How To Build A Dating App Like Tinder in 2022

By Ruchir C.

Love is one of the sweetest feelings; one can experience in his/her life. Finding your love is not easy. There are a few lucky people who get to choose their love. Choosing their love digitally is one of the fastest ways these days.

Being single for a while makes you curious and nervous about how you will react when you meet someone. Well making it easy these days people are turning on the online dating application where you not only talk to someone, but you got to meet someone for real, but you should be confident about that, eh? Jokes apart, dating is fun when you enjoy it. And if you haven’t tried it yet, you should be trying it through online dating applications. Tinder, an iOS dating app and Android dating app, is one of the leading and top trending applications with one of the simplest and very interesting UI for users.

About Tinder

Dating app development, Tinder has set the trend for dating through online dating portals. Tinder is one of the best web-based applications which you can also surf on the browser and allows you to share media like audio and images. Just create a profile on a go and get started with the dating thing. Well, knowing about fuel is not that hard. Tinder is a location-based app that was launched in 2012. At that time it wasn’t that famous kids and older people used to use the app like it was a game. The boom came in when the technique and unique swiping design showed up. This application was one of the best applications with more than a million users since it was launched in 2012.

Nowadays tinder has the biggest market in the dating app industry. It has around 57-60 million users now. Tinder has a total of 1.3 billion swipes every day till 2021 and now it has risen up to 1.6 billion per day. There are more than 4 million tinder premium account holders. Tinder is used in more than 185 countries with more than 40 other languages.

It has been reviewed that every day a single user login in about 4-5 times. Tinder opened its first international market in India with a total of 7.5 million swipes per day till 2021 and now the number has grown up.

Talking about the revenue it was predicted that the total revenue for 2021 was around $800 million, and the total match revenue was $1.72 billion. The tinder gold premium membership was launched in 2017 with it the number of tinder users increased and the premium users were also increasing. The tinder premium account provides a user with many advanced features in the application itself. These advanced features in tinder attract the users towards the users to continuously use the app. The user sticks to the application in a thrust to find a match for a longer period of time.

Let’s See How a Dating App like Tinder Works

How to build an app like Tinder? This question has forced many of us to search for the development process. Let’s come to the point of how a dating app like tinder actually works.

No one is dating within the application. It means that you are out there and shouting for love. It’s the simplicity of the process that makes the dating app viral. Tinder has a vast number or amount of users. Every user spends quite a good amount of time on tinder as each is in needs to find their love. In the past year statistics show every user opens up the application about 5-6 times a day. Swiping is the main process in the application that works swiftly.

The swiping process is a daily process that every user is fond of in the application. Every user let’s say a male person creates a profile that is visible to every other person male or female. Each user has a filtered set for swiping part. Like if they only want the female profiles to be displayed on the swipe list. Or for a female user has mostly male profiles displayed on their swiping list.

Every day there are about 8 million swipes from India and around half a billion swipes from the world the stats were recorded last year in 2021 The swiping process is a bit complex if you understand it by what algorithm it works on.

The users swipe the profile if they like each other they get matched in the application which opens the chatting or says texting option for them. This feature lets users interact with each other. With this feature, the users get to know each other and can plan to meet not just on tinder or any other dating app but outside the application in real-time.

There is a panel in the application that is the user panel. And the other thing integrated into the application is a chatting service in which they can send texts and also can share media like images if they want to.

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Features of Dating Apps like Tinder

  • There is a video chat option in the upcoming Dating apps

  • There is an integrated payment gateway for in-app purchase

  • A user can connect his/her social media account

  • There is a swiping and matchmaking feature available

  • After you are matched you can send a virtual gift to your match

  • You can also make a chat private if you don’t want your chat to be viewed

Some Other Features

Profile Creation: The Profile creation part becomes easy when the user is curious to find their partner or loved ones.

Adding Social Media: Adding Social Media accounts to your dating app means making your account more viewable among others. And adding picture from the accounts makes your dating profile looks good and genuine.

Swiping: Use this feature to get your dating app liked by many. The swiping part is the coolest part of the application a user can swipe left for rejection and right for liking the profile of other users.

Super Like: Super like Feature is the most attractive feature in the Dating application in which you can super like a user. It’s a limited feature without the premium feature. You can super like a user once a day.

