How Much Does It Cost To Build A Video Streaming App In 2022?

By Ruchir C.

Video streaming apps allow users to record and broadcast their videos through advanced technologies. These apps have grown in recent years. Moreover, advanced cameras and high-speed internet have fueled the video streaming app amongst the audience. The video streaming apps have streamlined the industry with influencer marketing, business marketing, and engaging with audiences.

Video streaming apps are approachable to everyone with high-speed internet. However, streaming is a real-time process that efficiently plays videos if you have a fast Internet connection. Recently, every company has started investing in video streaming apps. The integration of these video streaming apps keeps us connected with our family and friends in real-time.

Video streaming app development is the best way to boost your business. Also, it connects you with your audience worldwide. Live broadcasting and streaming apps permit interconnected networks of mobile devices. Mobile streaming apps are widely broadcast in multiple time zones. Furthermore, video streaming apps are now accessible to everyone to enjoy a form of communication around the globe.

How Have Video Streaming Apps Manipulated the Marketplace?

Live-streaming apps deliver real-time content in the form of source media (e.g. a video camera, an audio interface, screen capture software), an encoder to digitize the content, a media publisher, and a content delivery network to distribute and deliver the content. Streaming is, however, an alternative to downloading a file. The end-user obtains the whole file before watching or listening to it in this process.

The streaming process is easily accessible, so users can watch the digital file without transmitting the file to their device. After that, streaming media is a platform that applies to videos and audio, such as live closed captioning, ticker tape, and real-time text, all considered "streaming text". Video streaming is most prevalent when it comes to video on demand and streaming television services. Therefore, streaming is also used for video game streaming for online gaming and other services.

Online video streaming is exciting where we can talk to each other over the internet. According to the latest reports, video content has provided a return on investment (ROI) to approximately 89% of the users. Every organization uses an online video streaming tool as it helps all sorts of businesses with better on-demand streaming content to serve their audiences.

The customers benefit from the video streaming app content as the services are cheaper than OTT platforms. Eventually, the users will have to subscribe to multiple streaming services provided by TSPs, FAANG, OTT and media players. Certainly, the availability of users' favourite shows depends upon the pricing of the content. Netflix and Hulu are the most popular video streaming apps available with various facilities and new entrants. The entrants like Apple and AT&T invest in video streaming services for original content.

Benefits of Video Streaming Apps

The live streaming industry has captured customers' attention on the virtual platform. We can say that technology is known as a creative outlet in recent times. Internet facilities have shaped the marketing rules and e-commerce businesses. The customer's attention is a vital asset for marketing purposes, such as likes, comments, and shares as the virtual world's new currency.

Exclusively, live streaming companies feature real-time connectivity for their followers and friends. The companies provide high-quality content instead of obnoxious ads. The app development services ensure that video streaming apps are affordable for all individuals and businesses. Listed below are the benefits of the video streaming industry.

Mobile streaming 

This is crucial to implement the live streaming feature for a smartphone app. Consumers need to embrace live video streaming solutions to have better accessibility. HTML5 player allows you to stream your content live on your device through any smartphone app. The company of app development services ensures to access streaming content anytime and anywhere in the world.

Correspondingly, the video streaming development has expanded its reach in demographical and geographical meanings. Most importantly, live streaming statistics and trends use professional ways for live streaming to its consumers. In addition, professional streaming services give access to HTML5 video players.

Tracking and Analytics

Nowadays, virtual tracking tools are one of the ways to track the professional developers of streaming apps. Therefore, the analytics dashboard tracks viewership and user behaviour. Video streaming services tend to offer real-time data to their participants. Furthermore, video production allows employees to have their input regarding creativity and live to stream video production. The live streaming develops fresh content for democratization to create a sense of ownership.

Customer Support

OTT platform must be error-free while providing services to its viewers. Thankfully, AI can detect the problem in your video streaming app. Moreover, the 24/7 consumer support team facilitates streaming services. However, collaborating with the app developers benefits the mobile broadcasting services through push notifications. Therefore, reliable live streaming services will always encounter customers' difficulties and will guide you thoroughly.

