Olx Vs Quikr: How Do The Two Classified Sites Stack Up In 2022?

By Ruchir C.

The marketplace for classifieds online has been growing steadily throughout the years. The marketplace online allows buyers and sellers to trade their goods in conjunction with other users. As a result, the need for developing a classified mobile app in the market has become very competitive, yet it's still easy to enter. A classifieds app that buys and sells allows users to purchase rent, sell or trade many different items, including technology devices, furniture, automobiles, pets, and more.

Due to the rise of digital technology and the advent of new technologies, the population has become technologically adept and is attempting to complete everything online. In this process, purchasing and selling goods is now a reality. More and more consumers have taken advantage of this quick and easy method of trading their possessions in the past few years. As time passes, this trend has taken off to the forefront, and more and more businesses are looking to get into this industry to make extra cash.

In the vast array of market-leading marketplace apps, OLX & Quikr are performing well. Users recommend their services to acquire the necessary things or sell things that aren't useful for them, whether their furniture or books, electronic gadgets, vehicles, or even their property. With these classified sites, users can interact with others efficiently and swiftly. Not just users, but if we consider businesses, they also enjoy numerous benefits and high profits from investing in this sector.

What is a Classified App, and How Does It Work?

A classified application (such as OLX and Quikr) is similar to an online marketplace that allows users to purchase and sell used and refurbished items. The products are advertised and accessible to customers based on their location. Users can search for the desired item or browse categories (electronics, automobiles, books, furniture, etc.) on their smartphones. All this is accomplished using the Buy-Sell classified app.

Using classified apps such as OLX or Quikr is very simple. They offer users a platform to list products they would like to sell. The listings are added by the place of business and the category to ensure that buyers only see relevant products. Sellers are required to include the item's price along with the description and information so that buyers can know more about it.

The items listed can be searched directly using the search bar. Buyers looking to purchase something can browse the products in categories and easily find the product that's relevant to them.

Benefits offered by Classified Apps like OLX and Quikr

A classified application such as OLX or Quikr does not only offer benefits for businesses, but it can be beneficial for users too. Online marketplaces are among the fastest-growing industries. Like other mobile apps, they provide never-ending advantages. Take a look at the following for more information about them:

#For Business Owners

The following are the advantages app owners enjoy by having online classifieds apps. It is essential to know these benefits before being aware of "How to build an app similar to OLX and Quikr"? Learn more about them here.

Dynamic Business Model

A well-designed business model is crucial to ensure the success of a company. It does not require much money and has a lower need for inventory. There's a low risk in doing business with this method. App developers can invest in the future to improve the quality of their app and include advanced features in the app.

Static Opportunities for Revenue

There are many opportunities to earn a high income using these buy-sell classified apps. But, many apps employ the traditional method of earning money, which is to use commission-based models; however, some are implementing new strategies, such as subscriptions, in-app ads, and more. These methods of earning money are efficient. Companies only need to apply them correctly.

#For Buyers and Purchasers

Here are some benefits offered to users of apps to draw them to join your marketplace online; check out these.

Enhanced Customer's Interest

These marketplaces on the internet can capture the consumer's attention because of the wide range of products and services offered by various people. They also provide attractive discounts and deals to encourage users to use the application. In addition to unlimited options and options, apps such as OLX, Quikr, etc., allow users to select the product they prefer, which helps increase the app's client base.

Higher App Efficiency

The app runs smoothly, whether it's advertising products, purchasing something, or even making payments. All users have to click on a few images of the items and then post them with the appropriate description and price. The dashboard of the app will contain all categories of products and listings as well as the contact information of the owner.

Better Convenience

These apps can help customers make their purchasing or selling experience by giving them the information they require quickly. The parties can communicate on the phone or via chat as customers aren't required to leave until they have decided regarding the payment or closing the transaction. You can complete the entire process from their homes.

