How Much Does It Cost To Build a Video Conferencing App Like Zoom?

By Ruchir C.

Nowadays, video conferencing applications are now the most talked about topic. The cloud-based video conferencing app like Zoom is used extensively to communicate and connect people worldwide and work using a single platform. With the numerous distinctive features that are simple, Zoom has become a top choice for organizations looking to make the workflow more flexible.

In fact, due to Zoom's features in its video-conferencing application, many schools and institutions have begun using Zoom for online classes so that they don't put an end to the education system.

Even though it was released in the year 2017, some of you may be asking why this cloud-based meeting application is so popular all around the globe. Since its launch, Zoom has gained much attention because of its ease and flexibility across a single platform.

Zoom allows organizations and educational institutions to stay connected to their resources with no gaps. Zoom's Zoom application makes online operations simple and affordable for the local community since it's readily accessible for iOS and Android.

Because Zoom is a great tool with many capabilities, the primary users of the software are large corporations and companies. From sharing files to running smooth virtual meetings that have an unlimited number of participants, it's all feasible using Zoom.

Market Statistics Showing the Emergence of Video Conferencing Applications

The year 2020 has been a major change in our lives. It was the year that Covid19 Global Pandemic constrained the world to think outside of the box and adapt to the changing conditions. One of the most significant repercussions of Covid19 was the growth of video conferencing apps. Before that, they were used by multinational corporations only, with offices across the globe. Today, video-chatting software has seen wide acceptance from even smaller-scale industries. It's one of the industries that gained fame following the COVID-19 epidemic. The increasing popularity of video-conferencing applications such as Zoom indicates the growth in its use.

In the wake of the pandemic, which forced major nations around the globe to stay off the grid, thousands of companies have had to alter their work schedules by requiring their employees to be at home and work from home, which reduces the possibility of getting infected at work. The increased need for online meeting rooms has forced each app development firm to develop video conferencing software such as Zoom. Let's examine some of the main reasons behind the rapid growth in the number of users using video conferencing applications.

  • According to statistics for 2019, the global video conferencing market size was approximately USD 4 billion.

  • Zoom, a video conferencing app, saw 19 million daily users during the quarter beginning in 2020, contrasted to 10 million users in the month of December.

  • It is predicted that by 2022, internet video calls will increase four times more than in 2017.

  • In the past decade, there has been an increase in remote workers' telecommuting by 115%, and it has been growing since the time it began.

  • Over 90% of people prefer to video chat in the present.

  • 80percent of companies opt for online meetings that use video conferencing applications such as Zoom.

What is Zoom Video Conferencing Software?

Zoom has been used worldwide for a while and is currently. It has emerged as an innovator in the current era and is among the most trustworthy platforms for video communications. Zoom has set the bar and is likely to be among the best tools to connect people. It allows for seamless video communications that empower employees to go the extra mile to achieve the company's goals. The app was created in 2011 and has proved to be a huge help for large and small businesses to make simple and secure video communications using Zoom rooms with a cloud platform used to facilitate audio and video communications. It is now an alternative name for business conferencing. It is renowned for providing ease of communication, collaboration capabilities, call recording, video conferences, unlimited phone calls, etc.

Simple to Install

Install and set up Zoom. It is not necessary to conduct some kind of rocket science. You can immediately buy Zoom and set it up for your company. Additionally, it doesn't cost any hidden charges and offers ease of collaboration and accessing participation controls. It is also not required to hire an IT expert to handle and deploy Zoom. Zoom provides solutions with a single click, and you're all set to participate in an event.

Worth the Investment 

Zoom can make video communications possible at affordable prices, with the option of monthly payments. In addition, Zoom's integration with Microsoft and Google assists in streamlining business meetings, extending the potential of Zoom, and making the purchase worth the investment.

Higher Compatibility

By selecting Zoom and Zoom+, you benefit from connecting to your friends via a computer. Still, you also get connectivity by using a variety of choices. It doesn't matter if it's your tablets, mobile phones, or desktops. They can all be used for video conference purposes. It works with iOS, Android, Mac, PC, and Linux, so that your employees can gain access to zoom rooms easily.

Modern Era Communication 

Zoom can bring everyone in your company to one location, regardless of where they are. Zoom can also provide audio and video at lower bandwidths and, therefore, will not hinder collaboration. If you need to meet quickly, it is possible to count on Zoom to deliver flawless work and speed.

Must Have Features of Video Conferencing Applications

Each app is not the same. Certain applications get more attention than others because of the features they provide to their users. When it comes to the video conferencing application, each app has at least the same capabilities. Still, there are some essential features that you should request your mobile app development company to incorporate into your app since they are the essentials of video-conferencing applications like Zoom. Let's look at some of the most important features to have in an app for video-conferencing:

User Registration

This is the most basic and crucial aspect of any application. Suppose you're using this app to fulfill your official duties. In that case, users must be able to sign-up using the official email address. In the case of private use, they should be able to sign up using your social media accounts.

Numerous companies provide a variety of plans that users can opt for according to their requirements and needs. As of now, users must be able to select the plan they wish to select and be capable of upgrading or changing whenever they want to. The user's registration is crucial to ensure the privacy and security of an app.

Virtual Hand-Raising 

Web-based video sessions aren't complete without this option. Hand-raising is an essential element because it attracts the attention of attendees to the possibility that a speaker may want to speak or present on the current subject. It's an emoji representing a hand raised by the host to let or permit the speaker to speak as easily. This makes sure that communication remains effective despite the presence of several participants.


Platforms for video-conferencing are with this feature, specifically for discussions or topics that require decision-making. The host can set up a simple voting system and share it with the conference participants to get opinions on a particular subject or discussion.

