, allowing an order that is made explicit, giving it the convenience of making a simple purchase.

Many people browse through the site without buying any items. This is a massive issue for shopping online apps. However, video commerce can help in solving this issue. It's easier to look at the video instead of reading a long piece of text that could be dull. The information is concise in a bite-sized format that makes it easier to understand the product.

It could entertain the crowd who would like to make buying. If someone has used an item and talks about its benefits, people are more likely to believe them. Uploading videos to the home page is another method to boost sales. The inclusion of videos on the product pages is a wise business choice. If consumers can see how a product functions in real-time, they are more likely to enjoy the advantages.

Furthermore, sharing videos can be made much simpler and faster. Based on research and surveys, users tend to remain longer on pages with videos. In doing so, they could get more details about the products featured on your website. Most customers go through videos to learn more about how the products function.

People are more likely to believe in the product after viewing videos of the product they plan to purchase. When they watch video clips, it will help consumers imagine what the product will be. In addition, the videos can help to increase the possibility of ranking on search engines. Beyond social networks, shoppable videos can be incorporated into any site area. It's a way of increasing awareness by providing brief information about the product, making it more entertaining rather than reading lengthy pieces of information.

Types of Video Shopping Mobile Apps

The various types of video shopping apps available in the market:

Live Video Shopping App

Live Video Shopping, also known as Live Video Stream Shopping, is a way to interact with the audience. Presenters of the video are present LIVE, and, in that particular moment, they can observe the reactions of their viewers in real-time. If it's one-on-one, the presenter needs to be asking the consumer what they want to learn or experience.

They can respond directly to their demands. Thus, the odds of conversion are incredibly high. In the one-to-many scenario where the presenters pose questions and receive the responses from the audience through tweets, polls or direct messages, or determine the audience's reaction by observing how many viewers quit the LIVE. In this situation, it's beneficial when you can tell that the host is engaging since the more responsive presenters are to their audience, the more likely the likelihood of them being enticed to buy.

Aggregator Video Shopping App

The merchants all share one platform, which means the app's users will discover shops, vendors along dealers (in the closest place). Then, they offer users the best prices on products featured in the video shopping app. In this kind of model, generally, the app charges the user a specific amount of commission from dealers, vendors, and other shops registered with the app.

Non-Live Video Shopping App

It's a kind of application that lets us create a video about the product or service and embed it on the web, social media, or any other video platform. It's an effective method to showcase your product and attract a large audience. The only downside is that you cannot anticipate the needs of your target audience.

Dedicated Video Shopping App

A video Shopping application is typically developed for a company to carry out its day-to-day operations. In this form, customers are identified with a particular brand, and the company manages all operations ranging from taking orders to delivering efficiently.

Benefits of Developing an App Like Whatnot

There are numerous benefits for live streaming video shopping applications. We've highlighted some of the most lucrative benefits from live transactions. Here's the deal,

Rapt Attention

When we read, our minds often be distracted by something else. However, images and visuals generally remain in our heads. Video shopping can be entertaining. Additionally, brands make influencers use their products and create videos of them. This attracts the attention of people. There's a link to apply a similar effect in your cart when watching these videos.

Boost in Conversions

Videos can be among the top searched-for search results. Therefore, when you've got a YouTube video on your site, you will get increasing numbers of search results, and you will see greater rankings and increased website traffic. A professionally produced video includes the people in it who can explain the benefits of your product. So, viewers can relate to it, feel confident and have a higher chance to share.

There are numerous posts across Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram that people enjoy sharing videos. So, when you produce enjoyable videos, they'll be shared. If a funny video that shows the product's quality has been posted and shared, it is often shared. You also know that those who view the video of a product are more likely to purchase.

Better Engagement

By using a video, vast amount of information is efficiently communicated to the audience. One video can be quicker than reading and provides more depth than an image. The video's timing is usually 15 minutes, 30 seconds or even a minute, making viewers more likely to stay on your website. Customers can look through the themes featured in the video by visiting the site after the video is viewed.

Several details can be communicated quickly to the intended viewers through a video.

A video can be more complex than one single image. Therefore, it is possible to hold your audience for longer durations by displaying a video in your application.

Lesser Distribution Cost

With live online eCommerce systems, nearly every item is sold to customers directly from the warehouse. This means you can lower the price of your products by traditional brick-and-mortar delivery to different places.

