How Much Does It Cost To Build e-Learning App Like BYJU’S in 2022

By Ruchir C.

The impact of technology is felt in every area of our lives. Whether for personal or professional reasons, technology is improving the effectiveness and ease of our lives. People all over the world are becoming more and more accustomed to using mobile applications. They enable app users to carry out regular tasks. The use of technology to automate business processes has spread to many different industries. The education industry is one of these industries and also benefits from technology. In this modern age, educational apps with basic app features are growing in popularity every day. It is simple to state that education, including online learning, benefits our society. Schools, colleges, universities, and tutors dominate this market.

What is an e-learning app? The world is changing so quickly today that education is crucial. It can only be accomplished with an educational application that provides all the necessary information. Young people frequently require these kinds of programs. This program can be helpful in a variety of ways. Exam subjects, e-books, previous exam questions and answers, mock test series, and other valuable data are provided.

For all ages, there are numerous educational applications available. Leader in the industry, BYJU'S Educational App is renowned for its superb classroom communication and engaging wide range learning techniques. These apps simplify instruction. They are available to anyone at any time and from any location. Construction of these apps takes a lot more direction, and assistance from specialists in various technologies is needed.

Modern innovations in education include the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), blockchain, and cloud computing. Learning opportunities are continually being improved.

In 2016, the worldwide e-Learning market generated $107 billion in sales; by 2025, this figure is expected to reach $325 billion.

The significant Factors Promoting e-Learning or Online Education Apps Include:

  • Low Cost
  • Easy Accessibility
  • Increase Learning Ability
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Effective And Flexible Education Solutions
  • Increase Effectiveness By Animated Solutions
  • 24×7 access, an individual can have content access anytime and from anywhere

Educational App-Cost and Features

Advanced Features

Basic Features

External Features


Newsfeed/Activity Feed

OTP Reading

Data Sync


In-App Calling or Messaging

In-App Camera

User Profile

Secure Data Travel

Push Notification

Image Manipulation

Connect To Third-Party API

Parent Connect

Barcode/QR Code

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Advanced Features To Implement In Online Education App

Efficient Content Management: CMS is a crucial part of creating an e-Learning app, which allows the admin to produce, update and manage application content quickly and easily.

Secure Login: A secure login, such as Google login API, is used in the application to provide a secure login.

In-App Download Course Material: You can consider this feature to allow your users to download videos and e-books in the app. It's easier for kids/children or students to access the downloaded course material. This also makes it one of the great app ideas.

Data Analytics: You can ask for this feature from your technology partner and developers. This feature lets you understand how your e-learning is really being used among users.

Online Examination/Mock Test: Providing the online Mock tests in the application is suitable for kids/students preparing for the examination. It helps them to prepare much better.

Easy App Maintenance & Administration: Maintaining an app like this is very easy. The admin does the app maintenance through the admin panel for analyzing the statistics and adding or removing the files on the application.

New Quiz/Course Alert: Your users will get a notification when you add a new course or announce a new quiz.

Interaction Between Student and Teachers: There is a way in the application through which a student can communicate with the tutor provided and interact with them through the contact number or in-app communication like messaging.

Readable Material: Reading Material for students is easily available according to the subject and the latest updated courses running in the school.

Searching Criteria: Advanced and standard search criteria are available through which a student can directly search for what he wants. If he is not getting the results, he can have an advanced search in the panel.

Forums: The application is integrated with the Forums, where a student can also ask questions in general and get answers. It's a room where everyone is a part of the discussion.

Online Transaction: The application provides a very secure and safe online transaction for in-app purchases, such as paying for the fees of an online test series or purchasing reading material.

Free Subscription and Premium Subscription: You should add this feature if you are providing them with advanced and massive study materials, including videos and solved questions and answers. With 30 days of the free trial, you can set up a Free subscription with 30% free access to content. In contrast, a premium subscription allows them to access 100% of the content.

Admin Panel And Its Features

Theme Management: A theme management feature is provided in the application so the front-end user can choose the look so that there is a new feel every time the user logs in to the application.