Mute Participants 

One of the primary purposes that video conferences serve is to allow everyone in the room to be part of discussions through effective communication. If a speaker is speaking an idea, the host can choose to block other participants to ensure that the message is delivered completely. Video conferencing SDK uses this feature to provide a powerful function for monitoring and controlling the discussion.

Host Tracking

When you are in a physical meeting, the focus is on the presenter, host, or speaker. You must be able to feel and see the body language and emotions to stay in tune with the person speaking. This experience can be added to your video conferencing application with a feature known as Speaker Tracking.

The VC systems can zoom in on the host, actively monitoring their body movement. This means that the attention remains on the speaker and enthrals the audience.

Whiteboard Camera System

Many teachers must show their whiteboard designs to their audience members. The whiteboard camera is a sophisticated system that lets you connect the whiteboard you already have. The system permits the speaker to stream the whiteboard's content via the internet or video-conferencing. With this technology, users can also download the whiteboard's contents to ensure they can access all crucial highlights of the discussion.

Add Contacts 

Another MVP feature available in every video conference app is the capability to connect contacts. We recommend that companies add contacts using a username, email address, and telephone number to ease users' lives.

Create Groups

The option of creating groups is also of importance in the corporate and casual setup. People nowadays are more likely to be in conversations with many individuals at once. This leads to the need for an application that lets users add more people to the conversation without delay.

Screen Sharing

While it wasn't considered an MVP feature until some time ago, Screen sharing has now been among the top well-known features that a particular enterprise mobile app development firm works around. When in a corporate setting, you must collaborate with multiple individuals for a single task. This feature helps keep everyone on the same page, making discussions productive.

Why Developing a Video Conferencing Application Can be Beneficial for Businesses?

The 2020's worldwide market for video calling apps stood at $5.77 billion. In 2021, the market grew to $6.28 billion. As the market has promised to grow to $12.99 billion by 2028. The numbers are staggering. The demand for video calling app development is enormous. This is why it creates demand.

For example, Zoom, one of the well-known video-conferencing apps that were a success, earned $2.6 billion in revenue in 2020 and grew 317 percent over the year. Hopin, another app that allows video conferencing, is priced at $7.75 billion. In 2021, it had raised $450 million in the capital. Discord, an online platform for conferencing gamers, also raised $500 million.

Why is the development of video chat apps crucial for businesses? Here are the most important motives:

New Business Opportunity

The addition of video chat to an existing application allows you to expose your app to a worldwide audience, solving the issue of accessibility. Video chat has already caused significant disruptions in healthcare, real estate, and entertainment.

Customer Support

Support online is essential for every modern company. The availability of a reliable video chat system for customer support is crucial to enhancing how your support staff works. It allows you to provide more interaction with your customer, provide more options for customer service, and better assess the quality of support you offer.


It's now typical to have your personal information stolen or lost. It's possible to discover that your information was stolen long later because it wasn't disclosed. If you're in a business such as finance, healthcare technology, media, or any business with secrets, security is a top priority. Making a video chat application to be used by a private company is a major step toward making data security a priority within your company.

Sales Growth

There are two stages in the sales funnel model. The awareness and discovery phases of the classic funnel of sales are the two phases where the pipeline is the leakiest and most susceptible to losing prospects. Those two steps are also where prospective leads have the most concerns, and marketing efforts be damned. A video chat with integrated video chat could resolve this problem, immediately linking the user to an on-call sales representative to assist users in making their decision.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Developing a Video Conferencing App Like Zoom

There are several stages to developing apps and custom video conferencing app development. The cost is determined by business analysis and the management of projects and apps, back-end development, and marketing. No matter how large or small, it is essential to incorporate the following steps to build a successful app:

Back-end Development

In the foundation of the app development process, it is essential to be looking for an app development firm with a development team comprised of mobile app developers who are skilled in creating exceptional and highly scalable apps for their customers. Scalability is crucial since many users must access your application simultaneously. Today, SaaS Development services have become well-liked by entrepreneurs to have their apps designed.

Front-end Development

If your app doesn't look appealing and attractive, then it's not going to be able to attract users. Front-end development is an essential component of the application's development. Hiring skilled UX/UI designers will ensure that all components necessary to draw and keep users are included in your application. Make sure you create an easy, light, and user-friendly application like Zoom. The ease of navigation, attractive CTAs, and easy-to-use graphics contribute to the performance of your video-conferencing application.

App Platforms

Mobile platforms will determine the price of the app. The Android operating system will cost more because of its compatibility with devices compared to that of the iOS platform. It is also possible to select between native and cross platform.

Third-party API's

There are many third-party APIs available to make the creation of video conferencing applications more easily. The tech market has many third-party APIs. We've compiled the best options to select from:

  • Vonage Video API (formerly TokBox OpenTok)

  • Wowza GoCoder SDK

  • Twilio

  • PubNub

  • CometChat

  • Quickblox

App Design

A well-designed design with many exclusive features will cost more than standard design templates for apps. Cloning backgrounds, background filters, whiteboard control of attendees by admin, and call recording will increase the price of development. Therefore, you should have a conception of the app's layout and then proceed to more processes.

Furthermore, whether you're seeking a pre-made solution or creating a custom video conferencing solution for development will affect the price. Zoom, an app with minor modifications, can cost anywhere from $30,000-$50,000. At the same time, an individual solution in which the team of developer’s works to create everything from the beginning could cost around $50,000 and even more, depending on the options and features you select.

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Making a video conferencing system is a business strategy that brings social connections to every application. The trick is to create the best product!

To reach these objectives in app development, you have to choose the appropriate technology stack. The features available through the MirroFly API render the core elements of the app's design and functions that allow you to make your existing apps more efficient and efficient.

It is now your decision to build zoom like video-conferencing application using APIs or start from scratch, based on the price. Take your own choice, and we're there to assist you with our group of programmers.

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