When Considering An App For An Event, What Are Some Of The Most Important Features That Should Be Available?

By Ruchir C.

Technology has changed the face of the world, with mobile phones no exception. Every attendee in the corporate world uses smartphones and tablets. Almost 37% of corporate and conference planners utilize mobile event applications. A mobile event application is used for meetings to access important information globally.

The online platform has benefitted both organizers as well as attendees. Online platforms have streamlined the way to spread information worldwide by making it the best app for your event. The main goal is to increase productivity while choosing an app for your upcoming event. Further, the features of the event app must be accessible to all attendees because their engagement is the topmost priority on every device.

Moreover, everyone should be able to find related content on your app, making it manageable as well. Mobile event apps have proved to be a necessity in event strategy. In this technological era, the only piece of information that is important to the audience is the online application.

The online mobile event app has shaped the experience of its users through event activities and keeping attendees informed about the latest event. With the help of simple tools, you can achieve the goals and objectives to reach your audience. This article will highlight the must-have features of the mobile event app and its benefits in the marketplace in 2022.

What is Mobile Event App?

Event mobile apps have become fundamental to a corporate event with effectiveness. Mobile event apps provide a secure and customizable platform to their users instead of traditional event hand-outs. Thereby, traditional platforms cannot compete with web-based programs.

Technology plays a prevalent role in every sector. All the leading events have capitalized on investment in brands for the future. In addition, the COVID-19 outbreak has aided event planners virtually. Conducting a virtual event has been a game-changer for the industry. According to Social Tables, 35% of event planners use technology to manage their projects.

A mobile event app is software that conducts events virtually and physically. Its main purpose is to enhance attendees’ engagement by providing real-time information. The event apps are specific about the information provided to their attendees and organizers need. Moreover, the information includes mapping, scheduling, organizing details of the speaker and attendees, etc.

An event app is eventually a digital version of an event. In today’s technological era, an event app is considered an essential tool to conduct an event benefiting attendees, sponsors, speakers, exhibitors, team members, and sales representatives. Mobile apps include event tracking, with other networking features like audience response, polling advertising, and continuing education credits. In addition, mobile event apps have enhanced the opportunities for the participants.

Features of Mobile Event Apps

Gone are the days when you had to decide on a venue to plan an event with tremendous organizers. But this techno era has taught us to conduct events virtually and get sponsors. Therefore, the mammoth of Event Management Apps is floating in the marketplace. Even the organizers found the easiest way of conducting an event digitally through smartphones or tablets.

An event planner schedules all the upcoming events virtually. This has become the new normal after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Event managers have integrated event marketing strategies with online platforms. You must be aware of trending features and development in the event industry by executing relevant and desired features to set up as listed below.

Streamlining Planning and Logistics

Event managers streamline the planning of an event by coordinating and communicating with their attendees and exhibitors. You may encounter some last-minute changes or preparations, but you can easily solve them through an event app. These disruptions can be invitation errors, speaker cancellation, issues with logging in, etc.

Chat Features

Whether formal or informal, event mobile apps are designed in such a way that you can communicate with your team easily. However, an integral part of an event app is to design one-to-one group chat features that everyone will decide to use.

Chat features are arranged to allow users to interact with each other directly during the meeting. In addition, technical support helps you communicate with other attendees and discuss other problems.

Event Specific Templates

Your event management templates must be different as per the event. You must launch a different template for every conference. Event app templates make it easy to navigate the content and designs of your product to get started.

Personalized Reminders

Event apps allow you to send personalized messages to users through calendars and other devices. It is a reminder tool for your users to check on their mobile devices. This feature keeps your audience up-to-date about the next event. Attendees can connect to this feature anytime from anywhere in the world. Of course, the company has to send emails or push notifications to send alerts to its audience.

Interactive Features

To conduct a webinar, you must meet your audiences’ expectations with interactive sessions, including questionnaires for guests and attendees. We cannot imagine our event without feedback from our audience. The event survey feature lets you create a survey for your users and set up required questions with valuable information related to events. Moreover, technical support is the essential element of conducting an event virtually.

