How To Build Live Video Streaming App Using Technology Stack?

By Ruchir C.

Technology advances at a breakneck pace with each passing year. This is true in practically every aspect of life. Personal mobile devices, which modern people are accustomed to utilizing practically every minute of their daily lives, are one of the most inventive personal resources nowadays. Developers are releasing new applications with the goal of increasing the variety of their customers' leisure and making their lives as easy as possible.

The capacity to create video broadcasts and share them with the world in real-time is one of the most intriguing aspects that has emerged in recent years. It is now also available to users of mobile devices, thanks to mobile app developers. Furthermore, this new technology was quickly adopted by the firm. Live video streaming can be used for a variety of purposes by businesses and startups, including product and service advertising, training, and team building.

So, what exactly is a live video broadcast (stream)? In a nutshell, this is the process of transmitting a video signal in real-time from the operator's position.

The invention of a video streaming app allows the spectator to witness events through the eyes of the person who started the live broadcast. In order to attract more users and boost competitiveness, developers are creating live broadcast applications that explore all feasible and difficult ways of implementing this new popular notion.

Why Has Video Streaming Become So Popular?

Though streaming as a technology is now a new thing, it is popularized in recent times through the use of Flash, YouTube, and the iPhone. Again some other factors have stimulated the growth of video streaming apps which include:

  • Streaming Platforms & Providers: With the increase of streaming platforms and providers, like Netflix, HBO Now, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Tencent Video, and Disney plus video streaming have acquired major market share with the increase in their subscribers. Again the COVID-19 pandemic has triggered the need for people to embrace such streaming content. Again, the pandemic time forces business owners to shift their businesses into digital platforms by adopting the latest technology trends such as Video Streaming App.

  • Live Streaming: Live streaming also allows viewers to experience an ongoing event in real-time. Think about the sports events, award shows, global conferences, new product or service launches, these are all facilitated by video streaming.

  • Live Video Gaming: Another important video streaming trend is live video game streaming. It allows professional gamers to showcase their skills to live audiences through live commentary and interaction.

Some of the Best Video Streaming Apps

Here look at some of the best video streaming apps available:

  • Amazon Prime Video

  • Netflix

  • HBO Now

  • Vimeo

  • JioCinema

  • Vudu

  • Fubo

  • Wowza GoCoder

  • Hulu

  • Brightcove Engage

What Are the Industries that Are Highly in Need of Video Streaming Apps?

Live streaming technology proves to be the best for several businesses as it connects the business owners with the audiences. It is because it provides exclusive content instead of obnoxious ads. Thus, live video can help a business to create a brand identity. In addition to this, they are an affordable solution that also allows small businesses to embrace this latest trend. Now, look at some of the areas that can be highly benefited by Video Streaming technology.

  • Retail: If your business largely depends on the visual appeal of your products, then you must opt for the best Video Streaming Development services. It is because; it will allow you to demonstrate your products more effectively. For instance, if you are selling luxury clothing, video streaming can be very alluring and can be a really good start to launch your new products. This will allow you to increase your sales by attracting more audiences to your product.

  • Real Estate: Live video streaming proves to be very effective to display properties to prospective buyers. It will allow your clients to get more information about your location, neighbors, the environment, insurance, taxes, etc with the help of an app without physically visiting the place.

  • Webinars: Apart from diversifying business presentations, a Video Streaming App also allows businesses to build a strong connection between the sellers and buyers. It is especially crucial for businesses that do not engage with the customers directly. For example, it is valuable for the B2B companies that need a potential platform to offer online consultation or Q&A, and share materials so that they can get an immediate and positive response from the customers.

  • Healthcare: Video Streaming apps are also helpful for the healthcare sector. It proves to be beneficial for this sector in various ways such as facilitating patient support, training interns, organizing meetings and conferences, urgent video presentations, and many more.

  • Entertainment: Live streaming apps are showing more and more development in this field. Video streaming services in this sector are very popular and lucrative. It allows the niche providers to make the highest profit.

  • Education: As you all know that online education tools have become of priority in the educational sector during the COVID-19 time and are likely to continue developing in the future. So, it is obvious that this online teaching model requires building a streamlined platform that can deal with the situation.

  • Track Delivery Process: You can use this live video streaming technology to track the delivery process of a product. You can make this process easier just by installing a webcam in the truck’s luggage space that would stream video for you so that you can remain stress-free about the delivery of your product perfectly. 

Know Different Types of Video Streaming Apps

So, you can understand how important it is to adopt a video streaming trend to boost your online business on the digital platform. But before you hire a video streaming development company, you must get more ideas about it. So, now let's start looking at some of the different kinds of video streaming services that are available for you.

  • Live Video Streaming App: Live video streaming services have revolutionized the gamer demographic. One of the most prominent examples of this is Twitch which is a large community with 2.9 million concurrent users on the service, 27 million DAU and is around $ 15 billion. Now you can easily understand the popularity of a live video streaming app.

  • On-Demand Video Streaming Apps: On-demand mobile video streaming apps are popularly used by almost everyone these days. You must be familiar with the names Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, and Apple TV. Yes, indeed you have heard these names. These are some of the popular on-demand video streaming apps that provide live TV in addition to SVoD.

  • Video Streaming Apps from TV Providers or Network: There are some of the video streaming apps that are provided by TV providers or individual networks such as HBO Now, Starz streaming service or Showtime streaming to name a few. 

Benefits of Building the Video Streaming Apps for your Business

Here are some of the obvious benefits of Video Streaming App Development for your business:

  • Connect With Your Target Audience: There is no denying the fact that video platforms offer the best place for connecting your business with the users. It is because video streaming apps allow both the business owners and the customers to communicate with each other. It helps to build trust. Just think about the situation, when your customer will directly ask you a question and you will get the best opportunity to promote your business or convince your audiences to buy your products or services. It simply means that you can easily grow your audience to convert them into potential customers.

