How Much Does It Cost To Build a Video Conferencing App Like Zoom?

By Ruchir C.

The most discussed topic at the moment is video conferencing apps. Many people utilize the cloud-based video conference tool Zoom to connect and interact with individuals worldwide and collaborate on a single platform. Zoom is a well-liked option for businesses trying to enhance their workflows because of its distinctive features.

Several organizations and colleges can employ Zoom online classes because of its video conferencing capabilities. This is to prevent the end of the educational system. You might be curious why this cloud-based meeting program is so well-liked everywhere. Since its launch, Zoom has received much attention due to its simplicity of use and functionality on a single platform.

Organizations and educational institutions may stay in constant contact with their resources thanks to Zoom. It is compatible with both iOS and Android. A great tool with numerous features is Zoom. The majority of the software's users are big businesses and large enterprises. Zoom makes it simple to conduct efficient virtual meetings with an infinite number of people and share files.

Market Statistics Showing the Emergence of Video Conferencing Applications

The year of Covid19 Global Pandemic forced the world to think out of the box and adapt to changing circumstances. Video conferencing apps were one of the most important repercussions of Covid19. They were previously only used by large multinational corporations with offices worldwide. Video chatting software is now widely accepted by smaller businesses. This industry was a big success after the COVID-19 outbreak. Zoom, a videoconferencing application that is increasingly popular, shows its growing popularity.

Many companies had to change their work hours after the pandemic. They now require their employees to work at home. This reduces the chance of being infected at work. Each app development company has developed video conferencing software like Zoom because of the increased demand for online meetings. Let's look at the key reasons for the rapid rise in video conferencing users.

  • Statistics show that the global video conferencing market was valued at approximately USD 4 billion.
  • Zoom, a video conferencing app, had 19 million daily users in the quarter beginning, compared to 10 million.
  • It is expected that internet video calls will rise.
  • The number of remote workers telecommuting has increased by 115% in the last decade. This trend has continued to grow since its inception.
  • More than 90% prefer video chats to the present.
  • Eighty percent of companies choose to hold online meetings using video conferencing software such as Zoom.

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What is Zoom Video Conferencing Software?

A communications business headquartered in San Jose, California, is Zoom Video Communication, Inc., or just Zoom. Via a peer-to-peer software system hosted in the cloud, it provides online chat and video telephony services. This platform enables contact centers, video communication, chat, voice communications (Phone), conference rooms for video meetings, and virtual events (Contact Center). Also, the platform offers an open platform so outside developers can build unique apps for its integrated communications platform.

A popular video conferencing technology is Zoom. Also, when in-person conferences are not feasible, you can communicate online with your coworkers.

And for social gatherings, it has proven a big success. It is a fantastic resource for small, moderate, and big groups that want to communicate with one another and complete their everyday tasks without being interrupted. Moreover, Zoom has become popular among people, especially around important occasions like Thanksgiving and Christmas in the US.

Zoom has been in existence for a while and is still in use all around the world. It is one of the most dependable platforms and a pioneer in the age of video conferencing meetings. Zoom has set a benchmark and will always be a fantastic tool for bringing people together. It enables seamless video communications, empowering staff to go above and beyond to accomplish business objectives.

It's currently a well-liked substitute for corporate conferences. It is renowned for its call recording, video conferencing, unlimited calling, call ease, and advanced features.

Zoom's Main Features

The key features of Zoom are as follows:

  1. One-on-one meetings: The free plan allows you to host unlimited one-on-one meetings.
  2. Up to 500 people can participate in group video conferencing if you purchase the "big meeting" addition. But, the free plan enables you to host video conferences with up to 100 people for up to 40 minutes.
  3. Share your screen with others so they can see what you view.
  4. You can also record meetings and other events.

Working on Zoom Conferencing App

Zoom can extend one-on-one conversations into zoom calls, training, seminars, and team calls for internal and external audiences. Also, you may organize international video conferences with up to 1,000 people with 49 on-screen videos. While one-on-one meetings are permitted at any time under the free tier, group sessions are limited to 40 minutes each and have a limit of 100 participants.

