Is Creating a Social Media App Hard?

By Ruchir C.

It's hard to find someone, not social media-savvy. In 2020, an average user was using 8.4 Social media profiles. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube. The list is endless.

You're probably thinking about how you can create an application for social media and if it's a financially feasible option or not.

This article will provide you with a step-by-step guide to social media app development. You will discover the best methods to create an application for social media and transform it into an effective business.

Do we require another social media app? This was one of the most pressing questions that occupied the founders of the start-up mind when they tossed around the idea of creating one.

TikTok has responded with an unwavering yes. It has accumulated over 800 million users worldwide with no indication of slowing.

Facebook will have greater than 2.4 billion active users by 2020 and continues to lead the pack. It also consists of the following categories:

  • Instagram;

  • Snapchat;

  • LinkedIn;

  • Twitter.

What is Social Media App Development?

Suppose you're looking for a social media application development and wish to understand how to build an app for social media. In that case, this guide is the one you're searching for. The social media app development steps will give you all the steps you'll need to follow to if you also looking to answer the most common question, i.e. “how to make a social media app” and then run it to serve your needs.

To build an application on social media, it is essential to read the entire guidelines and be sure to read them thoroughly, so you don't skip any steps or vital details about it. This is why we will go over the essential concepts and topics that will allow you to be helped and learn to build an application that is social media-related.

Market Statistics for Social Media Applications and Platforms

  • According to Statista, the total revenues in social media are projected to be US$46.43 billion at the end of 2022.

  • The number of downloads for the social media networks segment is expected to rise to more than 11,190.8 million by the end of 2022.

  • Furthermore, the average download profit is estimated to be US$4.15.

  • These numbers suggest that the entire revenue could lead to a projected market value of $64.11 billion in 2026.

If the numbers above aren't enough to impress you, let's assume we have 16 people joining social media sites every minute. As you can observe, social media is an expanding industry. In several years, it will continue to be at the forefront of new fashions. It's time to seize the chance to create your social media presence for your business today.

Types of Social Media Applications

To enhance your online marketing strategies, learning about the various types of content on social media and the best way to distribute it is important.

Should you be focusing on images? Videos? Blogs? What do you think of forums? When you've created your content, what are you planning to do to distribute it? You can share it on review sites for community members or stream it live to the general public. Knowing the different kinds of social media can assist you in creating a more effective content strategy and determining which areas to put your focus and effort on.

Social Networking Sites

We are familiar with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These sites help us connect with family, friends as well as companies. They promote knowledge sharing and focus on human-to-human interaction.

A social network site is an all-purpose Jill. Users can post their thoughts or create content, upload images and videos, create groups based on their interests, and participate in lively discussions. They're created around the user, and everything is essential to them and their networks of friends. Additionally, they assist us in measuring the return on investment from social media, which helps us plan an efficient marketing strategy.

Discussion Forums

These types are Social Media channels are used for sharing, finding, and discussing various kinds and opinions and even news.

They help businesses by providing the best resource to conduct perfect market research. They are the oldest methods of running Social Media Marketing campaigns.

Before the advent of the famous Social Media players like Facebook forums, these were where experts or experts could engage in various discussions about various subjects.

Websites for Video-Sharing

Most social media users claim that they prefer video over other types of content. Like image-based social media sites, video hubs such as YouTube, TikTok, and Vimeo attract many visitors through images.

Why is video so well-known? Video content demands less effort to be absorbed by viewers. There's no reading or scrolling, only watching. Additionally, videos are ideal for instructing your viewers. Tutorials and how-tos are the foundations of social video content.

Community Blogs

Sometimes a post or image isn't complicated enough to convey the message you want to spread. However, a few people would like to manage blogs from a self-hosted site. It's quite a bit of work.

Platforms for sharing blogs like Medium and Tumblr allow users to share their thoughts and allow them to connect with readers.

Consumer Review Networks

Using Customer Review networks can help you in finding out how to share and evaluate details about various products, services, or brands.

Suppose a business can get positive reviews on these platforms. In that case, its claims are more credible because reviews posted on these sites serve as Social Proof.

To run efficient Social Media Marketing Campaigns, it is vital for businesses today to have good reviews on these websites.

Social Audio Platforms and Formats

Social audio-based platforms (like Clubhouse) and formats (like Twitter Spaces) have flourished throughout COVID-19 lockdowns. At the same time, most people were at home, with less time to engage in live conversations.

The main benefit of audio-based social formats and platforms is the immense interest and interaction you're likely to receive from listeners who have opted-in.

Engaging and lively conversations assist in building your reputation as an expert in your area and help you present your company or product to a broad audience who are already interested in topics that relate to your area of expertise (otherwise, they wouldn't be paying attention).

Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking allows you to save web pages to ensure you can return them in the future. They also permit users to create annotations, make bookmarks available to others, and find new content.

Use this social media platform to collect the content you want to share with your team or clients. It's also an excellent place to build a bucket of content you can reuse on your social channels.

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Must-Have Features for Social Media Application Development

However, creating the MVP version of your product before implementing the final version is not a bad idea because functioning software will make your customers feel more confident in your company. Once you've tested the basic version of your app, you may want to consider adding advanced features.

The following section focuses on an extensive list of the essential features of a modern social media application.