  • Availability in Different Platforms: Video streaming apps are not limited to a single platform, you can access them on multiple devices such as mobile, desktop, laptop, iPhone, Android etc. It means that you will not lose a single customer.

  • Variety of Content: Video streaming apps are only that they are limited to just videos, rather you can add as multiple features as possible that will enable you to make your content delivery applicable to multiple audiences globally.

What are the Striking Features that a Video Streaming App Should Have?

So, if you are planning to build a Video Streaming App, make sure your app is designed by considering some of the important features including:

  • Onboarding: Onboarding will allow users to learn about your streaming application before you start using it. But make sure your onboarding process is easy, intuitive and fast.

  • Registration: The registration process through your video streaming app should be very simple. So, you must ensure that the users can register within a few seconds; otherwise, they will leave your site frustrated. In addition to this, your app must include the option for the users to sign-up with their social media profiles such as Facebook, the most widely-used social media platform.

  • Video Library: Your app must be featured with a rich video library present on the first screen. It is one of the must-have features for building a streaming platform like Netflix.

  • Watch Lists: Make sure your video streaming app is featured with a recommended watch list looking at the preferences of your app users. It will help you to attract more audiences to your app.

  • Ratings: This particular feature of your app will help your users to give their reviews of specific broadcasts they mostly like. So, you can get the knowledge which guests bring back by considering the demands of the people.

  • Downloads: Building a mobile video streaming is more than just streaming video, Make sure it also allows your users to download the videos in case there is no stable internet connection.

  • Cloud-Based DVR: If you Build Video Streaming App by offering your users a live TV feature and a cloud-based DVR system, it will help them to record shows with the help of your app. The Cisco Infinite Video Platform and the Velocix Origin are the two popular options that you can add to your app.

  • Multi-Language Support: If you want to attract a global audience through your app, then make sure your app is featured with multi-language support. This feature will make your platform more acceptable and user-friendly. If you look at the top video streaming apps such as Netflix, HBO and others, they have added this feature.

  • Subscription: By choosing your subscription policy, you can allow your users to manage packages and payments from your app. Thus you can provide multiple options to your customers to choose from.

  • Chat: You can add a chat option to your Video Streaming App. It will help your customers to communicate with streamers. It will also allow them to create live Q&A, support communities and make donations.

  • Offline Viewing: You can allow your customers to watch their favorite videos later even without downloading them.

Know About Popular Tech Stacks for Video Streaming App Development:

Building a streamlined video streaming platform is not a cakewalk; rather it presents a significant technical challenge. There are several difficult steps involved in it such as coping with original data across hundreds of servers around the world, thriving ecosystem of technologies, facilitating data analytics, and many more. In addition to this, data streams also need fault-tolerant processing, storage, and geographical distribution. Now coming to the most difficult part of building a video streaming app, which is the backend infrastructure of the app. So, if you want to build a robust video streaming framework like Samza, Storm. Flink or Spark, Netflix, you just need to opt for the best Streaming App Development services. Now, look at some of the popular technology stacks for building a video streaming app.

  1. Netflix Tech Stack: The technology stacks used in Netflix are:

  • Netflix, one of the most popular Video streaming apps uses Amazon’s hosting service while distributing content with a custom CDN.

  • For databases, it uses MySQL, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, and Oracle.

  • The front end is built on Node.js and React.js.

  • The easy content distribution in Netflix is done by Falcor, which is a proprietary JavaScript library.

  1.  Hulu Tech Stack: Hulu does not reveal the details about its tech stacks, but it has been revealed that they renovated its tech components recently. Their product now uses Node.js and React.js for their front end development paired with server-side rendering with next.js.

  1. Disney+ Tech Stack: Though there is no such clear information regarding the technology stack used by Disney, still it is assumed that it uses more or less similar technologies as used by Disney plus such as Node.js, React.js and Java for their front-end along with Amazon hosting.

Things to Consider While Creating an Effective Video Streaming App

When you are going to Build Video Streaming App, you must consider a few points. For example, Netflix has emerged as the most popular video streaming app because it focuses on app development, data analytics and user personalized aspects with the help of the latest technology stacks. 

  • Discover & Realize Your Niche: While creating an app you must create a differentiator with a specific niche according to your specific concept type.

  • Monetizing the App: Your app can achieve innovation and growth only by disrupting typical monetization models. Make sure your plan is audience-oriented. Again you can opt for the free subscriptions with advertisements or product placement.

  • Improve Experience: You must have to optimize your app in such ways that can help your app to increase performance.

  • Managing Different Roles in the App: You should optimize your streaming app that can target different users such as admin, video owner, partners, moderators etc.

Average Cost of an Effective Video Streaming App Development:

The Video Streaming App Development cost varies according to your choice of technologies and methods. If you are planning to build a complex app, it may cost thousands of dollars. Video streaming apps like Netflix may require a pretty backend infrastructure and support without disrupting its user experience. This can lead to the uprising of your Streaming App Development cost. But if you choose a DIY platform like Appy Pie, you can subscribe to it at a low price such as $15 a month. There are some of the factors that have an impact on the development cost of video streaming apps including:

  • App features

  • App design

  • App platform

  • Location of app developers

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Wrapping up

So, there is no denying the fact that video streaming apps are the future of digital communication. It is because; people always look for some fresh and interesting content. These are the reasons that make video streaming apps the most preferred mode for viewing videos online. One of the most prominent reasons that make it more popular among the masses is that it allows the users to consume their content and interact with the piece of communication more engagingly and effortlessly than ever. This is going to get bigger with the video technology and supporting infrastructure getting better and allowing users to experience the next-level streaming utility and value at their personal disposal. 

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