Zoom offers four pricing levels:

  1. Zoom Free: There is no charge for this tier. Remote Meetings may continue indefinitely. Multiple-participant meetings are limited to 40-minute duration.
  2. Zoom Pro: This level contains a meeting host and costs $14.99/PS11.99 monthly. For recurrent Zoom Meetings, this tier lets hosts set unique meeting IDs. You can also record meetings on your device or in the cloud. Yet, it restricts the length of group meetings to 24 hours.
  3. Zoom Business: This tier costs $19.99/PS15.99/month and requires a meeting host (10 minimum). You can brand Zoom meetings using vanity URLs and your company branding. It also offers transcripts of Zoom meeting recordings in the cloud and dedicated customer support.
  4. Zoom Enterprise: This level is for 100 meeting hosts and costs $19.99/PS15.99.99 monthly (minimum). It is designed for businesses with more than a thousand employees. You receive reduced webinars, a customer engagement manager, unlimited cloud storage, and discounts on Zoom Rooms.
  5. Optional Zoom Rooms: To set up Zoom Rooms, you can register for a free trial for thirty days. Afterward, a membership and $49/PS39 each calendar month for Zoom Rooms will be required. Zoom webinars cost $40/PS32 every calendar month plus the host.

Advantages of Video Conferencing App

Software that enables voice and video connections between two or more individuals is known as video conferencing. There are numerous free choices for offering video help for enterprises, such as FaceTime, Skype, and Whatsapp. Nevertheless, these solutions can only satisfy some of the end users' communication requirements, including screen sharing, chat, and file sharing. These specifications restrict the range of goods that are offered. Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Slack, and Webex are some of the most well-known products.

Organizations can employ unified communications software (UC) to reap the rewards of a subscription service that goes above and beyond standard video conferencing software. Also, it might provide more talents and functions.

These six benefits of video conferencing softwares are available to organizations:

  • A Steady Increase in Savings

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, several organizations had substantial travel expenses each year. While business travel isn't extinct, the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically decreased it. Using video conferencing software, companies were compelled to conduct conference calls and online meetings with clients. Several businesses have saved their travel budgets, allowing them to travel less and spend less money over time.

A limited number of individuals can take advantage of free meetings on platforms like Zoom for a certain period. Small enterprises that lack the resources to travel or purchase additional video conferencing equipment can find this useful.

  • Productive Employees will be More Productive.

With video conferencing, employees may work remotely from anywhere, including their homes, coffee shops, and libraries. Its flexibility eliminates schedule constraints like commutes from and to conference rooms and travel times. Video conferencing is accessible to staff members from anywhere. Employees from other time zones and states, people with disabilities, and prospective new workers can attend these sessions more easily.

Video conferencing platforms can enhance employee collaboration by providing real-time file sharing, chat, and video calling amongst users. It's okay for workers to wait until they can speak with their bosses face-to-face to address problems and ask questions. They are quick at problem-solving and task completion.

  • Transcription Services for Meetings

Virtual meetings for contract negotiations, sales product demonstrations, financial performance reviews, and staff evaluations typically result in action items and next actions. The employee has the authority to modify the contract or produce a quote again for the client. These notes can be typed or scribbled by hand. It could be challenging for employees who work remotely to record this data. This is particularly true if the meeting has a large attendance.

Several video conferencing systems, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and GoToMeeting, offer this functionality. These functions testify spoken speech and distribute the information to meeting participants. Thanks to this function, the requirement for an admin assistant or note-takers can be removed. Also, it includes a third party that collects the data.

  • Multilingual Translation Services

Meetings for business purposes occasionally call for international connections. People from different linguistic backgrounds could attend these gatherings, making conversation challenging. Businesses might consider using interpreters, which would add to the expense and complexity. Not bilingual employees run the risk of misinterpreting some of the translations.

  • Screen and File Sharing Capabilities

Contemporary video conferencing software users can share their screen and material with other participants. Screen sharing is crucial because employees may require remote support. For instance, when content must be shown, users must do this by displaying documents and information to meeting participants. Workers can now share their screens and work together in real time on shared documents.