Language Interpretation for International Events

An app provides language translation for all attendees globally. The most valuable component of trade conferences is to allow users access to live translations and interpreting with traditional translation services. However, an event organizer application will integrate different social media platforms to promote your product. Therefore, social media integration with that language interpretation will help promote your product across the world.

How to Optimize Your Virtual Event with a Mobile Event App?

Virtual events are events that take place virtually. The online events can invite participants worldwide while conducting live streams or conferences. However, virtual events can be conducted on any social media account like Instagram, Twitter, or Clubhouse. In addition, there’s a chance of growing your product in the marketplace on event platforms through webinars and conferencing.

An event app aims at managing and planning events for both attendees and organizers. The event app centralizes the event management process through smartphones resulting in wider guest engagement. Further, these apps appear to be a common channel for the audience – both attendees and planners.

Whether you are conducting a physical event or a virtual event, it requires the same amount of preparation for an unforgettable experience for the audience. Here are some tips for managing your virtual event account with the help of a virtual event application.

Updates via Push Notifications

One of the most important components of conducting a virtual event is to provide real-time updates to the users about the upcoming event. However, mobile apps allow our audience to keep track of every event through the push notifications feature. The feature of push notifications appears on the mobile screen instead of landing in your message box, where it can be seen and read.

Conduct Live Polls & Q/A

Live polling and question-answer session engage the audience directly with the speaker. Also, the speaker can directly ask questions to the audience to get real-time responses. Speakers must incorporate live results directly through PowerPoint presentations to provide real-time results to everyone.

Offer a Personalized Experience

Your event app should provide a personalized experience to the users meeting the needs of specific users. Moreover, you can offer to personalize schedules push notifications, and more. The main aim is to keep the users engaged by serving the ultimate purpose through the event application.

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Types of Mobile Event App

As we all know, event apps have become the mainstream marketplace. The event-tech tool has refined the user's experience resulting in different types of event planning apps serving functionalities and purposes. However, a range of mobile event management apps exists in the market with a different set of features listed below.

Conference Apps

Conference apps are used in major business conferences, seminars, summits, workshops, etc. Mobile conference apps provide easy-to-navigate features for their users. Web conferencing tools allow users to make face-to-face video calls or remote meetings over the Internet. Therefore, employees can collaborate with their peers creatively and dynamically.

HD video screen sharing, recording, one-click meetings, polls and quizzes, collaboration tools, and reporting lead to users' productivity by enhancing the meeting experience. In addition, several tools support multi-video streams for users and presenters. For example, screen sharing allows multiple users to share their files and documents during a meeting or a conference, controlling the presenter's position.

Mobile apps with rich features meeting users' expectations are exceptionally advantageous. For example, several mobile apps allow users to participate in poll questions and text chats based on their platform. However, you must have enough space in your device to record conferences and webinars. Therefore, it would be best to have a premium subscription to record your meetings.

Incentive Apps

Microsoft has rolled on to an incentive-based template to encourage employee participation virtually. It allows event management apps to establish eligibility points levels for rewards. However, incentives provided by the best brands are a short-term strategy. These incentives are aligned to motivate the audience, leading to more downloads.

Consequently, companies can distinguish themselves from their competitors by showcasing the product's benefits. Offering discounts and incentives on app installations, you can manifest 71% of the companies to enhance the long-term appeal of your apps to ensure users' attention by delivering sufficient efforts to them. The features of Incentive Apps are based on the event feed, gamification, travel and accommodation details, etc.

Association Apps

The association apps deal with conducting multiple events on larger platforms. Conversely, association apps host events to increase customer engagement through an event app. Mobile apps provide easy access to the users, but at the same time, it is costly too. Before spending dollars on building an event application, you need to outline the mapping of your event. It is necessary because event management is a costly investment to host a large conference with more or less a thousand attendees.