Personal Profile of User

Whatever the application for social media you're working on, the final aim is to have the application offer a range of options for personalizing your profile that allows users to be creative. In addition to the essential elements of a profile (e.g., text fields and profile photos), a compelling social media profile should contain numerous personal data information and, at a minimum, some features to customize your profile.

For example, UX features like visibility to profiles and layout of pages, colors messages display format, personalizing profiles, backgrounds, and more. These features will not just inspire users to create their profiles but will also help them attract other users attracted to them.


The content users share is uploaded to feeds as videos, audio files, photos, and presentations, for example. The content uploaded is referred to as content created by users and can be any of the content shared through status updates, photos, or videos.

The social media application you're developing must be able to share images or videos and status updates. All you need to do is upload the content, share it and define the group you wish to contact. Videos-based social media platforms like TikTok's stats for 2022 demonstrate that uploading videos and other similar content can boost an increase in popularity and visibility.


It is important to provide customers with various ways to register to allow users to visit your website and register. For example, you could add options like email, password, telephone number, and password or guest user.

To make social networking apps more user-friendly and straightforward to understand, adding the feature of 'Forgot Password' is crucial. For technical reasons, developers of social media apps could use Facebook as well as Google SDK or Amazon SNS, or SES.

User-Friendly Interface

User interfaces are the primary point where your users evaluate the quality of your service by their experiences and interactions with the app. With its user interfaces, the application incorporates various elements, including the depiction of media, content control of input, and more.

No matter who your intended audience is, your social media application's attractive and easy user interface directs your users to get where they want to go and obtain what they need.

Live Chat and Messaging

The social media application offers the ability to communicate and live chat with friends. Many social media apps provide advanced chat options.

The main goal of the app's creator is to create an engaging layout for messaging. This is accomplished by providing features such as video chats, group chat filters, and more.

AR Filters

You could add specific photo and video filters to make your social media app more distinct. To give you an example, Snapchat and Instagram have numerous AR filters that assist in attracting users to join the social media platform to be a part of the trend. Don't forget that AR technology also provides users with a unique experience.

Is Social Media App Development Difficult?

We've now discussed the options available to you. Let's look at the fundamental steps you must take to make a social media app for free or by making some investments.

Idea Analysis and Market Study

We extensively go over the idea and competitive landscape in this stage, assess requirements, create an outline of the target market, and then develop the key performance metrics that must be met. This helps us discover a niche by designing an innovative social media application.

Knowing what you are good at and working with your team is crucial to start by understanding the reason you want to create an application for social media.

This will enable you to do a SWOT analysis to analyze your strengths and weaknesses as well as the threats of your competitors.

Features and Functions

When you're beginning to plan your social media platform, It's easy to get confused by the various functions and features you could implement. However, first, you need to be aware of your budget, limitations, and development abilities to ensure that all features are required in the beginning.

Choose what you would like your users' active users to do with your app. A few ideas to think about:

  • Do you wish your users to share updates (images, videos, or even text)? If you decide to use a feed for news, determine who is allowed to make updates. Will the status updates be available to everyone, or just specific users?

  • Are you interested in enabling comments or other features that increase user engagement?

  • What kind of content can you post to the application? How can you assist users in locating that material?

  • Are you planning to use Push Notifications to keep your users interested in your app or content?

  • Is your app an exclusive community or open to anyone to download and use?

  • What security measures do you plan to implement to ensure that your app is as safe as possible for every user?

  • Are you planning to connect your application with other platforms on social media to expand the reach of your app?

  • Does your app allow users the possibility of creating an account for themselves?

  • Are you interested in allowing geolocation? Geolocation lets your application identify where users are. This is an excellent option if you intend to incorporate user-generated content or permit users to label their location or where the content came from.


Have you decided on your application? Did you study the market, the audience, and the products? Next, you can move on to the next step. The steps of development for apps on social media are two ways. If you're a web-based developer, you can create it by yourself.

Hiring a programmer is the most crucial stage in developing a social media application process. However, if you're an expert in the field of software development, it is not necessary to hire anyone. Instead, you can build it yourself.

You can estimate how much it will cost to create an application for social media, the amount of time it will take, and the required tools to develop an application for social media.

If you employ a freelance developer, you must be aware of his skills, and you should not put your ideas at risk, time, or money. Therefore, you must be cautious when selecting a software developer to develop your social media apps.

Build your Community

After you've created your application, it's time to bring your users to the app and build your community.

Take a look at your initial needs for marketing. What will you do to get people to sign up for your application? And what incentive will you offer to ensure that users have the best experience while playing your game? Do you want to include people that you know from your real life? 

Launch and Maintenance

After polishing your social media app, developers will transfer the application to you. It is time to launch your application to the people you want to reach and be sure to update it regularly.

Make sure you offer your users the most effective results using the main button that downloads the app.

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The Key Takeaway

The variety of social media apps and their demands are increasing in parallel. Now life is becoming more meaningful thanks to social media apps. Suppose you've decided to develop an application for social media and require a social network app developer's guidance to build your app. In that case, you can contact experts in app development or you can use various free social media app maker tools available online for swift development.

By planning, designing, developing, testing, and keeping it up to date, you will earn the status of one of the top app developers. You can also design and present it to your ideas and your senses. This can assist you in developing additional apps.

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