Are You Looking To Buy Or Sell Online Without Relying On Ecommerce Marketplace Like Ebay?

By Ruchir C.

The creation of numerous apps has proved to be a tremendous assistance, especially for busy individuals who have to split and plan their time to handle all of their tasks during the week, day or month. This has also assisted everyone in simplifying their tasks. Online work is now a rage. Some of these online works comprise the following: online selling, internet marketing, purchasing online, and online dating, among many others.

Many different apps, such as eBay, allow users to buy items online. They shop and then make payments online, all from the convenience of their home. Once online payment has been received, you can expect to receive the goods you bought on the internet directly to your doorstep.

The eBay application allows users to access the world's largest marketplace. The eBay application also permits customers to see the items eBay offers its customers. For example, they might offer everything you'll need so you can shop and buy online items that you want. eBay can also take their customers to a personal home screen, where you can discover the items you need the most.

The COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to the unprecedented growth of ecommerce marketplace like eBay on the internet worldwide. Companies of all genres and sizes search for marketplace apps because they don't want their business to fall in the race.

When we talk about the development of an online marketplace similar to Amazon, The most frequent inquiry is the cost during the development process. The cost includes keeping the app functioning and safe, and appealing to its customers.

What is eBay?

eBay is a multibillion-dollar online shopping platform that connects sellers and buyers within the C2C and B2C landscape. The platform allows sellers with an extensive customer base to market their products and buyers with a vast catalog of products that cover most categories one could imagine.

What distinguishes eBay from other online marketplaces is the unique feature it offers, i.e., auctions and the ability to purchase products for a fixed cost (Buy Today).

EBay beats others when it is the most profitable auction site because it's extremely simple.Below are some eBay data that show it is one of the top marketplace and auction platforms online.

Take a look!

  • In the 2nd quarter of 2021, eBay was home to 19M active buyers and 159M sellers worldwide.

  • More than 2 billion transactions per day were made via the website.

  • As of the 2nd quarter of the year 2021, the overall value of Gross merchandise Volume (GMV) on the platform will reach $22.1B.

  • eBay ranks third as the most downloaded application used by those who buy online from the United States.

The huge need for online marketplaces such as eBay with shoppers has increased because of the COVID-19 pandemic, so many entrepreneurs are looking to create an identical platform. If you're among the many, continue reading to learn more about the best way to go about it.

Types of Online Marketplaces

Here are the main kinds of marketplaces online with a focus on the following:

Horizontal Marketplace

The horizontal marketplace provides a range of items and services to many customers in various industries. It is a type of marketplace that follows the idea of a single-stop shop, addressing customers' needs all in one location. Most well-known marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, AliExpress are the most prominent examples of this marketplace.

Vertical Marketplace

Vertical marketplaces are based on a specific market. The type of market has a wide range of products from various vendors, but all that are similar in nature. Thus, a vertical market allows for greater customization and is different from other markets that offer numerous items. Etsy is an excellent illustration of this type of marketplace which typically sells handmade and vintage items.

The following are the different types of markets based on their target market:

Business-to-Customer Marketplace

B2C marketplace, also known as business-to-customer, is a platform that allows sellers to sell their goods to customers. Examples of this include Flipkart and Amazon.

Business-to business Marketplace

B2B or business-to-business marketplaces where wholesale suppliers sell their goods to companies at wholesale prices. Walmart or Alibaba are typical examples.

Customer-to-Customer Marketplace

C2C marketplace, also known as customer-to-customer, is a website where users offer their products to other buyers. One of the most well-known examples is Etsy.

Problems in Developing an App Similar to eBay?

One must overcome plenty of difficulties when creating an app similar to eBay. A few of them will be described in the following paragraphs:

Complex Navigation

The objective of an eCommerce website is to enhance navigation, reduce the time to purchase and make it as easy as possible for shoppers to buy products. A well-thought-out UX/UI design can convert visitors into buyers and help increase sales.