Before purchasing an event managing app, you need to improve your networking opportunities and connect with people to accomplish your goal. However, event apps can be a prospect for organizing meetings and increasing networking opportunities. Organizing meet-ups will create an encouraging environment for the attendees.

Check-in Apps

An event check-in app streamlines the registrations hassle-free by managing the event. Additionally, these apps optimize the strategy of engagement of attendees for an event.

You can say that Check-in apps are the most tedious parts of any event management application. However, it is also considered the first point of interaction that begins through an event registration app with the help of a check-in feature.

The check-in apps have integrated indispensably into any event management software. For smooth functioning, details of attendees are collected through primary methods such as scanning QR codes, NFC tags, or Facial Recognition.

Event Management Apps

These apps are intuitive applications that help organize and plan your events and functions. Event management apps allow you to organize and represent your event properly. The planning of an event includes scheduling and adding reminders to import contact details of your attendees and guests.

Event management apps are all-in-one platform that manages to build an event through professional ticketing and registration pages. The users can actively use event management apps to access real-time sales data. By leveraging a targeted audience, you can build a strong attendee base.

Lead Retrieval Apps

These apps are mainly meant to conduct large-scale events for exhibitors or attendees. Lead Retrieval apps maximize the ROI for exhibitors and attendees to achieve maximum event success. The exhibitors can capture leads from these events, including customized surveys or questionnaires, with the help of a QR code scan. According to 46%, event managers find lead retrieval apps a top reason exhibitors attend events.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Developing an Event Application

Some common factors affect the development cost of any mobile app for a business. The same factors influence the cost of an event ticket booking app solution. However, these factors help exhibitors in events tracking considering additional features of an event application.


The platform selection is crucial for event ticket booking mobile app development. The location of your target audience can help you choose the right platform. For example, an Android app is the best choice if your target audience is Asian or African smartphone users. On the other hand, if your target audience is located in the US or Europe, iOS is better.

Android app development costs more than iOS app development. This is because Android apps can be tested on more devices than iOS apps.

Cross-platform app development is an effective and reasonable way to reach a large audience worldwide, even if your budget is limited.


App's features are what determine its complexity. Simple features and a simple design are examples of easy apps to develop. However, complex features such as social media integration or customization options for users will take longer to develop your app. Therefore, App development costs are higher for complex apps than for simple ones.

Feature Integration

To make your app more user-friendly than the rest, you might consider adding additional features. For example, you can use the mobile wallet to solve multiple payment problems efficiently in the event ticket booking application. However, this feature is more expensive than the integration of payment gateways.


A company that develops event ticket booking apps determines the price based on how long it takes to create an app. It can take longer to create a robust app than a simple one, so it may cost more.

The app's development time can be affected by feature integration and design. For example, your ticket booking app should be visually appealing and compelling. This can raise the development cost. Engaging apps can bring in more revenue, but getting higher revenues over time is possible.

Hourly rate

Hourly rates are important when you hire mobile app developers. We find a wide range of hourly rates for developers from different regions. For example, app developers in the USA and Canada charge between $150 and $250 per hour. Indian app developers, however, start at $25 per hour.

This variation is crucial in determining the development cost, especially if you want to create a complex and feature-rich application for your ticket booking company.

An event app or event management app for your business has many benefits. However, it is important to consider the cost of your app if you plan on launching it. It can be explained as follows: If you want to create an event management app, you will need to spend $20,000 - $50,000 on a single platform-oriented application.

It can cost up to $100K, depending on the functionality. Hire experienced event app developers to ensure the best possible app development at a low cost.

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With this complete guide to developing an event app, you should know how long it will take, how complex it will be, and what it will cost.

No matter if you are looking to create an event app with MVP or include all the important features like search categories. The success of your app depends on the skills that your mobile app development company will put into it.

Online ticket booking apps generally contain large amounts of user-generated data and images. Therefore, it is more expensive than other functionality apps in terms of cost. The features included in the app will determine the cost of development.

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