  • The One-Stop-Shop and Gateway to All Other Apps

Businesses can access apps from the video conferencing service using Microsoft Teams. The advantages of this access might be obscure to organizations. Users can access additional products on the UC platform without leaving Teams, such as Microsoft CRM, Microsoft Planner, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Planner. Users who want to reduce app switching and have rapid access to apps and services inside the video conference tool may find this strategy appealing.

Disadvantages of Video Conferencing Software

Video conferencing software has many benefits but still presents challenges for organizations, particularly compliance officers and content managers. Video conferencing apps raise these six concerns.

  • Inadequacy of Interpersonal Relationships

Video conferences can make meetings seem impersonal and remote. While the video is allowed, workers still converse via their screens. It may be difficult for employees to establish a personal rapport with their supervisors, coworkers, and clients.

  • Problems with Network Connectivity

Most business environments have dependable Wi-Fi connections and backup plans for network failure. Home networks rarely have backup solutions accessible. Some networks may not be able to enable several video conferences at once since they are not intended to facilitate video conferencing. Home networks can also source dropped calls and lagging audio or video.

  • Securing Meetings

Due to the popularity of video conferencing, hackers attempted to sabotage meetings by invading and interfering with them. Some well-publicized interruptions of meetings by online trolls involved Zoom. As a result, many IT executives became concerned about the security of their internal meetings.

After these tragedies, security took on greater importance. Most video conferencing apps contain security measures that restrict access to private business meetings to invited visitors exclusively. Passwords for online conference rooms and waiting areas are among them. Meeting attendees can only enter with the organizers' approval. These features address major security issues.

  • Respecting Laws and Regulations

Compliance is a concern for organizations because it may be unlawful to record meetings if not all attendees have given their authorization. Microsoft Teams or Zoom windows offer audio announcements that verify the conference recording. This function can be customized.

The storage and maintenance of recorded content is another issue that organizations must handle. For instance, depending on the circumstance, healthcare companies must retain patient information for seven to twelve years. Healthcare organizations are required to abide by HIPAA regulations.

  • New Data Organization

When businesses consolidate and organize the information at their disposal, recorded meetings can create new content that creates new issues for them. You can utilize some videos as training materials. Others could be team meetings or project evaluations. Content managers must design and implement data governance, regardless of the type of content, to ensure that staff members have access to the data whenever they require it.

  • Creating Policies

Plan for new content sources and formats, say, content managers. Content managers should set new regulations that apply to the audio, video, and text files produced during meetings.

Must-Have Features of Video Conferencing Applications

Every app is different. Some apps get more attention than others due to the features they offer their users. Each app offers the same features when it comes to video conferencing. It would be best if you still asked your mobile app developer to include certain essential features. These are essential features for video conferencing apps like Zoom. Let's take a look at the essential features of video conferencing apps.

  • Register as a User

This is the most important aspect of any app. You use this app to perform your official duties. Users must be able to sign up using their official email address. Private users should be able to sign up with your social media accounts.

Many companies offer a range of plans that can be customized to meet your needs and requirements. Users must now be able to select the plan that they desire and can upgrade or change whenever they like. To ensure privacy and security, the registration of the user is essential.

  • Virtual Hand-Raising

This option is essential for web-based video sessions. Hand-raising is essential because it draws attention to the possibility of a speaker or presenter on the topic. This emoji expresses a host's willingness to allow or permit the speaker to speak. This ensures that communication is effective even when there are many participants.

  • Surveys

Platforms use this feature for video conferencing, especially for topics or discussions that require decision-making. To get opinions and suggestions on a topic or discussion, the host can create a simple voting system shared with conference participants.

  • Mute Participants

Video conferences are designed to enable everyone to participate in discussions and communicate effectively. The host may block others from participating in the discussion to ensure the speaker's message is heard. This feature is used by video conferencing SDK to monitor and control the discussion.

  • Host Tracking

In a physical meeting, your attention is always on the speaker, presenter or host. To be in sync with the speaker, you must be able to feel and see their body language. With Speaker Tracking, this video experience can be added to your video conferencing app. The VC systems can track the body movements of the host and zoom in on them. This allows the speaker to keep the audience's attention and engage them.