Manage Subscription: Admin has the right to manage the subscription user has owned or they wanted to buy. Like

Request to activate

  • Price of the items
  • Delete the user Subscription
  • Update/Renew the User Subscription
  • Edit the thing Subscription details

Managing Courses: Tutorials/ebooks/videos uploaded by the tutors are reviewed by the admin to be published on the application. Admin can view all the courses and the reading material added by the tutor.

Admin can:

  • Search for the material
  • Add or remove the description
  • Change the price of the topic
  • Add the time slot for tutors
  • Add filters for both the tutors and students

Transaction: Admin can view the transaction history of the users who have purchased any material or paid fees for any exam through the application.

Orders: Admin can also track the student order for study packages.

Content Management: Admin will be able to manage the content on both the application and the website.

Admin can add/upload the content.

  • Edit the content
  • Can change the content indexes for pages
  • You can also deactivate or activate a particular section of content on the page.

Shipping: Admin can track the shipping status for delivery of the item, such as study material, and have the delivery status.

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Tutor Panel And Its Features

Registration: A tutor can register using their Mail ID or mobile number on the app. Admin will review the details of tutors and then provide a unique code to log in.

Easy Login: The Admin provides a tutor with a unique number, which is used for logging into the application. The registration number would be unusual for every tutor.

Chat & Interaction: This feature is available in both student and tutor panels, which helps them to interact with students to resolve their queries.

Uploading Media/File/Content: This feature in the tutor side or panel allows them to upload the media content, such as video tutorials and study materials for different courses, which Admin monitors in the admin panel.

Student Panel And Its Features

Registration: Students can quickly sign-up using their email id, social signing, and mobile number in the app.

Login: The user can easily log into the app by clicking on the login button and providing the required information.

Password Reset: A user can reset their password if they forgot it. A forgot password option is provided in the login menu, which helps a user by verifying them and providing them the password reset option.

Profile: The profile Management option allows users to make their profile by adding personal information or a profile image.

Course selection: Students can select their own course and manage it if they want to change it after their first course is finished.

Order: Students can order the course or any study materials from the app and track their order with the application.

Mock Test: Students can have the mock test on the application or the web browser by logging into the web app on the browser. It can help them to prepare well for the exams.

Subscription: Students can subscribe to get access to free courses and videos. Students can also discuss the topics and doubts with the tutors.

Making it offline: Tutorials, study materials, or videos downloaded by the student in the app can be accessed or watched offline anywhere and anytime.

Tutor Interaction/Live Chat: A student with a premium subscription can interact with tutors. Students can talk over messages and can get their queries resolved. This In-App communication is a trending feature in the eLearning mobile application.

Order History: Users can view their order history in the app to see what purchases he has made and can also view the assets if they still have them. They can view the purchase date, price, and the name of the item they have purchased.

Report Analysis: In the virtual learning environment, students can have full access to their performance reports. It will help students enhance their performance.

Course Search: Students can search for their courses by typing the course name or an appropriate keyword. Or, they can explore their courses by category.

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Technologies Used

Cloud Integration: Nowadays, with the growing technology, the storage options for everything is changed; we are moving towards online storage options, which include cloud storage and many other storage options created like Firebase. The cloud environment used is Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality: Augmented Reality is one of the most advanced technologies used in applications. You can implement artificial graphics into the physical environment. Virtual Reality, it's pretty costlier than Augmented Reality and is not readily available to people. Virtual Reality creates an enhanced experience for users.

Payment Gateways: Using the payment gateways for In-App purchases is beneficial. Many payment methods are used to pay for the in-app purchase. Such as Net-Banking, e-Wallet, Credit/Debit Cards, PayPal, Braintree & Stripe.

Database: The database used in this app would be MailChimp Integration, MongoDB, MYSQL, Firebase, etc.

Mobile Technologies: React JS, Java, Ionic, Swift, XCode, and Android are used to create mobile applications.

UI/UX: For UI and UX, HTML5, CSS, Photoshop, Sketch, etc., are used to design the UI model for an application.