Some Challenges Associated with Creating a Website Like OLX or Quikr

Online classified sites are simple. Anyone can create an account quickly and begin buying and selling immediately. However, before diving into classifieds, there's critical to know the risks associated with the Quikr clone app development. Here are some. Check them out.

Trading Safety

There are a few issues in property security and information security in the classified industry. The issue of security for property can be caused by an organization classified for diverse reasons such as theft of money the property is taken, or bank account information is misused.

The issue of information security is the threat of leakage of important information total loss or loss of data, for example, losing trade data and illegally deletion or forging trade data, or stealing trade secrets.

Web Performance

Today, an efficient, reliable, and speedy user experience is essential for any classified website or OLX like app development. Unfortunately, the amount of malicious bots is increasing dramatically, which negatively impacts the site's speed and can also harm the precious human resources of an organization. According to studies, the brute force bot could reach 3000 users in less than 10 minutes. Along with the account information danger, this kind of attack increases the cost of maintenance for the site and slows the performance of websites.

Credential Stuffing

The stolen credentials include Ids and passwords used for credential stuffing that allows users to log in to other websites. The bulk credentials are obtained through a massive data breach in which the information is published or sold. Bots attempt to sign-in on the websites by using the various IP addresses. This compromises company's confidential data, database, and payment information. To stop these bots, here are some options

  • Block all bots identified as suspicious bots automatically to ensure quality traffic.

  • Create partners using specific user-agents to build an entry whitelist.

  • Every website visit is a challenge in the face of a massive database of patterns stored in memory.

  • Immediately identify and block all suspicious bots with machine learning and artificial intelligence tools.

  • This is a complete reduction of the extent of credential stuffing attacks.

Reliability of the Information

It is not a surprise when someone releases their personal information through the internet in the present technological age. However, when it comes to e-commerce, it publishes information on traditional media. As a result, some people induced customers' etiquettes in fraudulent activities. This is why consumers are sceptical about the information online and lose trust. This reduces the desire to purchase products or services on the internet.

The Credibility of the Subject

There is no limit to morals or laws regarding electronic traction. Some sellers take cash from their customers but offer no services and services that aren't always satisfactory by sellers. There have been other instances where buyers received good goods or services and relied on the seller's honesty. These buyers execute their plans by changing the seller's name, being anonymous, or avoiding the market.

Advanced Features of Classified Applications

Here's a listing of some of the latest features that make classified applications simple to use by customers.

In-App Call

Like in-app chats, buyers may contact sellers to answer their questions about the item or service, discounts, or price negotiation.

Telephone Number Masking

The ability to mask phone numbers allows customers and sellers to contact one another from within the app while concealing their contact information. This feature is guaranteed to be completely confidential data since the parties can communicate without divulging their actual number.

GPS Tracking

This feature keeps the customer updated on the progress of their shipment and the arrival of orders. In particular, customers could be aware of when their order has been approved, is shipped, and is finally ready to be delivered. This is an excellent instrument to keep customers interested.

AutoComplete Search

This feature allows users to quickly locate what they're seeking by choosing an already-populated list of options before they begin typing. In addition, this excellent UI feature gives basic autocomplete suggestions to ease search results for users.

Multi-Payment Gateways

This is among the essential features. Incorporating multiple payment options allows users to make fast and painless transactions. In addition, mobile wallets like Google Pay, Apple Pay, Paytm, etc., provide greater convenience.

Efficient CMS

A system for managing content allows the app's owner and other service providers or sellers to control the content in the app. For example, a seller could use the option to include an in-depth description of the item he intends to sell. Additionally, the seller can provide users with discounts or special offers.

Real-Time Analytics

This is a fantastic option for the administrator to help him know what's happening inside the application. With this feature, admins can access detailed reports that analyse and track the performance of various metrics such as user acquisition rate and retention rate, customer satisfaction rates, etc. All of this data can be used to make crucial business decision-making.