Content Monetization

While planning to build an OTT app, you must add a feature of live events. Content monetization is the process where the users are charged every time the watch live sessions. This is a virtual method of buying tickets for the concert. On the other hand, streaming service partners can market ads for monetization. Let's get straight. The live streaming method is cost savvy rather than traditional marketing.

That's how small businesses can market their product with tight budgets. Virtual marketing of your brand provides services to a large audience with huge market expenses. The video streaming services benefit free platforms to monetize your brand with sponsored ads.

Data privacy and security

It has become imperative to protect your digital data in this technological era. 80% of the incidents exceed when the live streaming apps have reached 230 billion views. Your content must be shielded from hackers so that no one can access or control your streaming data. Hire a professional expert for enhanced security of your live streaming data. The enhanced security features are:

  • Password protection

  • Tokenized security

  • IP/Geographic restrictions

  • Domain/Referrer restrictions

Steps to create a video streaming app

Video streaming apps allow access to broadcasts video from your mobile device and access the streaming content from their iPhones and Androids. Creating a custom mobile app helps monetize the whole library of on-demand and live streaming content. In addition, the video content has the potential to grow your subscriber base at a large level. 

This section throws light on how to build your live-streaming app. 

Step 1. Find your niche

The first thing you need to keep in mind while creating an app is to decide the content according to your audience. These elements of video streaming apps include entertainment which keeps the audience engaged. Fitness is another prospective providing niche to fitness-related videos. This can have several categories like yoga, dance training, or a healthy diet to attract a wider audience. The third element includes tutorials and instructors, which means education. 

Step 2. Decide on the content availability

You need to decide the content for on-demand app services. The content can be videos from the distributors or create your video content. To cooperate with the video distributors, you must have a public license for the performance if you choose to rent a movie from the licensed distributor for Motion Picture Licensing Corporation (MPLC) and Swank Motion Pictures. On the other hand, if you contact the copyright holder, you must contact the studio for specific content. 

Step 3. Choose the monetization model 

Three methods will help in video monetization for on-demand video services, as listed below. 

Pay-Per-View is a scheme where the user has to pay for each video to watch. This platform is mainly broadcasted concerts, trade shows, conferences, or sports events, like boxing and MMA. 

Advertising is another monetization strategy that works to popularize a platform amongst users. 

Subscription is a model in which the subscribers are charged a monthly fee to access the content library. The subscription model is a monetization technique that regularly releases new content on your platform. 

Step 4. Study the video streaming app requirements

It would be best to balance certain performance characteristics to balance your platform. 

Internet speed 

Internet speed majorly interrupts the streaming services, so it is recommended that your internet speed must be high enough to watch videos in HD or 4K.

Cloud hosting and computing architecture

We recommend you to use a cloud hosting platform for the following advantages. These platforms automatically increase the amount of space in your device and are flexible. These platforms allow access to all the video content your users are looking for as they are cheaper than hard drives. 

Network connectivity

You need to integrate with the content delivery network (CDN) to scale up your streaming platform. The server network significantly turns your streaming app into a scalable system so that CDN handles significant traffic. 


The security of the audience should be your prime responsibility to ensure that the video streaming services are secure. The network background services provide 24/7 monitoring and content availability whenever there is a server failure. In addition, you can maintain the rights of your content through watermarking, which provides an extra level of security. 

Payment gateway 

You can provide your users with various payment options to support subscription methods to customize the checkout. For instance, PayPal and Braintree are payment gateway operators in more than 40 countries.

Step 7. Develop an on-demand streaming service MVP

The last step of video streaming services defines the business's developmental stage. By this stage, you must clarify functional and non-functional requirements, timelines, etc. This stage is a guide to paying extra attention to designs to successfully attain a seamless user experience. 

Step 8. Gather feedback 

After launching MVP, you need the user's feedback regarding the existing features. This step will let you understand several ways to gather user feedback. For instance, Email, social media and pools.

What are the Market Statistics of Video Streaming Apps?

Globally, the video streaming market was valued at $50.11 billion in 2020. Artificial intelligence (AI) innovations will expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21% from 2021 to 2028. The AI can improve video quality to boost market growth.