Web Technologies: Using technologies such as CakePHP, Laravel, and WordPress will help you to build your web application environment, which will make it easier when you open them on the browser.

JAVASCRIPT Framework: JS Framework used in the application building is Angular JS and Node JS.

Team to Build An Education App

To provide a better user experience, app development tasks should be done by a proper team, not by an individual. So that each component in the application is created according to user needs.

Team Required For A Basic Application:

Team Leader

1-2 Programmers

Quality Analytics

UI/UX Designers

Team Required For An Advanced App and Web app:

Project Manager

Team Leaders

3-5 Programmers

2 Back End developers

2 UI/UX Designers

2 Quality Analytics

System Administrator

e-Learning App Development Cost

The average cost to develop an Educational app depends on the platform you build the application. The estimated cost depends upon the minimum time and effort required to make the app technically. The cost to develop an app highly depends upon the following factors.

  • Native Apps
  • Hybrid Apps
  • Database Integrated Apps

An eLearning app built on these platforms can be higher than progressive app development.

Cost of App Design

The app design is an integral part of the cost of development. It's a factor in implementation. But how much is e-learning app development cost?

Designer: Hiring a professional or a senior designer, you should be paid up to $150. A designer with less experience will cost you around $40/hour.

Location: Depending upon the region you hire the designer, the cost varies as

USA & Canada: $100-$250/hour

Australia: $100-$150/hour

UK: $90-$180/hour

Eastern Europe: $50-$150/hour

Indian Developers: $20-$50/hour

The Simple app design will cost you around $4500, an Average app design will cost you about $9000, and a Complex app design will cost you about $15000.

Suppose you are building an application based on a single platform for iOS. In that case, the total cost will be around $5000-$30000, and for Android, it will be about $5000-$35000.

Know the Cost by In-App Key Features:

User Login: To get into the app and use its features, you need to log in to the account you created in the application. Using APIs can cost you; not all the APIs are freely available on the internet. The User Login API integration can cost up to $100-$250.

Push Notification: This is a must-have feature on every application these days. The push notifications are none other than Real-time updates that will keep a user informed about any activities related to an app or service. Integrating this feature in iOS, Android, and Web apps can cost around $250- $300. Time Required: Between 30 to 50 hours

Navigation: App navigation is the first step in the development process. That's how a user moves from one page to another by Scrolling, swiping, or using the action button present on the screen. It may cost around $300, depending upon the work hours.

Chat/Messaging: It's an essential feature if you are providing user interaction. It can cost you around $50-$250. Time Required: 50 hours

In-app Purchases: There are various items in the application available to be purchased and taken offline. These items could include subscriptions, study material, premium features, etc. To integrate this, the cost could be around $300-$600. Time Required: 30 hours

Payment Integration: The payment integration into the e-Learning mobile app could cost you around $2000-$4000. These payment gateways are Net Banking, PayPal, Credit/Debit cards, or e-Wallets. Time Required: 50+ hours

Offline mode: This is a stunning feature for every user. With this feature, the user can directly take any study material or videos available offline and watch them anytime and anywhere they want, even when they are not connected to the internet. The cost is around $500. Time Required: 50+ hours

Database: The application's essential feature is storing any media or docs through a database server. An SQL injection is used to connect the database, which is the fastest way to initialize the data in the app. Database connectivity costs you up to $700-$800 if you connect a swift database type. Time Required: 50+ hours

Search Bar: The search bar is critical if you are building a complex application with a substantial amount of stored data. The user can easily search and find the data inserted in the search bar for around $250. Time Required: 10+ hours

App Maintenance Cost

The application maintenance can cost you according to the total cost of your mobile app development. Various companies provide fixed times, such as 90 hours, 120 hours, or 150 hours on respective expenses that could be around $20,000. Here are some components that come with app maintenance.

Such as:

  • Push Notification
  • Payment Gateways
  • Bug Fixing
  • Emergency Maintenance
  • Third-Party API cost
  • Powerful Servers
  • App stores developer fee

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