Additionally, a live-streaming shopping application helps manage order collection much more straightforward when compared to regular online shopping. In short, managing the process of labelling products and shipping the item is made more accessible by an app that allows live video streaming.

Brand Loyalty and Marketing Effects

In most examples, an influencer is a person who can draw and convince customers on any subject. Therefore, having a live-based commerce system is among the most effective methods to create your brand's trust in customers' minds.

Additionally, more people will be influenced by your brand, ultimately boosting sales. The value of your customers is increased for the influencer and your brand.

This is all there is to know about the advantages of developing live commerce apps for your company. We'll now look at the latest hot topic that is trending worldwide.

Why Live Video Shopping Apps Are Trending in the Market?

Because of the growing usage of shopping on the go, innovative ideas are created every day to make the shopping experience more appealing.

Starting from the essential apps, there are numerous live streaming shopping apps in the App Store. We've reviewed some of the best famous and most efficient live video streaming applications.

The basic idea for operating a live-streaming shopping app is relatively easy. It operates as it does. Blends the benefits of live streaming and every social platform that supports eCommerce apps. Many social media platforms offer direct purchasing.

In a sense, the consumer feels it's like an unboxing clip on YouTube where they can purchase the product right then and there.

Time-Specific Discounts

Influencers will offer discounts that are specific to a period. For example, if a Livestream retails for one hour, there will be a discount that lasts for 15 minutes.

Both of these strategies lead to excitement and urgency among customers.

In addition, there is the option to live streaming video shopping using reel or TikTok videos. This is among the latest trends to emerge on the live commerce application. In this case, swiping left or right can be used to purchase or not buy the item.

Another method is to pop up a comment feature that drives sales. For example, live commerce applications allow users to post reviews or questions about the product by commenting on the video live.

You've read everything on video commerce platforms. However, do you have any idea of developing a live commerce application?

Limited Edition Live Streaming

Some brands offer live streams, where the item is only available for specific times. In addition, a countdown timer is displayed to customers to generate urgency to the order and increase sales.

How can Video Shopping Apps Make Money? or Revenue Streams

The rise of the platform is apparent and will increase over the next few years. As a result, businesses can earn decent ROI by investing in this sector.

If you're thinking of developing an app for video shopping, these are the strategies that your app can earn an impressive amount of money:


If you include this model in your app, users will have to pay the fee for a subscription to access their most desired videos available via the website. Users can pay per month to access these videos.


This model allows other brands to showcase their products or sell them on your platform.

So, the app pays a separate fee in income from these types of companies.

Featured Listing

This is where the brand new content the app will launch on the platform is advertised via short videos to entice users.

These videos must be engaging and entertaining to grab viewers' attention. In addition, only premium account members have access to these videos.

Advertisement Sales

In this manner, the app earns significant revenue from advertisements.

The app can sell its place on pages and homepages. There is much popular content that can earn good profits.

The monetization process continues with advertisements displayed on the range to ensure the highest level of engagement and downloads.

Cost of Developing an App Like Whatnot

It's difficult to determine how much it will cost to develop the Video Shopping application.

Different factors influence the price of creating the cost of a Video Shopping mobile app, like dimensions, features, features, design complexity and the location of the online store app development company, the developer's expenses, and many more. To develop the Video Shopping app, your team comprises:

  • Project Manager

  • iOS, Android developers

  • Backend developers

  • Designers of UX/UI

  • Professionals from Quality Analyst

Let's look at the hourly costs of a developer based on the location.

  • The rate is between $50 and $250/hour for US-based developers.

  • In Eastern Europe, it's $30-$150/hour.

Because of the various factors discussed above, the cost for creating the online video purchasing application ranges from $15,000 to $20,000 for one platform. If you want to include sophisticated features to your app and design for various platforms, it could cost between $30,000 and $40,000. Costs can vary based on the requirements of your project.

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Video is gaining influence on e-commerce. Customers use it to help make buying decisions. Brand endorsements are live-streamed by influential people. The brands also use video to interact with customers and promote their goods. Due to the rapid growth of online commerce, a brand new world of shopping is opening up. Shoppable videos are trending right now.

Its live and non-live videos to facilitate shopping has made it a fascinating experience for people. It is also possible to buy on one site instead of browsing websites. Customers have always sought out advice from their friends when buying.

Digital video is rapidly delivering that information. In addition, people rely on various video materials for inspiration and ideas that influence their purchasing decisions, from early-stage research to reviews of products to understand how to use the product.

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