Moreover, AI has an essential role in editing, cinematography, voice-overs, scriptwriting, and several other video production and upload aspects. Considerably, the AI platforms such as YouTube and Netflix have grown rapidly. Hence, the speedy adoption of mobile phones has owned the popularity of OTT platforms.

Streaming videos are usually pre-recorded and are sent to multiple users in no time. Allied Market Research reported that the value of the video streaming market size is projected to reach from $38.56 billion in 2018 to $149.34 billion by 2026. The global reach of video streaming marketing will grow at a CAGR of 18.3% by 2026.

What Is The Cost Of Developing A Video Streaming App?

The amount of building a video streaming app increases every year based on the quality services of the industry. US citizens watch videos over the internet rather than watching TV. Over 90% of users come under this status. 75 million American users prefer to listen to podcasts, whereas 129 million users stream music.

According to the reports, 214 million users subscribed to Netflix worldwide in 2021. Therefore, the global earnings of Netflix reached $28.63 billion in 2021. US music streaming services earned a revenue of $5.9 billion in 2021. Also, the revenue for video-on-demand services in 2020 was $21.2 billion.

As per the reports of Grand View Research, the revenue for the live-streaming industry will be $184.27 billion by 2027. Due to Coronavirus, cinemas were closed for prolonged periods, building everyone's interest in the streaming industry. The cost of app development may vary in different parts of the world. For instance, the cost of streaming apps in the US is $100 to $150 per hour, but it can be $20 to $50 per hour in other countries.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Video Streaming Apps

Streaming is commonly used these days. Therefore, it is vital to have high-speed broadband as it is a common issue user’s face while streaming. It would help with high internet speed to prevent shuttering and streaming failure. Ensure that your device can hold enough processor speed for HD or 4K video streaming. Moreover, Wi-Fi glitches can result in issues with playback streaming if the connection is not reliable.

Here are the factors affecting the cost of video streaming services.

Video agency experience

You can save more money if your company has more experience in the production of the video production company. The company’s inexperience can expand your budget through editing, dubbing and tweaking. However, an experienced company will advise you on motion graphics, licensed trackers and several finishing touches required for a high-quality video. Therefore, this will add quality to your overall presentation of the videos. 

Marketing know-how

It would be best to have a good marketing strategy to make your business successful. However, you need to put fancy stuff in your videos to increase the profit of the money you’ve put in. with the help of a good scriptwriter, and you can encourage your viewers to be a part of your streaming services. The main aim of the video is to unbind the strategy in a wider range.

Editing efficiently 

Editing is a difficult process to measure. It seamlessly establishes workflows by integrating with third-party rules. However, new editors will guide you through the toolset of your videos. The editors are the ones to set the shots and angles for free-flowing scenes and dialogues. The camera operator must work hand in hand with the video editor to accelerate explorative ideas. But without a strategic plan, you cannot please your audience to agree to your production.


A video production team allows multiple ideas with cameras, setting an angle for every shot. The cost depends on the results of the shoot. Moreover, what equipment was used to finish the video campaign is important. Lastly, you need to follow your strategic plans to achieve the goal.


However, experienced video producers do need a team to handle an inbound video. In addition, the overall cost of the video may include models as well. Hence, the pre-production team makes sure you have no cost surprises down the line.

Third parties 

A video agency will save huge expenses, whereas the third parties will add up their fees combined with other elements. Several companies connect end consumers directly to the video production companies. In my opinion, an all in-house video agency aligns video strategy impacting marketing, sales and other key business goals. Likewise, there are no teams involved in the efficient production of videos. The videos agencies ensure better ROI and longevity from your video production. These strategies are designed for multi-purpose, evergreen, and inbound use.

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Live streaming platforms are designed to create content and broadcast that stand out from your viewers. These platforms showcase to the audience that you are tech-savvy and innovative. The company implements forward-thinking with up-to-date solutions.

Overall, live streaming services allow you to access diverse options with a broader view. The flow of integrated systems with modest monetization methods. Businesses that embark on developing live video streaming apps. It is important to concentrate on the most useful functionalities of an app.

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