  • Whiteboard Camera System

Teachers often have to show whiteboard designs to students. Whiteboard cameras are a sophisticated system that allows you to connect your whiteboard. The whiteboard camera lets the speaker stream whiteboard content via the internet and videoconferencing. This technology allows users to download whiteboard content to access all the important highlights.

  • Add Contacts

A video conference app also can connect with contacts. This is another great feature. To simplify users' lives, we recommend companies add contacts using usernames, email addresses, and phone numbers.

  • Create Groups

In casual and corporate settings, it is important to have the option to create groups. Nowadays, people are more inclined to converse with multiple people simultaneously. This makes it necessary to have an app that allows users to add people to their conversations without delay.

  • Screen Sharing

Although it was not considered an MVP feature until a while ago, screen sharing is now one of the most popular features an enterprise mobile app development company works with. To collaborate in a corporate environment, you must work with multiple people on a single task. This helps everyone stay on the same page and makes discussions more productive.

Why Developing a Video Conferencing Application can be Beneficial for Businesses?

Why is video chat important for businesses? These are the top reasons:

  • Business Opportunity

Video chat can be added to existing applications to make them more accessible. Video chat has caused disruptions in healthcare, real estate, and entertainment.

  • Customer Support

Every modern business needs online support. A reliable chat system is essential for improving the efficiency of your customer service staff. This allows you to have more contact with customers, offer more customer service options, and improve the quality of your support.

  • Security

It is now common to lose or have your data stolen. You may discover that your personal information was stolen years later, even though it was not disclosed. Security is an important priority for any business, whether in finance, healthcare technology, media or any other business dealing with secrets. A private company can use a video chat app to improve data security.

  • Sales Growth

The sales funnel model has two stages. Prospects need to improve in the discovery and awareness phases of the classic sales funnel. Despite all marketing efforts, prospective leads are most concerned at these two stages. A video chat with integrated video chat could solve this problem. It will instantly link the user to a sales representative who can assist them in making their decision.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Developing a Video Conferencing App Like Zoom

App development and custom video conference app development are two different processes. The business analysis, the management of apps and projects, back-end development, and marketing determine the cost. It doesn't matter how big or small your app is; these steps are essential to make it successful.

  • Back-end Development

App development is a foundational part of app development. It is important to find an app development company with a team of skilled mobile app developers capable of creating amazing and highly scalable applications for customers. Scalability is essential as many people will need to access your app simultaneously. SaaS Development services are now popular for entrepreneurs who want to design their apps.

  • Front-end Development

Your app won't be attractive and appealing if it doesn't appeal to users. The application's front-end development is essential. Your application will be complete if you hire skilled UX/UI designers. Zoom is a user-friendly, lightweight application. Your video conferencing app will perform better with easy navigation, attractive CTAs, and simple-to-use graphics.

  • App Platforms

The price of an app will be determined by its compatibility with mobile platforms. Because of its compatibility with devices, the Android operating system will be more expensive than the iOS platform. You can also choose between cross-platform and native.

  • Third-party API's

Many third-party APIs are available to facilitate the creation of videoconferencing applications. There are many third-party APIs available in the tech market. We have compiled the top options for you to choose from:

  • Vonage Video API (formerly TokBox OpenTok).
  • Wowza GoCoder SDK
  • Twilio
  • PubNub
  • CometChat
  • Quickblox
  • App Design

An app design template will not be as affordable as a well-designed design. Development costs will rise if you need to clone backgrounds, background filters, whiteboard control for attendees by admin, and call recording. It would be best if you first had an idea of how the app will look. Then, proceed to other processes.

The price will also depend on whether you are looking for a pre-made solution or want to develop a custom video conferencing system. An app with minor modifications can run from $30,000 to $50,000. A team of developers working together to create the app from scratch could also cost $50,000 or more, depending on your options and features.

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A video conferencing system can be a great business strategy to bring social connections to any application. It is important to make the best product possible! It will help if you choose the right technology stack to achieve these goals in app development. Depending on the cost, you can now decide whether to use APIs to create an app like a zoom video conferencing app. You can choose, and we will help you with our team of programmers.

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