Considering UI/UX transformations and logic for this purpose ensure that your micro-interactions are swift and easy. Focus on the conversion of traffic and a simple process for payment and other elements of the sales funnel.

Chicken & Egg Problem

You've probably heard of the famous question: which was first? The bird or egg? Similar to that, the question is asked who comes first, either the buyers or sellers? The issue is that it brings two kinds of buyers and sellers to each other simultaneously. Price systems are one way to solve this problem. For instance, you could charge sellers but offer customers free services. This will encourage shoppers to take part. In addition, it will bring more vendors to choose from if you can attract more customers.

Fierce Competition

In a highly competitive marketplace with much competition, a niche market focusing on a limited segment of products or services is a feasible option. For example, Etsy. The site is an online marketplace that sells hand-crafted and antique items and items. The majority of its artists are independent women who create not mass-produced items.

Features to be Included in eBay Clone Application

Are you ready to join in the action? The process of creating a marketplace from scratch will require some planning. The first step is to look at the essential functions you require. It is impossible to calculate the cost of eBay clone app development without this.

Hassle-Free Registration Process

Although it seems like it's a breeze to accomplish, not every app on the market can design its registration pages, making it the most crucial reason behind the growing rate of uninstalls from mobile apps.

With the ease of social media integration at Your side, you don't need to make your users fill out a ton of personal information to register. Instead, they need to open the app using a couple of clicks on Facebook, Twitter, or any other platform for social networking.

The idea is to develop a marketplace application where the entire registration procedure is easy and straightforward.

Product Search & Page

This function provides consumers with a wide range of products and service types. Customers can quickly look up and search for specific items by using advanced filters using this feature. In addition, it allows customers to view the descriptions of items, payment information delivery, shipping and distribution details, and contact details for the seller.

Push notification

Push Notifications, as your market application builder might have advised you, maybe the only option (that is effective) to keep users glued to your marketplace app. The power that comes from alerting users to what they're missing out on in the right way, with the proper methods of push notifications, will make or break the effectiveness of your app. It is, therefore, crucial to invest in a sound push notification system that will prevent users from leaving your application.

Add to cart

Most of the time, people aren't willing to buy a product immediately. Still, they prefer to keep it in mind for future purchases. In this scenario, it is recommended to use the option of adding to a cart that allows them to store the item to purchase in the future.

Augmented Reality View

The AR feature will let customers experience products before making the final purchase. Customers can experience and visualize the products and then get the final appearance using AR features. This results in improved customer experience and an increase in customer retention rate.

Live Chat Help

With this feature, customers can easily connect with the support team to ensure no hassle in contacting them if any issues arise. The majority of first-time buyer’s experience problems with online payment or the processing of orders. Therefore, it's essential to incorporate live chat in the application.

Social Media Integration

Social Media is probably the best method of bringing customers to the eCommerce marketplace.

It's not just about a single-tap log-in. It is essential to offer an easy way to access your application. Users should be able to log into your app with a couple of clicks on Twitter, Gmail or Facebook, or any other social media platform.

It's all about making your marketing campaign visible through social media and permitting clients to post their purchase reviews, discount coupons, reviews, and referral coupons to their friends and others.

Voice Search

This feature will change the way people search for products and services shortly. Therefore, it is essential to optimize this feature by ensuring that the product information is compatible with the parameters of voice search.

How to create an App that is similar to eBay?

eBay is an excellent example of every eCommerce start-up. The giant marketplace offers a stunning UI and a variety of engaging features. If you're looking to create a marketplace application similar to Amazon, then follow the steps listed below:

Research & Planning

Without proper planning and research, you could make a few mistakes when creating a marketplace application. When creating a marketplace application, be sure to evaluate your clients' requirements and preferences, determine what kind of product you'd like to offer, and categorize your goods precisely so that your buyers can locate them quickly.

