Tinder Clone Is an Online Solution That Helps In Building Online an Ideal Online Dating Platform

By Ruchir C.

As the term implies, Tinder clone is a budget-friendly online dating platform. It is a dating app software solution based on a dating business model. Tinder is a customizable on-demand application that satisfies customers’ dating needs worldwide. This app was developed for faster reach in bringing more customers into business to generate huge profit.

None of us can imagine our lives without companionship. It’s time to begin a whole journey with an esteemed app, Tinder. The team of developers provide you with ready-made solutions to choose your partner. It is a widely known app with numerous benefits, primarily known for its match-making feature for booming online businesses.

The main feature of this application is to protect users’ data along with Tinder clone script development. A growth strategy is crucial in developing a perfect dating application. It generates massive profit by satisfying customers’ needs.

The COVID-19 pandemic has attained great success in this circumstance. Significantly, there have been 3 billion swipes per day as recorded on Tinder. Its success has wooed the business operators and entrepreneurs to develop their apps similarly.

It is crucial to develop a meticulous growth strategy to develop a perfect dating application. Nowadays, several companies are focusing on developing the Tinder clone apps strategy. Your Tinder clone apps strategy must be flexible based on your customer’s requirements, technology and services.

The market size of all the dating apps is projected to be 275 million users by 2023. Keeping in mind the basic features, Idea2app develops online dating apps like Tinder through the latest technologies. With the help of experienced developers, you can yield the highest return on investment (ROI) through consulting dating app experts.

Advantages of Building a Tinder Clone App

Features are the product igniter of an app. The user will be able to find a perfect match around their geo-location. The advantages of an app are the backbone of its functionality. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the app is quite imperative to highlight necessary features.

It may take a few days to start your online business instantly. The customization of your business may take several days for the development process. Moreover, you can buy ready-made scripts of Tinder clone apps from the experts.

While building an online dating app, you must advertise other products to monetize your business. Anyone can participate in socializing through the dating app. Therefore, everyone is eligible to run a business through an online dating app. It would be best if you were updated and informed about all the aspects of online dating apps. The dating apps platforms are entirely committed to their customers around the globe.

Do you know that Tinder approximately counts 50 million users worldwide? Also, its total worth was estimated at more than $1.6 billion. Here are some advantages of a Tinder-like app clone, as listed below.

Profile creation

The users need to log in to sign up for the dating app using appropriate credentials. This very first step required demographic details of the users like name, date of birth, gender, etc. While logging in your credentials, the app may import your basic information immediately.


The app users get suggestions based on their geo-location. Meanwhile, they can find their perfect match by swiping the profiles of their partners. The internet has become the medium to interact and meet new people possibly. The government restricted social gatherings during lockdown and pandemic, so Tinder allowed Gen Z to connect through dating apps.


This feature helps users swipe right or left based on their partner choices. The right and left swipes have their meaning, indicating likes and dislikes. The subscription plan of the user decides on limited or unlimited swipes. Likewise, the user who has purchased the app’s premium version can do unlimited swipes.

Super like

The Super Like features works as a notification for the users whenever they are swiped right. Therefore, the other’s profile will be displayed on your account. This feature ensures a 3X increase in the chance of getting a perfect match.


Perfect match-making is called when both the users swipe their profiles for each other. The users will be able to chat with each other seamlessly. The in-built feature of the online dating app makes it easier to communicate with your partner.

How Dating Apps Have Adapted to the Change during COVID-19?

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the number of users spending time on Tinder. According to the reports for 2020, there was an increase in the percentage of swipes and matches by 11% and 42%, respectively. Digital technology has changed the pattern of dating and relationships.

Dating apps allow us to connect and communicate virtually. Since the pandemic, there has been a surge in using dating apps. The features of dating apps, such as in-app video calls, popped-up camera icons, and in-built chats, encouraged users to connect online.