Admin Dashboard and App Management

  • Admin manages the user subscription to the premium account

  • Admin manages the third-party app payment or the payment through the Payment Gateways

  • The content is monitored by the admin on the app, the user is allowed to share the media according to the app’s terms and services.

  • There is Multilanguage support in the app so that it’s easy for the admin to manage the user from different countries

  • The admin manages the pages and the menu on the application

  • The admin dashboard is integrated with the revenue graph through which he can view the total revenue generated on the app on the daily basis.

  • The admin has the right to manage the advanced feature in the premium and in the normal account, he can add or remove the features according to the relevance.

User View and other App Feature

  • The must-have feature in the dating app must be GPS API integration

  • There is a Real-Time Push Notification integrated into the app.

  • A block in-app feature is also provided so that unwanted users in the application should be blocked.

  • A profile maker which helps you to create a good-looking user profile.

  • A profile viewer is a feature in the application which enables a user to view who viewed his/her profile although it’s a premium feature.

  • A private chat option is also provided which enables a user to chat privately in a private room where they can share their images or albums and can text

  • To create an app like Tinder, use a Reject or Accept feature in the app to rectify the chat and match-making requests easily.

  • Reporting a user which helps other users to report a user who is violating the app terms and conditions or a user with a fake profile.

Team Requirement for Dating Application

  • Project Manager

  • Team Leader

  • 2-5 Programmer

  • Backend Developers

  • UI/UX Developers

  • Quality Assurance

  • System Administrator

Want to create an app like Tinder? well, it is very easy to go with. Before starting, we give you some basic tips related to costs which will help you to go in the right direction. According to your requirements, you can also hire android app developers.

Have you wondered what it costs to build one?

How much does it cost to develop an app like Tinder? Finding the right cost may be a daunting task for you. Let’s take a brief about what it will cost you to build a dating app like Tinder. Firstly, you need to build a design for which you need proper planning. You need to have the right amount of people hired with a very fond skill set. To build a design you need to have Designers. Now there is the thing you need to know just before starting the work on your project.

Hiring designers will cost you depending upon factors such as:

Cost of a Designer: Well hiring a professional designer will or can cost you up to $150. And a designer with less experience could cost you up to $50.

Based upon the location: Hiring a Designer from a different region can cost you. Designers from different regions can cost you differently.

USA & Canada: $100-$200

Australia: $100-$175

UK: $90-$180

Eastern Europe: $75-$180

India & South Asia: $30-$50

The simpler and sober app design will cost you around $3500 at a minimum rate. An average design will cost you around $7500, and a complex application design will cost you around $12500. For these types of apps, you can go with a renowned dating app development company.

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Ever thought about what it cost you with the in-app feature

There are many features on the user side of the application. Let’s count the cost with every feature available to a user in the application.

User Login: The user login is the most important thing available in the app which is the most basic part to get into an application. Using the APIs for login in the application will cost you around $75-$150.

Push Notification: Supposedly you got a profile match through a dating app how it will notify you only by the push notification feature in the application. This feature in the application is usually common among other apps as well. So integrating your application with this feature can cost you around $200-$250.

Swiping: During the dating mobile app development, you should consider advanced features to make the app more innovative. Creating a Swiping card interface. The list of candidates is organized and shown geographically arranged. Then you swipe “right” for “yes” and “left” for “no”. This could cost you about $500.

Chat/Messaging: Here comes the most interesting part of the application the chats and messages, well by this feature a user or suppose you can talk to your match easily and swiftly. This is the most essential feature your application must have for user interaction. It could cost you around $50-$250.

In-App Purchases: There are various features in the application which unlock when you buy the premium subscription. Like in a dating application you get unlimited swipes you can also change your location can increase your matchmaking by using these. Including the premium features can cost you around $300-$600.

Payment Gateway Integration: Including the payment gateways in your app would use the third party which can cost you around $2000-$3000. Such third-party payment gateways are PayPal, Net Banking, Debit/Credit cards, or e-Wallet.

Using Geolocation: It is one of the crucial features of the dating application. It uses a GPS tracking app and real-time user permission. The cost depends upon the Geo-Location service accuracy. It requires around 50 hours of development time and it costs accordingly around $1250-$2000.

These are some features in the dating application that cost you accordingly.

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