Multi-Lingual Support

Suppose you want to create your classified mobile app as an international sensation. In that case, you should incorporate a multi-language support function. This will allow quick and easy transactions across various areas and different languages. This is a fantastic feature that gives a unique experience of being able to connect with users who are from different regions.

In-App Navigation

The navigation features in the app allow users to follow their delivery personnel in real-time. It can also be used by the delivery driver to determine the client's exact address and make the delivery at the right time.

In-App Camera

One of the main features allows app users to click images within the app and upload them to the app. For example, suppose it is a used camera the user wants to sell. In that case, they can upload a few pictures to help buyers decide on buying the camera.

Social Login/Signup

New users have to register for the app and create their profiles before making any purchases. However, suppose they choose to sign up using social media. In that case, users can complete this quickly using the existing accounts on social networks. This can speed up the process and reduce the need to manually input all the information, which would increase the customer satisfaction rate.

Comparing OLX and Quikr

OLX and Quikr both offer a free platform for advertising, selling rent, buying, and others. Since both are free to advertise, there's no cost in placing ads on them. However, it is a matter of which is superior in terms of speed and effective response. Which one can provide more customers, and what's the primary distinction between OLX or Quicker?


  • Quikr was established on the 12th of July, 2008.

  • Quikr offers classified ads across twelve groups (further subdivided into several sub-categories), including technology and electronics and lifestyle, home and real estate, cars and bikes, jobs entertainment, services, education, pet and pets, community weddings, and events.

  • On Quikr, the results were displayed as a list that could be further filtered according to the area, location, and type of ad (buy to sell or buy) or the condition (used or brand new) or brand, as well as the individual/dealer posting.

  • Quikr apps are available for Android, Symbian, Windows Phone, and Java (for feature phones) platforms. However, it doesn't have applications available for iOS and BlackBerry. The Quikr app is also compatible with several phones, including Nokia C2-03, Micromax A85, and Huawei Sonic.

  • Traffic wise, the Quikr residential property.

  • They provide two kinds of premium advertisements: "Top of Page" and "Urgent."


  • OLX was founded during the year 2006. The parent company for OLX is located in Argentina.

  • In March 2014, OLX was accessible in 106 countries and 40 languages.

  • OLX has ads for eight categories (again split into various sub-categories), including sale classes, community real estate, services, jobs, and matrimony.

  • Compared to this, OLX also shows similar listing, but it also provides galleries. They can also be searched by location, location price, brand (brand), the type of seller (individual or commercial), the year of manufacturing or mileage, and condition, which means you can have more criteria to consider and consequently higher quality results.

  • OLX offers mobile apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian, and BlackBerry platforms.

  • Traffic is a matter of timing: OLX in phones.

  • OLX offered premium services on their site and then removed the paid listing the year prior because of the lack of response.

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Quikr vs. OLX: Who is the Market Dominator?

OLX is a global company located in Argentina and is present in more than 95 countries. On the other hand, Quikr was founded in the year 2008. OLX boasts of more than 100 million visitors from around the world each month. Quikr claims that it has 24 million monthly visitors across several countries.

Quikr offers services across 12 categories that are further broken down into sub-categories. The categories comprise real estate, electronics, home and lifestyle vehicles and bikes, Jibs, entertainment, services, education pets, community weddings, and events. In addition, OLX has listings for 8 categories that are subdivided within Quikr. The categories include sale classes, community, and services, including real estate job opportunities and matrimony.

Search results for nearly all the major categories/items found in OLX surpass those in Quikr for the same item. This is a sign that OLX has more information than Quikr. Quikr offers a unique feature that lets you sign up and indicate the requirements you want to meet. You will be notified via SMS or email when you receive an entry from your category.

OLX offers mobile apps that work on all major platforms, including Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Symbian, and Java. Quikr does not offer applications available for iOS and BlackBerry. Some reports show that most telephone calls or inquiries from ads on Quikr are spam or fake. OLX also suffers from fake calls, but the phone number is greater on Quikr.

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