Define Your Niche

If you're planning to create your online marketplace similar to eBay, one of the first things to think about is that e-commerce giants such as eBay and Etsy offer a variety of markets and have gained trust from consumers through the decades. To stand out from ecommerce applications such as eBay, it is essential to concentrate on a distinct and under-explored market. Additionally, you must determine your marketing strategy to concentrate on your USP to get attention from customers.

Choose Your Strategy

In the beginning, every online marketplace is faced with a dilemma of which is better to sign up additional sellers first or build an audience first. To address this issue, experts suggest starting small, with a small number of high-value users. First, advertise your concept to create awareness, then follow up with deadlines or demands. When you are in the initial phase of creating an online marketplace, entrepreneurs must be aware of the basics of starting a business.

Choose the platform on which to launch Your App.

Next, you must select the best platform to launch your application. Apple App Store and Google Play Store are the two most well-known choices available. Next, determine if you want to concentrate on users using a specific platform, or you will use several platforms to target a vast amount of users.

To select the right platform, consider your user's geolocation, decide on the best time to create your app, and decide who your clients are as wealthy users typically use iPhones and a significant number of middle-class customers opt for Android.

Decide The App Features

The features you choose to use determine the future potential that your app can offer. In addition to creating an attractive design, create an app that is user-friendly, easy, and easy to use. This will assist in turning visitors into potential clients. In addition, you can build an application using MVP to lower the development costs.

Hire a Skilled Team of Experts

To build your Amazon-like marketplace application, you need to employ a talented group of programmers. The team you choose to work with will require many people, including project managers, business analysts, and front-end developers. Back-end developers, UI/UX designers, Android and iOS application developers, and QA experts.

Choose the Development Cost

Each business has its demand, and many factors influence the development costs for mobile apps. Therefore, it's difficult to determine the exact cost of developing a market application. However, you can determine the most accurate estimate of the total cost by studying the entire process.

How Does a Marketplace App Make Money?

When it comes to establishing the revenue structure for your business, you have two choices - A. Revenue from affiliates and B. Revenue from transaction charges.

In the affiliates model, once you've built an app for the marketplace, you earn money by getting a percentage of the revenue by referring users to another app. Another and most popular monetization method is the transaction fee revenue.

Revenue from transaction fees could be pretty simple as the fee is derived from making it possible to conduct a transaction between the seller and the buyer or be one of the following:

Costs associated with the listing of products

  • Promotional/sponsored product fees

  • Commission fees that the seller has to pay for after an auction.

After looking at more than just the aspects that must be included in a marketplace app and how to make money from your app, we have reached the point at which we can talk about the cost of development.

Cost of Creating an App Like eBay

The cost to develop online marketplace like eBay is determined by several aspects, such as the number of features, development companies' costs, and whether the website will be built entirely from scratch. Below we've calculated the price for developing an MVP using the features described in the previous paragraphs.

  • Project management - 335h

  • Business analysis - 446h

  • UX design - 564h

  • UI design - 729h

  • Quality assurance - 562h

  • HTML/CSS development - 788h

  • Frontend development - 1,175h

  • Backend development - 1,842h

When we multiply the time times the cost per hour, we can determine that the product development of the product in Central and Western Europe will cost $276,963. This is a brand new product developed for Ukraine, costing $161,025.

So, how can we effectively cut the development costs for an eBay-like site? First, consider an option to white-label our team. We've developed a solution that includes all of the essential elements to build marketplaces for selling products or booking and consulting services. Prices start at a price of $40,000 to create an MVP.

Want More Information About Our Services? Talk to Our Consultants!


We've discussed the essential business considerations, basics features, suggested features, and the estimated cost for designing the best online shopping application. If you think something is missing or require more details, please do not hesitate to add it to the comments.

It's time to put aside your fears and start planning to develop an app for the marketplace. It will have unexpected issues, difficulties, and flaws like all ventures. The most important thing is to overcome them and move on.

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