There was a consequent behavioural change amongst daters as they never imagined dating virtually. Developers then modified the user experiences (UX) and user interface (UI) according to the latest preferences. Moreover, the evolving dating method brought a new dating etiquette. The promotion revealed the gamification of online dating.

In my opinion, online dating app development has shaped people’s perspectives during the pandemic in three different ways, as listed below.

Communicating about their health 

Pop-up messages of a conversation allowed users to engage online instead of meeting in person. A profile on an online dating app showcases a variety of qualities rather than solely depending on someone’s physical appearance. Therefore, public health advocates provided essential tips for physical and social distancing during the pandemic. The health measures invited users to stay at home, wash their hands every once in a while, and consult a doctor in case of COVID symptoms.

Triggered the sense of loneliness and isolation

During the pandemic, dating apps foster community-building to address the feelings of isolation, as we all know that self-care has always been our top priority. So, dating app companies started promoting self-care to support those struggling with mental peace. The self-care posts circulated worldwide across social media reflected during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Making virtual dating the new normal

Virtual dating has been the new normal since the COVID-19 pandemic hit societies around the globe. Furthermore, several apps created features of virtual dating to provide multiple facilities to their users. On the other hand, few were the apps that unlocked online dating options by offering free video services. For instance, the app Tinder enabled passport features free, allowing users to geolocate themselves anywhere. Virtual dating encouraged users to connect with everyone worldwide while staying home.

As an illustration, virtual dating ideas were provided by company blogs and social media accounts. On the other hand, AI has focused on the development of virtual dating. The dating apps have convinced people to make efforts for their partners virtually.

How Tinder App Is Ideal For The Audience?

Tinder is the most appropriate source that has generated online dating via the internet era. Moreover, the internet has made virtual dating the new normal. Research has stated that 80% of Americans think dating apps are a pleasant way to meet strangers or partners. There are perks of being in a beautiful relationship.

According to the reports, online dating market revenues have risen from $43 million to $381 million “between” 2009 to 2016. Furthermore, the latest developments of Tinder apps don’t require a registration method. Thereby, you can log in with your respective social media accounts.

Additionally, these application steps will redirect the next screen after logging in successfully. You can also add or make changes to the details you provided while logging in. So let’s go through some benefits of dating apps.


Dating apps majorly benefit like-minded people by bringing them together. They have plenty of match-making by focusing on the qualities rather than physical appearance. However, dating apps allow users to find their perfect match through calling and chatting over popped–up notifications.

Targeting market audience

Proper market research is necessary to target your audience to advertise products and services. For instance, the age group of 18-30 years will quickly direct you to promote activities and preferences according to them. You can direct promotional activities by knowing other people’s likes, dislikes, and preferences through this.

Marketing and business strategies

Enhancing business branding will skillfully promote your products. Moreover, this will increase your reach to your audience effectively. Your company can upsurge millions of followers by digitalizing your company’s presence.

Effortless communication

This app enables communication effortlessly with anyone around the globe. Dating apps are a medium to convey your emotions via chats and messages. Through seamless communication and effortless networking, you can find your perfect match for yourself.

Making people confident

This application makes people confident by boosting their public image. Also, people will be able to overcome social anxiety issues. Therefore, a normal conversation breaks the ice and makes the other person comfortable.

Finds perfect match

Yes, indeed, you’ll find your perfect match. Dating apps work on a particular set of algorithms to get the perfect partner by swiping right. Two like-minded people can be together in real life through dating apps.

Cost of Developing a Dating App

Dating apps are the technology stack that helps to find your better half. Now it’s time to know about the costs of making dating apps. It is essential to specify the development price of the dating apps. A dating app requires the budget to create a base of an app’s performance. Therefore, the cost of dating mobile apps depends on the hourly rates of developers hired.

You will always require content writers to keep the audience engaged and updated about your product. So, if you hire freelancers, it may cost you $10 per hour. While hiring developers, it is significant to have an in-house development team charging up to $150 per hour. More importantly, an outsourced development team will charge around $40 per hour. However, during the development process, you need an outsourced designing team with a flexible approach and quality of work. The outsourced designing team may cost you $75 per hour.

The outsourcing development team will reduce the cost by 50% without any quality. Furthermore, if you hire a local development team, you need to double the cost for the same output. According to the reports, around 70% of the application development and backend deployment is on the project development timeline. The remaining 20% and 10% of the cost are consumed by UI/UX design and QA.

Lastly, developing a dating app on the iOS platform will cost you approximately $64,000. But, if you are launching your dating app on the Android platform, then the cost may be around $59,000. A basic dating application approximately costs $55,000. This price may rise to $70,000 to be launched on a single platform. Additionally, if you choose a cross-platform or hybrid app, the cost may hike up from $100,000, including premium features. So, now you have a clear idea about the cost of building an online dating app.

How Are Online Dating Apps Earning Revenue By Launching Apps Like Tinder?

Until now, Tinder is ruling over 66 million users swiping on their app. Out of those, 6.7 million are paying users. So, now the question arises, how does Tinder make money from those paying users? Below is the revenue model of Tinder through which it makes money. It also includes the revenue streams from their services.

Tinder’s revenue model makes money in three ways - Tinder Subscriptions, Super likes, and Boosts.

Tinder Subscriptions (3 Tiers)

Tinder offers paid subscriptions to its users. These subscriptions are three paid tiers: Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold, and Tinder Platinum. Tinder Plus was the first paid subscription launched by Tinder in 2015. Followed by Tinder Gold and Tinder Platinum in 2017 and 2020, respectively.

So far, Tinder operates on a freemium business model. Their dating app service is free of cost but with limited features. You would require an upgrade to access unlimited services through paid subscriptions.

Upgradation to paid subscriptions like Plus, Gold and Platinum will provide perks that the freemium model doesn’t offer. The cost of this three-tier subscription model will be:

Plus: $4.99 to $27.99

Gold: $14.99 to $82.99

Platinum: $19.99 to $99.99 

Super Likes

Tinder also makes money by selling its premium features individually. Hence, Tinder’s policy provides 1 free Super Like per month to all its users. So, this policy states that Tinder sells and purchases additional Super Likes in quantities of 5, 25, and 60. Each Super Like has its own cost, such as 5 super likes will cost you $7.99. On the other hand, 25 super likes may cost you $29.99. Lastly, 60 super likes are the costliest one at $59.99.

Boosts and Super Boosts

Add-on features of Tinder also include Boosts and Super Boosts. Tinder gives a Boost of 10x more profile views for 30 minutes. In contrast, Super Boosts increases the profile views up to 100x for 3 to 12 hours in the user’s geographical location. The cost of Tinder Boosts cost from $6.99 to $49.99. But, if you purchase Super Boosts, it may cost you $39.99 to $129

Tinder’s profit and revenue in 2020 were approximately $1.35 billion, which accounted for 57.6%. It has combined all its revenue models within its company. These revenue models are Freemium (upselling), Software as a service (SaaS) and transaction-based business model. 

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In conclusion, building dating apps can be a profitable investment in today’s marketplace. It is estimated that dating market revenue will grow to $1,610 million by 2022. Additionally, the dating app industry is growing 5% every year, where 80% of the users gave positive feedback. 

There are countless ways through which the dating application can be monetized. It is essential to learn the budget required to develop a Tinder-like application. We appreciate your efforts in sticking with us till the end of this blog. I think we have provided enough facts about the dating app industry. 

In my opinion, Idea2app is a perfect match for entrepreneurs like you can find solutions for your business model. Thus, it is a perfect platform for you to explore the setting of your online business models. Our team at Idea2app is ready to attend your online business world and establish it instantly. Our script facilities ensure multiple networks and uninterrupted communication. 

Idea2app is available on both iOS and Android platforms. It provides benefits to their subscribers to enhance their businesses with premium features. You can create an account on Idea2app and access features like connecting social media accounts, roles and permissions, live chat, subscriptions, reviews and many more breathtaking features. 

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